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3% off Everything (Min Spend $50, Max Discount $100) @ eBay


3% off the purchase price (excluding postage costs) on all items listed on except the Excluded Items when you spend $50 or more in one transaction during the offer period, up to a maximum discount of $100 per transaction

'Excluded Items' means;
all items listed in the following categories;
Cars, Bikes, Boats (9800), Car & Truck Parts (6030), Coins (11116), Collectables (1), Gift Cards (184609), Other Lots More Items (88433), Real Estate (10542), Services (316), Tickets, Travel (11730); and
all items sold by the following Sellers:
Bunnings Warehouse
Coles Supermarkets

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eBay Australia
eBay Australia

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  • 3%??? $50 minimum spend??? BAHAHAHHAA

  • wow.. new lows

  • speechless

  • Wow!! 3%!!!

  • Wow..PICK1 any day now

  • 3% with $50 min spend… wow, I've been waiting all my life for such a large discount!

  • Let the price jacking begin

  • Rofl 🤣 🤣🤣

  • +1 vote

    from 5% down to 3%?
    that is sad
    just sad…….

  • Spend $50 you can save $1.5! Cheers!

  • Now they're just being too generous!

  • Who's in charge of the eBay marketing department??

    • Does it matter? eBay will always be around.

      • +8 votes

        EBay could easily turn into a myspace. No business is invincible.

        • MySpace grew old and had a fierce competitor, I don't see the same happening to eBay any time soon.

          • @Lorindor: You don’t know where the next big thing will come from. You could say the same with what happened to Microsoft. Microsoft had so many anti trust law suits about dominating the market and their argument was that they had to do what they did to protect the market and people thought they would dominate forever. Time has shown this is not the case. With much of our software now online there is no huge demand for microsoft office anymore and free ones such as googledocs now takes a significant share of the market microsoft once ruled.

            EBay is well aware of this. A competitor can spring from nowhere. One of the reasons why they purchased gumtree and let it stay as it is. Gumtree threatened to severely damage eBay’s market in Australia.

            • @ibuy: I disagree, Microsoft will continue to dominate the market for a very long time, as too many companies rely on Windows/Office for their day to day business.

              A competitor can spring from nowhere.

              And what will they offer that eBay cannot? Even Amazon (who have been around since the early days of eBay) tried to compete and they're still only just making an small impact. I think you and many others on here underestimate the sheer volume of online marketplace that eBay has sustained.

              • @Lorindor: Mocrosoft no longer dominates. New online companies don’t use or pay for microsoft office.

                See the sales statistics here:


                Microsoft office has about 38% of the matket and Google has about 61% of the market.

                They are no longer dominant.

                Amazon is globally bigger than eBay. EBay is playing catchup by a long shot. Last year Amazon sold over $208 billion vs eBay’s tiny $10 billion.


                Amazon only launched their Aussie website a few years ago now. EBay has been here for over 18 years now. Amazon will catch up fast because it has additional products and services that eBay hasn’t been able to match. For example, delivery within a day is a regular service in the States. Order by 10:00am get it by 2:00pm. EBay because it doesn’t do warehousing for seller stock is not able to effectively do this. Amazon has a service for sellers called fulfillment by Amazon. They store, ship and handle returns for a seller.

                You may also like to know that alibaba is bigger than eBay and amazon combined.

                EBay appears big in your eyes but is a minnow on the global world stage. Other up and coming sites include lazada and qoo10. Australia is not a big target for eBay as we don’t buy as much as the UK, USA or Chinese markets.

                Nothing is dominant. The markets are very disrupted nowadays.

                • @ibuy:

                  Mocrosoft no longer dominates. New online companies don’t use or pay for microsoft office.

                  I wasn't specifically talking about Office, the discussion was about the dominance of Microsoft as a company overall. We all know who is king when it comes to the share of operating systems on personal computers, as well as gaming platforms.

                  Amazon is globally bigger than eBay. EBay is playing catchup by a long shot. Last year Amazon sold over $208 billion vs eBay’s tiny $10 billion.

                  Globally perhaps, but until Amazon strongholds their position within Australia properly, and even then, eBay will still be around.

                  People on here say they will scapegoat them, or cancel their membership etc, but they never do.

                  • @Lorindor: Microsoft even if you take into consideration their other products is no longer the behemoth you believe it to be. As many businesses move to the internet as their operating platform people have moved away from microsoft as they don’t need such a complex operating system. Remember the joys of Windows 8 and the damage it caused. Many people went looking for a different platform and stayed there!

                    Microsoft was once the largest company in the world and is now about the 30th largest and continues to fall. Its CEO Satya Nadella and the previous incumbent Steve Ballmer have been unable to get the company back to anywhere near the top 10 companies in the world.

