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Intel 1TB 660P NVMe M.2 Internal SSD US $135.49 (~AU $189.80) Delivered @ B&H Photo Video


Intel 1TB 660P NVMe M.2 Internal SSD

1TB Storage Capacity
M2. 2280 Form Factor
PCIe NVMe 3.0 x4 Interface
1800 MB/s Sequential Read Speeds
1800 Sequential Write Speeds

Intel 1TB 660P NVMe M.2 Internal SSD US $135.49 (~AU $189.80) Delivered @ B&H Photo Video EXPIRED Still available from Amazon for $187.32

Also available from Amazon AU via Amazon US $187.32 Free Delivery with Prime

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  • How good is this SSD?

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      Yes, warranty?
      Also any NVMe with a shorter form factor?

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      The specs are listed right there mate. Reviews are on google if you need them.

      • Google? Better for one of us to post it here instead of hundreds of us having to do the research.

        Anyway this drive is "much slower" than comparable m.2 drives on the market. (Link)
        So you get what you pay for.

      • Do you see I ask about specs? Or reviews?

        • No but I wasn't replying to you?

    • -1

      NVME, 1tb, Intel.

      To my knowledge, NVME SSDs are generally top of the pack thanks to their newness. But I believe Intel are generally considered to be 1 of the best when it comes to SSDs.

  • How does this compare to the Evo 860?

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      860-660 = 200

      • I see… makes sense

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        This guy compares.

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        So this is 200 nvme worse

        • Your math is off, 860 is about 1/3 better

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      860: 550/530

      660p: 1500/1000

      Write speeds 3x higher.

      AHCI SSDs are dead when NVME is reaching this price point.

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        only problem is amount of slots on your mobo, i got 3 M.2s - which is huge… but even then, if i use one of them i cant use two of the onboard sata ports…and i'm almost at capacity…

        so far i have

        * sata 1xtb ssd (Steam games),
        * 2xSata 8tb in mirror config, (2 more sata ports), Photos and home videos
        * 1 blu ray drive 1 sata ports,

        * 1x512GB m2 (boot drive),
        * this new 2TB intel m.2, over flow of games.

        so basically i can have 1 more m2 or 2 more SSD's…

        so long story short, sata isnt going anywhere, No 1 large drives are still sata, no 2, the M2 ports are too large, if you want more than a couple.No 3 Redundancy (IE Raid consumes even more slots.)

        • +4

          Offload your mirror config into a NAS, replace blu-ray drive with an external one as optical media is rarely used, problem solved ;)

          Alternatively you can just buy a cheap RAID card and use it in JBOD mode to add more sata ports to your board.

          • @Agret: NAS will still use sata, blu ray external more expensive than internal SATA - and less convenient, raid card still using SATA disks (most likely - could use SAS drives, but $$$)

            • @wisc: Yeah raid/NAS are using SATA ports so that they can free up your SATA ports on your board since you lose them when you use your onboard M.2 slots.

              You can also get PCI-E cards that take M.2 drives, most of them support raiding the 2 drives too =O

        • raid card or sata expansion is good

          my rog c7h has two m2 slots sadly. And unfortunately one m2 shares a pcie lane and will drop it from 16x to 8x, tbh won't matter much for my rx480.

        • This is just because we're in a transitional period. I'm certain this will change with the next generation or two of chipsets.

      • Bogus stats.

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          Head to Head, the 860 evo and 660p won't compare well.

          with speeds of 1100mb/sec vs 330mb/sec on the 860 EVO, the 660p looks pretty neat.


          The 660p can be seen as a hybrid SSD, much in the same way SSHD's made spinning disks both faster … and not faster. Once you exhaust the SLC cache, the performance will drop off. Filling the drive to 50%, the speed will drop off as the SLC cache is being used to index the QLC storage.

          The 660p is QLC, and along with the QVO Samsung, it has faster 'throughput' than the TLC 860 EVO series, better density, but it's got the same issues as hybrids. they benchmark well, but they slow down over time.

          Daily use would be similar, but if you were moving a few GB each day, the EVO will be faster and better.

          3D QLC NAND memory being new, the reliability is unknown, so they've limited the official write capacity to 200tb on the 1tb model. Endurance testing hasn't been done on a large scale, so the writes should probably be limited as much as possible, i.e. "games/backups" which don't change much.

