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Xiaomi Dreame Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 20,000Pa Suction $299.95, Xiaomi Mi Robot 1st Gen $318.59 Delivered @ Gearbite eBay


Greetings everyone, Gearbite have dropped this Vacuum to the cheapest so far, and sub $300.

There have been plenty of positive comments so far for this vacuum from users over the past few deals, see some of the reviews below:

Gearbite have also completed a comparison video Here against a Dyson V8.


Brand Xiaomi Dreame
Rated Power 400W
Battery Capacity Standard 60mins,Max mode 8Mins
Inhalation Power 120AW
Dust Cup Capacity 0.5L
Product Weight 1.5KG
Patented Motor Space 3.0 Brushless Motor
Suction 20,000Pa
Filter Multiple Filtration
Smart Cool Smart Cool 3.0 System
Simplified Trash One Button to release
Operation Manual English
Money Back 30 days money back guarantee
Warranty 12 Months

These are local products with a 12 month warranty, they also have an excellent returns policy if necessary.

Gearbite have also dropped the Mi Robot Vacuum to sub $320 again, I have used this vacuum for the last 5 months and can say that it has been my best purchase for a long time!

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum 1st Gen

Support Go and Zoned Cleaning
Xiaomi have updated go and zone cleaning function. (These features were added in April 2018)

Intelligent Route Planning:

Laser Distance Sensor ( LDS ) allows the robot to scan its surroundings at 360 degrees, 1800 times per second, with the Simultaneous Localization and Mapping algorithm to map out the interiors of your home and then provides real-time planning routes, edge cleaning followed by Z-shaped cleaning according to the surroundings

Three-dimensional Vacuum Cleaning System:

With its vacuum system, the robot empower your house a super cleaning like a tornado, with no dust, debris, granule, or any other wastes left, so clean and smooth that you can walk with bare feet on the floor

APP Remote Control

Zoned cleaning is available, just one click to set wherever you wanna clean with the map in your phone
5200mAh Large Capacity Battery
robot carries 5200mAh Li-ion battery which ensures 2.5 hours cleaning for a house of 250sq.m in full charge

1800Pa Super Suction

With a strong power, the robot absorbs all the debris, steel beads, soybeans, dust, millet or any other wastes all in a sudden

Almighty Helper

  • 1.5 cm obstacle climbing
  • 360 degrees LDS pressure sensor
  • 4 anti-drop stair sensors
  • 10mm laser edge sensor
  • Automatic self-recharging

As always, enjoy!

Original PURPLE 10% off Sitewide on eBay Deal Post thanks to TA!

ABN 60 615 962 500

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  • +4

    looks like a Dyson replica…reverse engineering is cool!

    • this thing really sucks :) see the review comparison

      • +3

        Wait is sucks a good or bad thing for vacuum cleaners?

      • +1

        I will buy the one that sucks more

    • Anyone know if the heads are compatible with Dyson?

  • @doweyy: Mi Robot Gen 1 or Gen 2? Worth the price difference? Thanks for the post, great prices!

    • +2

      I have both Gen 1 and Gen2. 1 for more than a year, Gen 2 for three months
      In fact, except mopping, Gen 2 is as same as the Gen 1.
      Only if you don't have carpet, would I suggest you buy the Gen 2.

    • +3

      I personally love my Gen 1, and for my circumstances (1BDR Apartment) it does the job perfectly. I think it really depends on your setup, but for a simple setup, I think Gen 1 is sufficient and doesn't warrant the extra money.

      • Thanks for the feedback @Waiteyes and @doweyy. Time to convince the missus 🙆‍♂️

        • +1

          I have a small 4 bedroom house and it does pretty well! Very stoked on it!

      • Hey Doweyy,

        Do you vacuum less frequently since buying it?
        I'm thinking of getting gen2 (hard floor house). My suspicion is that house will be cleaner between vacuums but I will still have to do my weekly vacuums as the robot would not cover all tight spots.

        Ex-firelord Ozai

        • I'm not sure if I vacuum less, but all I do is put it on during the weekend and it works a treat, no other vacuuming needed during the week, it makes life a lot easier.

    • +2

      Gen 2 has the following enhancements, see if it's worth the extra cost to you
      - mopping function
      - sensor closer to the centre (gets stuck less often)
      - can climb up small steps/level differences better
      - can remember multiple maps (floor plans), useful if you have multiple storeys and want it to go to a specific area for cleanup
      - washable filter (but you can buy a washable filter and install into Gen1, wear-and-tear parts are interchangeable)

      • +1

        Thank you! I also noticed about 200pa difference in suction. Noticeable difference you think?

  • Adopted 2 kittens 2 months ago and it's perfect timing. Ordered. Thanks, OP.

