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Dell XPS 13 9360 i5-8250U 8GB RAM 256GB SSD 13.3” FHD $1279.20 | Intel i7-8550U 16GB RAM 512GB SSD FHD $1679.20 @ Dell eBay


Dell laptops are back on sale.

Standout Xps deals are as follows:

Cheaper model @ $1279.20

8th Generation Intel® Core i5-8250U Processor
Windows 10 Home 64bit English
8GB LPDDR3 1866MHz
256GB PCIe Solid State Drive
13.3 FHD AG (1920 x 1080) InfinityEdge display
60WHr Integrated Battery

Better Model @ $1679.20

8th Generation Intel® Core i7-8550U Processor
Windows 10 Home 64bit English
16GB LPDDR3 1866MHz
512GB PCIe Solid State Drive
13.3 FHD AG (1920 x 1080) InfinityEdge display
60WHr Integrated Battery

Credit to blazingspeed for this post:

Original 20% off All Items from Selected Tech Sellers @ eBay (Allphones, Dell, No Frills, Sydneytec)

The Dell XPS 13 ranks first on the "Best Lightweight Laptop" Poll. Need some laptop recommendations? Be sure to check our polls from time to time

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  • +4

    Great price for the I5 version. Specs would be excellent for workload/ studying.

  • soooo tempting…is the 9360 the model with the separate fingerprint reader though?

    • Pretty sure the scanner is not on the trackpad, afaik only Asus seems to have those ones

      • I meant the older xps 13 had a separate reader adjacent to the trackpad but the more recent ones (not sure if only 2019 xps 13) has it intergrated into the power button which looks aesthetically better imo

  • Is this the model with the coil whine issue?

    • No.

    • +1

      Mine had horrible whine, technician replaced the motherboard and it was fine.

  • They jacked the price on the i5. I was eyeing it off during a recent 10% sale, and the after-discount price was the same.

    • +1

      I agree. Dell specials aren't special. Cheaper to buy twice the spec machine from US including shipping and be better off.

      • Any recommendations Sandeman? I liked the higher spec version in this post. What would you recommend from the US and which store?

      • +4

        "Cheaper to buy twice the spec machine from US including shipping and be better off."

        Losing local warranty though..

        • +1

          Warranty is transferable.
          I got 9360 with i7 and 8gb (256gb ssd) for under a grand from dell outlet. Granted it was a year ago before gst change.

          Still doable for 1100

          Warranty was easy to change, should have extended it though!

          • @badonde: Can you link us to where you can buy for that price?

            • @SirBeansalot: Dell Outlet USA

              • +1

                @badonde: The outlet kinda requires you to have a US card to buy it though, bit of a faff. And mail forwarding (I used shopmate)

                Other option is eBay refurbs or open box with 10 or 15% off sale
                Cheapest i7 latest gen is 1327 inc shipping and GST - 10% off sale might make it 1227.

                Maybe not worth it to save a couple hundred.

      • Cannot find better price XPS from US website. Dell US shows 1149 USD for same basic model.
        Does US have same keyboard layout as us?

  • Would you say this previous deal is better?
    https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/446339 (It expired though)

    • Different laptop altogether. There'll be differences in terms of build quality between the two, also xps' battery is way bigger 60 v 38 wHr. If you're always going to be around a power outlet, Inspiron is a better vfm, else you really can't go wrong with the xps

  • It was this price for a long time.Not bad though.

  • +1

    If anyone’s looking for a cheaper alternative, consider the Latitude 7390 that was posted recently. Ever so slightly bigger than the XPS 13 but the Latitude has better build quality and vibrant matte touch screen (whaaa). The XPS however has improved cooling with dual fans.

    Yes, our forum members have been arguing about warranty concerns and the reseller but the actual machine itself is fantastic. Got one for myself and no issues so far.

    • I got the 2015 XPS13, I am not sure when to upgrade it, but I am thinking to buy XPS15, not sure if it still has the fan issues though.

      • This turned me off looking into XPS15s: https://www.reddit.com/r/Dell/comments/b4xyts/going_to_order...

        Having said that there's the 2019 version with an OLED due out in April, was meant to be March. https://twitter.com/AzorFrank/status/1094335298690056192

        Should drive down the price of the 2018 version

        • I just hope the fan is not too noisy, that's all…

          • @Yaren24: Heard two issues there, one is that the cooling is better if you get a dedicated GPU, other is that there's a random coil whine in some batches

      • I've had both the XPS 13 and 15 in the past. The XPS 15 doesn't quite have the small and light feel of the 13 inch model. It's a bigger machine with considerable heft. So might be something to consider before making a decision.

        • Do you prefer the XPS15 or 13? Just curious though..

          • +1

            @Yaren24: I prefer the 13 for portability to use while travelling. If this is going to be your only computer the 15 may be a better choice.

            • @fireforce: Since I have the XPS13, I might look at XPS15 as it is bigger, looks better too, I just like a thin and powerful laptop unlike my previous 7000 series, just too bulky too heavy

              • @Yaren24: XPS 15 is heavy… but if you need more than 16GB ram or dedicated GPU, you have to go with it.

                My work laptop is XPS 15 with max spec ((i7-7700HQ 32GB RAM GTX1050). My personal laptop is asus zenbook (i7-8550 16GB ram), I prefer to use it for 90% of the tasks. Unless i have to do any serious computation, i wouldn't pick up the Dell.

                • @od810: I like XPS13 overall, but the keyboard layout and touchpad on xps13 really sucks compared to other ultrabooks

                  • @Yaren24: The keyboard & touchpad on the the xps 15 aren't better either… The keyboard is especially horrendous. They are just slightly better than the new Macbook keyboard (i still rate the new macbook keyboard is the worst in the industry)

                    • @od810: Thanks od, so what is your recommendations for a laptop that is similar to XPS15, for 1.6-1.7k, I see this XPS15 is by far the best laptop in the league. I am not sure about other models.

    • Also forgot to mention, you can upgrade Ram on the Latitude 7390. It uses DDR4 2400Mhz SODIMM's.

  • You can't upgrade the RAM on the XPS13, only the drive is swappable. Get the 16g RAM one if you want it to last longer. Those aside, the screen uses PWM and depending on person, you might get eyestrain and headache

  • Anyone seen this screen before? I had a look in JBHIFI today but it seems the screens in there are full 4k. With very similar specs their laptop is $2,400. I asked him the best price he could do and he said $2,200. Is a 4k screen worth 600 bucks!? Surely not

    • +2

      not in a 13 inch screen especially

    • +2

      Typing this on an XPS 13 with FHD screen. It has a matte finish, and I like it a lot. I prefer it over the 4k screen.

      • Thanks mate! Seems like the battery lasts wayyy longer on the non 4k version as well. Do I pull the trigger or wait until EOFY sales?? Hmmmm

        • literally wondering the same thing - been watching prices of the xps 13 and all the reviews. Almost everyone seems to say the 9360 is the go-to. The 9380 has minimal performance gain over the 9360 and the full hd screen is matte (compared to glossy) and the battery lasts much longer.. I might have to pull the trigger finally on this deal!

  • Is it the same as the one on the dell website for 20% off?

    https://www.dell.com/en-au/shop/dell-laptops/xps-13-laptop/s... which is the 2017 model or is it the most recent model like


    • +1

      Yes, the 2017 model.

  • +1

    Not bad, just need disposable income again :(

  • +3

    Why do they keep selling old models these days?
    They are becoming like Sony…

  • Is the i7 model touch screen?