expired GENBOLT Wi-Fi Security Camera $52.19 Delivered @ GENBOLT via Amazon AU


GENBOLT Wi-Fi Security Camera

EASY SET UP - GENBOLT Wireless WiFi Security Camera Plug & Play featuring Simple Wifi Configuration which allow you to setup within 1min,say Good-Bye to complicated settings.YouTube Link : Youtu.be/-jMqyCCDRvY
1080P FULL FRAME - GENBOLT adapt newest SONY 1080P chipsets & Korea Lens optimize picture.25/30FPS Performance more smooth video compare with low-frame wifi camera in the market.
24/7 VIDEO RECORDING - GENBOLT Waterproof IP Network Surveillance IP Baby Camera max support 64GB TF Card with intelligent recording to save more space.You can choose 24/7 or only record after triggered via app.Once alarm has triggered, a instant email or notification will be sent even you are thousand miles far away.
ENHANCED WIFI ANTENNA - Longer tramsisstion distance than the normal wifi camera.Stable signal connection avoid frequent disconnection.
9.8FT POWER CABLE - Avoid such awkward situation like short cable any more.More setting files & steps please visit genbolt.com/download. Any Questions,Our Professional Customer / Tech Support Team will response within 24hours.Email: us@genbolt.com & US Phone Number :+1 (719)602-7269 (Available at after 5:00 PM at Pacific Time )

To find out more about GENBOLT SECURITY CAMERAS visit www.GENBOLT.com

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    $52.19 + Post (Free $49+/Prime)

    it is already > $49 so it is free delivery right, the title is confusing

    For this price still 720p?


    720P FULL FRAME - GENBOLT adapt newest SONY 1080P chipsets & Korea Lens optimize picture

    So is it downscaled to 720p from 1080p or is it native 720p or 1080p?


    it's 1080p


    The problem with all this type of camera is they're white. Both of mine were ripped out by bad guys.
    Not referring to this product specifically.


    Hi! you said this comes with a 9.8FT POWER CABLE. I cant find this info in the listing. There is an option for a 3m extension cable but not the length of the cord it comes with. can you pls confirm before we buy? thanks

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    Honestly, I would say this camera is likely 720p, as I own an identical looking rebranded model KKMoon, which is a great little camera but is definitely only 720p:

    Also, I bought mine about a Year ago, and it cost me only $37~ delivered.


      I bought better twice from Aliex for @ $32 with AP (wifi transmit) and saved postions for cam rotation. This doesn't appear to have.


        Do you have a AliExpress link or model?


        Yes it does, you can set/recall up to 8 via the cameras web interface.

        As well as access to all the camera settings like: audio on/off, bitrate, CBR/VBR, OSD, image colour/brightness/etc, network settings (DHCP/Static), WiFi, DDNS, ONVIF, P2P, email, FTP, SD card, NTP, etc, etc, etc

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      I bought this Genbolt camera last week, it's 1080p as reported by VLC.


    Does anyone know if any of these are ONVIF and RTSP compatible? Not interested in using proprietary apps etc.


      What non-proprietary software do you recommend? I've tried zoneminder.


        Blue Iris (or iSpy if you want free) for NVR and IP Cam Viewer for mobile devices.


          Thanks, but looks like only works on Windows desktop. I need something to put on a lightweight server. The commercial DVRs have minimal hardware, presumably Linux based.


            @manic: Kerberos.io - I've run it on a RasPi 2B


            @manic: Yeah I run from my Windows server as I use it for other things. For Linux based I have heard Zoneminder, Shinobi and Kerberos are good.


              @Hazza: Only thing about Kerberos is if you want to run more than one camera you need to run one instance of Kerberos per camera and they tend to dump all the images from every camera into one folder.

              They're trying to push Kerberos Cloud, (subscription), to organise multiple cameras but you might be able to use the Docker images to run multiple instances into separate shares.


                @4wd: Wow. You would think configuring each instance to dump videos to different folders would be easy enough to add in. Shinobi gets good reviews too and might be more polished.


                  @Hazza: Could always use all the spare RasPi's you have lying around to run one per camera or grab a few RasPi Zero's, one per cam.