  • +1

    Just $11 more expensive than Aliexpress, I just pulled the trigger. lol

    • +7

      No only about price, but most important thing is warranty.

      • +1

        Yes. That is why I ordered from Gearbite. Please post asap OP. :)

    • Did your Aliexpress price include GST?

      • +1

        Sorry, my post confused you. I ordered Xiaomi Dreame from Gearbite. Aliexpress price is US $203 including GST. I don't mind to pay $11 extra to local business. :)

  • +1

    i ordered NEW LG A9MULTI CordZero A9 Multi Handstick Vacuum using TGG 20%. which one you guys recommend ? if xiomi better i cancel my order and get xiomi.

    • +2

      I like xiaomi's better.
      The dock is even better than Dyson.
      And xiaomi is always the cheaper one when the qualities are same.

    • +1

      LG better

      battery never last forever and with LG you just slot new 1 in like your power tools / drills

  • +2

    I thought I read the Dreame will have an AU plug from March, can anyone confirm?

    • Chinese plugs will work in Australian power points but it is not compliant.

      If this is being sold by an Australian store (which it seems to be) then it legally needs to have an Australian compliant power plug.

      • Mine came with a II plug not a /\ plug

        • +1

          As it has been illegal for anyone (manufacturer, importer, or reseller such as a wholesaler, trade supplier or retailer) to sell any new item without compliant insulated pins since 3 April 2005 I would be talking to the place that sold it to you if they are an Australian store and asking for a compliant wall plug (an adaptor is not acceptable).

          I'd also be advising the ACCC.

          • @spaceflight: Can you please provide a reference or link for this? Any clues appreciated as I will use to request (demand) an au plug.

            • +1

              @sian72: The requirement for insulated pins is covered in AS/NZS 3112:2000
              I can't share the full document as they are licensed.

              This is a good summary for you (and to share with the store)

              The Wikipedia page also explains other details about the plug requirements that include pin thickness, length etc

              Even if you insulated Chinese plug pins they would not be compliant because they are different sizes to Australian pins.

    • Just received my Xiaomi Dreame. It came with a chinese plug. Has anyone followed up on this? Would appreciate knowing if you were able to change to an AU plug.

      • +1

        yep, I just twisted them.

        • Can you show me what you wrote? =P

        • They will only offer me $5 refund to buy a converter. Saying they don't have the adapters.

          • @ShinK0: Hey mate, when you say converter, do you mean plug adaptor? Or voltage converter…

  • Do you have to mount this on the wall, or is it a stand like ??

    • wall mount

    • Not that you don't have to use the dock. You can plug the power adapter straight into the vacuum if you want.

    • The dock needs is screwed to the wall so needs drilling. However the dock is optional so you don't have to use it if you don't want to.

      • Thanks everyone, i would prefer a stand, as i dont have anywhere to wall mount, but thats ok. Im sure i will make do! I ordered one!

  • I own Neato robot vacuum few years back and conveniently after one year use, it played up and now sitting in my storage room collecting dust. With Xiaomi, where do we send it for warranty claim and who pays for the postage? Thanks

    • +10

      Cover with our 12 Months warranty, we will create Auspost return label to cover the postage.

      • +1

        Great service!

      • +2

        And very fast too! Less than 2 week turn around from advising an issue, getting a return label, posting it, getting a return tracking number and it being delivered. Gearbite handle warranties very well.

  • I don't know if I should bite the bullet on the dreame 😫

    • Yes its good - battery time does whole house

  • Is it good for thick carpet? I meant for the robot

  • Can someone link a compatible 6 arm sweeper for Gen1

  • Does anyone know where to get good replacement side brushes for the Mi Robot? The one that came with it lasted over a year before it caught something and twisted until it broke, I bought some non-genuine replacements from Banggood and they only last about a week before the arms start falling off.

  • I bought one about 2 weeks ago. No complaints so far, works as advertised.

  • Is that video for real? That level of suction can't be healthy.

  • I’ll wait till end of financial year sale it will be 120$

  • Is the money back guarantee covering the shipping fees back?

  • I cannot apply the code PURPLE for some reason. I got that error checking the console "Invalid value for request parameter: clientKey".

  • We have the Xiaomi S50 and really like it. We have timber floors now. We also have a dyson V6 cordless for spot cleaning and the cars

    How would the Xiaomi dreame compare to the V6

    • Same situation. Would like to know too

      • +1

        Consensus so far from OzB reviews seems to rate it superior to a V6, and possibly on par with a V8. Its similar to the Roidmi I think, which has similar reviews.

  • +1

    I've got the robot vacuum 1st gen.

    At first I loved it. Then it got even better - a software update brought zoned cleaning.

