50% off Cabelas Shotgun Shell Belt $10 + Delivery (Was $20) @ Gun Emporium


This belt keeps shells at your waist so they’re always within reach.

Rugged buckle keeps belt secure.

Holds 25 shells.

Also since duck hunting season started this week they have specials on duck gear too.

Cut Em Lanyard - $25 from $35

Duck Inferno - $50 from $60

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    You're brave OP. I'll give you that. I'm sure you'll get many wonderful comments.

    • +68 votes

      Its half price and its duck hunting season.

      • +49 votes

        Rabbit season!

      • +6 votes

        Poor ducks

      • -12 votes

        Half price is a deal.. But I don't understand how killing animals can become a sport. Like, pick on someone your own size that can fight back?

        • +9 votes

          But I don't understand how killing animals can become a sport. Like, pick on someone your own size that can fight back?

          Target (paper, clay, silhouette, long range, gongs etc) shooting is a sport that many people participate in…has even been in the Olympics a few times.

          I cull pest and hunt but don't see this as a sport. It's not about a fight with feral/wild animals, it's about keeping numbers down or putting free range organic meat in the freezer.

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            @OzBragain: I have no issues with people killing for food. Killing for recreation, however, is just plain vile.

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              @Omitsukasa: I agree but you're getting into a grey area with these sort of statements. I'm not a wordsmith but I'll do my best to explain.

              I know quite a few people who enjoy hunting can't think of any of them who go out just for the sake of killing something. Most hunters I know have more respect for wildlife and the environment than any city dwelling "environmentalists" I've met (I live in the city BTW).

              I could head out for a deer hunt, wonder around for 2 days with a rifle on my shoulder without getting a shot off and still have had a great weekend.

              Now you're saying it's okay if I shoot a deer and harvest the meat…great. I had an even better weekend.

              What if I shoot 2 cats and 3 foxes and did nothing with the meat or hide? I still enjoyed myself. I still had a great weekend. Culling ferals means hundreds of native animals won't be killed. Still plain vile?

              I know what you mean. There are idiots out there who do just want to kill anything that moves for the fun of it but they are by far the minority.

              Some politicians, media outlets and lobby groups are trying to convince people that anyone with a firearm is a potential homicidal maniac without morals and it's just not the case. I won't try and convince you over the internet but I highly recommend heading out to your local range one day for a try shooting session. Meet shooters and see for yourself.

              There are a few statements I've read from the OP that makes me think they're not really a hunter but just someone who's a little bored and needing attention. Best way to treat these people is largely ignore them.

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                trying to convince people that anyone with a firearm is a potential homicidal maniac without morals and it's just not the case.

                OzBragain is correct.
                Anyone with a firearm — licensed or not — is an exceptional individual who is impervious to depression, schizophrenia, (insert preferred mental illness here), drug or alcohol dependence, family breakdown or any of the challenges facing the rest of society who don't possess firearms.

                That's the power of the gun, baby!

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          Like paintball/laser tag?


          There are people hunting rhinoceros, what do you advice them champ.

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        Op nice find. Thanks. How about more deals like this? Anything in bolt action field? Not a vegan but really not a duck hunting person. Can't even kill a bug

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      Why? We have no problem with shotguns that need manually loading from a belt after each shot.
      (except the vegans)

      • -20 votes

        This can be used to carry shells for semi-automatic (or lever or pump action) shotguns too.

        • +7 votes

          And if someone is licensed for those firearms then what's the problem?

          • -8 votes

            @serideth: Nothing - but I bet manic (and his people) does have a problem with shotguns that don't "need manually loading from a belt after each shot."

            • +11 votes

              @HighAndDry: Lots. I don't have a problem with break action firearms. Plenty effective for hunting ducks, deer, whatever. MUCH harder to massacre 49 people with a break action weapon.

              Why on earth do people need semi automatic weapons?!

        • +1 vote

          So can a 'container'.
          A backpack, suitcase, kitchen draws.
          All of the above could be used to store or carry ammo for a weapon.
          Lets ban the whole lot.
          No more shopping bags of ANY KIND !
          Carry your groceries to the card one item at a time.
          But a car can carry ammo for a semi auto.
          Lets ban them too.

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      Surprised OP didn’t remind us to sub to PewDiePie.

  • +29 votes

    Mine won't be one of them….crap timing OP.

    • +12 votes

      The season started on saturday which was when i saw this deal, but was too busy to post here. But its ok as they still have stock today.

      • +7 votes

        he wasn't talking about the season.

        • +4 votes

          I think EdgeLord OP knows that…?

          • +6 votes

            @Chewie: Spot on, seeing as OP's previous deal post are for video games and maccas, he's almost certainly an edgelord with time on his hands now that 4chan is blocked in Australia.

            • +8 votes

              @tre180: Luckily it's for duck hunting and not cuck hunting, or you'd be in strife.