                    EBay may still be around in 10 years in Australia but it is still small and let’s see where Amazon and another selling website that’s probably lurking in the background are in the next five years. Myspace is still around but few people use it. EBay may go that way too.

                    You could say the same about bricks and mortar retail. In the 80s and 90s I worked in retail and the bigstores like DJ and Myer were doing well. Now they’re both in trouble because they cannot respond to the markets in ways online selling can.

                    • @ibuy: You're missing the point, regardless of whether some of their customers are moving to other cloud-based platforms, their presence in both the consumer and enterprise markets will always be high.

                      Office Pro/Office 365 is still the productivity suite of choice as there is no complete alternative yet, and while Google has certainly made it's mark in the Education sector, most corporate entities will rely on the former.

                      You could say the same about bricks and mortar retail. In the 80s and 90s I worked in retail and the bigstores like DJ and Myer were doing well. Now they’re both in trouble because they cannot respond to the markets in ways online selling can.

                      This sort of contradicts what you're trying to say, as while physical retail stores will inevitably but surely close due to the online marketplace, companies like eBay will be waiting to pick up the slack.

                      • @Lorindor: There are lots of different platforms now which is why Microsoft is no longer the leader you believe it to be. I know many large enterprises that use google docs as it has collaborative features that far exceed microsoft. It is only a matter of time. It’s like you saying that ADSL is your choice because there are more ADSL lines still than NBN. People will shift but not necessarily to microsoft.

                        What I’m saying is not contradictory. Bricks and mortar will always have a place but on a small scale. There are times when you can’t wait for delivery and pay a premium to obtain the goods. Much like when retail stores here closed at 5pm and you had to go to 7-11 to buy milk and papers.

                        However there is no guarantee that people will turn to eBay. There are lots of choices for online purchasing and eBay may not be the ultimate choice for many. A long time ago you would go to eBay and pretty much no one else. However that’s changed as selling on eBay is expensive. People are now savvy enough to setup their own websites and direct traffic there. The whole point of my comments are that eBay is not invinvible and the market doesn’t rely solely on eBay and it can change in an instant. The belief that eBay will be as strong as it is now or bigger than anyone else in Australia in the future is flawed.

                        Would you say that in the future there is no fierce competitor to ebay as you have commented about myspace? I can’t predict that and if you can I’d love to have your crystal ball.

                        • @ibuy:

                          There are lots of choices for online purchasing and eBay may not be the ultimate choice for many.

                          That may be true for the general public, but Australians are becoming more savvy with their money/purchasing decisions then ever before, which will mean it is normal to seek the best price no matter what; that's where eBay is providing a service like no other.

                          Name another online retailer where I can type in anything I wish to purchase and find both new & used products from multiple different online stores, and on top of that have the ability to gain further discounts via site-wide sales.

                          The belief that eBay will be as strong as it is now or bigger than anyone else in Australia in the future is flawed.

                          Did you even read my original comment? I never said there are not or will not be bigger competitors to choose from.

                          Would you say that in the future there is no fierce competitor to ebay as you have commented about myspace?

                          Like I said earlier, unless they can offer something that eBay does not or will not (which is pretty slim at this point), I don't see how they can survive.

                          I'm not predicting anything, I'm just looking at the facts and being realistic, members of this site have been cursing eBay for years (this 'deal' is a perfect example of that), but has anything changed?

                          • @Lorindor: Your original premise was that eBay will always be around. That may not be the case. I have stated reasons why eBay may not be the behemoth you believe it to be. EBay is not always the best website to buy things. It is possible to obtain it cheaper elsewhere or in many cases get better service. I have received lousy service from a few large Australian sellers on eBay who did nothing after they sold it and something went wrong and ended up buying from a bricks and mortar store as the item was too costly to buy on eBay again. A sitewide discount means nothing if it is still more competitive to buy elsewhere. You’re working on the premise that because they’re doing okay today they will continue to do so. That is definitely not the case. As you’ve mentioned you can’t see what someone else will offer that another website can match eBay. The inability to see what else could make someone else go buy from another website is what limits your vision. People who succeed in online retail are visionary. They look to find holes or gaps in a competitor and work their way into the existing provider. There have been many online Australian websites which have not succeeded because they haven’t been able to visualise the gaps in eBay. As mentioned, the biggest competitor to eBay was actually Gumtree. The only way eBay was able to stop Gumtree eroding their market was to actually buy them out which they did. EBay was losing lots of market share to Gumtree at one stage. As far as discounts go, if you joined eBay about 10 years ago there were never any discounts. It is only because eBay is running scared of Amazon and other online sellers that they are providing discounts. However this is not good for the brand long term. It erodes the value of the business because buyers are not spending unless a discount is provided or the item is necessary - pavlov’s
                            Dog theory. The saying “Time will tell” will be the judge of things here. You belittle Amazon however they’ve only been in Australia for a few years now. Amazon is not stupid. They would not go to the effort of setting up warehouses in two states and configure Amazon prime for Australian buyers without having done their homework. If you look at the people who take up Amazon prime vs eBay plus I doubt you will see the dropout rate as big. Amazon prime for example offers exclusive content such as its own tv channels and other features that eBay currently cannot match without spending a lot of money on such huge infrastructure.

