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Free Qantas Frequent Flyer Membership via Jax Tyres


Today I went to JAX Tyres and saw this advertisement!!

It said JAX Tyers customers can join for free.

But when I opened the website, it did not require any JAX Tyres customers information!

So I registered successfully!!!

I saved $99.50!!

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  • Can also join for free thru woolworths rewards or qantas family referral

  • Anyone from OzB actually paid for a QFF account? Genuine question.

    QFF points have went through hyper inflation over the last 10 years. Most biz/first international flights in/out of AUST are impossible to book. Econ is the worst compared to other airlines where QF charge a ridiculous amount for "tax" and "surcharge".

    More and more retailers are offering QFF points. Crazy.

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      I paid for it in 2005. Was like $80.

      Didn’t have any other option really back then.

      Flights were a lot more expensive back then as Jetstar/Tiger we’re not around so the points were certainly more valuable.

      Today different story. I nabbed $35 Mel/Syd flights yesterday. Crazy stuff.

    • I have used 2 or 3 flights so far this year. Flying return to Honolulu on points next month and then biz/first to Tokyo and back on points. If you are flexible with dates there’s usually a way

    • Had no problem booking business flights return to HK/Japan a few months out within the past 6 months, could be because of my timing or because I am booking just for myself though.

    • I book all my personal holidays via QFF points, last two were first class to US and Business Class Tokyo. As long as you understand the rules and how they work and when to book them they are not really that hard to get. They are only impossible to book if you aren't able to plan well in advance.

      • True, you still have to pay taxes though. It would be better if you didn't have to pay any money at all and only use points.

    • Same as Gearup I paid for it back many years ago. Not many free affiliates around, and it's sad they went that way with it because with the hyper inflation from how they just throw hundreds of thousands of points around now (cards, shops, credit cards, insurance, etc.) I just wonder if the taxes and cough fees would be anywhere near as expensive.

      No point getting QFF for free if the charge on a reward flight is $50 more than it would've been per booking …

      (but hey, as a profit making business ofcourse they would go this way)

    • I agree with you. I normally don’t request upgrade but with the amount of points I have, I started doing it on my last work trips. Two domestic flights. Not successful. Now, international flight to Europe is also not successful (deliberately fly out on a fri night in the hope that it is less popular than Saturday). I don’t know what to do with my points. Can’t use them with emirates.

      • ummm Friday nights is one of the MOST busy nights, if you want best chances of upgrades then go midweek or weekend. Friday night clashes with all the business people returning home and hence Business Class far more likely to be full and no upgrades available.

        • I thought Saturday would be popular as people from Perth would be heading for Monday business meeting. At least that’s all my colleagues do and I just leave one day earlier. Oh well, maybe midweek!

          • @koala9: Gromit is 100% correct, Friday nights are the busiest pretty much anywhere for outbound, unless it is a particularly touristy area.

          • @koala9: Nope Friday by far the busiest, everyone returning home after the business week. Heading to your work locations tends to be concentrated on sunday/early Monday morning depending on how far you are travelling for work. Usually find after that Saturday is the next worst. best is tues-thurs, this is generally when I book all my award based flights and also my paid overseas flights(so I can be 90% certain of a points upgrade).

      • I don't bother requesting upgrades unless it's on a whim. If I know I want to fly business, I'll just look for a business rewards seat straight up even though it's a fight for availability on some routes.

        • +2 votes

          It's allocated based in your status. If a silver and platinum both request the same seat, if it's available it will go to the platinum member. There's also some other logic (time since last upgrade etc) but status is a large portion of it.

          • @b2dz: Exactly why don't bother requesting an upgrade. I haven't tried any of the really "popular" routes for reward seats (like US or EU) but I've found the times I've gone to Asia it was easier, and still good conversion value to just book the business seat then and there. Don't have to worry about it being specifically a QF flight where you can even request it at all.

    • Early 2000s there was some promo at Safeways (Woolworths) to take up their "orange" points card and with that came free Qantas Frequent Flyer membership. Then came Qantas Cash free prepaid Mastercard; Still have that although I rarely shop at Woolworths anymore.

    • I may have paid $30 when I joined 10+ years ago.

      Only a mug would pay now, so if this is a deal, I think it's a pretty average one??

    • I signed up in 2004 for free when I signed up to a qantas points credit card.

      Pretty sure it was the $0 fee amex discover card, which I still have today, but I had a few at the time and could have easily been another.

  • It’s been free all along. I will be surprised if someone paid for it.

