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6x 28-Day amaysim Renewals of 1GB Unlimited Plan (New Customers) $9.95 @ Groupon


Great plan for the folks. $9.95 for six 28-day renewals of amaysim Unlimited with 1GB per 28-days. Enjoy :)

(1) New amaysim customers only, (2) Redeem voucher before 14th April 2019, (3) Activate SIM before 24th April 2019.

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  • +3

    Thanks TA - perfect timing!

  • TA any half price on these? AM50 again?

    Or any 15% cash back from cashrewards.

  • Don't forget to use Cashrewards on these for cashback ;)

    • Shopback is currently 7% while CR is only 5%

      • +2

        Checking out the recent Shopback post, looks to me that Shopback isn't very reliable, whilst I've never seen anyone with issues with Cashrewards. I'll stick with Cashrewards and sacrifice 2%.

        • +4

          And if you check previous Cashrewards posts some ozbargainers are reporting the same for cash rewards

          I myself had 2 hellofresh and one Amazon cashback not track with Cashrewards.

          With shopback only one small Amazon purchase didn't track

          • +1

            @easternculture: I guess the way I feel is that at least with Cashrewards I can reach out to TA who is reliable (not sure if you did that when you had an issue), when I had a purchase not track, he solved it in 10 minutes, with Shopback I don't know who to contact.

  • +7

    Great plan for the folks.

    I would recommend buying a Belong $40 Starter Kit for $15 + Free Shipping Australia Wide @ CELLMATE) and using a $20 referral to sign up.

    You get $60 to use on the $10 plan = 6 months in total

    Benefits are telstra network and ability to use data gifting if you run out of data rather than pay $10 for 1gb with amaysim. Going rate is $1 per 1gb belong data on the trading forums

    Totally cost is $15 (telstra network ) compared to $10 for optus network

  • Best mobile plan ever.

    • +3

      Big call there. 1GB/month doesn't suit everyone.

      • True but do you know any mobile plans for less than $2/month that lets you receive text and call other mobiles?

        just disable data and treat it like an old phone if you can still remember that

  • Noooooooo, my plan expires mid-May! Not sure if I should wait or bite the bullet and lose a month from the current plan.

    • +5

      Did you get the amaysim 4month plan?same! I'd bite the bullet and renew for this

      • +2

        Yes I did!

        One part of me says “just get it over and done with, time is money” and the other says “just wait and save more $$$, it’s the OzBargain way”.


        • Tempting as well to wait… It is 6 months though, I've got a dual Sim so this could be sort of a set and forget thing for 6 months

    • I'm in the same boat. Think I will wait it out to see if a better deal comes along. At least I'll definitely wait until there is a groupon + cashback deal which should get about 25% off this price.

    • this one has to be voucher Redeemed before 14th April 2019, and sim Activated before 24th April 2019.

      so leave activation to 20th april and the gap to mid may is ~3 weeks. (you'll have to port out and port in - hence doing it a few days before the 24th)

      so you lose ~3 weeks from you current plan but this is value.

    • same here.

    • did you get this deal even though you are currently with amaysim?


  • +1

    When it says new customer does it mean if you already have a number you can just sign up again in your account with a new number?

    • +5

      Generally new customer means new email address. This is very easy to do if you have a google account as you can just append a plus ("+") sign or insert one or several dots (".") in it and emails will still go to your same gmail account. More details here: https://gmail.googleblog.com/2008/03/2-hidden-ways-to-get-mo...

      For example, if your email address is [email protected] then [email protected] or [email protected] can be used. Amaysim considers these as new email addresses. Then you can sign up for a new account with your new email address and keep all your other details the same.

    • +2

      I didn't need to use a new email address. Just has to be a new number or a newly ported number - That is, it doesn't work on services that are already on amaysim.

      • +1

        You can port out (to Telstra with free sim for example) and then back in with your same number and it will be considered a new service. This is straight forward to do.

        • or Boost 5cents sim from office works.

      • So, as an experiment as an existing Amaysim customer, I tried to redeem the Groupon voucher for my current number (as I will port it) as I wanted the delivery to happen ASAP. It seemed to be working with a variant of the gmail address but then ended up with a 500 error after accepting payment details. So, don't do this. Port out first.
        I'll have to talk to someone to resolve this and may have to get a refund from Groupon (within 7days) if Amaysim say I'm not eligible and refuse to help fix the mess I've created.

