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20% off All Items at Selected Sellers ($300 Max Discount) @ eBay


Update 19/2/2019 5PM: Dell Australia just joined the list.

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Conditions. The offer entitles you to 20% off the purchase price (excluding postage costs) on items at Selected Sellers, up to a maximum discount of $300 per transaction. Multiple items may be purchased in 3 transaction (up to a maximum of 10 items per transaction). All monetary amounts specified in these terms and conditions are in Australian dollars (AUD).

Exclusions. This offer does not apply to items listed by the Selected Sellers in the following category: Gift Cards (184609).

Selected Sellers:

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  • +1

    When does it start?

    • Offer Period. This offer commences at 10.00 (AEDT) on 19 February and ends at 23.59 (AEDT) on 25 February 2019 (“Offer Period”).

  • +28

    Awesome. The laptop I want is still 50$ over rrp, even after the discount.

    Looks like I'm not maxing out the cc this time around.

    • +10

      I am looking at Bose earphones. Few of the listings are charging $100-120 on top of the RRP (RRP is $379 and listing is asking for $492). It's wrong on all levels and I sent the message to the seller highlighting this and also reported the seller to Ebay stating that the seller has fraudulent practices and guess what, nothing happened! Neither the seller, nor Ebay did anything.

      • +2

        As if complaining to ebay would do anything. Ebay knows what they are doing is illegal and they are trying to deny involvement.

        The only people worth complaining to are (1) the seller, followed by (2) the ACCC if nothing happens

        • +14

          Only after it blows up on social media will ebay let everyone know that they take these things "very seriously"…

      • I was looking too and applying the discount to this store's price brings it down to $343 which is not a bad price.

        • +1

          Microsoft was selling them for $319 two months ago.

          • +1

            @daitro: Wow that's very cheap. Depends how long you're willing to wait for the deal i guess.

        • JB HiFi are selling them for $399……

          Further still, I got the Sony WH1000-XM3 from JB for $399 the other day. Way better cans in my opinion, and no waiting for shipping :)

          • @davery22: They are currently 499 at JB Hifi according to the website. Amazon is selling them for 399 though.

            • @rinc: Correct. I bought my pair from JB in Chatswood, Asked the guy if he can do $399 to match the Bose QC35 price and he did it without any struggle

          • @Akya: Thanks for the heads up! The fluctuations in price are mind boggling!

      • +1

        I thought eBay has best price garuntee. So you would buy the headphones and than ask eBay to refund you the difference.

        • Please explain more how that works..?

            • @Safoan: Oh nice.. so like price protection on credit card, but shi*ter only 2 days…

              • @capslock janitor: Lol maybe similar but as far as I know with the credit the price reduction needs to happen at the same store. Where with this one if u find it cheaper in other websites too like Amazon etc. I got a 18 dollar voucher through online chat after ordering a SSD.

                • @Safoan: I bought a smartphone from JB and claimed difference it from another online .AU business :D

                  • @capslock janitor: Hmm. What credit card do u have? I have Coles card and it offers price protection but it has to be at the same store within 2 years. I bought the iPhone x from Apple and could not claim as they took it off the website. JB had it on sale after Xs came out.

                    • @Safoan: I was late to the Coles MC wagon so went with the next best thing- 28 Degrees ;)

      • Not much you can do… ACCC won't step in. You can sell for whoiatever price you want.

    • +11

      I love how shopping express has a permanent price jack and 20% off label on their items even when there is no code.

      Taps forehead : Can't call it price jacking if prices are always jacked up.

      • Learn from many buyer lessons. NEVER buy from them…

  • +1

    Best value for money 65-75" tv? Leaning towards 65P7. Would bring it down to $1356 from appliance central (inc delivery) is this good value? or should/can I get it cheaper? Only just started looking at tv's.
    Help appreciated!

    • +1

      Look good but not the best. I am also looking for 65P7. just wondering will Harvey morman match price or not. because I have Hn amex offer.

  • +11

    No computer alliance, no deal.

    • +6

      I have noticed the prices for Computer Alliance are usually good (compared to other Ebay sellers or HN or JB Hi-Fi). Do they provide further 20% off on the regular prices? If yes certainly great deal.

