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Ryzen 3 2300X RTX 2080 Gaming PC: $1299 Delivered @ TechFast eBay


Hi all,

Thought we'd throw this out there as the lowest price RTX system we've ever done. Paired with the B350 Mobo upgrade in the listing the 2300X can scale very nicely.
We have also dropped the RAM Upgrade price to $99 to make that more accessible.

Ryzen 3 2300X / RTX 2080 8GB / 8GB DDR4 2400MHz / 120GB SSD / 750W PSU / A320M Motherboard: $1299
Link: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/192870413176

Build times are currently 15-20 days. I fully acknowledge that we didn't have a good Feb/March but those issues have been resolved and by early April we will be back towards 10 days and under.

If you're having trouble with delays for your system please get in touch and I'll help you out - I have lots of requests on the go so please bear with me and I may need a reminder, but I will get back to you.

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  • Out of curiosity do you ever swap or substitute parts?
    Say for example if I want to exclude PSU and Case and SSD/HDD else could you trade that for a RAM/CPU/MoBo upgrade?

  • CPU is underpowered compared to GPU.

    • That's an understatement. A good analogy would be putting racing stripes and spoilers on a Corolla.

      I'd go a Ryzen 5 with a 1080 over this. But then I'd prefer to go Intel anyway if I'm honest.

      • +12 votes

        So you'd use a slower single thread CPU with a much slower GPU.


        • So let me get this straight. You think multi-threaded performance doesn't matter, a few percent slower on the single threaded benchmarks is a big deal, but you buy AMD not Intel. And that the few percent difference between the 2080 and 1080 makes the 1080 "much slower".

          AMD and NVidia love you.

          And as usual we have mob voting on OzB. What a huge surprise.

        • https://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/AMD-Ryzen-5-2600X-vs-A...

          Yes, 1300X not 2300X, but the difference isn't as great as you make out.

          But keep down voting. If you down vote hard enough it makes what you said true.

    • Only at 1920x1080 high fps

  • RTX2080 system for $1299 , can't beat that.

    Those rip off system builder are selling RX580 build for this price.

    • Give me your $1200 and ill give you your pc in 2 months. Deal?

      • Or pay me extra $1000 over this and i'll give you your pc in 48hrs. Deal?

      • Yep, there's certainly a wait for the delivery of the item, and it was frustrating at the time (I ordered my Ryzen 5 2600/RTX 2080 bundle on 4th February and only received it mid march)

        However, the price simply can't be beaten.

        I think TechFast would be doing themselves a favour to be up front and honest about the average wait times to recieve the system, rather than say "You should get it within 2 weeks" when in reality they know it's going to be at least 4 weeks……

  • What's the you actually worth? The cheapest galaxy model I suppose.

    • +6 votes

      There's a much higher chance of the cards being MSI Ventus this time around due to new supplier relationships (part of what we've been working on to ensure delays are avoided). More chance of MSI Ventus or Gigabyte Windforce than Galax at this stage.

  • Kinda sucks to get the pc in 1-2 months though. That's the GPU generational cycle really lol.

    • It is price-wise!

    • Eh, apparently it's a fairly standard OEM shipping time (basing off Linus Tech Tips's video, believe the systems all arrived it about 3 weeks).

      Only in this case, you're getting a large bonus to value for the time.

  • Power Supply: Usually: Allied, TechFast-approved

    eh yeah no thanks

    • Interestingly it's $139 to upgrade to a Gold PSU…. which would make it worthless :)

    • They're fairly cheap to replace thankfully, and generally the systems won't be hungry enough to put to much of a strain on the PSU.

      Would definitely switch it before the warranty period ends though.

      • That would be a waste of money unless you believe in urban myths about PSUs.

        • Eh, I wouldn't want to be taking a risk with a 2080 personally. But turing is pretty efficient and a 2300x won't exactly be power hungry.

          I'm still using the one given to me with my system (2200g/570) and haven't had it combust yet (bought it in Oct I think)

        • Just… not true.

          I worked in PC hardware for quite a while. Low quality PSU's are often the cause of failure, and more than a couple of times cause for dead motherboards and RAM. We used to test PSU output while stress-testing cheap PSUs in a PC to check what happened around failure and cheap ones can blast way more through the rail than specced as they die.

  • Which GPU exactly?

    • Probably BIOSTAR or Manlli ????

    • It definitely won't be an Asus or Gigabyte. :P

      • You'd be suprised. Believe there has been some MSI gaming x trios (whatever the high end one is) around.

        Generally they're on the lower end though. So long as you don't get the ASUS card (because it's a blower) it shouldn't really matter.

        • Did you have issues with the Asus card?
          I have the Asus Strix 1080 and thrash it [email protected]…with no issues (well not with reliability :P)

          • @vinni9284: I have an ASUS 570, no problems.

