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Synology DiskStation DS918+ Black $595.40 Delivered @ Amazon AU


I have been looking at getting a NAS and had the Synology DS918+ in my Camel price watch and has just triggered.

It was a popular deal previously at $597 and this is a few dollars less - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/431051

If anyone has any recommendations for some drives, please share in the comments below.

Beats all the pricejacked 20% eBay deals around $660.. and don't forget cash back.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Showing as $595.40 for me.

    Thanks for sharing - might consider buying one.

    • ah yep, I copied previous deal title. Updated it now.

  • This is a fantastic price. Great deal

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    I picked up an 8 bay synology nas brand new on gumtree this past weekend for $500. Best deal I think I've ever got haha

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    WD Red all the way. Got the same and love it.

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      Yep. Make sure you get drives from different batches (can see by the manufacturing date) to minimise failure based on a bad batch.

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        I think what you mean is "to minimise two or more failures at the same time."

        • Not sure why you go so many negs, maybe because of your language only? this is great advice, drives are built to such tight tolerance, that drives made at the same time usually fail around the same time, (as all the drives in a raid array have the same amount of operating hours on them) and, because a drive rebuild is so intensive, there is a very high chance of it failing during the rebuild…

          • @wisc: Maybe because both of us forgot to mention "in a RAID configuration"? :)

            Oh well.

            EDIT: @whaleoilbeefhooked - Thanks for your feedback.

      • Great advice.

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    Still way too pricey for me. $600 for this, then another $400 to $600 for all the drives?!

    Call me a cheapskate but I'll wait a few more years and hope for the best in the meantime.

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      Check out Asustor, pretty good and a bit cheaper.

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        Looks interesting, gonna check it out :).

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      Only $400-$600 in drives? What is that, a NAS for ants? :-D

    • There are plenty of budget options. If you want a higher end NAS with big storage you have to be prepared to pay for it.

      • Or go DIY as a cheaper alternative.

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      Populate old PC with as many drives as can fit and install FreeNAS. ZFS metadata lives on the drive, so, even if hardware component fails, as long as you backed up FreeNAS configuration, restoration will work after replacement. Better than proprietary hardware.

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        Except electricity and noise will cost you. It's not power efficient

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          Depends on how old it is and the type of parts used. Selling/disposing of perfectly good parts to just spend more on a more power efficient device doesn't always work out better dollar-wise.

          • @skittlebrau: For me very old parts more than 10 years old probably not worth it

            • @neonlight: I'd probably call it quits on stuff older than Sandy Bridge, unless you get it for barely anything or if its very cheap SMB/enterprise grade stuff like Dell R710 etc.

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    Surely NAS must be moving to M.2 soon? Some exist already, though a bit pricey. But M.2 NAS must be easier to cool and smaller. Not to mention very fast. Are HDD/SATA based NAS futureproof? Of course at this moment you get much more space from HDD, but for how much longer will that be?

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      Most SSDs don't RAID well due to the multiple tiny writes

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      Your comment is about 100 years early, assuming by m.2 you mean solid state drives

      • I mean M.2 SSD's. Non-M2 SSD's are the same chips in a larger form-factor made to match that of an HDD, and possibly a slower interface (SATA). Not sure why you say 100 years early - M.2 SSD's have been around for years.

        • Being LAN-connected, a NAS is not limited by the RAID controller than the disk interface technology. I came from server rooms where RAID controllers either imposed a speed penalty or a ridiculous price for performance. Synology amazed me for their performance, but also the software features they add have made the NAS even better for me. My NAS hosts a bunch of backup, sync, and software dev software for me without the need for a server.

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      I’m sure spinning disks will eventually be obsolete (in the distant future). But you can just throw in a SATA SSD once that happens. I’m sure they’re not going anywhere.

      NASes are usually used for archival storage and streaming media anyway, and are limited by LAN speeds, so I don’t see M.2 (or SSDs in general) being a huge advantage.

      • Agreed.

