Boosted Data Allowance - $10 3GB (Was 1.5GB), $20 5GB (3), $30 20GB (12), $40 30GB (22), $50 40GB (32), $70 65GB (52) @ Boost Mb


In addition to the yearly plans, Boost have also increased the data allowance for all its 28 day plans.

Here are the new plans, which all come with unlimited talk and text on a 28 day recharge:
$10 for 3GB (up from 1.5GB) 7 day recharge
$20 for 5GB (up from 3GB)
$30 for 20GB (up from 12GB)
$40 for 30GB (up from 22GB)
$50 for 40GB (up from 32GB)
$70 for 65GB (up from 52GB)

Boost has also extended data rollover to cover 28-day expiry plans costing $20 or more, where it was previously only available on plans costing $30 or more. However, unused data rolls over for use only within the next recharge.

Boost is also offering a bonus of 15GB of data on the first five recharges for new customers, if they activate by May 13 and recharge with $30 or more. Customers must make remaining recharges by September 2 to get the subsequent bonuses.

Source - Whistleout.

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