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            @manic: Most of the commercial ones you can buy from China use HiSilicon chipsets, eg. HI3520D - you can pick up a bare 4ch board for US$16 on AliExpress, eg. HI3520, 8ch for US$18 HI3520D, h264/h265 16ch for US$22 HI3536

            Add 12V 2A, a SATA HDD/SSD and you're good to go.


              @4wd: Interesting. But I see a big "free bird seed" sign.

              Closed firmware with no support? Not even GPL compliance, no doubt.
              And I've heard of multiple vulnerabilities, if not deliberate backdoors, in these SoCs and firmwares.

              I don't want just anyone to be able to easily find and watch my cameras.

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      I running one via ethernet, it's ONVIF compatible - currently testing it via iSpy, the RTSP stream is: rtsp://192.168.0.xxx:554/11

      VLC reports:
      Stream 0
      Codec: H264 - MPEG-4 AVC (part 10) (h264)
      Type: Video
      Video resolution: 1920x1080
      Buffer dimensions: 1920x1088
      Frame rate: 20

      Stream 1
      Codec: PCM ALAW (alaw)
      Type: Audio
      Channels: Mono
      Sample rate: 8000 Hz
      Bits per sample: 16

      I'll be hooking it up to my ONVIF NVR at some point so that was why I wanted this one as it states it's ONVIF compatible.

      It is streets ahead of the crappy Dafang it's replacing.


        Great thanks for the info. Does it look like its native 1080? Or an upscale?


          Here's a camera grab using Onvifer on Android:


          Through a window unfortunately.


            @4wd: Thanks for that. I also checked some of the sample photos in the reviews on amazon and it looks 1080. Either way good enough for me. Grabbed one to try.


              @Hazza: BTW, I should mention it does not come with a 9.8' power cable, PSU is 5V 1A, lead length is about 600mm terminating in a DC barrel plug, ~3.2mm diameter with a ~1.2mm centre hole, positive centre.

              Not a problem for me as I'll just hack a USB lead and use one of the ridiculous number of USB phone chargers I've got laying around or use a POE splitter, (what I'm doing for my other cameras).

              I think the original Amazon description was copy/paste from something else, it has since been updated.

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    I bought 2 of these of Amazon a while back. TinyCam Pro app said that it had a security vulnerability, so I went to the Genbolt website and got a firmware updater with Chinese instructions, that didn't run to start with and after some stuffing around I got it run and it updated the bulb, but then the device stopped working at all. I contacted their support and got no response. Returned to Amazon.


    I bought one of these. It turned up within three days. Very impressed so far. One bonus is that this has a IR cut filter. I didn't see anything mentioned about it in the description so I figured it didn't have one, but it does. Great colours during the day with no filter, and great night vision when the filter comes in. Great FoV on the lens too, much wider angle than other similar cams I have had. All in all a great upgrade for not much money, to replace my old OfficeOne Kmart $29 640x480 cams from a few years back! lol


      Hey mate, can you hear static when you enable audio?


        I will have to test this again as it was raining when I tested the audio, so there was constant rain sound. Sound appeared clear but I will test with silence to check. Also I haven't worked out the best compatible configuration for IP Cam Viewer, as when its setup as a generic RTSP camera I get no microphone or pan controls. With my previous no-name Kmart cams I found the Wanscam/Wansview models were compatible so got full functionality from the app. Anyone already found a brand name that is compatible with this GenBolt?


          ONVIFer (Android) lets you Pan/Tilt the Genbolt, I think you can also have two-way comms with it but I haven't looked at it.

          Swipe control is a little hit and miss, (up instead of left or something - seems a little too sensitive), but the directional pad works fine.

          I have yet to find out how to get it to move using iSpy, (selecting ONVIF controls doesn't seem to work), not really a problem since I probably won't be using iSpy but it would be nice to know.


            @4wd: Thanks will give it a go. In the meantime I found a compatible way of getting all the functionality through a generic app connection same as my old cams. If you use the regular http port 80 connection in the app settings for the camera, the camera supplies the video/audio feed and all PTZ controls over that connection. The only drawback is I haven't found a way to access the second (lower res) feed via this method so through 3g/4g there is stuttering due to the full 1080 feed coming through.


              @Hazza: It's set via cookie for anything other than IE if you use the web interface, one cookie is created called streamselect, within it the value is either 0 for the first stream (1080) or 1 for the second stream.

