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6 Months Free NBN with New Mobile Plan, 3 Months without Mobile Plan (24 Month Contract) - For Users Migrating from Optus Cable


Admins: Sorry if this should be in the forum.

Edit: Judging by the link posted by shole, I think this only applies to customers migrating from Optus cable.

I went onto the Optus web chat to switch from cable internet to NBN, and they offered me a couple of good deals:
- "If you sign up for new SIM plan or phone and plan with new number, I can offer 6 months free access on NBN from my end."
When I declined (work pays for my phone), they then said:

Optus Rep: But since I am offering 3 months free access from my end.
You: what?
Optus Rep: Yes, 3 months free access on NBN.
You: Even without the SIM plan?
Optus Rep: Yes, correct

I'm not sure if this is only for people switching across from cable. I doubt it, I assume it's for all new NBN connections.

Also worth mentioning that if you're coming across to NBN they will waive the installation fee, even if you choose month-to-month.

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      • It would be worth pushing for everything you can get as they are desperate to move people off the cable network. Probs my costing a fortune to maintain and will be shut down as soon as they can. They probably have quotas and targets for the managers and also a slew of incentives. So keep asking and pushing.

      • I live chat few days ago. The staff can give month to month $70 and free install. My optus cable is out of contract. But he refused to give 6 months free, although he can waive the set up fee (including free modem)

        So do you get 6 months free?

        • Have you tried telling him about the offer link above

          • @benjoon: yes, but he said he could not offer the 6 month free for month to month contract.

        • Yes, got 6 mths free mth to mth

        • Yep, got all that and 6 months free. Keep calling back until you get someone who will. It's like russian roulette dealing with these guys.

          Also may be worth mentioning to $500 credit even if you didn't sign up with the promo. They have no record of it on my account.

          • @casval: What’s the $500 credit? is this the 6 months free or something separate?

            • @bcarp: Back when I signed up to their cable plan as a new customer 2 yrs ago, they had a promo going that included $500 credit for eventual migration to NBN as a sweetener. I asked about that, of course, they had no record of it. So I asked again. And they offered me the free install, month to month and 6 month free. But the person I spoke and their manager may have just feeling generous.

              • @casval: Thanks for the clarification. Are you saying you were offered the $500 deal previously, but not offered the 6 months free deal recently? But because they couldn't provide the $500 deal now, they gave you the 6 month free deal instead?

                • @bcarp: No, I got both. They sent me a card with the 6 month deal recently. The $500 was during Cable sign up 2 yrs ago.

    • Wow no 24 month contract ??! That’s great!

  • I have optus cable and have to switch to NBN by the end of next month apparently. I was going to go with the Aussie Broadband 20$ off for the first 6 months. But This sounds better priced? Is it worth doing this instead of going with Aussie Broadband?

    • If you can’t get out of the 24 month contract then this sounds better

    • +1

      Worth noting that the 6months free only applys to the base plan cost. So over 6 months you effectively get 25% off the $70 plan which makes it $52.50 / month.

      At $20 off per month Aussie is $59 / month.

      Once you go to 100Mb Optus is $82.50 and Aussie is $79 / month.

      The real question is whether you want to be locked into a 2 year contract or not. If Labor don't throw away their current lead they'll take over mid this year and an NBN write down could be on the cards, which could result in some better pricing.

      All ifs and maybes but I'd rather keep my options open.

      • Do you mean "over 24 months" for Optus?

        I web chatted Optus & was told free 6 months only applies to the 24 months plan. I declined to sign up with him.

        I filled in the online form anyway, since that said okay with month to month plan… and have received nothing so far. Not sure what's going on there.

  • Can confirm 6 months free and month to month is possible.

    Apparently can also combine into a bundle with mobile phone to get $10 off but they were a bit vague and said it had to be done separately by customer service

    • can you tell me the name Optus staff who agree 6 month free for month to month?

      • was just on the phone and I asked

    • I just live chat with optus rep, Beth
      She still insisted that 6 months only for 6 month contract.

      Can you tell me how do you get 6 free month with no lock in contract?


  • I just went to the website, and there is a new link to the deal, including month-to-month contract, with free setup and 6 months free. I have purchased it. Please check for me anything I have missed.

    ================= start quote =====


    70 Plan - month to month agreement

    MONTHLY $70


    Optus WiFi Modem UPFRONT $0.00
    Speed pack 3 MONTHLY $0.00
    Hide My Number MONTHLY $0.00
    Unlist My Number MONTHLY $0.00
    6 month free access fee



    === end quote ===========

    • Sorry where’s the link to the month to month?

  • Warning! and ask for help!
    I just live chatted with Optus rep, and he said my home phone number with Optus Cable cannot be carried to OPtus NBN. It will lose the number.
    Then I asked him but Optus NBN is bundled with a Home phone? He said a new home phone number will be generated after installation.