            Just that the ASUS 2070/2080 I've seen arrive with these systems is the blower model. Blower models are generally less desirable, thanks to noise.

            • @N1NJ4W4RR10R: Oh ok lol … I've never heard of the term "blower"
              Thanks for the info.
              It won't affect me as I am going deaf from the surround sound :P


              • @vinni9284: They're the sort of cards like the old 10 series/vega reference cards.

                Like this (specific card I was talking about)


                They can just be annoying thanks to the fan. Especially considering the alternatives can be identical in pricing.

                • @N1NJ4W4RR10R: Np.

                  I would assume that if a GPU has a louder fan, it pushes out more air flow CFM.
                  Therefore the GPU would be more reliable in the long run, but obviously with a positive, the negs are noise.


                  • @vinni9284: Nah, as the fan's smaller. It's also one vs 2 - 3, so it covers less of the heatsinks fins.

                    The noise is the fan having to compensate for the lack of surface area.

                    If you're fine with it that's fine, I'm just not a fan of higher pitch noises, especially when uneccassary.

                    *There are cases where it is useful though. Blower models tend to exhaust air out the back or the card, rather then putting it back into the case. Good for if your case has bad airflow. But generally they're worse thanks to the lack of fin coverage.

                    • @N1NJ4W4RR10R: Oh i see. Yep makes sense.
                      I have just ran some you tube vids on GTX1080 vs RTX2080 and going by some results, not worth for me to upgrade ATM.
                      Might wait for another gen to upgrade.

                      • @vinni9284: Here's hoping! I know AMDs CPUs should be interesting this year, and ideally Navi could pull off at least vega 64 performance for less power + price.

                        Intel and Nvidia I'm not so excited for. Intel has plenty of issues right now and Nvidia doesn't look to be doing year - year upgrades (basing off pascal).

    • According to this comment from Luke last month, it'll likely be Galax.

    • +3 votes

      We don't specify due to complications if we promise something that isn't available due to quantity, but there's a much higher chance of the cards being MSI Ventus this time around due to new supplier relationships (part of what we've been working on to ensure delays are avoided). More chance of MSI Ventus or Gigabyte Windforce than Galax at this stage.

      • In that case I'll be ordering mine RIGHT NOW.
        Fingers crossed I'll be getting the Windforce sexy dance

    • I have got MSI gaming x trios GPU on my last Dec order which was a surprise as most people got Galax, and made another rx570 (with free upgrade to 8GB due to the delay) order in late feb for my office, still waiting, hopefully it will be dispatched this week.

  • The wait is looong, but worth it, got one with the 2070, added a NVME to the system, the thing is Blazing fast.

  • But why the ..does it take a whole month to make it?

    • It takes time to find a truck it "fell out of"? Im joking by the way.

    • Must be a wait on parts, probably how they get them so cheap with a bulk order on unwanted extras or something. i could build a system like this in 10 minutes.

    • Cheap, Good, Fast - pick any two.

    • Bulk ordering is my guess. Take a couple of hundred sales, then buy parts in bulk and race to build them.

      Added bonus, make the staff work late so they build a lot more PCs in a short time. It's just a short term crunch. Till the next short term crunch next month.

      Running a business like this is risky and I'd shy away from putting down money unless I was sure I could recover it if they went under.

    • +5 votes

      We had delays that have cleared. As I said, not a great month or so and being honest we will have lost a few believers, but we're back on track.

      • Are you going to be compensating outstanding orders?

        • Compensation is in the price.

          • @fvknl: Not when you give false delivery dates. If a company cannot meet the time stated then personally contact each customer and let them know the circumstances not just a blanket statement on ozbargain where most will not even see. Even then those customers ideally would still be offered something to appease and make them happy again, that is how most businesses work.

      • There's a guy below who ordered in late Feb hoping it will ship further down. Is that what you call "on track"?

  • Interested in this - not interested in waiting 2 months, post states 15-20 days?

    Unsure where everyone is getting the 60 days from

  • Purchased an RX580 build from these guys in Feb, and yes while the order took a little long to arrive (took about 20 days all up and Luke even admitted this in the text of this deal post), the build itself was really clean and cable managed. It seems like TechFast does system testing for the machines before they ship it out to their customers, as the machine I received had a fresh copy of inactivated Windows installed (I didn't buy windows with mine) and also some benchmarking software with benchmarking results already there. There was also inner packaging material to stop the GPU from sagging/breaking during transport.

    Brands of parts I received:
    Motherboard: Biostar B350M
    RAM: Crucial 8GB C17 2400Mhz
    SSD: Allied
    PSU: Allied
    GPU: Biostar RX580

    While Biostar as a brand is nothing compared to your usual ASUS/Gigabyte/MSI, for the price you're paying you really can't complain too much. I have two RX580 builds now (one was self built with different branded parts to the TechFast one) and the performance on both is relatively similar from a day-to-day and gaming perspective.