              So the HTTP server within the camera will read that cookie and determine which stream to send.

              For IE it looks like it makes a call to the API to switch streams, ( DHiMPlayer.SetStreamNum(11 or 12); ).

              var streamselect0=getcookie('streamselect');
              else if(streamselect0==1)

              The above is where it reads the cookie and then sets the RTMP feed accordingly, ie. appends either 11 or 12 to RTSP://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:port/
              If the cookie doesn't exist it defaults to 11, (1080).

              So possibly log into its normal web interface from your mobile, set the stream, then log out - and if you can, protect that cookie from deletion.

              streamselect contents

              Expires: 1/19/1970 9:16 AM
              Path: /web
              Host Only: true
              HTTP Only: false
              Session: false
              Secure: false
              Value: 1

                @4wd: Thanks for the info. Bugger was hoping it could be set via a variable in the URL. I will try the workaround but I don't think it will hold for apps like IP Cam Viewer etc. I may just need to lower the bitrate of the main feed until its fully usable via 3g/4g. Otherwise maybe ONVIF is the answer. Will play around with that next.


                  @Hazza: Quick update. Lowering the bitrate settings of the video streams doesn't actually have an effect on the http port 80 video stream. It still streams at full bitrate, and its only the RTSP feeds that are modified by those quality settings. ONVIF could be the answer as it uses the RTSP feed as part of the ONVIF specifications but may allow PTZ controls too. Although I haven't found an ONVIF preset that works with this camera as yet.


                    @Hazza: What do you mean by preset?

                    Which app/program are you trying to use with it?

                    eg. Onvifer I give it the IP, user, and password and then just hit SET UP.
                    It interrogates the camera for abilities and tests the RTSP feed to see if it's HTTP, TCP, or UDP.

                    On the PC side I haven't got back to getting a program to work with it fully, currently got it connected via Ivideon on one computer and iSpy on another.
                    Too busy doing Cat 6 wiring for the cameras :/


                      @4wd: Sorry I forgot to mention, I use IP Cam Viewer, as a couple of my other cams are not ONVIF compatible. Onvifer works great as you say. But actually I just realised the old version of IP Cam Viewer I have been using doesn't support ONVIF, but the newer versions do. So I just upgraded and selected the new ONVIF preset and its all good apart from audio/microphone. Audio works in Onvifer though.

                      I have it fully working on BlueIris for PC. Haven't tried iSpy as I don't use it but what part isn't working on iSpy?


                        @Hazza: Haven't really looked at it but I couldn't get the Pan/Tilt working under iSpy, probably just a matter of selecting the right profile. iSpy doesn't seem to interrogate to find the camera parameters.

                        Just got ONVIF Device Manager working with it, all controls functional, but it's not geared towards security, just device interrogation/management/parameters (get|set).

                        Might look at BlueIris then, atm I'm wiring but I have either a cheap NVR (XM based with it's security problems) or I may use a spare Mini-ITX computer I have.

                        Only problem is that to access remotely I will most likely have to go through a server somewhere, eg. Ivideon/XMEye/etc, due to having Telstra Air enabled (which I'll need) which screws up accessing directly via DynDNS/IP.

                        EDIT: Second thoughts BlueIris is paid, was looking for a decent freeware for five cameras.


                          @4wd: I will have a play with iSpy. You on the latest version?

                          Why can't you access remotely with Telstra Air enabled? Can't you still use dyndns on your router to update your ddns hostname with your modems commercial IP address?

                          Yeah BlueIris is paid, but it doesn't have to be lol.


                            @Hazza: Yeah, latest version of iSpy.

                            Because Telstra Air allows unknowns to connect to your router to access the internet using their account it tends to increase the security separation which unfortunately makes accessing remotely a lot harder, (or impossible).

                            I've messed around with the firewall/port forwarding/etc but I have yet to get a successful connection from the WAN->LAN through it yet.

                            Whereas, there are reports that if Air is disabled then access isn't a problem.

                            I might use Softether VPN server on it, that provides a DNS address that you can connect to via their servers, ie. Dynamic DNS address for VPN.