      • +7

        Great prices, fast shipping, fantastic customer support and most of their items are eligible for free eBay plus shipping. Model eBay seller.

        Haven't seen a 20% discount on their store in a long while but 15% shows up once in a while which still puts them well below other sellers at 20%.

  • -2

    Hope no price jack. Touch my wood

    • +33

      No one's touching your woody mate.

    • +1

      Sexy time!

    • +1

      Well that’ll make something jack up that’s for sure.

  • +5

    Looking to buy nvidia shield which is rrp $249 but Tech Mall have it for $275. hhmmm…

    • +3

      Same… shield deals are rare since Xmas and these regular 20% off sellers just list them permanently above RRP to allow for the endless sales. Waiting patiently here.

      • Same.

  • -1

    Do you know what the best price it has been recently? I would like it to be more around the $1200 mark, but I may be well off, having only just started looking. Let me know if you can get a local store to price match. I was thinking about ringing JB HIFI to see if they will match the price, but I highly doubt they will.

  • Woohoo, Sony 1000xm3, here i come.. !

  • Dammit just bought a Samsung Nu8000 55 for $1100… With appliance central it will go down to $970 Inc postage..

    If only I could cancel the first purchase now…

    • +1

      If by just bought you mean it hasnt been shipped, you can cancel the order

    • +1

      Can contact the seller to cancel if it hasn’t been sent ? I have cancelled before but not a high value item

      • +2

        Oh no way thats awesome. Will give it a go and hopefully they accept it. Then also hope they don't jack the price of the other one up in the meantime

  • +12

    Everything I can find is jacked hard. Some are really laughable as their discounted price is 10 cents under a regular known good retailer.

    • +5

      this, phone i have been looking at was 900 with PSAVEIT ($75 off) code, now it is 1050 with this so 20% code.

    • +2

      well dont forget you can hit the shiny red button at the top !

      • -1

        No you can't. There's far too many morons who browse this site that just neg comments to mKe the votes disappear. Watch… It really happens….

        • Totally agree, the ebay bots upvote these deals to the skies

    • +8

      Why not neg vote instead of whining in the comments?

      • +2

        Because not everything is jacked, just a vast majority. Everything I could find anyway. There may be some actual deals here but I can't find them. Too many items to reliably say that it's site wide.

        • So if it's the vast majority, doesn't this deserve a neg and the actual deals posted by themselves.

    • Addicted to Audio has some good prices. I like that business.

  • Looks like the same list as a couple of weeks back… Come on eBay you can do better than that!

  • +2

    Ebay losing to Amazon

    • +12

      They need to get this price jacking under control. It’s rampant.

      • +7

        And illegal.

        I really don’t know why there hasn’t been a full-scale inquiry. When the likes of Kogan do it, there’s a slap-down and fine. But eBay sellers get a free pass.

        • +1

          because the ACCC aren't monitoring the ozbargain forums which is the only place this issue is discussed

          • @fertiliser: curious, where were Kogan deals being discussed, if not ozb?

            • @xrailgun: Choicecheapies

              • @Exorcist: waaaait a minute. isn't that just ozbargain for nz? did kogan start as an nz thing?

  • +4

    No cheap Sony wh-1000xm3 from addicted to audio this time. Looks like they are price jacking now. With ebay 20%, only 345. Same price as their own Web store. Pity.

    • +1

      A lot of their other stuff is quite cheap though. Definitely no store wide price-jacking.

  • Appliance central have jack up their price on sammmy 55" and 65" 4k 2018 model tv. They used to be $650 and $1080 after the discount.

  • +1

    Fwiw i got a 65p7 through appliance central a few deals ago, shipped via hunter express. Both were a nightmare to deal with.

    • What happened?

      • Similar experience: Ordered a 75" NU8000 from Appliance Central about 3 weeks ago on a deal. They used Allied Express, shipped that day, was scanned in as in transit to Melbourne.

        Waited 2 more days - no scans or anything at the depot, still in transit to Melbourne. Gave them a call, am told it would be delivered in 1-2 business days.

