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Ryzen 5 2600 RTX 2080 8GB + 27" Bundle: $1599.02 // i3 8100 GTX 1060 + 24" Bundle: $679.20, Delivered @ TechFast eBay


Hi all,

We whipped up a couple of hot bundles for eBay's PASSIONATE code. We've also been listening to feedback on what people want to see in our deals:

R5 2600 / RTX 2080 8GB / 16GB RAM / 240GB SSD / 750W PSU / B350 MB + 27" Monitor, Keyboard & Mouse: $1599.02 Delivered
Link: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/192814252973

i3 8100 / GTX 1060 3GB / 8GB RAM / 120GBB SSD / 550W PSU / A320 MB + 24" Monitor, Keyboard & Mouse: $679.02 Delivered
Link: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/192814246253
Upgrade to GTX 1060 6GB for $100 by Adding this to Cart before checkout: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/192814243523

These are available as bundles only - can't do the deal on systems alone.

Current build times are at approximately 2 working weeks. We are working as quickly as we can through existing orders. We are also working hard on build quality, attention to detail and customer service. As always, and many people here can attest to this I believe, I will do my best to prioritise and rectify any issues through PM, so feel free to get in touch.



Original PASSIONATE 20% off All Items at Selected Sellers on eBay Deal Post

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  • OzB is gonna gobble this one up

  • Mad 2080 bundle

  • The 2600/2080 is a steal!! Including a 27" monitor!

  • That 2080 bundle is rad. Got the 2070 bundle few weeks back, which should hopefully be shipping out today. Albeit it was ~$400 less than the 2080 bundle, but upped to the b350 mobo ($35), though it only has 8gb ram, and no mobo.

    Great deal there @luketechfast
    Your team does some killer work!

  • Link for the 1060 directs me to the same link as the 2080..

  • Delivery times?

    • i am also wondering how long is the wait to get it delivered. it seems techfast is chewing way more than they can digest.

      • I've just looked at their negative reviews and it's all about slow delivery times and unresponsiveness.

    • Howdy, as per the post above we're at about 2 working weeks from order to dispatch but hoping to improve that. We certainly acknowledge the issues we had due to the Christmas/NY break and managed the delays and communication there as best we could, but we're on the up and up. Fair to say things are not as hectic now as they were during that period.

      • Hey I was wondering about this other deal techfast also sell (Seeing as there was no post for this product), the Ryzen 5 2600 GTX 1060 6GB 120GB SSD 8GB DDR4 Gaming Computer + 27" Monitor. Am I able to swap out the Power supply, the ram and include storage? I am new to PCs and I was wondering if you could tell me the specific specifications of the power supplly, ram, motherbaord, system cooling, memory and primary drive.

        Also would you recommend purchasing upgrades from techfast? I don't know if they pre place the upgrades with the product or ship it to you separately.

        Thanks :)

        • And also, would you mind recommending me some parts for ram, storage and PSU. I want my pc to run well for editing and some mediocre gaming.

      • I can just say that the deals from techfast are amazing. Luke is pretty responsive and their overall customer service is awesome.

      • @luketechfast so how are the 2080 builds going? estimates had them being delivered 21st/22nd, but I believe I'm probably not alone with saying I haven't heard anything even with a message to follow up on progress/any delays.

    • I ordered on the 27th of December and mine still isn't shipped.
      That being said, they have good customer service and they respond quickly

  • Operating System: Not Included; see PC Upgrades section below

    Important to note

    • Just install Android : )

      • Lol

        • Buys RYZEN 2600 RTX2080 machine
        • Plays Android games

        99999999 fps 1080p Android gaming ftw

        /r/androidgaming would be proud

    • They install windows 10. If you can live with the activation watermark on the background, Windows 10 works fine without activating at all

      • Can always install Windows 7, activate that and upgrade to Win 10 for free, still.

        Use the Asrock or gigabyte ryzen driver injector for win 7 iso to install.

        Methods of activating Windows 7 will be left up to the reader.

  • The 2080 deal is good, but I swear the 1060 deals were all cheaper before Christmas.

    I thought they'd get cheaper, as manufacturers are trying to clear stock.

    • It's the same with the RX570 and RX580 deals too, they've jacked prices despite those cards still being on clearance.

  • Title mentions 8gb of ram, but it should be 16gb? Really good price, but really prefer to have no monitor or at least the option to upgrade that one

  • Can someone break down the price for the 2600/2080 system? I am interested but would like to know what the savings really are and I am not up to date with pc parts.

    • I just quickly priced up just SOME of the parts with the cheapest options from PC Case Gear:
      (no B350 mobo, picked any ~$100 mobo)

      Comes to ~1750, doesn't even include a case + monitor + keyboard/mouse + installation + delivery + support/warranty
      Seems to be a great deal!

    • https://au.pcpartpicker.com/list/YzQsQZ

      That's adding the cheapest everything. Add $20 for a generic kb+m and you're looking at ~$2000. Looks like a steal for the price which includes delivery and assembly, ditch the monitor and kb+m on gumtree and get something worthy of the GPU.

    • The Ryzen 2600 is a solid performer (6 core 12 thread) that goes for around ~$235 (Sometimes less on special, closer to $200 maybe)

      The 2080 rtx goes for around $1100, and on special ~$1000 (like was on OzB yesterday)

      ie those two components go for ~$1330. For the last ~$300 you're also getting 16gb ram (even slowest ddr4 is ~$180) a mobo ~$70, 240gb ssd ~$50, case ~$60, and power supply ~$75, also wired kb and mouse ~$30 and monitor ~$180.