            • +2 votes

              @tre180: Can I point out that it's this type of unsubstantiated prejudice and generalisations against groups which cause a lot of society's issues?

              • +6 votes

                @HighAndDry: Ha, yeah maybe. Just pointing out that OP is full of shit and looking to rile people. He's claiming in the comments to be an avid duck hunter etc, the only duck hunting he's likely to have done was on the NES.

            • +2 votes

              @tre180: Why do you think it is blocked? It's a good discussion board. I use it for more than 7 years personally and enjoy… especially /b & /s


                @Michael1983: Ah I read a headline earlier that it was banned, apparently only by certain telcos though. Never visit it myself, though some of the greentexts I've seen on other sites are funny.

            • +2 votes

              @tre180: 4chan is blocked? I just opened it and it loads. Sorry if I'm missing something lol

            • +3 votes

              @tre180: Good luck to that 4chan hacker scoundrel trying to get around that ban. Chalk another victory up to our internet police!

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    It's such a strange thing when in an open speech countries like Australia and NZ you can't discuss particular events. 1984 is coming, big brother is watching us.

    • +29 votes

      Username checks out.


      Yeah, what else is new?

    • +14 votes

      I call BS. You're implying that we can't talk gun supplies when the NZ massacre just occurred. Semi-auto gun control is a different topic to hunting supplies. The root cause of the NZ massacre is white supremacy; and people haven't been allowed to talk about that for much longer than 1984 has been out.

    • +20 votes

      Do you understand what Free speech really is?
      Libertarians seem to have reinvented it to suit their beliefs.

      I attended the 2012 George Orwell Prize in Myanmar. George Orwell was the author of "1984" & is considered a Prophet there. He developed his writing there. "Animal Farm", "1984", etc are seen as predictions of what would happened to Burma.

      Writers I met had been jailed for so many years in deplorable conditions for their work - thinking & writing. There was no freedom of speech. (And there was almost no escape if were a Rohingya (Muslim)!)

      People could not only not say what they thought, but could not see what I saw (a bloated body floating down the Irrawaddy River - probably a military political killing) otherwise that may happen to them. I was travelling with a British journalist who had to make out he was just a tourist to be in the country.

      To even think we are headed down that path, because someone disagrees with you or considers what another says is hateful or insensitive, is ridiculous!

      Like most things we do, freedom of speech is not that simple, may have repercussion for others, and needs some consideration (rather than blurting out the first thing that comes to mind that suits our own benefit).

      • -9 votes

        There is a clear difference between free speech and neo-nazi hate speech.

        People need to go learn about WW2 all over again and realise why we don't want it to happen all again.

        • +1 vote

          There is a clear difference between free speech and neo-nazi hate speech.

          There is a difference, but that difference is razor thin. Let me give you an example: If I give a (wrongheaded but) positive review of Mein Kampf, which would it be?

    • +22 votes

      aus and nz are hardly free speech countries

    • -5 votes

      Using "freedom of speech" to promote hate and incite violence is backwards

      • +9 votes

        Inciting violence is not free speech - it's already illegal. "Promoting hate" is such a nebulous term it doesn't deserve to be part of the discussion.

    • +12 votes

      1984 is coming, big brother is watching us.

      Like most Australian's you are asleep in a dream imagining your Government is as awful as it ACTUALLY IS.

      We ALREADY LIVE IN 1984.

      The Australian Government already spies on every single Australian while morons continue voting Labor and Liberal and dreaming that one day the country might be like 1984 when it already is.

      The Five Eyes intelligence sharing agreement allows the Australian Government to record every single piece of content that all Australians produce - bypassing legislation that specifically makes doing this illegal.


      And the Australian Government recently passed legislation that forces all service providers to store all metadata for 2 years for all Australians. It told a story for idiots that metadata is less intrusive than content which it certainly isn't and besides it doesn't give a shit about content because it already has it, see above.

      And fools will continue dreaming about how bad it would be if the Government spied on every single person in the country as they continue to vote for people actually doing that already.

      They'll complain about how awful it would be if that happened as it happens around them and they'll continue voting for the two parties that carried out these attacks on their fundamental human rights as per the UN.

    • +2 votes

      Someone criticising something is not the same thing as prohibiting or preventing discussion. I think you might need to re-read 1984 because you seem to have missed the point.

      • +1 vote

        You're right, this is more akin to Fahrenheit 451 where people willingly censored themselves and each other.


      …you can't discuss particular events…

      No one is stopping you talking, in case you had not noticed.


      You should be able to discuss them, but maybe not on a deal site. Plus Telstra could block OZB if someone starts using the word manifesto here.

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    Dont own a gun (never will) - no interest what so ever…..So why do I feel like a really want this? Not sure what I could possibly do with it. Watched too many movies maybe.

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