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No Contract Unlimited Data NBN 100 for $79/Month with Static IP (BYO Modem) @ Mate


premium evening speed
$0 setup fee
BYO modem
unlimited data
uncapped for life
no contracts between mates
no plan change fees
Have tried them before, awesome service and reliable connection
They also give static IP for free! Aussie broadband charges 10$pm for that!

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  • +1

    How is this company compared to Aussie broadband?

    • +4

      I've used both, speeds are same for nbn50. Excellent customer service.

    • Really good company great customer service but I left them because it felt too good to be true and was burnt by Telecube's really good offerings but we all know how that went so I kind of left but for all the wrong reasons.

      I should go back to them but I need a landline for now for my current place but if I were to finally go solo and just have a mobile and home internet this would be the best deal out there.

      If they had a landline phone plan service I would go back to them.

      But TPG had a good $69.99 50/20 unlimited nbn + $10 unlimited local phone plan landline / month and was able to rescue my home number from Telecube shutdown so went with them.

      • +1

        They do have a NBN + Phone, its an extra 9$ per month for any plan

        • Oh nice I found it hidden away in FAQ.

          I wonder why they don't advertise it on the main nbn page.

          One I finish my tpg contract I might switch over. So got over 12 months with tpg unfortunately.

          • @AlienC: Right above where the plans are, theres a little slider for NBN/NBN Phone that you can click to toggle between the plans.

      • Thanks for that link, I hadn’t even remembered I posted there.

        Here’s an update to the ACCC 4th and latest report. Link

        Looks like TPG is the fastest ISP, I think 3 out of 4 reports now?
        Importantly, page 11, TPG is fastest during peak (busiest) hours, so if peak hour performance is important look at page 11.

        Aussie is actually well down the list, at 4th, pay premium price, get myrepubic speeds lol

  • +19

    60mbit evening speed is quite low for a 100mbit plan.

    • +9

      Quiet low? It's a blatant misrepresentation of what the product is.

      All legal in Australia's pathetic, wasteful and inefficient private telco sector. The only winners are the owners of the businesses ripping everyone off.

      The sector even has it's own special consumer regulation to allow the scams like selling 100Mbit services that are not 100mbit services.

      • +3

        I don't think it's fair to blame the private sector. There is almost no margin in NBN plans.

        So there are plans that very basic like this one, that cannot afford to provision CVC.
        Then there are higher tier providers like Telstra and ABB who charge you more for a "better quality" product.

        Nothing wrong with that necessarily.
        ACCC just wants to consumer to be fully aware that the $80 plan has a certain typical peak speed and the $100 plan has a better (hopefully) typical peak speed.

      • +1

        I'm glad someone pointed out how ridiculous is the Telecom sector, and the NBN fiasco in particular. I have Telstra cable, which is amazing, and will have to move to NBN because "I have to". We pay premium for 100 Mbps but it seems like they are doing a favor offering 60 to 70% of that speed (in peak hours or not). Australia's NBN is worse than many developing countries. It's an outdated "new" broadband network and system.

    • +3

      Wait so you basically need 100mbit plan to get the 50/20 speeds?

    • im with Telstra no speed boosts and get 97 down and 37 up in westend - brisbane

  • +1

    I'm with Superloop 50/20 on 74.95. One thing I liked about MUNGI when it was around was the PayPal payments made it easy. Neither have this. should I pay 5 a mth for 100/40?

    • +1

      Tangerine is doing 100/40 for 69.90 for 6 months

    • Why PayPal?

      What's wrong with credit card, debit card, direct debit?

  • +4

    I was with Barefoot, which is the exact same company as mate, selling the same plans.
    Their customer service was the best I have had with any ISP in 20 years.

    In terms of internet: extremely stable connection that would stay up for months. Speed-wise, I noticed some slowdowns at peak times. I also had some reason to believe (but no evidence) that there was some packet loss, because streams would sometimes cut out.

    Having since moved to Aussie Broadband (because Barefoot/Mate was increasing the price), I can say there is little difference, although I think latency is a bit less with ABB. But in terms of bandwidth at peak times, ABB is pretty much the same on my exchange (~30Mbps on a 50Mbps plan).

    I would highly recommend Mate.

  • +1

    Is $79 p/m the ongoing price?
    Is this like 12 month only deal like MyRepublic's?

  • +2

    I'm with Mate and got sent this offer as an upgrade to my existing plan, submitted my request….and got declined because Fibre to the Node, rather than Fibre to the Property.

