This was posted 2 years 11 months 21 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Jabra Elite 65t/Elite Active 65t $168.44/$186.69 + 2000 Qantas Points Delivered @ Qantas Store


Qantas has a 40% off points sale for these at the moment which brings it down to this price.

Jabra Elite 65t $168.44 + 2000 points:

Jabra Elite Active 65t $186.69 + 2000 points:

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    To buy or not to buy? This is a good price but would I get better use from Jabra Elite Sport?

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      These superseded these Jabra Elite Sport so it's probably more worth your money to get the newer tech.

      I own the Elite Sports and they're great. Great battery life and pretty discrete. I imagine the 65Ts are even better in every way.

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      I own the Elite Active 65t. Can vouch for it. Been using it for working out and everyday work drivers. Battery life is so-so but good enough to carry me from my morning workout until lunch time.

      • Thank you. Do they stay in ear when running? That's my main concern. Battery life isn't an issue for me as my workout sessions are not 4 hours long!

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          My ears are average size (i think?) and they've never fallen off - have used them for a 21k so can't comment on speed/sprint workouts. I notice that they grip really well once you lock em in place.

        • I own these and they haven't once fallen out. They feel very secure actually. I use these cycling so had the same concern (falling off while cycling at a high speed means they're gone for good) but no dramas.

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      their support is crap

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    I can’t beleive I’m saying this, but this is actually a good price at the Qantas Store.

    • I'm happy Kogan cancelled my order for the Elite 65t (non-active) the other day at a higher price.

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    I bought the Elite 65t before from JB and had to return it because of connection issues.
    How about warranty if purchasing from Qantas Store?

    • Usually they fulfil their orders from JB for electronics so I'd imagine it's a similar warranty as you first received.

      • Yeah I had an issue with right bud not charging and automatically turning back on. Warranty with jb and they just ripped open a new pack and replaced it on the spot. Was impressed at how easy it was, but it was an obvious warranty issue.

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      I purchases these from the Jabra sale a while back for around similar price. I returned it after a week due to connectivity issues. One of the bud would constantly disconnect. I bought it directly from Jabra and they were ok with the return.

      As a side note, I got the SoundPEATS recently and to my surprise, they are amazing. For a fraction of the price the sound quality is actually on par with the Jabras and no connection issues.

      IMO save your money and get the SoundPEATS instead. Youtube review for anyone that is interested.

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    PSA, to my knowledge one side won't work in a distance over about 50cm from the other. I can share my Soundpeats with my partner (1 each) while hiking but these you can't. Very specific use case but just in case it's helpful.

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      That is a fairly specific use case. With this deal you can perhaps purchase one each?

    • Which soundpeats? The ones I got yesterday sounds pretty bad, and Had a huge delay which makes them useless for watching videos.

      ALso keep in mind if you have a good phone, you can output to two devices.

    • True, and only right ear bud will work by itself. I wish that the left one would work by itself as well.

      • What are you serious? Left doesn't work solo?

        • Yep it might be because the right earbud has the button functionality to pause, play, take or reject calls, and activate the virtual assistant. The left only has the volume up/down functionality.

    • +1

      Or careful to those who plan on using them on an elephant, good to know.

      Anyway, ive got the normal ones and they are great.
      I use it a lot as a modern work BT headset and for the first time in 15 years, i look cool :P

  • Really cheap, nice earphone. Unfortunately had two units swapped out with imbalances luckily third one was balance

  • Can't seem to checkout. Do I need at least 2000 points to buy these ?

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      For this deal I think you also need at least $168.44 or $186.69 to purchase it.

      • How does that work? I've got like 1950 points so would I be able to pay the 50 diff?

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          you need a minimum of 2000 points AS WELL AS $168.44 or $186.69

    • Yes

      • -3

        So where's the option to just pay with cash? I moved the slider from points to pay but it still seems to want to charge me $168 and 2000 points

        • You need a minimum of 2000 points.

        • +1

          There's no option to just pay with cash.

  • Already have the Elite - and very tempted to get the Elite Active!

  • Have the Elite 65t. Great price.

  • Have the elite active they're fantastic

  • Thanks OP. Ordered a pair of Elite Active 65t. Great price.

  • What is the difference between the 2?
    Also how is the airpod compare to these?

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    Are these better than Air Pods ?

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      They are different, not better. Depends what you want out of them.

