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Free $20 eBay Voucher ($100 Min Spend) with eBay Plus Free 30 Day Trial (Cancel March 4 to Retain Voucher)


Seems it's totally free if you cancel your trial after March 3. Enjoy :)

The offer may be redeemed from (12:00 AM) on 3 March 2019 to (11:59 PM) on 10 March 2019. To be eligible for the $20 coupon offer, you must sign up for a free 30-day trial of eBay Plus during the Offer Period. If you cancel your free 30-day trial of eBay Plus before 3 March 2019, you will no longer be eligible for the offer. Customers who have previously signed up for eBay Plus and cancelled their membership prior to the Offer Period must sign up for a paid membership of eBay Plus during the Offer Period to be eligible for the offer. Current eBay Plus members are not eligible for this offer.

The $20 coupon will be sent to you via email and/or eBay Message Centre on 3 March 2019.

The offer entitles you to $20 off the purchase price (excluding postage costs) on all items listed on www.ebay.com.au except the Excluded Items when you spend $100 or more in one transaction during the offer period. A maximum of 1 transaction applies.

Multiple items may be purchased in one transaction (up to a maximum of 10 items per transaction). All monetary amounts specified in these terms and conditions are in Australian dollars (AUD).

Excluded Items means all items listed in the following categories: Cars, Bikes, Boats (9800), Car & Truck Parts (6030), Coins (11116), Gift Cards (184609), Other Lots More Items (88433), Real Estate (10542), Services (316), Tickets, Travel (11730); and all items sold by the following Sellers: Officeworks, Fantastic Furniture, Target.

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  • +111

    Imagine having to pay someone $20 to use your ‘service’ because it sux so much

    • +3

      LOL, comment of the year!

    • And then get TA to post it so….

      • +17

        That's a pretty wild accusation. Saw this as a banner on eBay fyi.

        • +5

          I think it was a joke

          • -13

            @WhyAmICommenting: Not when people hate on TA everytime he posts an eBay deal. Perfectly fine when someone else posts though.

            • @Clear: If TA posts the most ebay, then whos going to hear the most complainants, etc especially if the deal has conditions, is hard to get, sellers jack their prices.

              Most people aren't having a go at TA, they are having a go at how crap ebay is (I think it very much is with the price jacking!).

              I am viewing the above as a joke, because TA is very fast.

              • -6

                @Other: Big difference between complaining about a deal and attacking TA. Need proof? See below.

                here and here.

                So people should be saying "I don't think this deal is good because everything is jacked" instead of "this deal is only good because TA posted it" - completely unnecessary!

                But hey I guarantee I'll get negged for this comment because we all love to bash TA and any other top poster. That's how the internet works.

                • +1

                  @Clear: Surely any allegiance TA had with eBay ended on 9 December 2018. anyway?

                  If there was any doubt, less than three months later he's commenting in this deal suggesting people ignore eBay's T&C's to score $20 gift vouchers.

                  • @Nomadesque: TA's single comment is nothing in comparison to the countless eBay UK deals and others where everyone was recommending to create new accounts with fake addresses, VPNs etc. to get eBay gift cards and other discounts.

                    Then again this guy found out the hard way what happens when you create multiple accounts. The downside is some people even then found his actions fine, because that's how the culture is here. Abuse freebies, price errors and more to get stuff for very little or free.

                    • @Clear: Oh sure, but most of those people have probably never had an business association with eBay so I wouldn't expect them to have a shred of loyalty.

                      • @Nomadesque: I'm not sure what CR has to do with this though?

                        • @Clear: Nothing now. I'm just a bit surprised at how hard business relationships die when there's no mutual back scratching going on.

                          Everyone was getting along so nicely less than a year ago.

                          • @Nomadesque: Ahhh so you mean TA is posting less deals because eBay has temporarily ceased their affiliate program for cashback partners? I disagree as they never made any profit on the god awful affiliate rate eBay provided.

                            I think the real reason is the quality of eBay deals have gone down. Like the increased minimum spends on sitewide deals for example.

                            • +1

                              @Clear: No, I'm saying that TA encouraging people to bend eBay's rules to score $20 gift cards probably wouldn't have happened while the business relationship existed.

                              Just an observation about the cutthroat nature of business. Nothing more.

                              • @Nomadesque: Thanks for clarifying. I was overthinking it!

        • +1

          It indeed was a sarcastic comment mate.

          I am one of the victims of eBay plus who ended up getting the paid membership and regretting since then. EBay is su*king big time on these sales.

          First get people to subscribe for a new service and then hardly come up with any deals for those customers… Ebay is digging its own grave IMO.

    • +1

      But they know it (positive thinking:)

    • Said it perfect!! 😋

    • -1

      There'll be plenty of forgetful people … ;)

    • +2

      Only available to new customers too, meanwhile when I paid for a year I still get nothing worthwhile.

      • +2

        Exactly my thoughts..

    • +4

      Ebay can blame themselves for that.

      The benefits for Ebay Plus just suck…its either you save almost unrealistic postage on every 1/100 item you see or you get discount codes that have dumb minimum and maximum spends (or even worse its only for new members).