    TechFast even provided me with the AMD Raise The Game reward codes - received Devil May Cry 5, Resident Evil 2 and The Division 2

    • Clinty do you happen to know what exact motherboard model you were sent? Not that youre guaranteed to get the exact same b350m board but knowing what ports/slots it has can come in handy

    • bought one too and waiting for it, 20 days is fine for the price on it, you can always upgrade stuff over time to make it a decent system and it'd still be cheaper than piecing a system.

      • Agreed with this. The only thing I would probably upgrade is the PSU - a Silverstone 550W 80+ Gold is $89 from Umart. Even adding this to the cost of the build is still cheap compared to buying the parts separately and building it yourself (if you can't afford to wait).

        Upgrading the RAM would probably be good too, as Ryzen performs best with low CAS latency and high speed memory (ideally 3200/CL14 but Samsung B-die ram is pretty expensive), but I wouldn't expect a build that squeezes every bit of performance out if you're paying less than $700

    • I can add a +1 to the build quality.

      I asked a mate of mine who usually builds my systems how his Techfast build was and he said it's very nicely done and would have taken a fair chunk of time to get it that neat.

    • What date in Feb did you purchase?

  • Maybe you should focus on sending out the the already fulfilled orders instead of create a backlog so big you can't even keep up now?

    Purchased on 19th of Feb and it just seems like the delays are endless.

    • +3 votes

      Can you PM me your details so I can look it up? If you ordered a R5 2600 / 2080, i7 / 2080, 2300X / RX 570 or R5 / RX 580 system from that date it will be on its way.

  • Two months?

    Name does not check out.

    • Probably getting the parts from Asia or something. It doesn't requires a monkey to build the system when the parts arrived.

      • Meh, there's only so many monkeys you can fit in a room and so many times you can flog to work quicker. They seem to provide good quality builds for very decent prices and probably razor thin margins. Coupled with pretty good support and responses from Luke here. I'd give them some slack on having large backlogs to get through.

        • +6 votes


        • Can also vouch for the quality of the build of these systems. Just received my R5 RTX2080 system last week, and the system is top notch.

          The communication from Luke is also top notch and you always know how far along your system is as Luke answers all PM's promptly.

          Would definitely recommend, even with the wait time, you're getting a banger of a system.

  • Hi luke
    Do these 2080 builds come with Metro, BFV and Anthem as part of the Nvidia promotion?

  • When are you going to send early March builds? I bought an Intel build and there is no communication since I received a "confirmed" in tracking page.


    • +1 vote

      No worries. Will start to move by the end of this week - if you PM me your details I can be more specific.

  • Hi Luke,

    Any chance you can check the status of my order under this email? Ordered and paid on 22nd Feb.


  • Everything complete garbage besides the GPU, still a good deal though.

    • Everything complete garbage

      Can you elaborate?

      I mean sure the CPU is not the best but still ok and how are you coming to conclusions that everything is complete garbage where you don't even know what brand other specs are coming in?

      • CPU has 4 cores 4 threads, not up to today's mid-high standards and will bottleneck the gpu most definitely.
        RAM is only 8gb and 2400MHZ, since ryzen benefits greatly from fast ram, 3000MHZ CL15-3200MHZ CL16 is atleast recommended.
        120 gb ssd, lowest-end ssd you can get, probably ~20$ max.
        750W PSU, probably cheap, off-brand and not certified, a fire hazard.
        A320m motherboard, extremely basic, can't overclock, limited functionality, subpar components, and wont be suitable if you decide to upgrade in the future to a better cpu.

        • while I agree all the things is a little toned down.. calling it complete garbage is over killing

          especially RAM and SSD you can easily upgrade with additionals

          PSU, I am sure it wont be a fire hazard if you have some sort of surge protection (however do recommend to change this before warrenty ends)

          CPU while low powered, for GPU based games it should still run pretty fine… also not bad for graphic intense work other than gaming.

          A320m motherboard while basic, has most things a basic user needs (user can upgrade into Ryzen 5 2600 if want to)

          Its a decent build.. nothing too spectacular but decent

        • exactly
          2300x is an oem only cpu, 1300x refresh
          2400 cl17, leave with you no overclock head room even if you wish to use on other build
          120gb ssd is for windows system use only, wont have much space left
          750w psu thermaltake tr2 750w 2yrs warranty, website says for basic, low power use only
          a320 has least feature, no vrm heatsink, anything x cpu would cook that mb under load
          rtx 2080 is just the bait, you would have hard time to get ride of rest of the system