    Now I hate it. Every new software update introduces new bugs. It's hardly usable at my place any more.

    It now gets stuck in places it didn't get stuck before (i.e. climbing up on a rug, or climbing over a little floor trim between tiles and wood).

    In the past in the much rarer cases when it would not get past something it would just try a different route after a couple of attempts and if necessary it would give up on that bit and continue the rest of the cleaning. Not any more, now it is stuck for good. Brush going full speed, disintegrating the rug.

    Latest bugs: it walks the whole perimeter of a zone, but then forgets to go back to half the rooms.

    It must know I hate it now. Last time I used it I found it hiding under a table. Just sitting there, not moving. Not stuck on anything. Battery still over 50%.

    I'm saddened to say: it's going to be replaced by the good old Dyson, it's predecessor.

    The way the robot behaves at the moment I need to spend more time supervising it than it would take to just do the job with my Dyson.

    • Mine was doing a very similar thing… I'd come home and it would be sitting in a spot in the room. I'd turn it back in and it would do about 2m of room carpet floor then go back to the dock. It still had a good battery percentage.
      It would be sitting in pretty much the same spot a number of times when I came home.
      It hasn't done that recently, now it just gets stuck behind an open door.
      Still like my robovac. Backed up with a V6 Dyson handheld.

      • 2nd gen here. Happens to me on very thick carpet/rug. When I did a thorough clean in area under the long rectangular brush (scrub the walls clean) it works much better as I believe there are sensors in there.

    • That’s unlucky your floors cause it to get stuck
      Our Xiaomi S50 is so good, great after party’s , just turn it on and it cleans a whole floor level . Every now and then move it down to the other floor level .

      Ours only gets stuck under my office desk cables, but I block that area off with a chair , plus it’s forcing me to do some cable management

    • Ironically, just checked the app, whilst still at work…..yep, it's currently asleep. In approx the same spot it always does….the map looks like it's actually cleaned the house, bar a small area, but not sure, might be something on the floor there, can't remember.
      It'll be sitting there waiting for me when I get home from work … I'll wake it up and then it'll go back to the dock.

  • +1

    @gearbite Any deal for the V2? I would love to buy for around $450.

  • Anyone got any comments on the Dreame VS the Logan T8?

    This seems more powerful, is more expensive and has less attachments? Not sure it's worth the extra or not.

    • Sorry meant Kogan… Stupid autocorrect

  • +1

    I love my gen 1.

    • note that it was purchased 29 Apr, 2018 from ebay gearbite.

  • Does the Xiaomi Dreame come with a soft floor brush (similar to the one you get with Dyson Absolute)? Asking as I have timber floors and hence need something that will pickup properly (& not just move crumbs around like the non-absolute Dyson).

    • Going on YouTube video, yes head is soft. And also a past comment from seller indicated carpet head will arrive in may.

      • Thanks

    • I have one - the floor head is not a brush. It's a roller thing which is soft and no bristles. If you want, I could take some close up photos later. If you have certain crumbs in mind, I could try it with mine and report back? I know it doesn't pick up dry paper cat litter off carpet but flings it around (my guinea pigs kick it out of their cage onto the floor).

  • Does the robot vacuum suck human and pet hair?

    • +1

      Cherry12, yes Bengal and Human hair.

  • Hey guys,
    For those who purchased the Xiaomi Dreame.. can I ask for your feedback in regards to the bin release button.
    When you press it does it automatically swing open all the way?
    On mine I have to press hard and it doesn't open then I have to manually open the lid by pulling hard at it.
    Saw a youtube video which showed when releasing the button it swings open smoothly, so I thought I'd ask for review from those who purchased.

    Purchased from GearBite, if faulty I hope they accept my return!

    • Bargainboi, yea..all the way. Great Vacuume

    • Yeah mine springs open, with ease, and you gotta make sure it's over a bin before pressing the button. Definitely get in touch with Gearbite via ebay messaging - they'll sort out a return label and they also pay for shipping. I didn't have to send the whole lot back when I made a warranty claim with them, just the faulty part.

  • What's with the helmet in the review video….🤔

    • Safety first.

  • Thanks, bought the cordless vacuum!

  • did anyone receive an au plug adapter? because mine didnt

    • Was it meant to come with one? I didn't get one either.

      Haven't used yet but suction is good, comparable to my v10 when placing hand at the front I rekon. Build quality of the main unit outside seems studier than the Dyson's. Falls short on the brushes and filter and presumably motor. Motor gets hot pretty quick compared to the v10 and older dc35.

  • +1

    Gearbite, do you know if you are going to have a deal on this vacumn cleaner anytime soon?

  • Dang missed out on this, definitely will purchase when it goes on sale again (dreame)

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