      Another thing is there is no benefits for sellers that want to sell every so often..you still have to pay the same final fee as everyone else but ooo you get a pretty Ebay Plus logo if you meet other requirements.

      It is so bad, I don't understand what Ebay was hoping to achieve with the program, either give members actual benefits that make sense or just cancel the whole thing.

      There should be benefits like lowered final seller fees, exclusive discounts every 1-2 months, FREE DELIVERY up to $10 on all items etc… Prime is a lot better, its not even close.

    • -1

      This comment was made by the Amazon prime gang

    • +1

      having to pay someone $20 to use your ‘service’

      No, it's worse than that. You actually have to buy $100 of stuff to get that $20 off. More like 20% off at max.

  • +20

    Current eBay Plus members are not eligible for this offer.

    horray im one of them

    • +4


    • +10

      Screw you ebay. I signed up as a trial and forgot to cancel, whole others get PAID to trial it?

      • +15

        you did exactly what every company offering trial memberships want you to do.
        having said that: i did too!

      • +1

        Add me to that list! Such utter shit that as a member you get nothing and non members get a $20 voucher! I mean what the actual f***?
        I know it's my fault for not cancelling the trial membership, but seriously, give those of us that were silly enough to pay an actual benefit!

      • +1

        Damn I thought I was the only one, thanks for making me feel better now…

  • So you have to wait till 3rd March before you can cancel?

    • +2

      i'd say you have to wait until you redeem the code, which is only valid between 3rd & 10th.
      after you use the code, cancel away!

      • +5

        Mmmm ebay and their sneaky tactics, hoping people forget to cancel and get stuck with 1 year membership fee

  • -1


  • +12

    Worst service ever

    • +2

      Cyrax Wins. BRUTALITY.

  • +12

    That’s the only benefit you will get. eBay plus sucks.

    • +1

      It’s great if you live in a regional area. Find stores that offer guaranteed shipping, order stuff, have it not delivered on time, and get a coupon.

      I’ve done it so many times. There’s no way the parcels can get here on time with Australia Post. It’s free money.

      • Interesting, but I'm curious. Do you know who pays for the coupons? The seller/stores or Ebay? Also, what is the value of the coupons?

        • +2

          A seller here - as long as the seller provides proof that they have shipped the item within the agreed time then it is eBay who pays for the coupon

          • @Sir Flabo: Thanks. I'll have to check my order history.

        • $10 each time. It’s paid for my membership several times over.

          • @DisabledUser77742: Sounds great. I live in a remote area, too.

  • +5

    wait when do we get the coupon I just signed up? nvm just saw the 100 min spend. RIP

  • +16

    Don't mind me, I'm just here for the venting and raging in the comments.

    grabs popcorn and coke

    • sips Monster

      • Drinks Mother

        • +1

          That poor lady.

  • +5

    Minimum spend of 100 dollars guys, and giftcards are not included

  • +16

    Current eBay Plus members are not eligible for this offer. Enjoy :)

    Enjoy? Seriously? Where's the enjoyment for existing ebay plus members?

    Feeling like deleting my ebay account at once.

  • +1

    If you can't even combine this with 10% off etc this is pretty weak.

  • +2

    looks like the code is YAY20, so won't be able to stack it with other codes.

  • Not sure I want to trial it despite the $20 voucher. I lack the discipline to resist impulsive purchases. Don't want to spend additional $80 just to have another item collecting dust.

    Would be awesome if we can donate the $20 voucher to charity.

    • +2

      A noble idea

  • +5

    Customers who have previously signed up for eBay Plus and cancelled their membership prior to the Offer Period must sign up for a paid membership of eBay Plus during the Offer Period to be eligible for the offer.


    So I end up paying $49 to get a $20 voucher that I can only use on eBay and, based on recent comments, receive zero benefits in return?

    • +3

      Use a fresh account?

      • -1

        Are there circumstances when creating another account isn't allowed?

        We don't allow members to create a new account to get around buying or selling restrictions, or to avoid consequences of policy violations.


        • +1

          Sounds like you're fine to make another one then :) buying or selling restrictions implies you've been using the site incorrectly and have had your account restricted as a consequence. As long as you haven't violated any policies and copped a restriction you're good to go.

          • +3


            3.4 There is a maximum of one free 30-day trial of eBay Plus per eBay member. You may not use or create another eBay account in order to take advantage of the free 30-day trial more than once.


            Seems pretty clear to me. Posting facts - bring on the negs! :)

      • +1

        Clause 9: Active. You must be an ebay.com.au registered member with an active account before the beginning of the Offer Period (not suspended nor made inactive by eBay). New eBay accounts created after the beginning of the Offer Period will not be eligible for the $20 coupon.

        • Offer period is from 3-10 March, so if you're OK with violating eBay's policies you still have time to create a new account.

    • Eh.. had at least $30 free in vouchers last year. Including a $10 voucher that popped up on a new phone. They probably give out the $10 voucher's when things are slow.

  • +1

    Whenever I see TA, I try to image tons of stuff :p

  • +1

    (profanity) ebay!! Dont get shit from there!! No warranty after 1 year.

