RMW City Medium Overnight Bag $374.85 Delivered (RRP $630) @ R. M. Williams


As per description, the code is case sensitive.

Thanks to @alecators deal

Link to other sales item

Good price and no scam like Collier Bristow

I’m still waiting for a refund from PayPal after two months 🤦‍♂️

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    For when you go to the big smoke to see your banker

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    Thanks OP, got the City Briefcase for ~$291

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    About 80% of R. M. Williams products are now made outside of Australia (mostly in China and South East Asia). This includes lace up footwear, leather bags and accessories, T-shirts, caps, seasonal shirts/shorts, polo shirts and some leather wallets.

    Today, the company is a wholly 100% owned subsidiary of the Singapore-based L Capital RMW (Singapore) Pte Ltd, a private equity firm of Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy Group

    Such an Australian icon…..

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      yep - pretty sad, however I still like to buy the stuff manufactured in Australia to support our manufacturing industry, and so far I find that things made here are better quality than imported things (not specific to RM's, also includes my couch, dining table, tv unit, jeans…. need to find a decent company making t-shirts and business shirts…)

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        I still wear the locally made leather work shoes I bought over 6 years ago.

        Since then, I’ve owned and bought several spare pairs from DJs/Myer that have been imported. Usually for fashion reasons and to have a spare pair in my locker. The glue breaks apart, the poor quality leather scuffs and holes appear and even the laces break easily. All within 2 years with only ocassional use.

        Saying that the local shoes were three times as expensive as the imported ones. Though they’re the only ones I still have.

        No wonder traditional Australian manufacturing has gone under. Things were built to last.


      Apparently new bags coming out in April and will be made in Australia.

      Not that I really care. I’m all for comparative advantage in a global economy.


    seems like a big discount. bought one thanks op. have a paid of comfort craftsmen which i love

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    These are made in Bangladesh.

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      So is my best friend. Turned out to last a really long time, in fact still going.

      PS: grabbed one as well. Perfect timing.

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    Good bags. I have the large overnight bag.
    Picked it up during one of the previous sales.

    Keep it conditioned and it will last for ages and burnishes nicely with use.

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    Thanks op! Just ordered one for dad's 60th :)


    This or a xiaomi bag?

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    FYI available in a much nicer brown colour as well. https://www.rmwilliams.com.au/rmw-city-medium-overnight/CNM0...

    I went and checked it out in store - looks nice in pictures, but in person this is not for me. Its a bit smaller than a normal travel duffle id use for travel (e.g. the country road leather one), and its a bit stiff/rigid which i dont like, also has a small opening, not as easy to get stuff into.

    The duffle bag (made in italy) IMO is much nicer at least for how I'd use it and opens all the way around - you can get the 15% off but no 30% on that one however. https://www.rmwilliams.com.au/leather-duffle-bag/CG571_VB.ht...


      Totally agree with this. The duffel bag is probably cheaper anyway not on sale and larger. The bags are being discontinued I was told in store. New stock made in Australia coming soon and so price will be higher.

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    There has definitely been a drop in the quality of RM Williams leather products when they stopped making them in Australia. If I'm gonna drop this amount of cash, it'd better be full grain leather.

    You're better off getting Waterfield bags. At least it's full grain leather and hand made in San Francisco.

    The SF Atlas bag is a much better quality bag with better aesthetics.

    Hell even their Nintendo Switch case is made from full grain leather, and ages beautifully.

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      No, thanks:

      "1050 Denier black Ballistic nylon or brown Waxed Canvas"

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        Each to his own. I'd take a bag accented to actually look good and handmade for quality rather than some sweatshop mass-produced 'let's make the entire thing leather' bag that looks no different to a $30 'leather' bag from Paddy's Markets.


      That bag is so ugly


    What are some good alternative brands that produce full grain leather goods. It's a shame that RMW are made outside of aus now.


    Thanks OP, great price for the briefcase - only a little more expensive than some of my crumplers but leather! Look forward to taking delivery.


    I have a RMs bag like this. I'm not a massive fan. Hard to pack effeciently the way the zip just goes down the middle. The zip can take a piece out if you as well.


    Received my bag today.

    Did they really need to use that much paper and plastic to protect the bag?

    The whole bag was full of plastic filled with air and tons of paper!


      Still waiting for mine to be delivered, how does the quality of the leather, and build quality feel?

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        Yeah both are pretty good quality. Better than I expected to be honest (comparing against my Coach one of similar design)


        I just got mine too and love it. The size is perfect and the zip goes around enough for easy access. It can fit a big compendium and laptop easily. Quality looks top notch. I have a Hugo Boss which is a little too small and the zip is so strong and tough on it that I feel like it's going to scratch my stuff.

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