                            Your comment earlier on in defence of myspace going down was that they had a fierce competitor. The same could be said of eBay v Amazon. Do you think Amazon is not a fierce competitor? At this point in time Amazon has about two years vs eBay at 18. I suggest you review it in about 5 and 10 years time.

                            With regard to another website that provides discounts etc you can check out alibaba, they do provide discounts from time to time. However a discount is meaningless where sellers engage in price jacking. Amazon is not the only competitor. There are also many asian websites such as rakuten, buyee, etc etc. I’m not going to name them all as I use some of them and they are much cheaper than eBay. You just need to spend time doing a bit of research.

                            Another thing is that the really serious shoppers have overseas addresses that help in shipping here. This often makes delivery cheaper and competitive. I can buy a top of the line ski helmet in the States when on sale for about AUD$180 delivered. The same helmet sells here when on sale for AUD $250-300 and it retails here for about $500. EBay can’t come anywhere near the pricing or shipping costs. Sellers on eBay because of their seller fees have to include that in their costings and can’t match a direct online seller in many instances because the online seller’s cost of selling will be lower than eBay.

                            Members have been “cursing” eBay as you say and many have gone elsewhere. The thing is that they’re just warning other people as I am that eBay isn’t always the best place in town to buy something. How other people have been responding is often to post deals on other sites or places that will match or better eBay with better service. It really depends what you are looking for. There may be a good deal on eBay or there may be a better deal elsewhere. It’s always a case of check before you buy.

                            I think we just agree to disagree. You will continue to pay what you believe to be cheap prices on eBay and others who know better will look and buy elsewhere if eBay is not competitive and in many instances now it is not as competitive.

                    • @ibuy: Ummm what crap are you spurting? Microsoft is the largest market cap in the world for listed companies which is the sole metric to assess it on.

                      • @vestrosaurus: That is not quite correct. Apple has that title. However it depends on which day you are looking at because the valuations fluctuate significantly. So sometimes it is Apple, other times it is Amazon or Microsoft. The largest market cap for a long time used to be GE.

            • @ibuy: eBay (and Google and Facebook and Twitter) need to be broken up for the good of the economy. It's easy to look back at the last 120 years of economic history and see that this is the case.

              Unfortunately, under a neoliberal regime that results from voting LabLib, removing money from wealthy people is a cardinal sin regardless if they cause the entire economy to suffer or even crash as 2008 showed so that is unlikely to happen.

              Expect no economic growth and deflation until the US and global crash in under tens years since the neoliberal (profanity) have just deregulated the US banking sector again.

              As an ordinary person that means you will be paying more of the tax burden while the above businesses and super wealthy pay tax at a lower rate than you or no tax at all while you slowly earn less and less.

      • The fact that they run "no final value fee" discounts every week now shows that they were losing sellers due to their high selling fees and feeling it. Reverb came out of nowhere and quickly became a popular alternative for musical instruments.

        • That’s the thing. The people who believe that eBay is the be all and end all don’t have foresight or vision. New competitors and new formats or options emerge all the time and each one could topple eBay or whomever is the market leader today. It’s pointless to respond as people who insist eBay is it are wearing blinkers and can’t see that with the future no business remains ontop for ever. IBM was once the market leader in computers. Apple topped them. The next leader could possibly come out of China. Nokia and Ericcson were once the only mobiles most would buy, then came Apple, then Samsung, no Huawei and a few other Chinese brands are in the market - no one is on top for long. Apple’s iphone is beginnijg to become a commodity. No longer are there mega length queues for the new models - yes there are queues, but nothing like five years ago. No different to the car industry. We all thought in the 70s 80s and 90s Holden or Ford were the only cars to lead the market in Australia and would be so forever. Then Toyota beat the market leaders and now the Koreans lead. The future looks likely now to be Chinese models. Sure they’re crap now and some even had 1 star safety, but over time they could rule. So eBay is no different to any other leaders. They don’t stay ontop forever.

