expired 3X3m Semi-Permanent Aluminium Outdoor Gazebo CONDATE Retractable Shade $254.90 Was $439.90 + Free Ship to Metro @ Alice's Garden


Affordable, stylish and robust 3x3m Semi-Permanent Gazebo. Its Sliding Retractable Polyester Shade combined with its Aluminium Anthracite Frame makes it easy to use in all environments. No doubt that its generous size and convenient use will be valuable for your favourite outdoor moments – barbecues, drinks or dinners.

  • Exists in 3 COLOURS | GREY | ECRU | BROWN
  • Sturdy aluminium frame coated in anthracite paint with sliding shade
  • Easy to install. Assembly guide supplied
  • UV protected UPF 50

Customer review: C McCloud left a 5-star review for the CONDATE 3x3m Gazebo:

“Product was ordered in the evening. Next morning I was contacted by customer service to check details and advise on dispatch that day. Next morning it was delivered in metro Melbourne. Product took approximately 3 hours to put up for one person. (Not rushing) Instructions were easy to understand. Quality apprears light but good. Compared to similar at BUNNINGS this is studier, better looking 2/3 of the price. Would recommend and deal with Alice’s Garden again. “

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    As it's fixed to the ground do these need council approval?

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    Why only 6 months warranty on the fabric covering? Seems like it will have a very short life span


      The retractable system doesn’t look too sturdy either. Idk how it would handle thicker, more durable fabric/ canvas when the shade cloth needs replacing

      Or how you would go replacing the system or buying spare parts


    Does anyone know if these can be safely installed on a deck? Ours is on the 2nd floor so it's 2meters above ground and I am wondering if this could be a good way to get some shade cover for it….

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      the risk lies with the wind ripping it off and taking it away. The wholse structure, not just the cloth 'roof'. It could cause massive damage to someone elses property / person.

      if you could get it suitably affixed to the deck, it would be OK. Depends on your confidence level in devising and installing a robust enough fixing method.

      free standing on your second story deck - i think you would be crazy to even consider.


        Just retract the shade cloth when not in use. There’s little to no uplift on a basic, bare bone, pergola structure.

        Then when in use make sure it isn’t too windy.

        It does look like there’s a bolt system at the footing. With the 200x200 plate. Or you could make one at least. Obviously confirm before purchase. It would be good to know the strength of the base plate as well

        I still wouldn’t trust it in high wind. This is one big kite with the shade sail extended

        You could also get creative with securing. 300x300x600 boxed raised footings with a couple of bags of concrete in each. then fill with dirt, have a vine or succenlents growing around each post. Render for aesthetics.

        That’s adding a bit of weight to a high deck though. You would want to look into the load capacity of the deck first


          Thanks both richox and stickymoo for your replies.

          I was thinking re same concerns and thought of same approach as you suggested stickymoo. But given extra work, cost and weight issue I might be better off getting a cantilever umbrella instead - also on sale on website


      Does anyone know if these can be safely installed on a deck?

      From the pics I can't see any way to neatly fix it to your deck.

      I'd also be concerned that something like this permanently fixed to your deck will quickly rot the timber under the legs.

      I'd say no.

      …with its Aluminium Anthracite Frame…

      Sturdy aluminium frame coated in anthracite paint..

      Sounds fancy but from the 15 seconds I spent on Google, anthracite is just the name for their colour paint


    Same price at Catch.

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    Fkn photoshopped "real world" pics are getting ridiculous. Try actually assembling your product somewhere then taking a photo of the real thing.


    Hi all!

    Thanks for interest in this offer. Please note that for warranty it is : 1 year on frame and fabric. Sorry for error.
    Also we recommend to make sure it is solidly fixed to the ground on a horizontal surface.

    In addition, please note that our Gazebos 3x3m and 3x4m are actually on stock clearance at respectively $254.90 and $349.90 at a very competitive price due to stock clearance. There is also a special $20off coupon on OZ Bargain | coupon is OZ20
    - https://www.alicesgarden.com.au/p/condate-3x3m-gazebo-slidin...
    - https://www.alicesgarden.com.au/p/condate-3x4m-gazebo-slidin...

    Lastly very similar item sold at Bunnings for about $549 https://www.bunnings.com.au/mimosa-4-x-2-8m-grey-semi-perman...

    Have a nice evening.

    Alice's Garden


    Looks like they don't want my business. Messaged them yesterday with no response. Was going to buy the 4 x 3 Gazebo but for some reason their free shipping to Brisbane Metro only covers postcode 4000 to 4078.
    Some of those suburbs and way further out (25km) than me who is 8km from city at postcode 4105

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