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Ryzen 5 2600 RTX 2080 8GB + 27" Bundle: $1599.02 // i3 8100 GTX 1060 + 24" Bundle: $679.20, Delivered @ TechFast eBay


Hi all,

We whipped up a couple of hot bundles for eBay's PASSIONATE code. We've also been listening to feedback on what people want to see in our deals:

R5 2600 / RTX 2080 8GB / 16GB RAM / 240GB SSD / 750W PSU / B350 MB + 27" Monitor, Keyboard & Mouse: $1599.02 Delivered
Link: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/192814252973

i3 8100 / GTX 1060 3GB / 8GB RAM / 120GBB SSD / 550W PSU / A320 MB + 24" Monitor, Keyboard & Mouse: $679.02 Delivered
Link: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/192814246253
Upgrade to GTX 1060 6GB for $100 by Adding this to Cart before checkout: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/192814243523

These are available as bundles only - can't do the deal on systems alone.

Current build times are at approximately 2 working weeks. We are working as quickly as we can through existing orders. We are also working hard on build quality, attention to detail and customer service. As always, and many people here can attest to this I believe, I will do my best to prioritise and rectify any issues through PM, so feel free to get in touch.



Original PASSIONATE 20% off All Items at Selected Sellers on eBay Deal Post

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    • Liquid CPU cooling yes, other cases not at the moment. Not our business model..

  • I've been in the market for a new desktop and have always preferred sourcing my own parts as it almost always equates to it being cheaper. However, this is an absolute steal !
    How long would this deal be available for ?

    • 10th of Feb

      • +1

        I thought "10th of Feb" would have meant later in the day not first thing in morning? Any more like this available?

  • -1

    From the comments, I wonder if by the time one gets their PC delivered, Ryzen 3000 series would be out. Perhaps Navi too?

  • Laptop master race :)

  • Hey Luke, what kind of keyboard / mouse does this come with? Thanks for the deals too! My girlfriend just bought the 2080 setup for her first computer :)

    • No worries! It's just a basic keyboard and mouse combo. We have Allied combos incoming, not sure when they'll arrive due to Chinese New Year though.

  • @Luke, Do you offer upgrade of the 350 Mobo?

    • Not a this stage, no. Customisation deeper than one level isn't our business model atm.

      • Cool thanks for letting me know! Very good deal :)

  • @Luke, Is there any chance this deal "Panthera Ryzen 5 2600 RX 580 8GB 8GB DDR4 120GB SSD 550W PSU Desktop PC: $699 Delivered" https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/431191 can be repeated on eBay without coupon?. I would like to use my 15% off eBay plus promo code.

    • Not with the way the ebay discount is structured sorry, no

      • Are you able to do that deal on your website for $699? Don't need to go through ebay

  • Hello, just bought one of your bundles. Is the eta that eBay provides accurate?

    • We're looking at 2 working weeks for most systems purchased during this promotion due to volume. Some patience will be required but we always get there.

      • the one that i bought was the i7 bundle with the 144hz monitor :) looking foward to it

  • Was to hard to resist. Upgraded the drive to 480gb and threw in the 2tb drive, still only set me back $1696.80 after discount applied.

  • Damn… wish eBay accepted zipMoney… This deal is a steal!

  • You have any deals without the monitor?

  • Couldn't figure out how to leave note on check out so left a note after the order (about unassembled + itemized receipt). Is that ok?

    • PM me your ebay username and I'll check for you

  • Anyone know if this is good for machine learning? I'm planning to get a desktop to study machine learning. Cheers.

  • Good deal. I caved in and bought the X1920, upgraded the PSU and 240GB to 480GB.
    I'm time poor so appreciate the testing and build that goes into these systems, and swap and change around later.

  • Good deal, finally convinced my family to get it, now just need to look out for a better monitor

  • I'm a bit inexperienced with PCs these days. I've been on gaming laptops for the last 10 years, but need to upgrade and the difference seems to be about $5000 for a similarly specced laptop :(

    Do these have more info on what they come with? ie, number/type of USB and other connectors, audio jacks etc. Do I still need to buy a separate sound card? How many free PCI slots will there be? Do people still chuck extra cards in their PCs? can they be SLIed? I'm more looking at the Intel one for $2400…

    • +1


      Case has 2 X USB 2 and 1x 3.0, and motherboard generally has 2 and 2 of each, maybe now depending on which model is used.