    Said they couldn't supply the advertised speeds on the existing infrastructure - thanks Liberals!?

    • +1

      What is your maximum line speed? Is it close to 100Mbps?

      Yeah, my area was slated for FttP, until Liberals took over NBN….

    • Government and nbnco have restricted FTTN connections be sold a max 50mbs service generally it’s rare a RSP will sign you up to 100mbs if you are on fibre to the node.

      • Really?! When did that happen?
        MyRepublic let me sign up for 100Mbps, and so did Telecube. My line has a theoretical limit of about 83Mbps (highest actual throughput I ever got was 79Mbps, though 77Mbps was more common).

      • This isn't quite right. The ACCC is making RSPs tells users that they cannot sync at higher speeds.

        • I sold nbn for a living until about 4 months ago and we literally got a directive from nbnco advising we are not permitted to offer anything over a 50mbs plan if customer is on FTTN

          • @jimbobaus: I signed up to abb 2 weeks ago on fttn nbn100.

            • @lonewolf: As I said in my original comment.
              It’s rare for an RSP to sign Fttn up to 100mbs

              Retailers were selling 100mbs pians to node customers who simply couldn’t get the speeds. They made some changes including but not limited to a requirement that the retailer check your speeds within 30 days of sign up and if you can’t get the speeds promised they have to offer you lower speed tier or let you cancel.

              I think if a customer is happy with 70-85mbs on a 100 plan it should be no issue but some are not and complained which is why the directive may have come. Sounds like they have now changed that rule given the post connection checks etc.

              • @jimbobaus: Interestingly 24 hours after i got it set up, ABB sent me an email saying after the tests done on my current connection, I am capable of getting up to 113Mbps, although the most i get every is 87Mbps, but thats ok with me. I didnt expect 100 anyway. Sadly my Optus cable was giving me 101 but the up speed was between .8 to 1.5Mbps (meant to be 2) and that is ok but can slow down browsing and other things at times. While with FTTN I get 34-37Mbps Up.

                Does it make a big difference who my provider is in terms of the speeds i can get peak and off peak? I had always thought since its NBN , then they are all quite similar but it sounds like there can be a big difference.

                • @lonewolf: it really comes down to the CVC but most of the general public know about CVC these days so retailers are buying enough to manage.
                  Companies like Mate and TPG etc buy lower levels of CVC as that's the only way they can make money at the prices they charge, as more people sign up in an area TPG customers etc will suffer long term.
                  NBN is really a matter of you get what you pay for.

                  • @jimbobaus: Isn't TPG listed as top download speed in ACCC report?

                    • @Meovel: Not in the latest one…. They dropped significantly
                      They offer Peak speeds of "73mbs" on the 100mbs plan… others are offering 80,90+

  • I'm currently on this plan with mate and speeds are excellent, customer service has always been great.

    Currently partying $99 a month, I wonder if I can get the price dropped?

    • +9


      I just called mate and they're happy to change me to the $79 plan (which is the same speed, 100/40)

      These guys are Legends.

      • +7

        This is reason enough for me to consider switching from ABB. Bit sick of seeing sign up deals for new customers only.

        • Yeah. Me too.

          • +1

            @ElCheapoo: Especially when I panic switched to ABB from Telecube on a $5 discount for 6months… Then checked after they had a $10 (or $20?) discount for new customers - they 'weren't able to reapply another promo code'. Disappointing.

            • +1

              @passwordistaco: Yeah. I understand exactly what you mean, as I'm paying $99 a month, and I always see new customers being offered discounts and deals, and us loyal customers cannot get those offers extended to us. That's what we get for loyalty.

              • @ElCheapoo: If they don't care for their existing loyal customers then we shouldn't stick to them and switch over to another provider with a better value for money plans,tossing between this one and the Tangerine NBN.

                • @koolchamp81: If this pricing is going to be ongoing, then Tangerine for the first 6 months, I am currently on them but my $10 disc will be running out in May!

  • +1

    Anyone here moved to Mate NBN from AussieBB?
    Any differences?

    Considering this deal as I'm paying the same for 50/20 speeds on ABB.

    • I want to know this also.
      I am currently on 100 speed Aussie and am paying $99.

      • I switched from ABB 100 to Kogan for the 9 month special of $75.90. Not the cheapest 100 deal around but I've found speeds to be solid. Keeping in mind I was on 50/20 with ABB and now 100/40 with Kogan but my line is only capable of 73/33 which it achieves anytime of day/night.