    • +1

      errrr. what?

      • +1

        (profanity) ebay!!

      • +1

        I bought my oled tv from ebay from videopro in 2017. Contacted the seller , told me to contact lg Custermer service, called them said they don’t cover warranty from ebay videopro. Contacted videopro they went silent. Called ebay said they cant do anything cause its been past 1 year. And Paypal only cover 180 days. I purchased this tv for 2500$. Now im left screwed. Told shitbay i wont be buying from them again!

        • +1

          Don't you have an ACL warranty? I think they made that up… If it's marketed for Australia then ACL applies. Not sure how true this is, but someone on another forum had an issue with a Newegg purchase and newegg (in America) had to repair per the ACL.

        • +6

          eBay is a marketplace so the fault is at Videopro. Considering ACL both would have an obligation to honour the warranty.

        • +2

          Dude its illegal for a company to fob you off back to the manufacturer you purchased through Ebay Videopro, Call VIDEOPRO and tell them you have consumer rights under the ACL and the expected life of a tv is up to 5-8 years life, Get this in writing through an email and if unsuccessful loge a claim with ACCC. PM me if you get stuck I've got 5 years training through JB when I was selling TV's

  • Waiting for Amazon to increase their cashback again. They used to do it when there are lots of ebay deals like now. TA can you help :D

    Currently nothing worth buying with ebay small discounts for existing plus members.

    • +1

      Why would they? They know ebay+ is a crap product.

  • I've been trying to sign up for ebay plus for a week now, but I keep getting this error:

    Unfortunately it is currently not possible to sign up for eBay Plus due to technical difficulties. Please try again later.

    Anyone having the same problem? Anyone able to sign up?

    • +1

      I got the same error but your probably can go to the sign up page again to check whether you subscription is done or not. My subscription is successful although I encountered the same error page like you. Also, if you paid with PayPal, you can go to setting to check whether the automatic payment of eBay is listed there; if yes, then your subscription should be done (provided that it was not there before..)

      • Nope, I'm not signed up and there's nothing in Paypal either.

        And I've tried it like 10 times now.

        • +1

          Then it simply didn't go through…System glitch maybe…Good luck..

    • Got the same error this morning. But received a welcome email now.

      Also, it came up as cancel before 20/8/2019 to avoid fee. Does this mean free membership till then? Too good to be true may be system error

      “Your membership can be cancelled online at any time until 20/08/2019. After this date it will be automatically renewed for AUD 49.00 a year.”

      • better cancel after 4th march, trial end date won't be affected.

      • There is a 180 days trial currently as per link below:

        I have joined and cancelled on the same day to avoid forgetting to cancelled after some time. I joined to take benefit of another discount code for ebay plus item. Unfortunately, not all the item I selected is ebay plus item and for some case, ebay plus item is much more expensive for the exact same item.

      • Got the error message too, received a welcome email too with… 1 year trial period instead of 30 days or 6 months (?!?).

        "Your membership is now valid until 22/02/2020. After this date it will be automatically renewed for AUD 49.00 a year."

  • No giftcards again!

  • +1

    Free $20?

    ITS A TRAP!!

  • +1

    "Unfortunately it is currently not possible to sign up for eBay Plus due to technical difficulties. Please try again later."

    But still get the email "Welcome to Ebay Plus". Let's see how this works.

  • +1

    Any one know where to use the code YAY20 while sign up for ebayplus?

    • I'm sure I cancelled my 3 trial subscriptions on my eBay accounts but not with Paypal.

      Disappointment when $146.97 was deducted from my Paypal account.

      I wouldn't mind too much if eBay Plus had some value.

      The only time I used eBay Plus was to return a tv not delivered by the guaranteed delivery date. That is an ongoing painful process. I have kept all correspondence from eBay and it shows evidence of conflicting instructions being given and duplication by eBay for requests for information to be supplied by me.

      I am currently $50 out of pocket for return shipping costs. eBay have told me they will reimburse me, but I need to wait 3 weeks for that to happen.

      Have eBay failed to meet the promised benefits of membership ?

      If so are there legal grounds for action?

      Thanks for all thoughts.

      • you could try and claim the shipping back through paypal if you kept receipt.

  • +1

    Shouldn't they be giving this to current eBay plus members? They entice you with rewards to sign up but none to actually keep you retained. Terrible idea. No thought for the customers.

  • great

  • Can you use the voucher with a 20 % off coupon ?

    • yes. It will work like a gift card.

  • Still waiting for a justification for ebay Plus.

    I paid for a year at $29 introductory price, but yet to benefit from it. The actual ebay Plus items are as rare as hen's teeth. Plus-specific sales are even rarer.

  • I tried signing up just now, went all through the paypal part then got:

    Unfortunately it is currently not possible to sign up for eBay Plus due to technical difficulties. Please try again later.

    • I got the same error but soon after it received an email "Welcome to eBay Plus".

      • yes, I got that too after a while

  • -1

    I signed up but there wasn't a section to enter YAY20. That was pointless.

    • -1

      The offer may be redeemed from (12:00 AM) on 3 March 2019 to (11:59 PM) on 10 March 2019.

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