          The only real downside is that the 660p has SLC caching to improve stats, i.e. data is compressed and cached in SLC, before it's moved to QLC, and the reliability of the QLC NAND is questionable, 200tb write on a 1TB drive (sic) with 12gb to 140gb of SLC cache for "benchmarks", but also to compress/index and provide a write cache for the QLC storage.

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    You two can literally google your questions it and it'll come up as the first result.

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      True. Comments should be disabled on deals.

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      OZB comments are known for reviews and comparisons by those who have done their homework - Generally more higher regarded than the sponsored media outlets…

      • +1

        This. OzB comments are very insightful.

  • Price does not include GST.
    ~$210 with GST.

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      I don't think B&H charges GST.

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        "Estimated product prices do not include customs, duty fees and/or taxes."

        • No GST shown in the checkout even after choosing Australia as the destination country.

          • @veetor: Don't you get charged GST by Australian Customs when the parcel enters the country these days?

            • +3

              @trippy: Only if the item is valued at $1000 or more. Anything less is supposed to be collected by the vendor.

  • +1

    With a write and read speed of 1.8GB/s each, you could use it to screen record uncompressed full rgb quality no issues, even up to 2160p60……well maybe there is one and that is the 1TB storage space as that'll be eaten up pretty fast……..

    • Why… just why?

      • +2

        …maybe you're a videophile/audiophile….and prefer(Or in other words, swear by) everything in either uncompressed or lossless original master quality for sharing/selling and or archival purposes……..and put those people who make lossy videos with lossy audio to shame…..?

        • ackchyually you can have compressed lossless audio

          • -3

            @Bacons: …yeah, but no movie or commercially sold videos (anywhere that I know of anyways….) are lossless…..they're all lossy….sure the quality may not be noticeable to most I take that back, actually some bluray quality videos I've watched do exhibit some compression artifacts (jpeg style and that blocky style one…) so it is noticeable on some pieces and if you don't see it, then either you don't care or are blind, and some come with lossless audio tracks as you've already mentioned….but doesn't mean you should stop there….

            But I guess we still need more support for full RGB playback……even youtube doesn't support full RGB playback, will revert to 4:2:0 YUV colour space…if you upload anything with higher specs….

    • -1

      Why wouldn't you compress it, that's silly …

      • -1

        …lossless is acceptable I guess to those video/audio-philes….was only just pointing that it was possible to achieve such a feat with this drive alone…..that's all….

        • +4

          I digitise 35mm film and we capture lossless so that we can grade the film later, we need fast speeds like this to keep up.
          Each film frame is about 100MB, 24 frames per second is 2.4GB/s write speed required, we use RAIDs of SSDs, so yeah, some people need the speed.

    • keep in mind, the 660p is a hybrid SLC/QLC drive. The 1100mb/s is for the SLC cache, once it hits the 100-120gb cache limit, it will be compressed and moved to slower QLC storage and indexed.

      Once the drive is 50% full, it's not going to get those amazing stats anymore.
      LTT's review of the 660p https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OffzVc7ZB-o

      • o i c ….

        …so then get a drive twice the capacity u will be using n u should be good….

  • +5

    Worth watching the LTT video about this to make up your mind - this uses QLC flash which is not as endurant or performant as TLC ram - but great price

    • Was about to post that I had heard bad things about QLC somewhere.

      Was probably this video.

  • I just installed GTA V on my 970 Evo 500GB and am tempted to get this for the rest of my games and ditch that 2TB spinner once and for all..

    I'm just not sure, I think I just need a slower M2 SSD for games storage or even a cheap Sata based drive and use the 970 Evo for the OS.

    • Wow I just did the exact thing last night. 970 Evo from computer alliance for $152

      • Got mine for $120 late last year with the $15 Cashback.

        I wish I got two at that price! Can't find any at a similar price and it's currently the same price for the 250GB model (rubbish value).

        Someone is selling an 960 Evo 500GB used locally for $130 too 😂

  • Anyone know how to do an upgrade to this from a former M2 128GB ? I want to keep the current system and software etc… and the motherboard only have 1 M2 slot. Thanks in advance

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      Get Macrium, create image on some other disk. Dump image back to the newly installed SSD

    • +1

      Download Veeam Backup Agent (free version) and then during the install create a restore USB drive, perform an "operating system" backup to any drive with enough free space to backup your 128GB drive then swap out the M2 and boot your computer from the Veeam restore USB and restore the previous backup to your new SSD. After the restore go into Windows Disk Management and extend the 128GB partition to be the full 1TB.

