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Dyson V6 Cord-Free Vacuum $299 (Was $449) @ Big W


Dyson V6 Cord-Free Vacuum is powered by the Dyson Digital Motor V6 and engineered for cleaning up high, down below and in-between. The wider motorised cleaner head works across carpet and hard floors. The machine quickly and easily converts for handheld use, and the combination tool allows you to clean upholstery, stairs and in the car.

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    Does this model suck compared to the newer v12?

  • Just in time for Valentine's day….my wife will love it.

  • I just ordered one of these which is a copy of the Dyson but a lot cheaper and slightly more powerful. I've read quite a good amount of reviews which rate it though still waiting on arrival - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Dibea-C17-Wireless-Vacuum-Cleane...

    • So this is a Chinese knockoff. How are you going to go for things like battery replacements and other parts?. And i'm guessing that it comes with no manufacturers warranty.

    • That's cheaper than Kogan's offering of $129 + shipping. But it's been as low as $89 + shipping before

    • This is a comparison with Dyson V8 though, - https://youtu.be/L2_jf-cV3JA?t=138

    • I have a Dyson V6 and bought the C17 for exactly the same reasons and having read the reviews.

      There's no comparison - the Dyson overall is far superior. The C17 is adequate for light floor work, and possibly lasts longer, but everything else the Dyson is much better, especially suction strength.

      The C17 is better than the really cheap knock offs as it has an active rotating brush, which makes a significant difference even with relatively weak suction. Oh and it also has a light on the head which helps a little with finding dirt.

  • I own this, battery life is average, get 15 minutes if you’re lucky, and the tank is tiny. Good as a quick cleanup vacuum but definetely not good enough to be your primary vacuum unless you have a tiny studio apartment.

    • Yeah has to be fully charged if you want to vacuum for over 5 minutes. Even charging for half hour will give you around 1 minute. Very poor battery and like you said tank is tiny so basically one room and it's full. Also spits back out onto floor when tank filled. This is a glorified dustbuster! Definitely not worth the money.

    • I don't find this a problem. We have a two bedroom with a large floor plan and the V6 is fine. If you're taking more than 15 minutes to vacuum then you're taking too long.

      The tank is more than large enough. Just empty it if it gets full, or stop vacuuming up cereal?

      • I'm military, 15 minutes isn't enough time to vacuum one room, I'm thorough.

        • That's scientific, not military. Military get in and GTFO without cleaning up.

        • How can you be more thorough than anyone else when it comes to vacuuming. you're travelling over the same space, unless you mean you're anal in which you go over the same place ten times which is completely useless?

          • @dchurch1: I mean thorough as most people don't move furniture and vacuum under things, or pull their couches apart and vacuum behind and under everything.

  • Is it worth spending more for a V8/V10? What’s the main differences?

    • I have both v6 and v10, v6 is good for light use, small area, car etc whereas the v10 is a powerhouse does the whole house and deep cleans the carpet..

      • Thanks for the help. As I have a small place and will only need light use (ie no pets/children), the V6 should suffice.

        • I also have a v6 and a v10. Would say the v10 is not 3x better than the v6 (but is 3x more expensive).

          Main thing I prefer on the v10 is the bin emptying mechanism; much simpler and cleaner. Everything else is slightly better on v10 than v6, but not majorly (IMO).

          • @Marty131: I see the V7 is occasionally on sale for same price as V6 and apparently has a better bin emptying mechanism. May be worth holding out for a V7 sale.

          • @Marty131: Almost worth it for the bin emptying alone IMO lol.

            The V6 is a PITA with dog fur, I'd need to get a screwdriver up the edges and pull down all the fur nearly every time, the is super simple and empties reliably every time.

  • Dyson loses Consumers Reports recommendation for its stick vacuums after survey finds nearly half break within first five years

  • I don't trust Dyson vacuums. I've had 2 and both were junk. Also, Dyson support is terrible.

  • -2 votes

    I just bought a new vacuum cleaner for our family home (3x2) did a lot of research. Everyone - except the dyson rep - told me that they are crap. Even the v10 model, which is 1000 dollars, gives you only 4o minutes on low. On 'turbo' it's more around 8 - 10 minutes! Pretty crap! Also a lot of flimsy plastic parts. Seems like a good cordless vacuum is still a couple of years away…

    • so whats your alternarives apart from Dyson?

      • I got this one


        It's corded,as cordless is just not giving me the power I need with 2 kids in the house. This one has good reviews and so far I'm really happy with it. Powerful and good!

        • What's the point in comparing a cordless vacuum cleaner to a corded one ?

          We have a dyson V6 and a DC23.. We use the V6 95% of the time and the corded DC23 gets pulled out maybe 3 times a year, usually for really big jobs (e.g. we used it to clean an air conditioning unit and filters.. )

          We'd love a V10 but as other people have pointed out, for 3x the price it doesn't do 3x the job..

          • @jason andrade:

            What's the point in comparing a cordless vacuum cleaner to a corded one ?

            Because that's exactly what Dyson does.

            They even claim "Full-size suction power" however it isn't. They have about 90 percent less suction than corded models.

        • Thank you, I am currently using the Kmart one, def need a upgrade X)

        • "it's corded"

          Stopped reading there. This is a cordless vacuum, you can't compare them.

    • I think the solution is to get yourself a robovac and a handheld. Let the robovac do the general vacuuming, and the handheld for quick cleanups and to get the places it cant reach.

