expired Telstra Prepaid 4GX USB Wi-Fi Modem with 12GB Data $19 (Save $20) @ Australia Post


From the Auspost catalogue:

Starts Mon, 25 Feb. 2019 - Ends Sun, 17 Mar. 2019
WAS $39. 12GB data. Wi-Fi connect 5x. 4G. 76899. Available online

From the Auspost product page:

The 4GX USB Wi-Fi Modem from Telstra offers convenient access to Telstra's 4GX Wi-Fi coverage around Australia. Enjoy the benefit of connecting up to 5x devices at a time.

This device is locked to the Telstra network.

Telstra's 4GX Wi-Fi coverage around Australia
Connect up to 5 devices at a time
3GB of data for use within 30 days from date of activation
Dimensions (L x W x H):
13 X 9 X 2.5 cm


Purchase limit of 1 per customer

Supported Bands (from the box):

4G 700/1800/2100/2600 MHz
3G 850/2100 MHz

The device is locked to the Telstra network, but can be unlocked for free using a DIY guide:

How to Unlock Huawei E8372h-608 (aka Telstra 4G USB+WiFi Plus 4GX)

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    Anyone know when this expires?


    Clicking the catalogue link 404s

    Here's the item page via search:

    Doesn't mention 12GB on that page though, just says "3GB of data for use within 30 days from date of activation"


    I'm glad my Boost SIM worked in this. Just curious, what other telcos would benefit from unlocking it?

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      All - especially ones with lots of cheap data like Cashback Amaysim & Catch etc, 99c Kogan👍
      I just use an unlocked 4G phone & never unlocked this in last 2 years.


        So it would support all bands Vodafone and Optus use?

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          Good point - Check frequencies in Deal Description. Covers most bands used by all Telcos.

          Modem covers all Telstra bands: 4G 700/1800/2100/2600 MHz
          700MHz (B28)
          1800MHz (B3)
          2100MHz (B1)
          2300MHz (B40)
          2600MHz (B7)
          850MHz (B5)
          1800MHz (B3)
          2100MHz (B1)
          Bands used depend on local equipment

          oztowers gives number of towers per Telco on each band.
          Use search for tower frequencies in your location👍


      So are you confirming a Boost sim works fine with this modem? Thinking of getting it and switching to Boost when the data is out.

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        Will work without an issue. I used mine with an Aldi data sim.

        The biggest issue with this one (once it’s unlocked) is the support for other carriers 3G bands, as it only supports 3G 850/2100 and the Optus variant of this supports 3G 900/2100MHz.


    Thanks, OP. Didn't really need the modem but did want a 30 day Telstra service so I can get access to fon hotspots (https://www.telstra.com.au/support/category/broadband/telstr...) whilst I'm in Europe for a month… Was going to get a $20 long life plus (45 days) but this is $1 cheaper, and maybe I can give the modem to someone…. (and yes, I'm kicking myself for not getting a $30 kit for $10 recently at Woolworths/Coles)


    how do you use it as a hotspot? Can I plug it in to power pack/car usb socket and use it by itself?


      Yes - I've got this device.


      I use that mainly in the car as it doesn't have a battery, so shouldn't kill it with too much heat because… no battery! OTOH, any interruption you'll need to wait for the stick to restart.


    Although stated as with 30d 3GB - Depends on current offer.
    Activated the SIM on 22/2 - Got 60 days & 30GB.

    Bought it in the Coles / Target $9 deal (with 30d 3GB) nearly 2 years ago!

    Still haven't got around to unlocking as outlined in that deal as use a 4G phone for rarely needed hotspot.


      Yeah, I grabbed 8 or so from that deal too mainly for the included data. Think I have two more sims left from the longest expiry needing to be

      activated by April or May. I have not unlocked any either as have various modems from all three telcos and also use unlocked phones for hotspotting.


    thanks op picked one


    just checked my cupboard and realised i had purchased this in 2017 but never used it. so i removed the sim card door and activated (thinking i will get error message, but guess what i was given 20gb on activation successfully :) . Connected up to 7 devices
    Just disconnected the broadband and will be using mobile broadband from today :)


      Same, but should have activated a bit earlier - got 60 days & 30GB on 22/2😉

      With so many Cashback & other FREE SIM deals, I haven't paid for Data for a long time (Kogan 99c). Just activated 2 free 52GB 90d Catch SIMs. Others got better Catch Connect deals.

      Using the SIM from this deal in the FREE 4G Telstra phone. Better to use than this modem (battery to make portable, Bluetooth, screen to read SMS & info, etc - still works as hotspot for multiple devices).

      Also using it to store those free apps I might use one day. And for free burger & Guinness deals