9kg Gas Bottle Refills $15 @ Anaconda (41 Selected Stores)


41 Anaconda Stores offer 9kg Refills for $15.00 …

Bunning charge $26.95 for a 8.5kg Gas Cylinder - Exchange , this is a refill.

Which Anaconda store is nearest to you?

ACT – Fyshwick
NSW – Albury – Belrose – Marsden Park – Penrith – Port Macquarie – Rutherford – West Gosford
NT – Darwin
QLD – Ashmore – Everton Park – Mackay North – Morayfield – North Lakes – Rockhampton – Tingalpa – Toowoomba – Townsville – West Burleigh – West Ipswich
SA – Mile End – Modbury – Noarlunga
TAS – Cambridge – Launceston
VIC – Ballarat – Bayswater – Bendigo – Epping – Frankston – Geelong – Hawthorne East – Highett – Hoppers Crossing – Narre Warren – Preston – Shepparton
WA – Innaloo – Joondalup – Midland – Cannington

GREAT NEWS FOR BOTTLED GAS USERS … here is what you have been waiting for … a barcode which guarantees you pay only $15 for a 9kg refill at any of the 41 Anaconda stores listed above*.

But, to secure this exclusive deal you MUST download this barcode and display it when paying. If you don’t carry a smart phone or tablet you MUST print a copy and display that when paying.


The easiest way to carry the above barcode with you is to save it in ‘Stocard’. Do you have the app ‘Stocard’ on your smartphone?

Why not download it now from the Apple Store or from Google Play Store.

However, you will need to manually enter those 13 numbers – 9 3 4 1 2 3 5 3 2 5 8 7 4 – as Stocard does not automatically recognise this barcode. That’s because it was created exclusively for Gas Bottle Refills Dot Com users.

Even an Anaconda ‘Adventure Club’ card does not qualify you for this $15 deal … you MUST show this special barcode or the regular price of $19.99 will apply.

The Price To Refill Smaller POL Bottles

At the majority of SWAP outlets, bottles described as “3.75 kg”, “4 kg” and “4.5 kg” with a POL fitting cost as much as $29 to swap, but at Anaconda these same bottles cost only $15.50 to refill.

Consider this fact also … there is no such thing as a “swap only” metal gas bottle. Even bottles that came from “swap cages” outside hardware stores, service stations etc., can be refilled … IF … the following conditions are true:

The first proviso for all refills in every State is that a bottle must be 10 years or younger in age. For example, as the message you are now reading was posted on 05/03/2019, the date stamp on the bottle must be “03/2009” or later.

The second proviso is that the bottle must be in good condition.

Store staff could face a hefty fine for breaching these provisos, so their decision as to age and condition is final.

Severe weather conditions and staff availability may also affect when refills are done.

Remember this … you ALWAYS have the choice to go elsewhere if you are not happy with the service and conditions we have worked so hard to achieve for you. Please don’t abuse the staff.

*Gas is NOT available at the following 12 Anaconda stores: NSW – Lidcombe, Moore Park, Newcastle, Rockdale. QLD – Cairns, Chermside, Kawana Waters, Logan. VIC – Box Hill, Maribyrnong, Springvale, Watergardens.

In Qld, bottles must be fitted with a safety plug before removal from the refill site UNLESS the refilled bottle is immediately retained in a gas bottle cradle or gas locker. Ask if there is an extra charge for the plug before handing over your bottle for refilling.

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    Got one recently. Bunnings won't price match as Anaconda decant rather than gas bottle swap.Great price

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    Remember this … you ALWAYS have the choice to go elsewhere if you are not happy with the service and conditions we have worked so hard to achieve for you. Please don’t abuse the staff.

    Interesting comment.. Wonder what has happened in the past..


      While I haven't abused staff, my experience has left me underwhelmed. I've been told on one visit no one was trained to fill the bottle and to come back another time. On the next visit we had to wait for a trained staff member. Probably took around 40mins to have 2 bottles filled. While I didn't weigh the bottles it seems like they may be a little lighter than the swap an go's. I've got 3 x 9kg bottles so try swap any empties when bunnings have a 'price match on' as it's more convenient in my location.


        Filling by decanting will only let you fill a bottle until the liquid reaches the dip tube.
        This could be more or less than 9kg, it depends on how the bottle was made and the length of the dip tube.

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        They even say "Severe weather conditions and staff availability may also affect when refills are done." … I suspect your experience might be the norm, hence to get any business they have to be way under competitor's price. i.e. this might only be for those who don't value their time and will go to extremes to save a few $$.

        That said, I'll be taking my gas bottle for a 3 hour round trip for a refill :) (I do need to go to Rocky once a month so should be able to coordinate it :))

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    Bunnings swap gas bottles. Anaconda refills your bottle. Not the same thing for you to compare. Please update title

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      To stay legal, your bottle has to be tested and certified every 10 years.


      If your bottle is under 10 years old, it takes 5-10 minutes longer to refill than just swapping. When you swap, you can easily get a shitty bottle or one with less time left before it needs certification. Or you can use it to your advantage if you have a bottle that's 9 years old to get one that's 0-3 years old. Horses for courses.

      But I'll do anything to avoid bunnings. Someone has to otherwise everyone pays more.

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        To stay legal, your bottle has to be tested and certified every 10 years

        It's just illegal for a refiller to fill an expired bottle.

        I refill my bottles, but when they do expire I just do a swap at bunnings for a bottle with a longer expiration date.

        Even if you have a bottle that has expired years ago, bunnings will accept it for a swap. They (bunnings supplier) hydro tests expired bottles and recertifies for for another 10 years.