      You could get a Xiaomi and a V6 for less than a V10's sale price.

    • "Gives you only 40 minutes on low"

      low = "standard setting" for those playing at home. It's not a "low and high" configuration.

      And in what situation is FORTY MINUTES not enough to vacuum? Are you vacuuming a stadium?

      • low = "standard setting"

        No it isn't.

        Low is much lower than a normal vacuum, it's about 90 percent lower.

  • What happened to the V8? Did they discontinue it? I just bought the V8 absolute plus - don't think it's sold anymore so think i got one of the last remaining stock.

  • been looking at this in the US, apparently you can hack it so you can use the v8 battery

  • I have this and battery run out in 8-10 minutes. No use. Can anyone suggest good corded vacuum cleaner.

    • The battery is the Achilles'heel of Dyson Vacuum, often it makes them useless; they should have replaceable battery like LG or those garden tools.

      • Well, they are still replaceable but requires removing a screw now. Older models used to be push button release.

    • Make sure that the "max" button at the back of the vacuum is not pressed. Lasts much longer than 8-10 minutes.

  • i got the V6 absolute, are the motor heads useable with V10?

  • I had Dyson 59 Animal and when its electrical head wasn't working, I got V6.
    Noise and power seems to be less on this compared to my previous stick.
    Is it me or the newer model should have more power? Battery life is similar.

  • Can these cordless vacuums be used with vacuum bags (are they powerful enough?)

    • Not powerful enough unless you use turbo mode but that's going to drain your battery in less than 5 minutes.

    • Honest question: what is benefit of using a vacuum bag? I thought bagless was a feature?

      • Bags have a great design feature where they capture all the dirt making it easy to put in a bin.

        Bagless one don't so you get dust everywhere when you empty it.

        Some councils even ask you to empty your bagless vacuum into a bag before putting the waste in the bin.

      • Sorry - poorly worded question by me. I meant the bags you put doona's/clothes etc in - then attach a vacuum to shrink them down for easy storage. By the earlier comments these stick vacuums are not going to fit the bill.

  • Anyone own a V7? We have heard about short battery life on the 6 and are waiting for a deal on the 7. Worth the wait?

    • I don't think so. the major advances in battery life seem to come from the v8 onwards - i.e a normal 20 minutes of usage became 40 minutes with the v8/v10.

      It's not to say that the V7 won't get the job done but if you're specifically looking for significantly longer battery life I don't think you will get that from the V7.

    • I got the v7 thru the HN boxing day sales for $299. I held out for sales as I couldn't justify the high price for a vaccuum. I have never owned a Dyson until now and I think it is a pleasure to use. I have a 3 bed/2 bath house with hard flooring and some rugs. I sweep the floors first then use the Dyson for follow up vacuuming (too much long hair, don't want to clog the head too much). Battery life is a good 15-20 mins to do all floors + rugs. I am very happy with it but don't know any better.

      * fairly light weight - you get used to holding the unit after a few goes
      * Max power is great - I use the max power for rugs only and it is more than sufficient
      * emptying mechanism is fantastic and easy to use

      * the trigger button doesn't have a lock so you have to hold it down while using
      * once you use the max power, going back to normal power just doesn't feel as good. it lasts maybe 5 or so minutes
      * I vaccuumed my car with it once and I felt like it wasn't that strong with the nozzle getting into the nooks

      • $299 is a brilliant bargain. Struggling to find v7 under $400

      • Thank you very much for weighing in.

        We have a 2 bed/1 bath apartment so it sounds like the V7 is exactly what we need!

        For the hard flooring, did you have to purchase the soft cleaning head?

        • I just use the head that comes with the unit.

        • Be aware that the V7 battery only lasts 6 minutes when on full power - just like the V6.

          Full power is really the only option if you want to vacuum floors properly. This model, like the V6, is best for smaller in between jobs.

          • @cerealJay: Nonsense. I had wooden floor boards and they were properly vacuumed with my V6. The floor was vacuumed every second day though so they never got a thick dust film.

  • I just saw free vacuum

  • I have a V6 animal origin from the last deal and it does my 85m2 place with plenty of juice to spare. So definitely useful as a primary vac if you live in an apartment or a small house as I do.

  • Been using V6 for 4+ years. Still going strong.
    Its great if you don't have a massive house.
    But I would rather wait for v7 or v8 to go on sale.
    Better power, motorhead and bin design.

  • I've been waiting for a good V8 deal so long I've come to accept there's nothing wrong with my regular vacuum.

    Joke's on you, Dyson.

  • I've had a V6 for for about 3 years. Battery life has consistently been ~20min. We have a large open plan house and we smash it out with seconds to spare. We do vacuum the main dining room and some living areas daily with two small children. I've even used it through bathroom renos, but cleaned it regularly by dismantling it. The only thing that has failed has been the charger and I suspect that was through misuse.

    Being cordless, the children even grab it now to clean up their mess. They would never use our corded Dyson.

    If you're complaining that the dust compartment is too small, I think you're waiting too long between vacuuming tbh.

    • Impossible on full power. You're talking low speed mode, which is not great suction. 6 minutes tops on full power.

      • My floors are well maintained so low power is sufficient. Seriously, no one is buying one of these expecting it to last just six minutes.

        • No one is buying expensive Dysons only to use low power.

          I own one of these, it's a good dust buster that lasts 6 minutes. It's for spot cleans!

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