      • How do you think reliability compares? A WD Red vs. a Samsung Evo Pro M.2? NASes get hot - that is the main concern I have about mine.

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          Flash will continue to improve and overtake magnetic storage, but for now magnetic provides best performance and cost for 4-20 TB NAS.

        • How much is a 4Tb SSD?

          • @EightImmortals: I forgot your Google was broken.

            • +3

              @OzBrogains: It's not. I was making a point. :)

              While the idea of a NAS full of SSD's is pretty shiny, for a lot of us it's not financially sensible at this point in time.

        • For what it's worth, I've used WD Reds for storage for as long as they've been around, and I've only ever had two fail out of around 20. Both those that failed were from the same batch and were about 8 years old. All the drives have been in use 24/7 since installation.

    • M.2 has nothing much to do with the concept of an SSD storage appliance.
      Of course they exist, unfortunately they cost about 10 times per Gigabyte so they are generally used in business.

      • The reason I thought M.2 would be advantageous for NAS is because it will reduce the size of the device immensely, as well as the cooling requirements.

    • Are HDD/SATA based NAS futureproof?

      The NAS you linked isn't even futureproof, you would need 10Gb ethernet to see real speed differences from faster drives. I think the only reason they left out 3.5" bays is for space reasons, not for speed.

      • That was just an example.
        Space saving, power saving and reliability would be the main advantages for me. Though I wouldn't mind not having to wait for my NAS disks to spin up when it has gone to sleep.

      • This will go great with my $199 netbook :)

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        Or.., get a switch with (LACP) Link Aggregation (eg. GS108Tv2) and use multiple NICs on NAS. This increases effective throughput for multiple users.

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      I thought they would have moved to 2.5 by now.

  • Any decent prices for 10tb red drives atm?

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      only good deala atm is shucking the 8tb WD Elements.

      • They have a 10tb inside?! Great Deal!

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    I got the same notification too.
    I posted the last deal ..And brought my one for last time. It's pretty good and can't find a better deal can beat this one..
    I am sure It run out of stock very quick..

  • Grabbed one, thanks!
    Been watching on eBay for some time, always good to avoid the price jackers with their 20% deals.

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    DS218+ for $391


    Pretty good. I bought it anyways.

    Anyone else got a bead on some cheap 6tb/8tb ironwolf's? (ironwolves?)

    • Thanks, got one too.

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      The catch: estimated delivery between March 20 and April 18.

      Amazon is dodgy. No indication of stock levels, or anything. So you buy, choose "Expedited delivery" and then after they process order, they email you the bad news that it will take at least a month to deliver.

      Maybe that's why it's $391, because they don't have stock.

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    Waiting on a deal on something like this

    • We can dream :(

  • Good price. Been using it for about a year now.

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    Usually dispatched within 1 or 2 months!? Wut?

    • Mine said it's going guaranteed to arrive Thursday

  • Ebay has 10 and 12tb for ~$40 per tb and $44 respectively.

    I'm 74% on my ds918+ (4x10tb) and looking at options. Dx517 with separate raid could work.

    Or a cheap nas and link drive to plex.

    • What drives are they?
      Have a link?

  • One blink … and it's back to $741.95.

    • I saw this while I was in the middle of booking travel for work, shortly after its back at over $1000 :(

  • Check reviews on network performance before buying, so many Synology devices are absolute dogs when it comes to network speed….a simple Google search will give you a good idea

  • Thanks, just ordered. I added to my cart when the deal was first posted and only just checked out now when they are back up to $741 and the price in my cart ($595) was honoured/reserved. Didn't expect that.

    • That's unusual.

  • +1

    Dammit. I saw this too late. The joys of working 12 hours days…

    • Hey mate,

      I thought i missed it as well but I was just alerted again that the price drop was re-instated so I got one.

      Hope you get one this time.


  • Does anyone have a screenshot of the page showing the price? Would love to price match using my cc.


    • Hi mate, would you mind explaining how I can do this too? :)

      • Hi Bataleon, it depends on the card you use. This is the credit card that I have that offers price protection: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/402414.

