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50% off Mega Deal (4L Koh Universal Cleaner, Atomiser, 4x Microfibre Cloths & 3x Diamond Sponge) $44.85 Delivered @ Koh


Mega deal on cleaning bundles. Use code ANNAKOH on top for extra $10 off which helps cover shipping costs. Happy cleaning!

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  • Mega deal on cleaning bundles

    Please provide further details of the mega deal. Also are you affiliated with the company?

    • No, I found the deal via google search. The code is from a mum's Instagram account that I follow. I just ordered myself a bundle, but have not used the product before myself. They do have a 30 day money back guarantee, so I'm hoping for a clean house! 🀞

  • Always skeptical about this kind of gear but my wife was pretty happy with results of the cleaners on the oven door.

    • I am hoping that is the case! I have a baby and 2 dogs and feel it's so unsafe to use chemicals around them but I'm dying to clean my oven properly! I've seen fellow Instagrammers get their grout so clean and even get nail polish out a rug, so I have high expectations

      • Well, guess what. Like everything, this is made of chemicals.

      • Yup can confirm it cleans the oven with little to no hard scrubbing. Works like magic. Tried the vinegar and bicarb soda on the oven and it didn’t do anything. Wife came 5 minutes after with koh, used the scrub sponge and wiped it off with the cloth and all the grease came off like it was just water.

  • I only use this on my displays (TV, phone, tablet, laptop,…) By far better than anything i have used before that was purchased from the supermarkets. Definitely worth the money!

  • Product is average.
    There is a $10 referral program.

  • Never mind, edited as I hit send

  • I was sceptical when wife purchased but its good stuff and the diamond sponge is amazing on non stick pans

    • Really? I would've thought it was too harsh for them. The diamond sponge didn't damage the non stick surface at all? Wanting to know cos I need to clean my greasy non stick air fryer basket.

      • no issues - got a scanpan that had burnt on stuff that nothing else could get off - i think it was a popcorn incident - it fixed it up and has been going well for months now

  • If you want to buy a cleaner that does live up to expectations, try Olympic Clean. Not cheap but bloody amazing stuff.


    I’m not affiliated, but happy to vouch for the product.

  • I love this product. I always feel nauseated after cleaning with regular cleaners, but this has no smell and doesn't affect me

  • I love this product too - I add peppermint oil for a nice fresh smell :D

  • Wife has bought This stuff. It’s oretty good

  • There is always a sale….. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Or go buy 500gram container of potassium hydroxide aka caustic soda and mix it yourself for a much much cheaper price.


    • I feel silly for both these reasons now! But in all honesty, if I hadn't of ordered it and then made the post, I wouldn't have had all these comments to take on board. Learning!

  • Coincidentally, my friend was raving about this product over the weekend after I told her how good easy off bam was at cleaning my oven.

    But when I looked into i realized it was just caustic soda as @martop mentioned.

    Also, I've used those diamond sponges before. They're great. You can get them from AliExpress for like $1-2 each though.

    • Please can you provide a link to the diamond sponge that is same as the Koh one?

      • Hi sorry, I don't have the specific link for it. You can look up "magic sponge" on AliExpress and there should be heaps.

        Don't buy the white ones as they work like foam and read the reviews as some sellers ship thinner ones etc.

  • Wow these guys are spammy. I started to place an order then left it and have received 4 emails from them in less than 24 hours. Plus I'm now seeing their ads on every site I go on.

    Thanks to everyone who advised what the product was made of and about the diamond sponges being available on aliexpress.