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Boosted Data Allowance - $10 3GB (Was 1.5GB), $20 5GB (3), $30 20GB (12), $40 30GB (22), $50 40GB (32), $70 65GB (52) @ Boost Mb


In addition to the yearly plans, Boost have also increased the data allowance for all its 28 day plans.

Here are the new plans, which all come with unlimited talk and text on a 28 day recharge:
$10 for 3GB (up from 1.5GB) 7 day recharge
$20 for 5GB (up from 3GB)
$30 for 20GB (up from 12GB)
$40 for 30GB (up from 22GB)
$50 for 40GB (up from 32GB)
$70 for 65GB (up from 52GB)

Boost has also extended data rollover to cover 28-day expiry plans costing $20 or more, where it was previously only available on plans costing $30 or more. However, unused data rolls over for use only within the next recharge.

Boost is also offering a bonus of 15GB of data on the first five recharges for new customers, if they activate by May 13 and recharge with $30 or more. Customers must make remaining recharges by September 2 to get the subsequent bonuses.

Source - Whistleout.

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  • Looks like they’ve boosted their data allowances

  • +8 votes

    @ Boost

    Have they diversified from just Smoothies?

  • +15 votes

    $10 plan has a 7 day expiry

  • The $10 plan with 3GB Data sounds great BUT its ONLY for 7 days

    Beaten by the above,gotta learn to type faster😀

  • Boost are good! I would recommend to them to anyone after Sim only deal.

  • Also, set auto recharge to give full months, not just 28 days.

    • Wait, so the inclusions don't expire after 28 days?

      • If you set auto recharge, you just pay once a month (not every 28 days) Data also rolls over, mine just auto recharged today as i have set 26th as my recharge date. I have 20gb + 35gb rollover data. (Must be my fifth month on deal do back to 20gb)

      • No, it just expires are a full month (30/31 days) instead of 28 days.

    • Wow that's a great tip! That pretty much means you only need to recharge 12 times a year instead of 13! Champion!!

  • It would be nice if they follow belong's plus $5 for international call and text. I'd port immediately.

    • Boost has now also extended international call inclusions to all plans, including its long expiry deals. Plans now come with unlimited talk and text to between 20-30 selected destinations. All plans also come with an additional limited allowance of international talk and text to 25-35 extra destinations.

    • Which country? On the $40 plan, you get free calls to around 55 countries (some unlimited, some 200 minutes).

      $30 plans has few countries less, but still a lot.

  • Better than Kogan 365days and other yearly plans. I'll consider switching.

    Edit: nope Kogan is still better

    • Wait a bit, Kogan should announce the new plans soon. Price war has begun.

    • I'd support Kogan on their 30 day terms alone, not this 28 day bullcrap.

    • +8 votes

      Since Boost uses Telstra networks, I reckon this deal is outright better than Kogan which uses Vodafone. And yes, Boost does allow you to have an access to full Telstra coverage.

  • If I wanted to port to a JB or Telstra post paid plan later, will it be considered a port in from another carrier?

  • kogan is still miles better, currently paying $23/month for 40gb, boost is not a bargain lol

    • Coverage with Kogan is no where near as good

    • It is when you can't get service with Vodafone

    • Yeah but it uses Vodafone - ewww!

      I was just near Warburton, Vic last weekend - hardly rural, and the people on Optus and Voda had nothing - Telstra - full coverage.

      • See ? that's miles better… hands off your phone & spend more time with family ~~ LoL

        • Haha, I'm with you there….it was more coordinating others arrival - they couldn't message once in the vicinity as no reception. I also used my phone to play Spotify, as other people couldn't.

          We had a wonderful time around the fire chatting though!!

    • I'm never shopping kogan again since they stuffed up their mobile contracts last time and forced everyone to port elsewhere leaving us with no service and minimal guidance

  • Brilliant I can downgrade from $30 to $20

  • If only it was $10pm for 3gb for 28 days - bargain.

  • Ok so if i already am on their $30 28 days prepaid, next time I recharge can I just change it to the new deals? or will it be automatic?

    Or do i need a new sim card to take advantage of this?

    (sorry i realise this is probably a stupid question but i havent used pre-paid in years)

  • Better then vodaphone / kogan

  • Boost is also offering a bonus of 15GB of data on the first five recharges for new customers, if they activate by May 13 and recharge with $30 or more.

    Does this mean that for the $150 and $300 12 month plans we get 15GB extra?

  • Your turn Aldi

  • Time to move the mother in law off Vaya.