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        They're better

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          It depends what you want. If you don't want inner ear buds, if your want high quality hide calls, if you want a slim case for portability, if you want to buds that can operate further than a fee metres apart, then earpods are far better.

          If you want better sound quality in loud environments, if you want better noise isolation, then these are better

          • +4

            @onlinepred: These don't look like tampons hanging out of your ear. Haven't had any complaints with call quality. Case is also pretty slim. Jabra also has more functionality with volume up and down buttons.

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              @spiff: I make many calls, and the 65t sport is no where at the clarity and background noise cancellation that airpods are at. So like I said, if you make many calls on it, then airpods are better.

              The case is double the thickness of the airpods. Airpods case is very thin, like dental floss, it easily fits in your pocket.

              65t case also has less battery life than Airpods.

              Anyway, they are different, not better, same goes for airpods vs jabra. Thanks.

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                @onlinepred: Sound Quality & Clarity - Elite 65T
                Design - Elite 65T
                Fit - Elite 65T
                Calls - Airpod
                Customisation - Elite 65T via Jabra Sound+ App

                You get earphones primarily for music, then the occasional call. if you make a heap of calls then you look at an alternative like a bluetooth headset. you aren't lured into a virtual ecosystem and you look less of a douche with Jabra's on and the custom equalizer is what makes this far beyond a better choice than Airpods.

                • +4

                  @ExtraSalt: I use them for calls/audiobook/podcasts. Don't assume everyone is exactly like you.

                  Lured into an ecosystem? It works on any bluetooth device.

                  "less of a douche" - if you are that superficial, anyone would look like a douche with a big thing in their ear.

                  Also android and other phones have built in EQ if you didn't know this…..

                  Battery life - Airpod
                  Connection quality - Airpod

                  I got both so I got nothing to prove, was just trying to help others with their choice.

                  • @onlinepred: Connection quality has been faultless on Jabras. Battery life with a charge from the case lasted me a 11 hour flight so no complaints there. Are you making the calls or receiving the calls from the Jabra? If you're making the calls, then how could you comment on the other person's background noise, and if you're receiving the calls, how can you comment on the clarity? Doesn't make sense.

                    • @spiff: I appreciate that your's is working fine for what you need.


                      I sent two devices back for replacement as the left earbud kept disconnecting.

                      Obviously the people on the other end of the calls tell me it's hard to hear me, you know that you can ask people on the other end of the call questions right? They can hear the clarity and background noise so therefore they can comment on it….

                      The 65t sport last me almost a week on a single charge, while the airpods lasted me 1.5 weeks at least, often 2 weeks.

                      • @onlinepred: The Airpods will sound clear because the mic is a lot closer to your mouth. I wouldn't sacrifice aesthetics just for that, but you're right, personal preference.

                        The right earbud of the Jabra's works alone, but the left doesn't. I don't know the background of your disconnection problem but if I take out the left earbud, it will pause. Then if I still have the right earbud in and press play, it will play on the right earbud alone. To connect the left again, you simply put it in the case and take it back out.

                        • @spiff: The source is dodgy connection in the physical device. It's common in these style of earbuds like Bose/Jabra etc.

                          I'm an adult so aesthetics means nothing over basic functionality. Those threads are about the dropouts and connection issues that the 65t can have.

                          • +1

                            @onlinepred: No idea about the Elite 65t issues, I've only owned the Elite Active.

                            Basic functionality? For me that includes being able to adjust the volume on earbuds without having to pick up my phone or speak out loud to Siri.

                            • +1

                              @spiff: For me it's having both buds working and being able to make calls that cut out background noise. For you it could just be that you listen to music and that suits you fine. I control volume/apps/podcasts/calls etc from my watch, I don't want to have to touch my ears all the time to just do simple things. Anyway nice chat, I hope it opened your eyes as to how others might use them and how other earbuds are better/worse.

                              • @onlinepred: Yeah it did, Jabra's are better.

                                • @spiff: At this price probably, at regular price nope

                                • @spiff:

                                  @OnlinePred: Yeah it did, Jabra's are better.

                                  haha love this answer

                  • -2

                    @onlinepred: Connection quality has been amazing for me. I get the odd static sometimes when i walk through store detectors (or whatever those gates are called). I dont assume everybody is exactly like me. Simply stating if you are getting True wireless, you (the user) are looking for high quality sound more often than not.

