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Pyongyang, North Korea from Sydney $1130 / Brisbane $1136 Return on Air China (Aug-Sep) @ BeatThatFlight


Something a little different, but after seeing a friend headed there, we realised there were flights going from Sydney/Brisbane:

Flights from Sydney:

$1130 - 26 Aug to 04 Sep - https://bookings.beatthatflight.com.au/flights/syd2608fnj040...
$1130 - 24 Aug to 02 Sep - https://bookings.beatthatflight.com.au/flights/syd2408fnj020...

Flights from Brisbane:

$1136 - 24 Aug to 02 Sep - https://bookings.beatthatflight.com.au/flights/bne2408fnj020...

A bit more expensive from Melbourne and other ports though.

For more information about tourism in North Korea, relevant wiki: Tourism in North Korea

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                      • -1

                        @abctoz: That they give the detention a "lawful reason" under their laws does not mean the detention is not arbitrary - it could be done for political or cultural reasons that would otherwise not warrant such detention.

                        • +1

                          @DogGunn: i mean you provided a list that is what at most 50 persons?

                          if you multiply 5000 across a period of say 20 years, that's 100,000 tourists. 50 out of 100000 doesn't seem that out of line with typical crime rates in the west

                          did you read the reasons given in the list? a lot of them were "Illegally entering North Korea"

                          • -3

                            @abctoz: Of course I read the list.

                            if you multiply 5000 across a period of say 20 years, that's 100,000 tourists. 50 out of 100000 doesn't seem that out of line with typical crime rates in the west

                            I can't tell if you're serious or not. Meanwhile, in the gulags, of which are quite common in the Western World…

                            a lot of them were "Illegally entering North Korea"

                            And many of the list are clearly bullshit charges, with people held on political grounds to extract a visit from US politicians or to extract sanction relief.

                            Look, by all means, if you want to go to North Korea, do so at your own risk. But you're helping to finance a regime that should not have any part in the modern world.

                  • @Thatbargainhunter: Has Engrush?

    • I think even Australia itself is on that list.

    • Pretty shitty reason for a neg. There are many countries you could argue with the same reasons. This is about the deal, which is good. FFS, attention seekers on here are getting worse.

  • +1

    Flight over might be very ronrey….

    • +2

      Your breaking my balls Han

      • Hans, as in Hans Blix! Han was in Star Wars.

  • You know whats more destructive than a nuclear bomb? Words.

    • Kim Jong Un 2014
  • The person needs to have at least a brain problem to have a wish to go there hahahahaha

  • +7

    Can finally meet the man who not only scored 11 holes in one on round of golf but also:


    Kim Jong-un's father Kim Jong-il claimed he invented the hamburger, calling it "double bread with meat", with grand dreams that it would become a new national dish as he unsuccessfully introduced it to the nation's universities.


    The older Kim was also fond of claiming sawdust was full of nutrients, encouraging his citizens to chow down on the building byproduct in their regular times of famine.


    Kim's official biography stated he never needed to use a toilet because his body was so well calibrated he didn't urinate or defecate.

  • +1

    Do you guys prefer Scott Morrison or Kim Jong Un?

  • I'm sure the flight isn't the only thing that will be receiving a beating

  • +5

    ozbargain meetup in NK!

    • Asian dream comes true!

  • +7

    A fascinating destination I'm sure, but I choose to not provide money to murderous despotic terrorist governments.

    Plus if you're after something different from the norm, you can fly to many other equally interesting - and politically freer - countries anywhere else in the world for less.

    • you mean like New Zealand?

      • That's why it's on Do Not Travel because you'll like it there list

  • +1

    I prefer to meet with North Koreans in Vietnam.

  • +3

    Came in for the funny comments…leaving satisfied

  • +2

    I would recommend to fly to China and join a tour rather than flying directly to North Korea

  • +3

    A friend of mine went there as part of a tourist group and actually loved it. He had no internet during his trip, and mobile phone didn't work. There was an option to purchase a local 3G sim card but the cost was through the roof, so he enjoyed being gadget-free for a week. Most of the tours were supervised and accompanied by people filming the group on camera. The photo op were very limited and strictly regulated by the tour guides. The food was OK and there was plenty of cheap local alcohol. So he felt like back to the Soviet 1970s.

    • +4

      The group is filmed for propaganda purposes in NK. They get shown to the local population. 'See, foreigners are visiting our schools and farms to see how the Great Leader is revolutionizing industry!'

      I visited South Korea last year and went to the DMZ. Really interesting area. I would like to go to NK but the possibility of being a convenient hostage and the certainty that my money would go towards upholding a repressive regime doesn't sit well with me.

    • There was an option to purchase a local 3G sim card but the cost was through the roof

      You'd think it'd be free*

      *You permit the NK government to complete access to the contents of your phone

      accompanied by people filming the group on camera.


