expired Hisense 65" PX 4K UHD OLED Smart TV $2495 + $150 Rebel Gift Card @ Harvey Norman


65" OLED from a reputable brand finally under $2500! Previous lowest price was restricted to Ebay Plus Members

Same price at JB Hi Fi and The Good Guys!

JB Hi-Fi

The Good Guys. Don't forget 2.3% Cashback for TGG.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman


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    OLED? Yes. Reputable in oled? Hardly

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      LG Panel! and we aren't talking about TCL/Kogan. Hisense have had excellent reputation with their new tv's in the last couple of years!

      and most reviews I have read have been good about this tv including whirlpool.


        I thought TCL's newest TVs were considered alright, although I can only find a couple of reviews around.


        Yes they earned a good reputation in the 4K value for money space, that doesn't mean its automatically transfers over to OLED as its a different beast to master.


          Hence my argument stating user reviews on Whirlpool as well as Tech reviews are good!

          If they haven't done it right, the reviews arent gonna be good, like they are!

          I for one, am a big fan of Sony OLEDs, even though they use LG panels and I have the A8F myself. I don't for one believe LG are the best out there for OLEDs.


            @aspirepranesh: I am not sure what you're on about then.

            We both agree, Hisense the brand has a good reputation in reviews and on forums such as whirlpool for their 4k LED and the value proposition they've brought to the market with those in recent years.

            Their oled is a completely different story. There's barely any reviews, those aren't glowing and whirlpool thread has almost nothing to say on them other than the price of them is too high as it still is.

            No one is paying the same ballpark for a hisense OLED as they are for an LG or any other well established (non first gen attempt) OLED. period.


        You know the LG panels were used are First gen panels which had lots of issues including deep green hues. Look up the thread on HDTV forums


    If there were no more B8 deals this might be worth considering but imo you're better off paying the extra and getting something like:


    For anyone interested in this deal, GoodGuys is having 10% off as well that ends today (Sunday).

    Go on their site and you should get the 10% off option. That makes it $2245.50

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