        • I don't fully understand what happened. So when you redeemed the voucher, did you indicate that you would be porting your number to Amaysim from a different provider even though you are with Amaysim? And you created a new account with new email address and everything else was the same as your current account?

          So your plan would have been to port away from Amaysim to another provider (e.g., Telstra) after you had received the Amaysim SIM and then you could port straight back to Amaysim with minimal time with the other provider? I have not tried to do this before. It would be good if you could keep us informed on the outcome.

          • +1

            @Rodo: On Friday I ported out to Telstra. Today I did live chat. Rep wiped out the old email address, but I'm not sure if that worked. I had further issues completing the process. In the end I had to chose pay with credit card (voucher does not work - comes up with error to use live chat).
            I got through finally with completely new email address, applying the promo code, using credit card details for payment of $0
            Order is confirmed, so now I wait for the sim.

  • +4

    I hope they release a 6 x 2.5GB plan offer. that'll be perfect for me. 1GB is a bit tight.

    • -4

      That's the whole point. Make a trap and wait for some customers to fall in, another $10. It's a crime to offer 1gb in current high speed and data hungry era with no stopping usage option in place. Basically when one uses up 600mb you start to get uncomfortable in continuing using.

  • -3

    OVO has the same plan but for 30 days https://ovo.com.au/

    • +3

      OVO is $9.95 for 30 days. This is $9.95 for 168 days.

  • Does this mean I can renew (top-up) 6 x times before expiry and I'll get 6 months and 6 GB?

    • +2

      Total cost is $9.95. This gets you 1GB of data plus unlimited calls to use every 28 days for 6 renewals. So this deal will last you 168 days. You do not need to renew during this period. The plan will automatically renew. You pay the $9.95 upfront and each renewal period will not cost you anymore money.

      • Does anyone know the cycle date starts from the day I activate the sim or from the day I redeem the voucher at Groupon as it takes at least a week to receive the simcard ?

        • +1

          It will start the day the SIM is activated.

          • +1

            @Rodo: Based on previous customer experiences, the SIM is posted out pre-activated unless

            1. You're porting a number,
            2. You paid by PayPal and delay verifying your ID,
            3. You activate within 14 days of receiving the SIM card.
  • +2

    Can confirm Amaysim 1GB monthly deal is pretty amazing as I'm on this. Unlimited calls/texts and data is charged per kb instead of per mb so lasts a while. Have to be careful and use public wifi though when I get a chance, but 1GB is enough for the month. Definitely recommend :)

  • Does anyone know the cycle date starts from the day I activate the sim or from the day I redeem the voucher at Groupon as it takes at least a week to receive the simcard?

  • +1

    perfect timing. thanks

    and I had $10 referral credit!!!

    free 6 months of phone!!!

    plus 7% shopback (sorry TA)

    so I'm being paid $0.74.


    • +1

      I dont think referral credit click in for stuff under $10

      • +1

        yes it tracked. though only 49cents

        plus i bought a sim through the $1 for 2 months deal with $5 cashback (so profit there of $4)

        so I paid $1 and will get back $5.49 from cashback

        so essentially I got 6 months of amaysim and cash back of $4.49 for free.

  • Is this advisable to use for roaming? Just to receive text message from the bank?

    • +2

      Yes. Amaysim SIMs will work when overseas and no need to purchase any extras to do this. Just turn off mobile data and don't answer calls. You can receive text messages for free.

  • groupon cant login?
    forget passwords send to email also does not work.

  • +1

    Do they post a Sim ?

    • Yes. Price includes standard delivery of SIM card

  • So I got this for a friend last year. He is visiting again this year in June until August so two months. Can he sign up again same email address but new number?

    Hoping this will be around again in 3 months when he arrives. He doesn't need anything special just calls mainly and some data for train times and Google maps so this would be fine just need to know if existing customers can take advantage of this in some way.

    • Needs to be different email address.

      • Ok thanks.

        I'll see if they are comfortable with making a new email address for cheaper mobile plan. I am considering also actually too but I need 3gb of days to be safe.

        Average around 50 to 100 megabytes daily so multiply by 30 days is just under 3000 megabytes or 3gb a month.

        But $10/6 months is unbeatable.

        I would save $120-$130 per year.

      • Just add +1 to their email address. Amaysim will see it as being new but the email will just be delivered to their regular address.

  • after 6 renewals, it will stop automatically/end or will it renew to the monthly plan?