    • You trying to save her money for any reason in particular? ;)

      • I pay the bill so I wouldn't mind lowering it. It also helps that Vaya has some of the worst customer service I ever experienced and I don't want to keep giving them money.

  • Anyone ported from Belong Mobile to Boost Mobile? Looking to port out of Belong since their site is always so slow… and can't seem to send MMS messages.

  • +1 vote

    Great, I will tell both my parents and parents in law to port out of Aldi to Boost. Both of them are on Telstra networks, but Boost uses the full coverage of Telstra when Aldi doesn't.

  • Boost your internet Juice

  • Still happy with my Amaysim $10 a month unlimited calls/texts, 1GB data… sooo cheap :) https://www.amaysim.com.au/plans/mobile-plans/unlimited-xsma...

  • Once and for all, is Boost network performance identical to Telstra?

    I did some googling and the answer seems to be no .. there is no 4GX (although you can still access the 700 band).

    • I can't say it with any certainty, but having been on Boost and Telstra, and playing around with Speedtest app, the max speed I got with Telstra was >200Mbps whereas I never got above ~100Mbps with Boost. But it could be just a random thing.

      In fact, Boost is unique among MVNOs in that it’s the only one to use the full Telstra network. Others use only parts of it and may not offer the same level of coverage, especially in rural regions. However, where Boost differs is that it does not use Telstra’s full ‘4GX’ speed capacity, and has a speed cap on the 4G network – 100Mbps. You still get the same coverage, though, so let’s see how the two compare when it compares down to their phone plans. Source.

    • I just did a speedtest with Boost and got 150mb download speed


  • If I get $150/80GB or $300/240GB 12-month plans and then find that I'm running low on data, can I recharge one of these plans without losing the 12-month expiry of the first recharge?

  • Ordered Boost SIM yesterday and it just arrived this morning - very impressive - and I am not in a capital city!

  • Just signed up 2 weeks ago. Is this upgrade for exisiting customers as well?

  • Bonus was 25GB instead of 15GB so the same for new customers.

  • Did anybody notice that Telstra has also updated their prepaid plans?
    $40 dollars top up now expires after 35 days
    $50 dollars top up expires after 42 days
    $30 top up gives you now 10GB (+ bonuses) (28 days expiry though)
    $40 top up gives you 20GB (+ bonuses)

    • Just checked it out and they have indeed made some changes. And they seem to have removed the Day2Day plans.

  • Been w/Boost yonks.

    3gb the month, 2gb weekends, 30days— not 28.

    should i swap?

    I never use the allotment.

  • I cannot see $30pm plan is it gone?

    Or am I blind?


  • Not as good as Jeenee

  • i am with optus, will boost be much better? Planning to get the 6 months plan.

  • I've been trying to enable Call Waiting on my pre-paid Boost mobile but nothing seems to work. Last time I called support, the rep said he did activated it but he wasnt sure if it was going to work… double checked the phone settings and it's all good on that end.

    Quite annoying as I keep missing important calls…anyone else with Boost and having the same issue??

  • boost mobile are thief's. I was told by the live chat consultant that I will get data carried over if I recharge anytime before my plan expires so I recharged today. I had still 1 month in my post paid plan and 57g of data which I lost. You cannot call and speak to anyone at boost and the live chat team don't know whats going on. I have been speaking to livechat for the last 3hrs and they have changed operators 3 times and everyone is confused. Now all of a sudden I must bear loosing 1 month and 57g. That's nonsense. Don't purchase boost mobile ever. Bunch of liars. I will look for the relevant authority and be speaking to them.

  • Since I'm unemployed, my new life mission is to let australia know what horrendous service I have been given by boost and for STEALING my money. I will find that ombudsman to shut these thiefs down or fine them for playing with peoples life's.

  • If you can't be sure whether you will get < 5 Mbps download speed before you buy the deal, you can't be sure there is a deal.

    So I'm voting this down, to let other potential customers know, that this might not be a deal.

    Boost / partial Telstra is 1 to 4 Mbps

    I was getting 105 Mbps with Vodafone and 47 Mbps with Optus.
    (11km from Melbourne, in the suburbs).

    • Note: A few weeks later I got a message saying I was now connected with Boost.

      I checked the speed and it was 129 Mbps download speed, 22.6 Mbps upload speed.

  • How do ppl get in contact with Boost? I wanted to talk to someone at Boost to understand porting out (DOB, email, name used as I cant find it on the family members app)….