      Case and Mobo have audio Ports, so front and rear. Mobo outputs sound but there is another 1 PCI slot for sound card if you need, but we don't offer. Not necessary unless you need extra performance or functionality.

      Mobo doesn't support SLI GPUs.


  • Need to check the Threadripper deals as Im looking at replacing my Video editing PC

    • +1

      Deals on them coming soon, maybe today

      • Uhoh, I just bought a Threadripper!

  • Few questions:

    Is the SSD an M2 NVME model?
    Does the case have an optical drive bay?
    Is the monitor 1440p? Will it come in it's own box?

    • Howdy,

      No, SATA3
      1080p, yes.

  • -1

    Is it possible to trade the mouse and keyboard for windows 10? thanks

    • +1

      No, sorry.

      • If i order the upgrades like os system, hard drive, ssd upgrade from 240 to 480 will it be installed and delivered at the same time? because on ebay the upgrades say a different delivery date

        • also what happens if im not there to pick up delivery?

          • @hermsy: StarTrack generally reattempt delivery or leave a card for you to collect it.

        • Yep all in the system at the same time. They're just under different handling times in the back end.

          • @luketechfast: does the tower fit more than one ssd/hd? sorry for the questions

  • Hi Luke,

    Do you know what PSU you'd be using if I upgrade to the 850W 80+ Gold?

    Would it be a better known brand?

  • what’s the ram speed for the 2080 combo?

  • will you be doing rtx 2060 builds soon?

    • +1

      Price is too high atm, but yes!

  • Hey mate, I'm actually interested in the cheaper bundle for the i3 8100:


    Will use the PASSIONATE code for the 20% discount, but was wondering if I could get a further discount if I purchase 3 of these machines at the same time + 3 of the Keyboard Mouse combos?

    • Unfortunately not, it's already skinny with the structure of the deal

      • Will you have more of the RTX 2080 one before the 20% off ends today. Thank you

  • -1

    What speed is the ram for this build? Cheers

  • The first listing (R5 2600 / RTX 2080 8GB / 16GB RAM) has ended :(

  • -1

    damn. too slow

  • Anyone received their 2080 system yet?

    • +1

      no was emailed telling me will be shipped out 21st for mine bought on 7/2

      • Yeah, after buying mine I took a look at feedback on eBay, few comments complaining about speed of delivery/delays.

        • Howdy, we're making progress through the builds and many have been partially built, awaiting a large delivery due this week. So we should see some serious movement early next.

          • @luketechfast: Next Week? I assume. Some of the original estimates on ebay were like the 15th if I recall correctly, mine was bought a little later with an estimate of 21st/22nd for delivery, a generic message was sent about Hard Drive/SSD about system being estimated to be shipped by 19th, no update or response via ebay, but prompting here got a response. I don't mind a delay generally if a vendor updates on delays.

            Part of the reason I purchased this system was to use for Anthem release (key being included which is good), but that doesn't seem to be the case.

            Are we able to get a more solid date or potentially cancel so we can potentially take advantage of deals more locally?

            • @Testeagle: Anthem is still included with these systems - it's the next round that I may or may not have enough for.

              I'll know more about a date when the shipment arrives. Please PM me and I'll provide specifics for your system.

              • +1

                @luketechfast: I should clarify, part of the reason I bought it was to use it for Anthem release which is officially the 22nd aka tomorrow and system won't arrive before that it seems.

  • is this deal back up?

  • Any one receive item or tracking yet?

    I messaged the ebay account wondering how it is going and receieved an automated message stating "techfastau is out of the office until 12/31/2019 and may not be able to respond to your message."

    I am getting confused by that message.

    • I got that response to my last message to them too. However they did reply after I got that auto-response.

      I ordered mine on 4th February, eBay estimated delivery date said 21st-22nd Feb.