    • Probably some hipster sipping on a $8 organic, single origin, sustainable, soy latte

  • On the bright side… maybe the sellers wont bother to price jack for 3%….

  • Phasing out constant discounting.

  • Tbh this saved me money. Was going to spend $60 on extra crap to hit the 10% deal.

  • Here comes the roflcopter…

  • hahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahaaha
    Ebay are ACTUALLY taking the piss now

  • LOL ebay. I'm not sure why I'd buy something off of ebay with all of this. You get on average 10% off most stores through gift cards and cashback anyway.

  • apparently eBay do read ozb comments! Don't forget to plus vote guys

  • 3% WTF next time will back "PICKASS"

  • Pathetic.

  • Clearly there only goal now is to antagonise us. Mission accomplished.

  • Is this some sick joke?

  • Should be negging this as there is usually always a 5% discount active and by supporting a 3% discount in it's place is not a bargain had.

  • Haha oh dear…

  • What a cute little discount they have there /pinch cheeks

  • eBay marketing - all creativity…. but lost all logic…. "Lets Discount the discounts"

  • Wtf is a 3% discount and that with a 50$ min spend

  • That’s it people, we’re done here (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  • Nah, this is really not a deal considering it used to be 5% off $30. eBay are really taking the piss now. Nothing against OP but screw feeBay.

  • Yawn.
    I would have up voted this if it allowed 3% off car parts.

  • wtf is this lol

  • It's not April 1st yet right??? or is this just a bad joke??

    Sorry mate, I don't generally neg posts, but I had to on this one!!!! Cancelled my 2nd Ebay plus trial. Worth nothing to me anymore.

    Now that I have used up all my Ebay gift cards, time to stick with Amazon.

  • +2 votes

    Insulting! Take my money Amazon.

  • it's time for us to boycott eBay

    • you'll go back to them when there's 20% off anyway lol

      • yeah, their platform isn't bad, but their marketing team for sure is..

        boycott until they give us decent deals like in the past, and the "exclusive" deals they promised for Plus members

  • this is such an offensive promotion, Thanks OP for posting but my neg vote goes to ebay Aust!

  • +3 votes

    Dear Ebay
    you are supposed to discount the price not the actual discount!!!!!!

  • Weak effort.

    Come on eBay, we can see your heart just isn't in this anymore. Don't even bother if this is the best you can do.

  • First eBay kills cash back and now this piss-poor joke of a discount. I won't be renewing my eBay Plus membership. Sorry OP, thanks for sharing but I have to neg this.

  • Neg. Not to OP but to ebay. Pick01 0.1% is coming…..ha

  • Only posting this comment so I can neg eBay.

  • 3% should have no min not max limit.

    Edit: or include gift cards

  • What a joke. Exclusions list has always been an insult from eBay AU now a measly 3%.. No Deal

  • Wow! No wonder they phased out the 1% cashback, it made this upcoming 3% off look like a joke!

  • Gonna have to do better than that

  • So, can a deal reach the front page for a large number of negative votes? I reckon this one should be a candidate.

  • We should all neg it this time.

  • All time low. This is getting bloody ridiculous…

  • Lol, wow

  • That's a no from me dawg

  • +1 vote

    an ebay deal with negs
    an ebay deal with more negs then plusses
    an ebay deal with twice as many negs as plusses…WTF? new record!

    whilst everyone else is piling on.

  • Poor OP, tsk tsk.

  • Oh my

  • Definitely not a good deal, better off to wait for 5% or higher discount.

  • PISSTAK3 also works…

  • You know why!

  • Pretty neat trick ebay

  • Sorry OP! Good of you to post. Ebay deserves this neg not you.

  • Next thing you know they have a charge to use eBay… oh wait they already have it is called eBay Plus :/

  • Is there any other competitor other than amazon?

  • we should totally consider ourselves lucky, they halved from 10 to 5 now 3, ebay probs thought 2.5 but rounded it up just for us ;)

  • Such an insult, fees goes up, discount go down

  • This time I join the Neg gang for the first time on Ebay , what where they thinking this is pure sheet .

    Is there any other competitor other than amazon?

  • Remember when cashback was 3% by itself?

    Someone suggested they’re trying to ween buyers off the discounts which seems true but will only allow platforms like Amazon Oz and Aliexpress to gain further foothold. Alas, the horse has bolted and eBay can’t rein it in.

    You don’t see this kind of petty, pointless policy from US or UK eBay.

    I’m now and have been for quite some time, checking Amazon and Ali first before checking eBy. I’m sure I’m not alone.

  • So now all these 3% or 5% can only redeem once, remember the old 5% we can do several times.

  • What a joke 3% off, what is next… We pay a certain percentage higher

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