      I don't know what brands of each, but at cheapest seperately your looking at a total of maybe just shy $2000. Plus it's built for you. It's a good way to get a very capable cpu and a near top end gfx card.

      Hope that helps somewhat!

      • Thanks teereb, Brouw3r and philldo!

        • Gumtree could be cheaper but definitely not safer or more reliable but it is definitely there for the risk takers.

          I saved $600 going Gumtree route but I got lucky and got a legit trustworthy guy to help do it all for me and charged me very generously.

          Basically find cool dude jonesing to make a buck.

          Feed him all the parts you want and need and estimates. Find said parts and double team sellers for best price.. Wait for it all to arrive.. Profit.. But a lot of sweat and tears and some blood also if you push too far as it is physically and mentally demanding hunting for and getting the deal.

          But you will come ahead if done right and you have spidey sense Gumtree spiel.

          Good luck whichever way you go.

  • Edit - forgot how to read. Nevermind.

  • Keen to buy but I wanted to know which rtx 2080 you are using for this build.

    • +5 votes

      Our major partner is Galax for 2080s. The likelihood is extremely high it'll be their dual fan, but I can't guarantee anything in case of supply shortfalls etc, given the volume we generally move. We have also used Asus Turbos and some MSI cards in the past. The best I can say is strong likelihood of Galax.

      • thanks for the quick reply.

        Next I wanted to know how the warranty works. If I buy this take the gpu out and replace it with another gpu and give it to somebody else, will you still honour the warranty on the system (excluding the gpu of course)? Or do I have individual component warranty?

        Thank you

        • +4 votes

          Everything for the first year is warrantable through us under the 1 year warranty. If you modify the system, as long as the modification does not cause the issue being warranted, it would be fine; if the modification is found to be the cause then there will be implications (case by case basis). Note that the Ryzen 5 2600 doesn't have integrated graphics so requires a GPU to output a signal.

          After the first year, respective manufacturer warranties apply if longer than 12 months.

  • When it says single rtx 2080 does it mean a single slot card or 1 gpu?

  • For the 1060 If I didn’t want the monitor and wanted an upgrade to 6gb is it the same as this?


  • I wish I could buy it without monitor =(

  • Disregard, found the info on the eBay listing.

    • The standard is Allied 750W. There is an option to upgrade to 850W 80+ Gold in the listing which is usually either Thermaltake or Corsair.

      • It looks like your system uses a smidge over 300W. Why not fit a 450/500W Gold PSU for the same/cheaper price?

        Also… Monitor upgrades please?

        • r5 2600 can use up to 370w on max load and rtx 2080 uses up to 314w on max too. I would say the PSU barely enough for the system since we dont know if it is bronze/silver/gold/platinum grade.

          • @Letrico: I haven't seen a ryzen user those numbers on its own, source?…CPU and GPU will push that kind of wattage though… Not just CPU on its own though.

            • @teereb: Actually you are right. Ryzen 5 2600 draws around 120-130w and the 375 is paired with 1080. I reckon the cpu+GPU would use up to 450 on load including ram and stuff. If you have a bronze 750w it will just be enough.

  • Would the $679 bundle be capable of running VR?

  • Computer/laptop seems cheap compared to phones these days.

  • Hi OP
    Is there a deal without the monitor, keyboard, mouse? Thanks.

  • Hi OP, great bundles but anything with Intel CPU (i5/i7)?

  • I am amazed at how you guys can offer such great deals. Either you are surviving off of economies of scale or the RRP/Prices of standalone parts sold to the public is incredibly exaggerated.

    Either way keep up the amazing work. Will probably dip into one of your builds in the future someday.

  • Techfast are awesome. Bought most of my PC build parts from them and they are quick to ship. Also fast to respond if you have a problem.

  • Would be cool to see the option to upgrade to b450/x470 along with listing the minimum ram speed or upgrade option and a nvme uprade option would be nice too.

  • Is it a 1440p monitor or 1080p?

  • Love the system but keen on building myself. Could you accommodate for this?

    • You can ask for parts to be shipped unassembled and will actually come sooner since no need to build

    • +4 votes

      Yes, request that as a note at checkout. As you're buying components the assembled 1 year warranty does not apply as we are not in control of the finished products, but component manufacturer warranties apply. Please also request itemised invoice at checkout if required.

      It saves the build and testing time but unassembled orders are still picked alongside the other orders from that day. Saves 1-2 days.

  • Which brand and model of rtx 2080?

  • Includes 2 games too.

    Bundled Game: Battlefield V via Redemption (requires Origin access) AND Anthem via Redemption (requires Origin access). NOTE: Only PCs purchased on or after Monday January 7th are eligible for a Battlefield V code AND an Anthem code. Orders prior to this date cannot be cancelled and reordered to receive a code. Codes will be provided with system on shipping.

    Cracker of a deal for anyone looking to get setup with a new system. My only recommendation would be to get a 1440p 144hz monitor or a 34" UW 1440p 100hz monitor to get the most out of the rtx 2080. Sell off the bundled 1080p 60hz screen or use as a second display.

  • $39 upgrade for 240gb to 480gb seems worth doing.

  • Bloody hell… considering buying the 2080 system for the GPU and CPU, and then onselling it with my R5 1600 and 1070.

  • I just wanna play ffxiv like my old computer. R9 280x. i7, 12gb ram.

    What systems available will run it like that?

  • Why don’t you put a better PSU in these builds?

  • Possible to upgrade case to better case (thinking NZXT H200i) and some water cooling?