    Cheers OP

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    If you use a tank every couple a months, spend $80 to refill your 8.5kg cylinders indefinitely at the retail price of LPG.


    1kg of propane is about 1.96L. I refill my tanks to 14L for a greater margin of safety so at the current price of LPG it costs $8 per refill.


      Where do you do this sorry?

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        At any servo with LPG. I usually have 5 bottles in the utes tray and fill one at a time.

        It's illegal if you get caught, but nobody ever cares. While refilling I often have people come and ask where to get the adapters. I've been refilling my 8.5/9Kg bottles for nearly 15 years and only been stopped once with an arrogant servo owner, I don't mean to sound discriminatory but just refill it at any servo with an attendant that looks like an international student.

        LPG is a blend of propane and butane. In winter it's more propane, in summer there's more butane. Butane can be dangerous in low temperatures so if you're in tassie or victoria and using the BBQ in winter, make sure your bottles are refilled recently and not from summer when the servo has a higher concentration of butane.

        Butane boils (from a liquid like water to gas) at about -0.2c and propane about -42c so propane is much better in the winter. They both do the same job in a BBQ or deck heater when burned as a gas.

        Or just keep the bottle warm if you think there's a lot of butane in there.

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          It's illegal if you get caught

          It is illegal even if you don't get caught.

          • -2 votes

            @serpserpserp: It's not illegal if you can't prove it.

            (this diatribe will be much fun)

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              @bm: There is a lot in your statement that is worrying. I don't think a lot of people will know how to follow your advice above keeping butane warm. Seriously though, is a servo owner "arrogant" because he stopped you doing something illegal? I won't even start on the international student comment, dear me.



                @bm: There is a lot in your statement that is worrying.

                I dont care what you think. If anyone wants help I'm happy to offer to the best of my ability.

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          It's illegal if you get caught

          It's always illegal

          but nobody ever cares

          Yes they do. If I saw you doing it I would press the emergency stop for everyones safety.

          been stopped once with an arrogant servo owner

          You're the arrogant one who doesn't care about safety and laws.

          The owner did the right thing.


          I didnt know that. So if I'm using a butane canister in a stove and the temperature is below -0.2 it's dangerous? What is a worst case scenario?


            @davelarz: Your flame will be super low or even blow out


            @davelarz: It means your butane will stay as a liquid.

            It needs to be a gas for it to work in a stove. It becomes a gas because it boils.

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            @davelarz: Butane is practically identical to propane for energy density and output in a warm or hot climate if the tank isn't cold.

            The problem in a cold climate is butane can spit out of burner orifices as a liquid and cause uncontrolled fires if so. Liquid butane expands to many times its size once phase changed to gas.

            If the butane bottle is kept warm, it won't happen. Most camp stoves don't insulate the bottle so keeping it warm ensures only gas comes out, but if you're using it in an 8.5kg bottle at 5am after a -5c night, liquid butane could leak from the outlet orifices and burn once vapourised, accelerated by the heat of the flame.

            Butane can be significantly more dangerous than propane when misused.


      At $15 for 8.5kg = 17l, this is cheaper than auto LPG in WA (which is pure propane, BTW).


        How much do you pay for LPG in perth? We've got it around 65cpl in Melbourne now


          99.9c here :-(

          cheapest metro 79c., so slightly cheaper than $15.

          I decant from the 8.5 to small 2kg camping cylinders, which are nearly extinct these days because of filling cost.

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            @manic: OMG, what are you guys paying for petrol and diesel? Can't be worth converting anything to LPG since it has 20-30% less energy density to petrol.


              @bm: It's not. Which is why my mates workshop has a huuuge pile of old vehicle LPG cylinders he's removed from customers cars.
              I don't know anyone using LPG anymore.


                @albanyson: JFC, can you use a location faker on your phone with the 7-11 app to say you're in Melbourne and get the cheap price for 7 days?

                LPG is pretty much dead here too. No new cars have it and my guess in 10 years there'll be another dozen "dieselgates". A huge shame for a high availability alternate fuel that's very non engine-damaging and one of the cleanest burning transport fuels.


            @manic: Wow, at 99c/L you could get some good savings with the 7/11 price lock from Vic, could save about $25 a tank!

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      $80 up front to be able to do something illegal and the break even point is like 20 refills from now. If you use one every couple of months that's still over 3 years to break even.

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        Also, your maths is a bit out. Propane density 493kg/m3. That's 18.25l to get to 9kg (and my last refill at Anaconda was the full 9kg, I weighed the bottle). LPG seems to retail at $0.66 in Melbourne. So $12 for a refill at your servo.

        $3 saving compared to this deal. Not worth the risk and hassle, and no way worth the up front cost.


          Yeah it's not for everyone. If you only go through an 8.5kg bottle once a year, it's not worth the trouble. I usually share with friends so the adapter I use has paid for itself at least 20x over.


    What's the cheapest place to get a 9kg bottle?

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    Anyone know if BCF will price match this?


      BCF have a price match policy. You just have to ask.
      My local BCF (Townsville) are already matching Anaconda.


    Hmm very spicy deal


    How does a 4kg bottle cost more than an 8kg one?


      They are not discounted.
      Normal price is not much less because they are uncommon.
      they are uncommon because normal price is not much less.


    Can someone tell me if it's legal to carry and use a 9kg gas bottle in a Kia Pregio Campervan?


    Do they on refill bottles bought from them? Or any bottle like servo swap and go?


    Hasn't always been the case?
    $15 for refills at Anaconda ?????

    Got three refills already.
    Am I missing something?