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Free Stikeez with Every $30 Purchased at Coles


Free stikeez with $30 purchased at Coles.
They're teeny, they're sticky and they are in stores now (From Wed Feb 13th).

You can buy all the paraphernalia that's comes with it too.

Last time the Xmas mini shop had 2 to 1 positive votes to negative votes. The original had 26 to 1. Love it or hate it, obviously Coles will milk it till we don't care anymore.

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    Yeah more plastic tat… Good on you Coles!

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    they actually have a lot of cases in stock this time compared to the christmas one, from what I saw at my store so they defs keen

    • What are they? Are they some kind of toy or stickers?

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        Just tiny fruit and veg with faces lol

      • Butt plugs

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          for the tightest of tightarses

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    I don't see how this is worthy of posting. It's a pure marketing gimmick.

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      Belongs in the forums.

      It’s not a bargain

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    What rubbish

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      3 comments to say the same thing. Well done.

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  • meant to get kids eating more fruit and veg.
    they appear to have little sucker bases to attach onto the fruit??

  • Yay more landfill…

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    I would prefer a plastic bag.

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    "Free" when you spend $30.. that's not free.

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      Do you not spend $30+ at Coles anyway?

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        Not to get a plastic toy thats for sure.

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    Here's what they look like.
    Bit of a retro design.
    24 to collect.

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    Seems more useful then the mini products they had earlier. My young son will like sticking them to things and it gives us a chance to try and make vegetables "fun".

    So yeah, an improvement, but still 95% pointless.

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      Seems more useful then the mini products they had earlier.

      I don't think 'useful' is the best adjective to use here…

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    Looks like a choke hazzard to me.

  • Plastic junk

  • I'd rather collect Mr Squiggle coins at woolies

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