      The item was marked as sent on Monday 18th February and a tracking number was provided, however When I click to follow the tracking number link, the StarTrack website tells me they have no record of the tracking number as yet…..

      Should also mention I asked for mine to be shipped as parts (Not assembled) which reportedly shortens the wait for shipping (apparently)

    • +1

      I messaged them on Monday and got the following response after also getting that automated message

      "… I'm not confident in giving an estimated date to your system, I can promise that we are working as fast as possible while maintaining our quality control high level of standards to ensure you won't have any issue and that everything will be perfect for you on arrival."

      Although they did also mention unexpected delays on the RTX2080

      I wonder if the rep can help shed some light on an ETA?

    • Ordered placed on 05 Feb.Got a message from Tech fast eBay yesterday that PC will be dispatched next week.
      Due to delays they have upgraded the b350 motherboard to biostar b450 and GPU to MSI Ventus Rtx 2080.

      • That sounds promising!

        • +2

          They told me the exact same thing (ie. upgraded parts) however be aware the B45M2 they have advised as the "upgrade" is indeed NOT the B450 chipset, it's still the B350 chipset. A worthy feature upgrade on this board is it has an m2 socket which the rep advised the original planned motherboard would not have


          I ordered on 4th February. The wording with regards to dispatch in their message to me was "We're expecting the bulk of the eBay sale PCs to be dispatched next week", so hopefully they will dispatch next week, however it's important to note the wording "expecting" has quite a different meaning to "will dispatch next week"

    • No tracking as of yet, @luketechfast has been in contact via private message trying to ease my concerns and advising delays. It's good to see that there is an upgrade to the motherboard and the GPU is a fairly good one as far as the 2080s go as far as I can see.

  • Ordered: 10 Feb
    Tracking added: 22 Feb [4 packages in my tracking code]
    Email through eBay [below bolding is mine]: 5 Mar 22 Feb

    Good afternoon,

    We wanted to provide a further update on your system. We're not ready to dispatch it yet, but it has progressed, as have all systems sold during the recent eBay >sales.

    We're expecting the bulk of the eBay sale PCs to be dispatched this week, and yours should be towards the back end of this week, or early next. We know this is quite a bit longer than listed, and for that we apologise, but please know that we are working as quickly as possible to dispatch all our customers' systems. We sincerely value your business and continued patience, and are nearly there.

    Kind regards,

    The Team at TechFast

    I expect given a lot of you seem to have ordered before I did that you should now have Startrack codes with updated information [assuming Startrack was used for everyone]. I don't yet but I'm right on the edge of the early next week timeline.

    Edit: Corrected email date.

    • +1

      Got same crap email from them, its still waiting to be picked up from startreck, but its not ready for delivery so it's still stuck at same state of the order, from 22 of feb I've been told this week, next week etc. scam maybe???

      • I ordered on the 4th of Feb and it finally arrived today.

        • Same here, ordered 4th Feb.

          All items just arrived, EXCEPT THE FRIGGING CASE…….

          Australia Post website says all items delivered.

          Probably going to be another 4 weeks waiting for TechFast and Australia Post to sort this out before I get my bloody system built

    • +3

      Yeah I got an 2 emails early on (12/2) with a tracking number to an item that hadn't been picked up. First estimate "This has yet to be installed to your system and as estimated will be shipped out by the 19th of Feb"

      "We're expecting the bulk of the eBay sale PCs to be dispatched next week. We know this is quite a bit longer than listed, and for that we apologise, but please know that we are working as quickly as possible to dispatch all our customers' systems. We sincerely value your business and continued patience, and are nearly there."

      I've had some back and forth with luketechfast and was told on the Thursday 7/3 that luke "Can't see it not shipping tomorrow.". After looking back at ebay this morning it appears there is an update to tracking details, "Mar 9, 2019 05:19am At Delivery Depot". So now I believe it is on its way. I think it would of been better for them to be upfront/realistic about their production/delivery times and this would of been a better process, I say this as a number of reviews on their ebay actually talk to these slow production/delivery times, maybe these are rare incidents, but better to over estimate than under estimate.