    It looks silly and unreasonable.
    Any help or suggestion to keep my home phone number?


    However from ACMA, I read this:

    "New rules for migrating to the NBN

    The ACMA announced new rules on 21 September 2018, which will help consumers keep their local telephone number when moving to the NBN.

    The Consumer Information Standard requires providers to advise a consumer if they can keep their telephone number when migrating to the NBN before entering into a contract.
    The Service Continuity Standard requires providers not to disconnect a customer’s service until the NBN service is operational. Providers must also ensure that a consumer can continue to use their telephone number on the NBN if they are not changing providers."

    So in theory Optus has to keep serving my home phone number.

  • I spoke to an Optus rep a couple of hours ago, the first thing he asked was did I want to keep my existing phone number?
    Yes I do, he said- too easy. After a bit of bargaining I agreed to 24 month contract @ $60 per month, 6 months free, and moving my mobile to Optus from Kogan prepay at pretty much the same rate minus 3 months free to compensate for wasting the end of my kogan voucher.
    He said there will be minimal downtime of the phone and internet with installation. Your guy is wrong.

    • I also live chatted with another Optus rep this morning.
      He said I can keep my home phone number.
      I think you also get a good deal, but I have no confidence in Optus NBN, so don't want to sign 24 month contract.
      I am happy with $70/m, no contract, and 6 month free, free setup. However No optus people has contacted me about the installation, it is now 6 days after I signed on line

      I have already had a mobile contract with Optus: 1 yr to go (initial was a 2 yr contract). unfortunately there is no mobile discount for NBN (which I enjoy with my Optus cable).

      Please let me know how is your installation going.

  • I just signed up using the web page over a week ago, since the web page offers the deal of month to month with 6 months free & free setup. I was given an installation date by email a week later, no option to change the date. There's no contact phone number, just a live chat button if the date doesn't work.

    I tried the live chat twice, each time being cut off by the computer after 10+ minutes because no rep was available. I rang the regular Optus home internet phone number & held my place in the queue using the callback function. 30 minutes later, someone rang, but they were from cable internet not NBN installations. They transferred me to NBN, but after another 10 minutes on hold, I was cut off again.

    So at this stage, I am left with an installation date for NBN that I can't make, but no way of telling Optus that this is the case.

    • +1

      That is Optus Service.
      I still don't have any installation date.
      It seems even my order number is now mixed up! If there is no response today I have to try again,
      Good luck to all of us, old Cable user and new NBN user!

      • +1

        Well, I managed to get into a chat with Optus about the NBN installation. The rep said the date is given to them by NBN Co, & all they have left is the single date I was given, unless I want to wait for May. I don't mind waiting since NBN is going to be more expensive than cable & delivering a poorer service, but my cable is due to be cut off on 26 April. The rep's suggestion was to keep the date & when the NBN tech rings to confirm the appt just before coming, tell him/her that we're not available & to reschedule at that time! Seems crazy to hold up a booking spot unnecessarily & not to try to reschedule something else now. Or was this just in the "I don't care" basket for the rep?

        • +1

          I just get a email from Optus. NBN will install on 16/4/2019, about a month after the order.

          my Home phone number is shown on this email, so I assume I will keep the it.

          • @seniordoc: I have a May date and feel like it's only because I chased up asking, who knows how long they would have left me hanging. Get what you pay for (nothing haha)

  • +1

    Does anyone know of there are any promotional offers for someone switching from Telstra NBN to Optus NBN?

    I know the 6 month offer is for people going from Optus Cable to Optus NBN - but anyone know of there is any chance it can be extended to customers com ng from other telcos?

    • I don't know if there are any offers, but I always think if you dont ask you wont get. Treat them like any other provider-ring and ask, then haggle. Good luck

  • +1

    Does everyone have an issue with Verifying as a existing customer? As I am having trouble with this. Thanks

    • No I haven't had any issue-got my new mobile SIM in 2 days and it was ported as soon as I put the new one in the phone. Not expecting the NBN to contact me until next week-that's what the rep said
      Good luck

      • Strange, I had someone from NBN come on the same day I signed up to inspect what work needs to be done. Technician is booked for mid March

    • Yeap, I had to use the Live Chat option to sign up

  • Thanks for posting OP. I was late with getting this offer for my Mum (checked in store yesterday - told nope, expired) and phoned today. First said only had 3 month offer, second agreed to do 6 months. I could have gotten $10 off per month if I added the $25 mobile plan for 12 months (not worth it as this is only $180 savings for $300 outlay - net $120 cost vs Optus Epic prepaid plan for same $120 but with 5GB data vs 3GB).

  • Did anyone get a new modem before installation? I got delivered a new SAGE modem 2 days ago even though I already got a sage but different model.

  • Anyone been successfully connected yet?

    So far technician has only connected a cable from the power pole to my roof and NBN hasn't contacted me for a 2nd appointment to finish the connection.

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