  • Was going to say if anyone can find an affiliate that actually does charge for It, it should be posted on OzBargain

  • To be fair it’s akways free here : http://qantas.com.au/free

    • Those poor souls that paid to join thinking they will one day score a "free" flight with QF.

      • I don't know why the can't be honest and say that points can be used to get a discounted fare under certain conditions. I hate how loosely the term "free" is used.

        • Yes. Personally don't like their way of marketing. Particular QF charges the highest "surcharge" and "fee" for redeeming seats.

          We have previously redeemed seats with VA, CX, and EK. They are more fair in terms of fee/surcharge as well more available seats for redemption. (EK is just as bad these days since stepping up their alliance with QF some years ago after people gaming the system booking via EK).

          Sad to see QF product going downhill.

          In one of our recent trip in economy, there wasnt much leg room. Didnt take notice initially (c'mon, it's econ) until transited into the next leg with JAL. Econ for econ, JA leg rooms were significantly more than QF - i measured by reaching out my bag underneath the seat infront of me… QF - facing sticking to the screening… JA - avoided the screen by a couple of cms.

          Let's not get started on the food and the tray the food was served.

          When flying out of AU, QF is no longer a preference like it used to be. Pricing is the key factor that QF makes it to the selection list both in econ and biz (or even compared to Scoot - in fact Scoot is not bad).

  • Thanks I almost signed up the other day

  • Qantas' attitude to this has changed a lot in the last 15-20 years, as point sales to other businesses (e.g. credit card issuers) have exploded and become a big source of profit.

  • discovered I am already a member LOL

  • CBF joining, even for free. The earn rate is too slow.

    • Emptied my account early last year. ✈️ 🥂
      Already back to 320K points, baby!

      • How?????????????????? Flying J or CC Bonus Points?

        • Not or, and.

          • @muncan: hahaha fair enough, nah im a cheapo. Wont pay for J and neither will my company, they make us fly the lowest fare on an airline of our choosing

            • @asbindia: Qantas flights are crazily. (Ahem government's preferred airline) They charge more for like for like (including same flight on code share).

              Nowadays CX or SQ… usually cheaper and BETTER that QF.

              QR suites are one of the best as well. Or KR's 787 business suites if someone fancy a stopover in Seoul, JL via Tokyo…

              • @googleyahoo69:

                Nowadays CX or SQ… usually cheaper and BETTER that QF.

                I do fly SQ J when its at a fair price, I have never flown CX but looking at reviews their planes seem a bit dated!

                • @asbindia: They put the newly (not so new anymore) furbished planes from sydney to hk then europe. The last trip had a mix of 777 and 350, both with reverse herringbone in biz. Qf only caught up in the recent years with their q suite. (First experience was qf using their a350 on domestic route before long haul).

                  Fares are usually ~$6000 compare to $8-10k that QF would demand for.

                  The Pier in HongKong is easily one of the best lounges available via Asia. Shame that they have got rid of the arrival lounge, used to be perfect for an early arrival shower before going into the city.

            • @asbindia: Maybe I misunderstand J class. I meant using CC bonus points to fly First.
              6 x Emirates A380s, "if you know what I mean"

              • @muncan: ah righto! Got ya! That is my plan, earning with the CC bonus is a bit on the slow side especially with Westpac crediting the points so late!

  • They'll take your 90 bucks if ya really wanna give it to them

  • how old do you have to be to get a membership? Looking to sign up my 3yr old son for one :)

  • Is it worth signing up for if I just use jetstars cheap starter fares a few times per year?

  • nothing new here, there are many ways to get it for free

  • Not a bargain at all

  • If you select country of residence as Mozambique or Timbuktu, it is free too

  • Always for free when you link Woolworths Rewards Card.

  • Is it worth linking WWRewards? How many WWRewards = 1000 QFF?

    • Sorry I don't know the answer to that as Woolworths lost me when they messed with the points system. Worth joining for the Qantas Frequent Flyer "QantasCash" Mastercard though, if you have need of a prepaid credit card.

    • my wwr is linked, but I don't think it was worth converting to QFF points (unless you need QFF points). I just take the $10 everytime it accumulates.
      (Can't remember the aths though sorry.)

      However, I think QFF points expire on inactive accounts, so I thought I would just change wwr to makea qff transaction once a year.

  • how do you join Jax? do you have buy tyres first?

    • The description indicates no verification was necessary. Other comments mention various "free" ways of membership also.

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