                    1. Airpods ARE apart of an kidding me? they are specifically made for Apple users.
                    2. Apple is an ecosystem just like Google has an ecosystem and Samsung is building their ecosystem.
                    3. Yes you look like a douche having the look of a true wireless bud thats designed to look like a pair of standard headphones after you have cut the cord. If you are fanboying over the design and can honestly say its less douchie than 65t's then you have an issue there.
                    4. Airpods are not a one size fits all device and i'd suggest an active user would struggle with these
                    5. Yes i understand EQ's are available on phones…don't patronise me.
                    6. Battery life has never failed me. But apple have always been great squeezing every last drop from their batteries so Apple would always win there. ie iPhones v Android phone batteries.
                    • +1


                      1. They are bluetooth headphones. That's an open standard FYI. They work on anything that supports it just like Jabra.
                      2. Yes I agree, never said otherwise.
                      3. This is subjective, if you are superficial or judgmental then yes this might affect you. The only one fanboying about appearance is you guys, I don't care about design.
                      4. I agree completely. It's why I still use my old Anker slim for when I run over the Jabra.
                      5. Glad we agree.
                      6. Battery life is better on airpods as you also agree.
                      • @onlinepred: A comment just on the look of the Airpods. As a 9 year iPhone user, Apple's products have always been about simplicity, reliability and aesthetics for a premium price. The "look" of Apple products is a big part of the appeal and is what draws many customers back time and time again. I'm surprised that they released a product that looks like the Airpods cos they definitely don't fit the standard aesthetic design set by most of their other products.

                        • +1

                          @spiff: Everyone bought it though, it's the highest selling Bluetooth earphones. It's like when some apple users thought big phones looked stupid when android phones got big. Do you own a pair of airpods?

                          The airpods have been one of the most successful apple products. Amazingly it is well priced and very competitive.

                          • +1

                            @onlinepred: Obviously I don't own a pair. Not only do they look ridiculous, the fit would just be as good (bad) as the Apple earphones.

                            If Apple made Airpods with rubber tips and made the stick tampony thing less than half the length it is now then I'd probably be all over them.

                            • @spiff: Yep this is my point. I disliked them until I bought them. At the end of the day if you are worried about how you appear to others then don't get in ear wireless buds. My point was that apple users grew into loving bigger phones, as did most people in general. The same is said for airpods. Obviously some superficial people will say it clashes with their style etc, they can find something else that suits them and looks good in the mirror at gym etc.

                          • @onlinepred: every man and his dog went out to buy the old crappy wired earphones….does that make them fantastic? na they were never any good. I was also a 7-year iPhone user who only switched because i couldn't entertain wearing a square watch on my wrist. as a designer i use Apple devices at home and in the office at work all day everyday. I still rock an iPhone & Android as we speak. just a little insight so you know im not trashing apple.

                            People will buy anything with that half-eaten logo plastered on it. 'Everyone bought it though' is hardly a valid reason. Louis Vuitton x Supreme released a set of 4 dice. I saw one sold on eBay for $1050 this week. does that make those dice any better than the ones from Gamesworld? na.

                            Idk why you are still suggesting they are not part of the Apple ecosystem….they are feature rich on iOS, and lack battery indicator, personalized EQ & Assistant right out of the box. to my knowledge Elite 65T will adapt to your device be it iOS or Android and use Siri or GA for commands.

                            When people buy apple, they buy it for performance & spiel but mainly overall style and design. You buy other brands because you want to knuckle in on specifics.

                            • +1

                              @ExtraSalt: Literally a free app gives you all the apple functionality. I bought it as my two 65t had connection issues. It worked so well I bought one for my wife. My sister was so impressed with them she bought one too. Point is they are fantastic. They bought them because they are convenient and work really well at a reasonable price. There isn't anything else to it. You can pay more to get different and maybe better if you like. I did and it didn't work out. I use my airpods on windows machines and androids and they work great remembering each device.

    • Yes, in aesthetics, sound quality and functionality.

    • I returned the jabra elite active 65t after purchasing and went with airpods instead. The elites were uncomfortable in my ears and the audio wasn't as good as people were saying.

      Airpods are very comfortable and have great audio quality. Airpods also has magnetic lock in the case which elites doesn't have.

  • Can you disable the noise cancellation? I was getting headaches with my Sony XM3's because of it.