    • MiniTool Partition Wizard, using the migrate OS option. I have used this method about 3 times with the same system. This only works if both drives are connected at once.

  • +3

    Wow! Damn! The 2tb is also only double the price! Usually there is a massive premium for the 2tbs… damn you OP! Purchased!!!

    • Yeah that’s pretty good. I ended up ordering a 2tb because of that.

  • Would this hold all my Bitcoins?

  • Yeah I cancelled my order after watching the video, I will just keep waiting till I need one and hope for a better deal

    • still no refund even though my order is cancelled

  • Thanks Linus, after watching that video, made me think twice about buying this… so take homes is to try and look for NVme with MLC tech rather than QLC tech as that is way slower in bench tests and that QLC tech relies heavily on Cache trickery rather than pure performance.

    • You will not notice any difference in real world settings.

      For 99% of ozbargainers having an SSD is for the OS and application installs (games and whatever else).

      You will only notice speed differences if you are in development (compiling massive code, excel formulas), rendering/ripping or bench marking.

      It's the same thing when I see home builds with 32GB+ RAM and all they do is play games and browse the web.

      • I have 32Gb. Whilst I do do some of the giant tasks you list, in practice I find the worst memory hog is browsing. For some reason, browser devs have just never figured out (or never cared) about memory optimisation or reducing usage. Lazy web devs certainly aren't helping. Extension developers really aren't helping.

        • Turning off Hardware Acceleration in browser setting would help.

          • +1

            @toommy: The other thing that would help is me not opening 2000 tabs.

            • @cfuse: I have 32GB and the main thing I do is browse too. Though I do the odd video render where it really helps and some virtualbox's. But mostly browsing.

              Interestingly, I did turn off Hardware Acceleration in Chrome recently for another piece of software to work, that does seem to keep the memory usage lower too.

              Don't get an ultra-wide screen, you end up opening double the tabs. And now I have started using Windows 10's virtual desktops with browsers running in each of those too. Yeah I need my 32GB :)

              • +1


                Don't get an ultra-wide screen, you end up opening double the tabs.

                Too late, and it's worse than ultra wide. 43" 4k monitor. That gives me two 1920 x 2160 portraits side by side for my most used window layout.

                I almost bought another of the same monitor last week. Thank god I managed to stop myself. Still, I know it's just a matter of time.

  • +3

    QLC is not that bad, as Linus said, you'll have to be rendering LTT videos all day every day to even hit the write cap ,which no one does. Speeds aren't that bad either for the price if you think about it, sure it's no 970 Pro speeds but $190 compared to $210 EVO 860 which is still SATAIII speeds + 5 years warranty from Intel is a pretty good bang for your buck SSD.

    • +1

      I think people like to exaggerate these sorts of things. Yes it may have lower speeds if it hits bottlenecks, and lower write life spans etc. but for the majority of users, it would never hit those bottlenecks and last well over 5 years unless something out of the ordinary occurred to the hardware.

      By the time it would become unuseable you’d most likely be using newer hardware and tech anyway.

  • Also available from Amazon AU via Amazon US $193.89 Free Delivery with Prime(amazon.com.au)

    On Amazon it shows up as $283.20 for me.

  • +1


    $187.32 on amazon or $176.09 after 6% back from shopback which is $2 cheaper than original deal.

  • My only option to use this is to replace my boot drive, 250GB 960 evo. the specs look better in some areas but worse in others, anyone able to offer some insight?

    • You're insights are the 50 other comments before yours. Bottom line, it's a good buy for a 1tb nvme.

      • +1

        yeah I went through them, found the best comparison site ive ever seen from @JPerez . Ended up deciding not to & wait for a better performer to drop in price, even though this one is good its pretty much the same if not a little slower in some parts. thanks

  • Mine has already arrived apparently! DAMN that was fast!!!! must have got there just after i left for work…ordered a package from footscray (A few suburbs away), Thursday, nothing! - this from the US Friday, BAM, today!