        ABB was too premium for my wallet

        • Is the Kogan deal advertised or you got a special?

          • +1

            @ozmu: It is a deal

            • @Smogul: Yes as Smogul said.

              I'm happy with it for now. There's no such thing as brand loyalty on the NBN so who I will be with in 3 months from now is anyone's guess but if the service remains solid I'll probably stick it out for the full 9 months and then switch to whoever else is competing hardest for my money.

        • how do you check your line capability? thanks

          • @angelkulit025: My modem's line sync speed told me.

            But after joining Kogan they sent an email saying my line is only capable of 65 (really about 73 though), and I should consider downgrading to their 50/20 plan. I haven't yet but probably will soon, I just wanted to experience the faster tier for a bit.

            • @Click_It: do isps tell you what your modem's line sync speed is or you can do it yourself? sorry for the noob question.

              • +1

                @angelkulit025: If you're not comfortable logging into your modem to see, you could ask your provider. Kogan's email simply said this:

                "nbn co confirmed for us that the maximum download speed that a service provider can deliver to your location is 69Mbps" (69 not 65 as previously stated)

                So presumably any provider could get you that information if requested, kogan do it automatically.

    • +1

      I moved from mate to Aussie. No difference. moving back now. Mate will postpone the activation to line up with my month end with Aussie NBN

      • My next billing date with AussieBB is 23-04-2019.
        If I ring up to cancel now, do you think they will be able to cancel before that charge me for the next month?

        • +1

          Yes you can schedule a cancellation

          • @Smogul: Is email request for the cancellation be good than a call , would be helpful to keep a record or they give any reference number for our call request as well ?

            • @koolchamp81: Email should be fine, however they prefer most things done over a phone call.

      • Do you play online games? If so, how's the latency comparing to AussieBB?

  • With regards to BYO modem, I'm currently with Telstra and have a Gateway Frontier with the 4G SIM and the Cable adapter for HFC.

    Is this unit fully compatible with any ISP and can I put a SIM in from another Mobile provider, like Optus?

  • Same question- if I am with you, can I use their modem?

    • Or if you have an optus modem, can one reconfigure it to be used with any ISP? Would seem like such a waste of hardware if i couldn't…

  • I moved from mate (adsl) to Aussie (nbn 50) and have been happy with both. Now moving back to mate because of this deal. Have called Aussie to cancel at the end of this billing cycle and mate has noted down the date to connect. Aussie confirmed their modem is not locked. So should be a smooth switch.

    • I'm also switching on the 17th. Let me know how your transfer goes!

      • Will do mate.

      • How did you go with the transfer? I haven’t had internet for 2 days now. Mate support team never answers phone and recorded messages asks you to leave voice mail for them. Online chat staff kept saying yesterday that port isn’t coming up as free. Today they said port is now showing free and connection can take upto 5 business days. Not very impressed so far with delays and no support staff to talk to over the phone.

        • I ordered Sunday night as AussieBB said they would disconnect me Tuesday morning. Was connected Monday night around 9pm. I faced an "authentication issue" which was solved very promptly over their online live chat.

          What's your NBN type? Mine is FTTN so they just churned in.

          P.S: Happy with speed/latency so far!

          • @Smogul: That’s great, lucky you. Mine is HFC so Mate said it couldn’t be simply transferred over. They asked me to get ABB disconnected first and only then they can order new connection. ABB disconnected on Sunday night and I am still waiting for Mate to confirm that they have started the connection process. No email or text yet from Mate. I have been following up and only way to reach them is chat.

            • @a real bargain: Just looked through Whirlpool forums regarding HFC transfers.
              If they said it can take up to 5 business days, I would say wait. It shouldn't take up to 5 days though, fingers crossed.

              Also, not a single text from Mate? You should have at least received the order confirmation text?

              • @Smogul: Yeah I am gonna sit tight and wait. The only text I got from them was the day I contacted them on 4 April 2019.

              • @Smogul: Connected now, so I will stop whinging lol. Just got 80/37 on speed-test. Lets hope it stays like that.

                • +1

                  @a real bargain: Haha! Very glad to hear that… 80/37 is not bad! Should be able to reach 90 in off-peak hours.

  • I'm with Aussie, considering the switch too. How long do changeovers take? Is it normally same day or it can take a few to happen?

  • Can someone refer me?

    • There are referral links at the top.

