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20% off at Selected Sellers @ eBay

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eBay Australia
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    not again…

    • This is Ebay now.
      A percent off sale running every other day

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        The problem is all the items are crap!

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    and jack is in the house already, the baby and toddler town was looking at a Britax seat and on their website it is almost $200 cheaper than on ebay what a joke, I hate jack

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      Haha yep. That's the regulator for you. Less backbone than a snail.

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      I cant't believe urbandictionary.com rejected my submission of pricejacking as a word considering the 20odd links to ozbargain I included.

  • All those stores and probably only 10 items that can be bought at a good price

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    Trophy for any great price found :)

    Only 109k products in field .

  • Oops that hold at starting gate 10am tomorrow .

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    oops you did it again

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    The CUB store is a joke….nothing more than a joke

  • Still no Bing Lee :(. Waiting for Bing Lee ebay 20% off

    • Does Bing Lee ship 65"+ TVs to W.A? Seems risky shipping something so big and delicate that far.

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        They are made in China…

        • Yeah but that's from manufacturer to retailer. This is to the consumer, there are plenty of retails they refuse to ship to W.A due to the risk.

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            @Frayin: I've had a 75" tv delivered from appliancecentral. Ended being fastway couriers, 1 guy lifting this giant box. I insisted on helping him of course.

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    No Appliance Central too 😕

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      No Appliance Online ☹️

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        No Computer Alliance ☹️

    • OMG I need appliance central!!!

    • No deal ☹️

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    Why 44+ votes???? People just see ebay ‘% off’ posts and vote aimlessly. There hasn’t been any potential bargains or good deals posted so far and I understand the sale hasn’t started yet…..but that’s even more of a reason to vote responsibly!!!

    • Why 44+ votes

      Because the OP is r0xz.

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      Explains how some politicians get elected! Vote 1 Ebay 20% off party.

    • Wasn't/Isn't there a rule that you need to post an actual bargain with prices? Or am I just being jv'd?

      • No, i dont think so.

        That was what i used when someone posted 20+ year old store policy, at a servo, as a bargain.

        Apparently living under a rock is a valid excuse here to find out 20 years too late, and call it a "new" bargain.

        (Nope im not exaggerating)

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    Just Wines

    That will be 80% of comments on this thread

  • Search "umeshu", nothing. Not for me.

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    • Seems it appeared at the top. I'm sure it was not there a minute ago!

  • I still always get stuff I want cheaper from 20% deals than any other websites, why bothering whether it jacks or not. In fact, they don't raise the price the day before the deals anyway.

  • Ozplaza is missing again. When will they have another 20% sale! :(

  • From Fresh Cosmetics snagged a bunch of i-Mju Hatomuji at the best prices around atm ($10.20 each).
    Thanks to Moocher for the influencing.

  • Any Xiaomi scooters…

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    That is 2018 model without spare tyres for $580 with 20% off right.

    I just noticed the one in above post has 5% off is $560 with spare tyres.
    Oops link here

    Is there something in your reccomdation I'm not seeing. Hoping to get to 540 as I need to buy 2.

    Appreciate the link

    • I bought the Gearbite one in your link which is the international version with 2 spare tyres, the only catch is you have to switch out the plug or use an adaptor. I had a spare plug lying around and just switched it over, whacked the spare tyres in the shed and have since ridden it to work daily and love it! $530 is a good price with the current PULL10 10% discount.