      Luketechfast has been doing his best and offered to refund my payment so I could source locally, so I can't fault him, but the overall purchase so far is leaving bad taste in my mouth and I hope the system does actually meet my expectations when it finally arrives or this will be a negative experience.

  • anyone hearing any news or status updates so far?

    • I have been in communication with Tech Fast and I'm sitting at home waiting for Startrack to arrive with everything I've ordered except for the RTX2080. The timelines in the email they sent me (above) were not met and I, as diplomatically as possible, asked for the system to be shipped - unassembled, without the GPU. They've have said they'd provide triple threat codes (MO / Div 2) as relief for the pain but that means little without the GPU in hand. I'm kind of reluctant to say more because I'm sure they wouldn't bump me to the back of the queue for speaking out but you never know.

      Luke the rep has been eerily quiet (hopefully because he is furiously building/testing/packaging the unshipped systems). :)

      • They're seriously starting to piss me off, they've also sent me does 2 games, with a story how they're doing it to make up for being late etc. Thing is does codes come with that batch of RTX cards, the games that were advertised when we bought the systems expired codes, so this is a replacement. When we'll get the system, God knows. I ordered mine on the 10th of February.

      • Confirming receipt of the RTX 2080 after a phone call to their shop meaning it was sent overnight express (Startrack). It was an MSI Ventus V2 which was unexpected and a nice upgrade. I assume the offer made (Metro Exodus + The Division 2) over eBay message is my problem to solve with that challenge possibly needing further assistance from Techfast as that promo is for Tax invoices dated between 5 Mar & 4 Apr. My invoice is 10 Feb AND not itemised so I've instead attached my eBay Order details showing a delivery date of 19 Mar for the system which I hope gets me across the line.

        If it doesn't expect another call from me @luketechfast unless I've missed getting the codes directly from you guys. The language used on here suggests you have them in hand and provide directly to customers but nothing like that has been received by me.

        • I assume the offer made (Metro Exodus + The Division 2) over eBay message is my problem to solve with that challenge possibly needing further assistance from Techfast as that promo is for Tax invoices dated between 5 Mar & 4 Apr. My invoice is 10 Feb AND not itemised so I've instead attached my eBay Order details showing a delivery date of 19 Mar for the system which I hope gets me across the line.

          For any future readers that bought this system prior to the triple threat promo but have recently received the RTX 2080. The above worked for me as I now have 3 codes for the Triple Threat promo (BF:V , Anthem, Metro Exodus)

          MSI would have been well within their rights to deny the redemption as I didn't submit a dated invoice showing the Brand and price of the Graphics card itemised on that invoice (they ask for this when submitting a redemption request).

          So I count myself lucky that the redemption has been approved. I'm not going to pursue The Division 2 as I assume this was a mistake noting that was a redemption option when commenting back to me over eBay.

        • Why do i think he's BSing me lol???

          Confirming that your system is shipping today. There is an alteration in that you have received the GALAX GeForce® RTX 2080 EX (1-Click OC) graphics card. During stress testing using 3DMark Firestrike and TimeSpy, your system's card outperformed the MSI Ventus card substantially, both in terms of max temperature and stability, scoring 97.4% stability and holding a max temp of 74 degrees, with no custom fan curve applied. The MSI Ventus cards we have used average between 95-97%, and generally reach temperatures of 80 degrees with a custom fan curve applied using MSI Afterburner. Yours was also quieter as the fans do not spin as hard to manage temperature, and it also has RGB lighting functionality whereas the MSI does not.

          In short, it is a better card in cooling, frame rate stability, performance and looks. We trust you will enjoy your system!

          Kind regards,

          The Team at TechFast

  • My R5/RTX2080 system arrived today, but it only had 8GB of RAM instead of 16GB.
    It didn't have game codes for BF:V or Anthem as stated in the eBay listing.
    After 6.5 weeks from the order date… this is pretty annoying!!

    • +1

      We can get both of that sorted for you tomorrow. Apologies. can you PM me?

      • PM sent.

  • Anyone who got the Metro / Division codes instead of BFV and Anthem please PM me and I can help.

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