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$9.95 for 2 amaysim Unlimited 20GB Mobile Plan Renewals with 28-Days Expiry (25c per GB) @ Groupon (New Customers)


The Groupon and Amaysim offers are back!!

$9.95 for 2 Renewals of amaysim Unlimited 20GB Mobile Plan with 28-Days Expiry. This works out at 25c per GB of data so it’s pretty cheap

All terms and conditions are in this link

Must be activated by 15th April

Don’t forget to stack with the ShopBack cashback and save an extra 7% via Shopback App

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    I'm used to getting paid for sims now lol

    • +1

      I need a cashback offer soon for next month….

  • For new customers only :(

    • In other words, use a new email address.

      • but isn't there and ID check?

        • amaysim distinguishes customers only by their e-mail addresses.

  • +3
    • -1

      Not available to people currently with Kogan

      • +1

        Port out, port in

      • Yes, it is. They don't check.

        • +1

          Yes they do. I tried to port back in last time and they said you can't if you have been with them in the last 30 days.

  • Is this price for the first month only

    • -2

      From previous Amaysim offer, 2 renewals means $9.95 for total 3 months ( 3 x 28 days )

      • +2

        *2 x 28 days

  • Now all we need is a groupon discount code and increased cashback and this will be great to buy.

  • expect a half price code on the 31st mar with 15% cashback

  • -3

    Put what happens after the renewals are done please see are not stupid stop trying to lure this community into fake discount deals.

    Most people get hit with the ongoing overpriced plan bs.

    OP put more info as to what happens when you reach the data limit and what happens after first few renewals.

    • Nothing fake in these deals. Everyone who considers buying this deal (any any deal for that matter) should read the terms and conditions on the Groupon website before purchasing. It spells out there clearly that you will be charged $40 per 28 days after the Groupon deal ends. And you can very easily cancel the service at any time via the online customer account page.

    • +1

      You don't change payment method to BPAY first thing you do?

  • • Excess data charged at $0.072/MB or $10/1GB

    Watch them screw you with this

  • Got a notification that says "Use TODAY50 for 50% off this deal", works out to be $4.97 for two months.

    • Says you need to be logged into the account eligible for this code.

      • +1

        Ah must be targeted then

  • +2

    Great deal, thanks! Sorts me out for next two months. So summarising what I found after chatting with customer service and signing up for a new account (some of what has already been mentioned):
    * to be considered a new customer you have to use an email they don't already have on their system
    * to sign up for the deal, on Amaysim's payment page, you use the groupon voucher's security code into their 'promo code' field and 'apply'
    * then 'voucher' becomes available as a new payment method - and why would you pick that one ;-) ;-) … you DON'T pick that one - there seems to be some glitch in their system. You actually need to pick credit/debit card (maybe it is a trick to get your details so that they can auto-charge you for excess data usage and auto-rollover)
    * That is all there is to it - 2-7 days later a SIM will arrive (I am porting my number in)
    * indeed it is clearly mentioned the $40 for subsequent months (ie. month 3 and onwards; to avoid this you just turn off auto-renewal in your dashboard in the second month) and excess data charges - I asked this with their customer support and was told this: "No worries, since you're on prepaid, there's no auto data top up will be added unless you manually add it from your account"
    * the first I did was activate my online account with them and switch to Bpay
    * The number porting won't start till I am ready and have received the SIM

    Thanks again for the deal .. I have been with Amaysim before and happy with them. I have also been with Kogan (on their $0.99 deal) and Boost - very happy with all of them to be honest. Boost and Amaysim both had great customer service. Kogan screwed up with their SIM delivery and after a bit of chasing it was sort out and they even gave me an extension to activate my SIM.

  • use this 6 months for $9.95 deal instead- https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/445136

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