  • +1

    I wanna go to the Pyongyang Golf Club where Kim Jong-il scored 18 consecutive holes in one.
    I reckon I can beat that score!! If Kim Jong-il were still alive he would carry me on his shoulders!!

  • +2

    I’ve been to NK on one of the state sanctioned tours. I can say that this flight will be useless due to the visa issue.

    • Chinese passport fine?

      • +1

        Much easier as a Chinese citizen, if you have a Chinese passport go with one of the Chinese tour operators. You'll be allowed to do a lot more than one of the western-based tour companies, in saying that I went with young pioneer tours and thought it was run well given the constraints.

  • +2

    I would love to go there. the last bastion of communist dictatorship totalitarianism.

    • +2

      Just wait three months for Labor to win the election and save yourself $1100.

    • I know. This globalist monoculture of freedom and peace is really starting to wear thin.

  • +1

    They only just got the second season of Friends.. take your dvds with you

  • +7

    Quite a surprise to see flights to Pyongyang on OzBargain! I run a North Korea tour operator (https://www.uritours.com/) and can confirm there's a tad more red tape involved than simply booking the flights! This is otherwise a decent deal. If any of you are considering taking advantage of it, it's possible, drop us an email.

    • +1

      That's awesome man! Thanks, I'll check it out

    • +3

      These guys seem good, I've been looking at a NK tour for a while and have asked them a bunch of questions with good response times. Might be time to book my trip.

  • +2

    Please don't put money into this regime Ozbargainers!

  • My friend has literally entered NK in he past hour. Will he interesting to hear about.
    I'd love to go but the missus has told me I can't.. fair enough, might scratch that off the list as a honeymoon destination.

  • +2

    We need some Aussie Bogans to take this trip.

    • Read about the Ozzie world class pranksters who pretended to be golf pros at the major NK tournament. Serious cojones to do that.

    • NK as the new Bali.

  • +1

    Is this a good deal?? What is the normal price for flights to NK?

    • One way is a better value

  • +2

    I came here for the comments and totally NOT disappointed!!

  • Prices to Seoul are usually half this price if bought 6 months in advance. (I've gone 4 times in the last 2 years at this price) Not really a bargain IMO

    • Getting to Seoul is very cheap and easy from at least a dozen countries in the region, including many budget airlines.

      Getting to Pyongyang means flying from one of six countries and often means using the monopoly carrier.

      Seoul to Pyongyang is free if you can avoid the mines and bullets however.

      • or get in by boat and claim as a refugee?

  • My recommendation would be to fly to Hanoi, Vietnam first, and then take the 4500 km train trip from Vietnam to Pyongyang through China, just like how Kim Jong-Un travelled from North Korea to Vietnam today to meet Trump at the Summit. And if you are quick enough, you may get a free ride from Vietnam to North Korea when Kim Jong-Un returns after the summit in his bullet-proof train.

  • +2

    I would love to meet the supreme leader….just to tell him if he gives up nukes, he will be toast.

    • Underrated comment in a pile of usual NK bashing

      • For good reason. Meanwhile, you're fence sitting.

    • That's not true, Libya gave up their nukes, and now their people are getting EU citizenship

  • I’ve always wanted to take a trip to Lake Laogai.

  • Was your friend headed there…
    Or beheaded there..

    Darn, so late with that joke..

  • I'd go for a proper gander…

  • lol

  • Is this a scam?

  • +1

    Would you be able to access Ozbargain whilst over there???

    • It's called Un-Bargain there. Named after the glorious leader. Everything is expensive.

  • +1

    Twelve hundred bucks to get spied on in a horrendous Pyongyang 'hotel' room? I'd sooner rub my 'r's with a brick.

  • +1

    Do NK have escorts or is it not allowed to date the local women?

    • (grabs popcorn and wait for the replies….lol)

    • See you on the news. dp awaits lol

      • I just want to relive the best part of The Interview dammit lol.

    • They have 'escorts' of sorts.

      • Beware the honey pot.

  • I was there for New year's!!

    • +1

      Cool story

  • "They hate us, cause they ain't us".
    - Kim Jong Un.

  • Visa Denied

  • Sydney to Switzerland at this price no problems. Mention of North Korea = instant down vote.

    I honestly can't comprehend the people who downvote this beacause a) it's a really good deal and not b) if think it's unsafe and not for you why is it still not a good deal for others who are willing?

    • -1

      Please spend 5min to remove your naivety/ignorance, and you will comprehend just fine.

  • Great!

    I always wanted to see KPOP in North Korea! Great Deal!

  • +1

    Want to fund a dictatorship? Go visit North Korea!

  • Visa requirement number 1 is HDR photography.

  • I don't get why this is a bargain I mean if it was ~$500 yeah but $1100 thats like LA or London price

    • … For two passengers.

  • +1

    Perfect timing. I was looking for a present for my mother in-law.

  • +2

    I lol'd as seeing people treat North Korea as some sort of a theme park.

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