    • It'll revert to the regular price, which is $10 per month

      • Thanks. So at the end of the 6th renewal then we need to stop auto renew, am I right?

  • +1

    New Customers: Use promo code TRY10 for 10% off so $8.95

    • Code doesnt work. I tried to make new groupon account n still not working

      • +3

        Yeah I think this one expired….

        edit: Even Better, They have upped it to 15% off so comes to $8.46
        New Code: BRANDNEW


        • Legend..

        • Is this code only for new Groupon accounts as well?

          Edit: To answer my own question yes it comes up on the main page as soon as it loads.

        • From memory these codes work on only one item in cart does anyone know for sure?

          ie If i want to get 2 of these 6x28 day deals and have 15% off both of them i'll have to create 2 new groupon accounts and buy one on each.

          Is that correct?

  • +2

    Just letting everyone know…

    Turning on BPAY/VOUCHER as a payment method DOES NOT TURN OFF AUTO RENEW.

    Even removing your card details does not. Amaysim still has this on file and will use it.
    On the plan tab you will see AUTO RENEW ON as active. This needs to read AUTO RENEW OFF.

    On the settings tab (I think it was from memory) you can turn off AUTO RENEW and payment type as BPAY. Now the plan won't renew.

    • You can also use paypal and remove the re-curring payments there.

  • Exetel is $8.99 per calendar month with unlimited calls/SMS and 2GB of data!!

    • This is approximately $1.8 per month for unlimited calls/SMS and 1GB of data

  • TA i can't find the groupon code:BRANDNEW on cashrewards that ahly92 posted here:


    If we use it we won't be eligible for cashback will we?

    • +1

      We've not been given that code by Groupon and it may belong to another publisher. See my response here to a similar question. You can try it, but if it fails to track or is declined, you'll know why :)

      • Thanks.

        It appears on the Groupon.com.au main web-page as soon as you go there.

  • Thanks OP, just purchased two for my parents.

  • What happens if you go over 1GB data , do they cut the data off and then offer you extra data to purchase or do they let you use more then take from credit card ?

    • What is the additional data rate?
      If you run out of the included data in your amaysim mobile or data-only plan, how you'll be charged will depend on the plan you're using.
      Regardless of the plan you're using, if you exceed your plan’s included data and plan to continue using data, we recommend adding extra data (1GB/$10) - it’s easy and a much more cost effective way to continue using data.


      • Thanks for that.
        Looks like post paid they add data automatically. Pre paid they ask you first

  • Trying to remember if they ever had any promos like this but for existing customers.

    I don't mind making infinite email addresses already have a few but if they catch on and start looking at names and addresses and stuff then I will only be able to do this a few times and still need a backup plan which would probably be boost or kogan at $12.50 to $15 a month.

  • Mine has not arrived 10 days after I ordered. My acoutn shows they have already started using up my days even though I haven't activated the sim.

    Another Groupon scam?

    • Same. Still waiting for the sim to arrive. I thought the plan wont start until you activate the sim?

      • Haev you set up an account on amaysim? I checked mine and it had started.

        I will have to chase it up.

  • I have activated the sim for this offer and the plan doesn't state anything about 6x28 day renewals. It says that renewal is set for 2 May 2019 which is right for the first 28 days but clear if I will be charged for subsequent renewals.

    Does anyone's account state the 6x28 days?

    • Check your invoice, it’ll mention the 6 renewals.

  • Hi TA, I just tried to redeem the voucher as it’s due today.
    It says “Amaysim went something wrong please start the live chat”.

    Upon staring live chat it says it’s not available at this time, their call centre is also closed.

    I tried using my desktop computer and same result.

    What is my option here? I paid it wth PayPal


    • Try a different web browser. I couldn't get Amaysim to work in Firefox, but it did with Chrome. i.e. Copy the 'click here' link on Groupon, and paste it into a different browser. If that doesn't work, clear your browser cache/cookies, close it, open again and try.

    • Try Internet Explorer, not Chrome.

      • Cheers for your input. I used chrome and it didn’t work…

  • Oops, nearly forgot about this. So what is the 'Security Code' for, that shows just below the 'Voucher Code' on Groupon?

  • How long does it take for amaysim to send the simcard after redeeming the vouchers?

    • I ordered it about 10pm on the 14th. It arrived today. I live in a regional area (city would probably be a bit faster).

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