        A week after that - 20-40 minute waits on the phone with the courier company trying to get an answer as to when the delivery date would be with them constantly telling different stories (it's definitely coming tomorrow, it's not even been scanned in at the depot yet, etc.) I emailed Appliance Central and asked to cancel my order.

        TV arrived at 8am the next day. Turns out it had been at the depot since the day after it was shipped (it was overnighted to Melbourne).

        For my own sanity, I'd buy from Videopro or another similarly priced place. The extra $50 isn't worth it, especially if you have to be at home to take delivery.

    • This is enough for me not to cancel my order through PowerLand who are shipping through TNT. Im happy paying a bit extra than dealing with a terrible courier ( I'm
      looking at you crappy Fastway Couriers)

      • Hunter Express say no more. Poor you.

      • Good ol Fastway. I had 4 packages due for delivery last Friday, 2 with AusPost guy in van, 1 with AusPost motorbike guy, 1 with Fastway. All Auspost packages delivered, Fastway was we missed you, even though someone was home all day. And they even said that a van was parked in the driveway for a few minutes, guy got out and dropped something in mailbox and left, and it wasn't the Auspost guy.

    • I thought I was the only one suddenly having a problem with the courier recently. But it seems the problem seems to be more wide spread. CouriersPlease just wouldn't deliver my item despite talking to them a few times. So may someone can create a wiki on the problematic couriers to avoid. So far we have:

      hunter express
      Allied Express
      Fastway Couriers (my experience with Fastway seemed to be ok so far)

      • Hunter express by far the worst. Ive used the rest on the list and they're pretty average too

  • +9

    new tv series on now, produced by Ebay:

    Everybody loves Jack

    • +2

      Awww <3 Thanks so much

  • +1

    That max discount of $300 used to be reserved for the 5% off site wide sales….
    With the general higher prices on many retailers the previous $1000 max was essential.

    • eBay listing money and Amazon threat has passed… For now

      They just boosting end of Feb numbers

    • Yep. That TV you thought you were gonna get for $3000? Yeah nah try $3499. Fkn rubbish. Anything over $1500 is neutered.

  • +7

    Bought video card yesterday from ebay - my price yesterday still better than this 20% off due to the jacking!

    • true this, shoulda bought a phone yesterday as it was cheaper with the PSAVEIT code ($75 off) now price been jacked, it is even more expensive by almost $200 with this so 20% off code applied

  • +7

    Few sellers are unjust, they hike their prices or put them out of stock.

  • Come onnnnn pocophone

  • Great, waiting for a good tech fast deal

  • Disappointing with such a low Max discount

  • Token - Price jack comment

  • +1

    Any GoPro deals?
    And is it better to get a GoPro / Sony FDRX3000 4K / YI 4K+.
    I've googled it but would like to know what Ozbargainers think.

  • +1


  • Holy moly

    TCL 65 inch x4US QLED for $1280

    • Damn that’s tempting. Not very sure about TCL as a brand though. How does this compares to Samsung NU8000?

      • I haven’t compared those 2 specifically in store, But I did actually find that the TCL was favourable compare to the other Samsung models in the same price range.
        The TCL speakers are also awesome

        • Just read some posts on whirlpool about TCL TVs and seems people had some horrible experience with support and software.

          • @Amer: Apparently the older software iterations were pretty bad. How old are the whirlpool posts because users on here have been okay with the newer software which is an android setup

            Warranty is five years standard, I guess the experience with customer support may vary

            • @Hoju: It’s from 2017-2018. Is it 5 years?? I thought it’s 3 years
              Edit: Just checked, it’s 3 years

              • @Amer: Thanks. Maybe I was thinking the tcl was five and others 3, but must be 3 and 1

      • I have TCL and common issue is the 50sec boot up time. There is a 3sec fast boot option but seems 50/50 about getting it to work. 2017-2018 models.

    • Good review here. I think I'll give it a miss. https://www.afr.com/technology/tcl-x4-review-why-its-the-ide...

      • Interesting- I’d read that review before and took it as encouraging. What turned you off following reading that article

      • Couldn't read the link…blocked by AFR paywall :-(

    • +2

      They just cancelled the listing and put it back at $1999…..
      I was going to buy it tonight!!!


      • +1


        What scum - 20% off puts it at the identical price to before the sale. Joke

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