  • On this right now. Paid the extra $4 for the upgrade a couple of days ago and billing cycle start was today. Right now speedtest gave me 93.97/37.19

    I'm on FTTC

  • I'm with mate on 50mbps plan. No issues.
    Local call centre and very friendly execs.
    Good people. I would strongly recommend.

  • Isn't Kogan NBN the cheapest?

  • I have been with Mate ADSL before moving to ABB NBN. It was a really good experience :). There were some packet loss at night but overall, it was good. Support on the phone was quite friendly (mates! :D) and as usual, you could ask for a call back through email. Disconnecting on the phone was a bit awkward since the guy tried his best to keep me on their connection XD. But I just had to try ABB, especially, due to the 20$ off per month promo :| .

    Anyway, it's a green signal from my end for anyone interested in joining Mate. I might go back too if this price stays till then :| .

    • Any packet loss has significant events on international transfer rates - not so much on Australian file transfers. International gaming becomes unusable.

      You get what you pay for.

      • Obviously! But competition is good for us, consumers :). I do play games by the way :|. And I did play online (FIFA, Ashes, Rocket League, etc) with friends outside oceanic region. It was fine with Mate just like now with ABB :/

  • almost sorry to ask but what modem do you buy?

    • note the mate website has a $149 netcomm preconfigured modem available plus spec info for BYO

  • yeah thanks OP this sounds great for a no frills quality service - i don't need fox and i need to chop to nbn soon and this sounds the ticket

  • I was on an FTTN connection with Mate. It was great for a few months then the service turned to garbage, we had dropouts every 20-30 minutes that could last anywhere from a minute to an hour. Mate first said they could see the high rate of dropouts and would investigate, then they said the service has always been working perfectly from their end so the issue must be after the node and was therefore my problem. None of my neighbours have ever had any issues like this with their providers.
    Plus they never applied the $10 credit they promised each month for the first 6 months and when I queried it they refused to backdate or apply moving forward. Dodgy.

    I'd personally never use Mate again, might have Australian support but it is a crap product. I'm now with Exetel and have had zero issues.

    • I've had minimal issues with Exetel also(aside from the totally crappy installation from the dodgy Contractor) & the $h!tty modem it's decent!

  • Need some suggestions here. I am currently with TPG ADSL2+ and have NBN HFC ready in my area. Which NBN HFC plan shall I go with? ABB or mate or someone else? Is the HFC modem provided from NBN? Do I just need to get a router? Thank you very much!

  • Mate very good i been with them for years now

  • Very good customer service, been with them for yeards. Just spoke to them and they moved my plan from $108 to $88.

  • Do they offer additional IP blocks like TPG do?

  • Can someone who is using Mate NBN please tell me if the torrent sites work on Mate? I am currently on Aussie NBN and all the torrent sites work that are blocked on my friend's TPG NBN. e.g. 1337x, The Pirate Bay, RarBG etc.

    • Just change your DNS setting in your router.

  • They have an typical evening speed of 60mbps, what even is the point of signing up for nbn100 when you will only get 60% of what you pay for?

  • I have to decide between mate or tangerine at a similar price. Anyone with tangerine?

  • +1

    Man I have no word to describe how disappointed I am right now. I was with Aussiebroadband for 1.5 years and extremely happy with it's service. Paid $80/m for 100/40 500gb and saw this deal so thought I would get unlimited data for the same money but man I was wrong.
    Got connected today within 48 hours from disconnection of old service which is not to bad.
    Firstly tried speed test which is around 93/34 using speed test app
    However when I tried to update 17 apps on ipad it took like 40 minutes to complete update.
    Tried Netflix Australia and it shows 480dp at 1m/s
    Tried Netflix US via ExpressVPN and it's unable to get full HD

    Previously on Aussiebroadband I got 4k almost instantly on every services.

    Whoever thinking of jumping ship from Aussiebroadband please think twice
    I can't wait to get back to ABB as soon as I finish one month as I've already paid to Mate.

    • I jumped from ABB to Mate… evening speeds is about 6mbps slower comparing to ABB but speeds throughout day/night pretty much same as ABB.
      I'm not facing those download speed issues you've stated though.

      • On a 100M plan is that even noticeable? I've just made a connection order.

        • Nope… I don't feel any difference.

  • Does anyone know if their upload speeds drop at peak as much as their download speeds (60mbps on 100mbps plan is pretty poor, but if upload speeds are still 30-40mbps that would be good)
    Asking because I run a Plex server and ABB is great but getting a tad expensive

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