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15% off Sitewide @ Pushys


Pushys have a site-wide 15% off deal on again. Excludes Garmin, Continental, Commencal, Pioneer, Wahoo, DJI, Schwalbe, GoPro, Gift Vouchers and ALL BIKES.


Can also use with extra 15% off selected clearance items from Giro and Katusha. Coupon code is 'CLEAR15' but appears to be applied without needing to enter.

- Giro Blaze Cold Weather Gloves Black
- Katusha Superlight SS Jersey Peacoat/White 2018

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  • Exclusion of ALL BIKES is new.

  • Perfect timing OP, got $50 off a new Giro helmet. Thanks!

  • excludes all the good brands :(

  • I bought a high end head light from pushys years ago. It arrived broken. I took photos, wrote out a description, sent it off in an email, and was given the brush off. All this within 2 days of arrival.

    Since then, I've spent literally 1000's (between my partner and I we have 6 bikes) at chain reaction, wiggle, and to a lesser extent velogear - all no trouble for the odd occasion that something goes wrong (damaged or broken on arrival). I just wish there were good australian online stores like chain reaction and wiggle. Velogear is Australian and good, but often strange stock - which can be great :) or not. I always try Velogear first now - very nice company to deal with.

    • why do you even have 6 bikes?!

      • +14 votes

        The real question is why doesn't he have 7?

        • I mean where do you even store 6 bikes! Do you decorate every single wall of your house with them ? I will assume he exaggerated a little trying to pass the point he would be a great valued customer if they had replaced his item, as he might be still salty and not over it for the fact they didn't.
          I believe that comment should be seen and noted from Pushys as someone can really be hurt and go to that extend if you don't replace their item.

          Thanks x

          • @Konstantin: No exageration. We bought cheap bikes when we got started. Then bought into better mountain bikes but hard tails. The first cheaper bikes are now well sorted urban commuters and urban exploring (includes running down stairs, off ledges etc) with high volume easy rolling tread. Then we bought some full suspension bikes with low top tubes, longer suspension, seat droppers etc for gnarlier descents and more technical stuff. The xc hardtails are kind now kind of for gravel roads, or family friendly type bike paths, and even good for skills parks (they both have seat droppers). I didn't count the 2 folders that we pack into suit cases for air travel - I also use mine to ride and meet my partner then fold and toss the bike in the rear of her car - or a 24" trials bike that I practice some of the slower skills on (track standing, climbing rocks, dropping of things, hopping up ledges, riding planks or logs). I'm not a great rider, but enthusiastic. 2 of us have a 4 bedroom home with a 2 bay garage underneath. We live close to lots a great mtb tracks (Hobart). It's heaven. We often have holidays at Derby, since it opened. I won't tell you about the motorbikes. The only downer, of course, is winter.


              @poohduck: Filthy casual ;-)

            • @poohduck: I was obviously trying to annoy you and I feel bad I made you write all that text, although reading it I smiled because you painted pretty well the picture and it must be heaven, I am glad you managed to have all that and you are enjoying with a partner that shares the same passion. I am in Sydney and I am struggling to move them around, 2 dirt bikes and one sumo 701 husqy lol , do you have a Super moto as well ? The coming Sunday is international Super Moto riding day

              • @Konstantin: There is a catch - maintenance :) I can pretty well maintain any one toy at one time. Right now it's the full susser - I ride it and work on it. Previously (a few weeks ago) it was the hardtail. So I tend to go through periods of riding / working on just one motorbike, or just one bicycle. The motorbike I've been having most fun on though is a honda cb125e :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2JuOq7sGNpE . I feel for you. The difference with hobart is there is still bush around and tassie has discovered the benefit of purpose built mtb trails (look at Derby). Yes, I have a ktm 990 motard tourer. I prefer back roads and corners - I love corners. Strictly good grippy road tires on the motard - I don't like to 2nd guess things on corners at speed :) And yes, my girlfriend is a great find

      • because the correct number of bikes to own is N+1

      • i have six bikes(all from gumtree mind you). 6 badminton racquets. 4 tennis raquets. a soccer ball. a football. a razor scooter. yes they are all hanging on the garage walls with no room to move.

      • You know there is multiple types of bikes for different uses right?
        Eg. A fixed gear track bike is not much use on a 4cross track, just like you wouldn't ride a Swing Bike at the Velodrome. etc. etc.

    • I use bikebug. It’s aussie and generally the same prices as wiggle

      • Bikebug have terrible store service…

        • Unless you are spending thousands they won't even bother with you most of the time, that's been my experience.

          • @DavoW: I remember going there to check out some bikes as I wanted to see what they had. Most were in the thousands and when I asked the guy if there was anything more budget friendly, he said "no" and walked off. Unless you're shitting money, they don't care about you.

            I get the vibe that most people who work in bike stores look down on you if you're not spending a ton of money or have decked out bikes.

            The smaller bike stores, not the chains, are much better and friendlier though they are quite hard to find.

    • I agree with you, a couple of terrible experience from Pushy's customer service.

    • FWIW, i had the exact opposite experience. Bought a rear light that was DOA, sent through an email to their support and they sent out a replacement no questions asked

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        Yeah same, they've been awesome to deal with. I order from them a few times each year and never any issues including on the one warranty issue I had. Generally relatively competitive with pricing against Wiggle these days too.

      • I've always had great service. Had a problem with a powermeter and they sourced me info and help from the manufacturer to get it going again. Since then all good.


    *excludes 90% of site

  • Groupsets would be covered by this… Could pick up the latest Ultegra Shimano groupset $1,171.92 for a discounted price of $995.35. By way of comparison, BikeBug has it for $1,171.92.

    Edit - if only I knew how to buy the right gear for different frames.