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Penrite 5W-30 Fully Sythentic Oil 6L A5/B5 $26.89 in-store & CC @ Supercheap Auto


This is a really decent price for 6L of 5W-30 Fully Synthetic oil. Especially if you need it to change the oil in your late model Ford (including the Ranger which requires more than 5L).

It fully meets all the latest Ford specs M2C-913D.

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  • Great price for great oil. This stuff is high quality.

  • How does this go with diesel cars with DPF filter?

    • It’s compatible with the Ranger which has a DPF, and presumably other Fords that do too. Can’t comment on other car models with DPF though.

      Penrite do an Enviro + 5W-30 full syn which looks to be designed more with DPFs in mind.

      • I believe the Ford Ranger diesel with DPF needs a low or mid SAPS oil. So a C2 or C1 oil. You're right with the Enviro+ range, those are more suitable for diesels with DPF, as long as the correct C rating is selected.

        • If you put the 2019 Ranger into the Penrite website, it lists this oil as “Preferred” and the C1 Enviro+ as an “Alternative”.

    • If your car uses a low SAPS oil, then this is not suitable. You need a low SAPS oil if your car has a DPF. Something like Penrite's C1 oil. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Penrite-Enviro-C1-5w30-5l/323199...

      • The Penrite website touches in compatibility with DPF. Looks like it’s only Ford derived DPFs it’s compatible with

        “It is suitable for use in selected Diesel vehicles fitted with a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) such as Ford Ranger and Mazda BT-50 that specify Ford WSS M2C913-D or ACEA A5/B5 engine oils.”

        Looks like if your Ford Diesel with DPF requires the M2C913-D (or C/B/A as it’s backwards compatible) it will be fine.

  • According to the specs in the Ford Mondeo 2011 manual this is compatible and much cheaper than the synpower Fe that costs $60+
    Edit. I bought 2 for my Ford Mondeo diesel

  • After your oil change take the old oil back to Supercheap for recycling

  • Just gone up to $38.99???
    Price error maybe?

    • Still showing as $26.89 here on the website

    • Same thing happened to me but got them to apply the website price $26.89

      • It was definitely $38.99 when I went to buy it. It's back down to $26.89 now so I grabbed 4.
        And to the pair of knob jockeys that down voted me for stating facts,find something better to do with your time.

        Don't forget 6.5% Cashrewards either guys!!

        Edit: Just checked again on my PC and it still shows as $38.99 ??
        On my laptop it is $26.89 (that's what I ordered it on the second time).
        What the hell?
        I just took a photo of the laptop and PC together with refreshed screens and the prices are still showing different.
        Another weird thing is that I can't search for this oil on the website on the PC, but I can on the laptop. The only way I can see this oil is to click on the Ozbargain link, and it always shows as $38.99. I'll clear browsing data and see if that fixes it.

        Edit 2: That worked, showing as right price now :) .

  • How does this fare against the castrol edge?

    • It’s different as it’s designed more for Ford engines rather than BMW /VW engines.

      • If your car isn’t fussy spec wise this will be just as good (if not better) as it meets some stricter drain interval specs.

        • Cheers mate, my car is as basic as they get (civic) so even this is overkill for me haha. It's just that I want to get the best for the money and this seems like a good deal.

  • Other versions are also discounted today, 10w40 and 10w50 for the fewer among us who need those oil specs.

  • Big thumbs up for meeting A5 Ford specs, great deal.

  • The HPR 5 diesel 10L for $60 is pretty good too, 40% off.

  • What’s the difference between these and HPR 5

    • HPR5 is a full fat oil for non DPF vehicles. If you don't have a DPF then HPR5 will be the better choice.

      • HPR 5 is what's recommended for my car off the Penrite website but it's going for $37.79.
        If it wasn't for the fact I have 4 or 5 containers of Castrol Edge I've picked up at half price I'd be tempted to give this a go.

  • Used this in the Mustang before I got rid of it. Great stuff, liquid gold. 5.0L Mustang takes 7.4L.

  • Thank you for posting this OP, this is a great oil and I will need it in a few weeks time, never seen it for so cheap! Now need to buy an oil filter (it costs more in SCA than in a dealership).

  • Can these be used in a 4 stroke lawn mower or should I get the sae30 one only?


      6 litres will last 40 life times for a mower. Just get a 1L bottle of sae30 for about $10

  • Trying to buy the 15w-60, $30.75

    When I add it to the cart it's $41, grrrrr, it shouldn't be this hard…


      Just out of curiosity which vehicle is this for? Do you live in a hot climate?