                              @4wd: Very interesting. Wonder if that's in the advertising. No port forwarding when Telstra Air is enabled lol. Are you using a Gateway Max Telstra modem/router? Apparently there's a bug in the firmware as Telstra try and cripple the device with their own firmware. A few people got around the issue by setting the DNS server address to google's (ie or instead of the router address (ie on the actual device that was the target for the port forward. Doesn't make sense but I guess if its a bug it may work around it.


                                @Hazza: Yeah, Gateway Max (TG799) on ADSL - have to use it if you want Telstra Air.

                                All my computers are set for either Cloudflare ( or SmartDNS Proxy - I've put one of the computers into the DMZ and dropped the firewall but still no joy.

                                Best bet atm is either use the Softether proxy or set Softether to connect to one of my US VPS's and set it so it's all one big LAN, then VPN into that … the joys of the internet :D


    Got mine today and am impressed with the image.

    Am concerned about the security though.

    I installed baby monitor for iOS - same devs as tiny monitor for android, and it was able to find the camera and display the video stream without a user/pass.

    Note that I have changed the password via the gen bolt local web interface. Any ideas?


      Wow. I don't believe it. I just tested this and although a password is needed to access the camera's configuration interface, there is no password needed for the RTSP feed????? WTH? This is an issue. Time to contact the seller and ask the question.


        How do you find the the rtsp feed address?


          There's a few ways but 4wd posted it above. The primary 1080 feed is rtsp://192.168.x.xxx:554/11 and the alternate 640x480 feed is rtsp://192.168.x.xxx:554/12.


        Thanks to help for 4wd, I've enabled password protection for both RTSP and ONVIF.

        for ONVIF
        * http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/web/admin.html
        * Click on Settings -> Network -> ONVIF
        * Set purview to "Check type"
        * Reboot

        For RTSP:
        * http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/web/admin.html
        * Click on Settings -> Network -> Network
        * set RTSP permission check to on
        * reboot
        * Note that this wouldn't stick for me. I got it to work by changing the ip type from dynamic to fixed and changing the RTSP port (not sure if this was really required). Once I had done that, I set the RTSP permission check to on and rebooted.


          Nice. Thanks for the info. I didn't get that far into the config yet. Strange to default to no protection but good to see easy fix.


            @Hazza: No worries, hopefully it will help others.

            I reckon it's defaulted to that so that customers don't complain that those advertised functions "don't work"


    Does anyone know how the p2p system works?

    The recommended (by the manufacturer) app CamHi uses it to connect to the camera locally and remotely. I don't mind the app and am just wondering if it is as bad as it sounds. Is it actually sharing your data in some form (images? ip? password) with all the other users?


      No, to access remotely you need to create an account on a server, (usually China), when you connect, any cameras associated with that account are then direct connected to the user, (ie. P2P).

      Not necessary for local viewing, (though it depends on the app), you can scan the QR Code using the app and connect directly on the LAN.

      For people not tech knowledgeable it's easy for them to just scan/enter a code on the camera rather than play with the intricacies of IPs, protocols, etc.

      You can choose to share the feed with another user but it's not done by default - you would hope anyway :)


    Thanks. I ended up disabling p2p and port forwarding.

    Now to find a good app for ios.


    Can also grab just a JPEG image on the following URL: http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/snap.jpg?JpegSize=XL

    Requires user/password to access.

    Good if you want to do a timed grab via PowerShell, curl, etc or triggered by something else.


      Thanks 4wd. Do you happen to know if there is away to set the camera to a particular position in a similar manner?


        Sorry, haven't looked at it but in theory you could use it's web interface to set your 8 cam positions then leverage PowerShell/curl/etc to call the appropriate URL for the position.

        The Javascript routine that does this is:

        function go_preset()
          var presetset = document.getElementById('preset0').value;
          parent.retframe.location.href='cgi-bin/hi3510/param.cgi?cmd=preset&-act=goto&-number=' + presetset;

        First line grabs the position number selected from the web page, second line sends it to the camera, so if you had selected position 3 on the page:


        Positions are zero numbered when sent to the camera, (0 = pos 1, 1 = pos2, etc).

        Just tried it and it seems to work.

        If you want to play around the source for the camera page can be found at: http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/web/mainpage.html
        Then just use your browser to View Source and save it somewhere, (you need to be logged into the camera), it contains the commands to move the camera, (search the source for ptz).

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