    • There's a hear through function on the Jabra app which you can turn on. This will disable the noise cancellation.

      • Sold, RIP to all those who got the v30 for the quad dac and now bought these.

        • +1

          I'm no techie so not sure how to describe how it works but since the noise cancellation is passive, the hear through function "actively" disables it and actually enhances outside noises. So when using in the office and with hear through mode turned on, I can hear the mouse and keyboard taps very clearly. Also higher frequency voices can be heard more clearly than low frequency voices.

          • @spiff: Noise cancellation is an active process. You may be referring to Noise isolation, which is the passive process (i.e. no battery use) that occurs when you have any earphone filling your ear.

  • +2

    Ordered the Elite Active to test it out and compare with my Bose Soundsport Free.

    Will keep one that I prefer more and sell the other.

    • be interested to hear your thoughts!

  • i own the Jabra Elite 65t. Use them for workouts… if you are getting active jut because you workout, you can probably save the money.

  • +1

    Thanks! Ordered them today. I've been using Jaybird Run for a while and they are good for running and work out, not so much for talking. Will compare and post some comments. :)

  • Any advice on true wireless, onboard memory sport in ear headphones?

  • Thanks OP, purchased, started lunch jogs, and jogging without music is so boring/hard.

  • Elite or Elite Active? What do people recommend?

    The last ones I got from China were shite and a waste of $40…

    • Just regular for me because i wanted the black colour. Active has an accelerator if you ever plan on using it.

      • Accelerator?

  • These were too big for my small ears..
    Waiting for an improved version of jaybird runs one day
    Any suggestions appreciated

  • What if I don't have any qantas points? Can I just buy it with cash?

    • No

  • +1

    Almost bit the bullet with the Officeworks price ($248 for the active which has since gone back up), but this was too good to ignore with Qantas points I will more than likely never use.

  • Great price

  • +2

    If your birthday is in Feb, you can stack with the 10% off discount. BDAYFEB19 also works for other months (change months as necessary).

    Edit: have been looking out for these for a while now, great price thanks OP.

    • +1

      How do you change your birth month? I'm looking into "My Account" and can't find the option to do so.

      • I'd like to know the same, can't find the option

        • Sorry I meant if your birthday is in March, then in March the code would be BDAYMAR19.

    • +1

      I highly doubt that they'll let you change your date of birth. I once had an issue with my name on QFF and had to send through scans of my passport and birth certificate for verification.

    • +1

      My birthday is in Feb and I get "You are not eligible for this promotion" when entering the promo code :(

  • Got it for ~$115 with 11,000 points, damn decent deal for the Jabra Elite 65ts.

    Cheers OP :)

    • Did you utilise the 10% off? If so, is your birthday in Feb to use it? Thanks

  • Been sitting on the fence for a while whether to get these or bose… your post tipped me over. Thanks OP, bought one!!

  • Would these be suitable for listening to whilst mowing the lawn?

  • Be very careful when changing eargels to find the right fit. I accidentally torn one of the eargels within 3 days of purchase. It is very easy to rip them.

    The clear silicone came off the orange part that attaches to the earbuds. The glue used to stick these are pretty weak.!Asf0yofc9XqGuyZ_XZ-yUEMOAZPi

    They're $15 plus shipping to replace.

    As someone said at the top support is [email protected] and very slow. Their live chat has been on "Leave a message" since Christmas.

    Took it back to JB HiFi and they just replaced it with a brand new set. As in the earbuds not just the eargels.

  • +1

    I bought a pair and have been waiting for these earbuds to go on sale somewhere.

    $54 + 25,000 points I didn't know what to spend on. Not a bad bit of gear for $54.

    Thanks OP

  • Thanks OP! Been waiting for these to go on sale.

  • I have read a fair few reports of defects with these models like one side cutting out or being lower in volume. Anybody have a pair over the last year they can comment on?

  • Anyone know if these can simultaneously connect to 2 devices at once (iPad + iPhone) just like the Bose QC35?

    • +2

      yep i pair it with my phone and watch so when either are out of range, i still get the tunes.

  • I have these, overall I find these to have pretty good sound quality and battery life.

    One gripe is that I wish they made the charging case clasp magnetic, rather than the current locking mechanism.

    One thing you'll notice is when you first try to pry open the case, it's very very rigid, but will ease up after a few times, you kind of have to push inwards and up

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