      • It's for a 1997 Hiace bus/camper RZH-125, 2RZ-2.4L petrol.. I spend the winter travelling the center and topend, big miles often at 30-40.C…


          Well that explains it. Thanks

          • @DisabledUser26950: The Magnatec and Shell helix HX7 10W-40 I've used the last couple of years have ended up looking pretty pissy once they get quite a few miles on them, which is why I decided to try a fully synthetic 15w this year…

            Now that I look, SCA actually recommend that 15w-60… Penrite recommend the full-syn 10w-50, or semi 10W-40..

            Hmmmm decisions decisions, it's an old bus but it's only done 170k km and it doesn't use a drop of oil, so I make an effort to keep her that way…

            • @FLICKIT: 60 might be too much, i'd say 40 or 50 in fully synthetic would do even with the travels. Do not rely upon SCA product selector. It is a very generic tool, just use the manual to get the correct specs and you wouldn't go wrong.

              • @some_one_some_where: I thought about this some more, and since they were jacking up the price when it was added to the cart I decided not to get the 15w-60… My concern with 15w-60 was that it might effect the fuel mileage a bit, and with the miles I do that's a significant concern…

                Most the other suitable oils they claimed were 40% off were only 20% off when you added them to the cart, or they were out of stock locally and they were charging shipping even when the order was over $150 which is meant to be free… The oil I ended up ordering they didn't have, they just called to let me know they don't actually have it, and they cant give me a refund until I drive 30km to the store, they cant do it over the phone… So it was a bogus bullshit penrite sale, I'm so sick of these jokers….


    Great price for awesome oil rated at A5/B5

  • Any benefit using this on a corolla ?

    • Yes, you save anywhere between $15 and $40 a bottle (compared to normal oil prices), as long as 5W30 is what your Corolla takes. It's a fully synthetic petrol engine oil (some diesels), most normal/family cars are not that picky about the oil as long as you change it regularly

      • Thanks for confirming, was worried from comments above discussing suitable on fords.
        Had changed last week and hadn't driven.
        Toyota engine(5L) selling for $47, $20 gain plus a litre.

  • I’m trying to find out if this is suitable for my wife’s 2005 Mazda 3. The configurator on the Supercheap website says “not compatible” but I’ve read it elsewhere it’s takes 5W-30?

    • i don't know why nowadays people so obsessed with oil certifications and 10 weighting difference

      back in the days of 90s , you chuck anything on the engine it just runs fine and the motor lasts even till now

      as long as they're full syn, no bigger than 10 weight difference from recommended, i'd say you're fine

      doesn't matter it's specced for FOrD / VW/ EURO / MB / FERARRI ..


      unless you do it for "warranty" ?

      or if you got a highly tuned motor and go racing on track , then that's different story

      you'd want group V POA base whatever good stuffs that never on sale or posted here .. eg. Redline

      • That’s because it’s not the 90’s….

        There are small turbo charged engines (Petrol and diesel) that run super tight tolerances and have many acts to juggle to adhere to strict emissions standards.

        If you don’t get the correct spec you risk destroying your $3000 DPF or having an engine destroyed due to oil dilution, or a blown turbo charger, or a range of other issues that these newer engines can have that these oils specs aim to combat.

    • It said the same for my car, but when I checked my manual, it says it can take 5w-30 oil so long as it meets A5/B5 specifications, which this particular oil does. Always check your manual first.

  • It really should be hard to apply the same price which is displayed on the website to the cart.

    I'm trying to purchase: https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/p/penrite-penrite-hpr-5-en...
    Comes up as $73.80 but when i add it to cart it's $98.40.

    Can't call SCA since they are closed now.

    So B$

  • Sent the Mrs in store to get 2 and when she returned the receipt said $39 each yet my click and collect was at $26.89. Will Supercheap refund the bottles bought today at 39 each if I send the Mrs back to just say she bought the wrong one?

    • Maybe, but then you’ll have to buy it back again at $65 a pop as the deal ends at midnight.

      • I guess I can only try to return it and ask the Mrs to play the "I don't know what I'm doing card". Bought a couple more online just now to collect from a different Supercheap

        • +1 vote

          Just out of curiosity what did the Mrs say when you asked her?

          • @DisabledUser26950: When she went in to grab a couple, she just had a picture of the oil and unknown to me the in store price was different. I didn't tell her how much to expect the cost to be as I assumed the cost would be the same as my C&C order.

    • Got lucky! Returned the bottles charged at $39 and reordered another 2 to pickup this week.

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