        If it is covered, you put in a claim on their website

        • Thanks mate. I don't even have a CC so I don't know why I bothered asking, lol! - unless you'd like to buy 2? wink

  • Just be aware this unit has a weak power supply and adapter. My one broke after 5 months and return warranty can take ages up to 3 weeks. They want you to send the entire unit back at your own cost if you buy from eBay eg. Futu not sure about Amazon

    • Well all external power supplies tend to be less reliable. Synology and the laptop makers are better than most, but it can happen. You can always buy a spare if you need the uptime.

      • I'm not talking about the external power supply. I'm talking about the internal PSU built in

  • Goddamn it. This lasted for all of 2 hours and it had to be right around COB AWST.

    So are these price drops on the DS918+ a regular occurrence?

    According to Camel, it was at $540 for around 3 months late last year.

    • are you sure that isn't in USD?

    • +1

      Back in stock now for $595. 5% cashrewards makes it $568

      • Thanks muchly kind sir. Grabbed one.

  • Back again :)

    • +1

      Yeah I was bummed that I missed out. Then within 5 minutes got an alert on my email saying it was active again so I got one!

      Lucky I guess.

  • delivery in 2 months? no thanks

  • For anyone looking, cheapest M.2 NVMe drives I could find, on the Synology compatibility site:


    Samsung PM951 256GB NVMe M.2 PCIe 3.0, $64ea, with PSAVEIT for 7% off if you buy 2, = $118.95

    • Just FYI, unless you are running virtual machines or a database from your Nas the m.2 slots are useless for normal file sharing as you are still governed by the speed of the network. It just enables faster read or read/write of cached files. Spend your money on a UPS, more ram or better disks

  • Already have the DS916+ which has been an excellent NAS, price is too good to not upgrade to this one for future proofing. I can still get a decent amount back from selling the older unit so a no-brainer!

  • Price increased again to $741.95

  • Just wondering has anyone’s order shipped yet? Mine still says arriving Mar 20-Apr 24 :(

    • Same here.

      What does your Delivery Tracking page say (Orders > Track Package)?

      I've got "Will dispatch Apr 23", which seems a bit ridiculous frankly, assuming it's accurate. I wouldn't have ordered if it was going to be over a two month wait for shipping. The previous sales on the DS918+ all seemed to take quite a while to ship though, so I assume they're waiting on stock to arrive.

      • Yup mine says dispatch on 23/4 too. Argh! I’ve got the disks and ordered extra 4GB ram to go. Even researched all the containers to put on. Just waiting for the NAS!

        • Where did you get the ram from?

          • +2

            @testeagles: https://www.amazon.com.au/Crucial-Single-PC3-14900-SODIMM-20...

            Read somewhere this should work. Haven’t tested yet since the NAS hasn’t arrived. The ram should arrive mid March

            • @asterix: Received email today stating that order has been cancelled.

              Shipping date was previously 23 April

              • @azazal: That makes two of us. The warnings were true, looks like Amazon has been pulling this bait-and-switch move with the Synology NASs for a while now. As if I needed more reasons not to buy from Amazon and they just keep giving them to me.

                • @Gnostikos: Add in 40tb of drives and a stick of RAM and I'm in too deep.

                  Computer Alliance currently looks like about the best option combined with a 10% off ebay code

                  • @azazal: And me. The 10% eBay offer is $50 limited, so the cheapest is Futu with 20% off —> $668. This is in line with the best non-Amazon prices posted to OzBargain, so it's not too bad a deal.

                    • @hornetfig: Student edge is 10% off. Max $300 discount :)

              • @azazal: oh no!!! i've already bought the disks, plex plus, ram!!!!
                Just checked my amazon app - it still says Preparing order. I haven't received any email for cancellation yet. I probably just jinxed myself and will get it in the next hour!

                Its 20/3 today and I only just saw your messages. so @azazal and @Amar89 both of you received the cancellation email on 14/3?