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DJI Spark Series Fly More Combo, Alpine White $629 Delivered @ Amazon AU


I have one and great first proper drone. Hopefully helps someone.

EDIT: shopback best option now with 6%. after cash back comes to $591.26

Product description
Spark is a mini drone that features all of DJI's signature technologies, allowing you to seize the moment whenever you feel inspired. With intelligent flight control options, a mechanical gimbal and a camera with incredible image quality, Spark empowers you to push your creative boundaries. Quick Launch With Face Aware, Spark lifts off from your hand by recognizing your face. It takes off and hovers in place within seconds of powering on. Simple Control Take amazing aerial photos using just hand gestures, without a remote controller or mobile device. Create with Ease Intelligent Flight Modes and intuitive controls help you create cinematic aerial videos with just a few taps. Edit and Share The DJI GO 4 app features automatic editing templates and an array of filters. Quickly edit videos and share them straight to social media. This DJI Spark Portable Mini Drone, Alpine white Combo contains a Remote Controller, Charging Hub and hub power supply, a set of spare propellers, propeller guards and a spare flight battery.

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  • For its size, its quite impressive what it can do, even @ 2.5yrs old. I still recall JB trying to flog these off @ $1200 not too long ago. Good starter drone if you want something thats not total shit and spare parts relatively easy to acquire.

    • Not sure it's a starter drone. Well it's better in some ways. Issue is it only has one compass so prone to flyaways and only has one obstacle sensor.

      Make sure you get the care package which insures you against screw-ups.

      • It's a starter drone in the "non-toy" category.

        One forward sensor and one underside sensor.

        I think you'd be hard pushed to lose it once you've Got a strong gps signal and set a return to home point.

        For those considering the Spark, just note the camera has a much narrower field of view compared to other dji drones, so don't expect those epic wide angle shots at 120m elevation like the mavic et al.

        Also, download the "Can I fly there?" app to see if you can actually fly the thing where you want to.

      • +2 votes

        Had one of these for 2 years. flown it over 100 times and longest distance was 3.2km away. Never had a "flyaway" or any issues with the obstacle sensor. One you have some confidence you will want it in sport mode all the time which disables the obstacle avoidance anyway (same of nearly all drones).

        Only downside is the flight time, but easily solved with a couple of extra batteries which can be had cheap and charge very quickly with the included charger.

        • Same. It's a truly great drone, and because it's nice and small, you can take it anywhere. I took mine all over Europe recently and don't mind taking it out down the beach if there is no one close by. Used to have a Phantom 3, but it was so big that people would always stop and stare at you when you took it out.

          I also have the portable charger, which is basically a battery case that fits the spark and 2x spare batteries and charges all 3 at once. When camping or even just on the go to different locations, portable charging is awesome.

  • Do I need this?

  • Ebay just ended a bidding, 10m ago, auction brandnew SEALED Combo spark. Finish at $521 with not much of interest

  • Super interested to own my own drone. Will probably wait another 5 years or so where entry level drones will be 4k, easy to use and relatively affordable.

    • mavic air is slightly bigger than the spark and 4k. they're awesome.

      • I think the main thing behind the comment was regarding affordability - the Mavic Air is double the price of this…

        • Yep. Fair comment on it's own, but not suitable as follow up to Frayin as he wants better nowat half the price.

          P.S. So do I lol.

    • You will be obsolete in 5 years.

    • Only problem with a drone is where to fly it legally while being an interesting place.

      • So true. The spark being small helps you "bend" the rules slightly but I'll never fly it when there are people around, and anywhere interesting within 2 hours of Melbourne is always packed with people… best is to get up really early before the hordes of families and tourists rock up.

      • Seems like every second vlogger to SE Asia does it pretty freely.

  • price went up to $829 now!

  • CASA is planning to introduce a drone registration and accreditation scheme from 1 July 2019. The safety challenges of the 737 MAX, helicopter engines and radio call changes. All in the latest CASA Briefing. From 19 March 2019 new minimum safety standards apply to pilots conducting community service flights.


    • I guess it was going to eventually happen.

    • Talk about a bloody money making scheme. As if the people who are going to bother paying the fee and registering are the ones causing issues.

      • To be honest, I think it's a good thing.
        There's far too many idiots that just grab the drone out and start flying without any kind of consideration of where they are.

        Most people know 1 or 2 of the restrictions (like flying near and airport) but seem to be blissfully unaware of a lot of the other important ones.

        And yeah, the Spark would require the accreditation since its over 250g.

        • Don't get me wrong - I'm all for people obeying the rules. I think they're mostly important. DJI actually prompts you with a quick questionnaire the first time you fly making sure you know the rules.

          However having to register your drone does literally nothing except raise revenue for the government. Unless manufacturers require you to confirm you're registered through some validation scheme (they haven't in the past with the UK etc) it will only be the people familiar with the laws bothering to register. In which case the registration hasn't educated anybody new and its purpose is null.

          If it's to do with accountability then the same applies, only those who know the rules are going to bother registering and they aren't the ones causing issues.

          • @BuzzBuzzBuzz: I know what you mean and that may be the case.

            There's meant to be some sort of questionnaire/quiz type of thing to get the accreditation - that'd hopefully educate some people.

            But, in order for this to be of any use, there'd need to be some sort of policing of it, which I doubt there will be… which goes back to your point of just revenue raising without educating the people that legitimately need educating.

          • @BuzzBuzzBuzz: It will perhaps raise revenue, however registration could mean being able to easily trace the owner in the event of a collision if the drone is later recovered by authorities.

            • @Gravy: But surely needing to pay for registration is just going to deter people from doing so? It's not like it will be a manual process that requires human intervention. The real reason they're introducing this system is to raise money.

              Don't get me wrong - registration may absolutely help in a scenario such as the one you described, but isn't the likelihood of it doing so increased if less people are deterred from registering?

      • I read something the other day about drone tracking In The ACT.
        Apparently they have some device that can pinpoint drones and the drones controller.
        They used it at Skyfire and fined a few people.
        Not sure if the tracker can tell if the drone is registered or not though.

        • Do you know if that is signal based or physical/radar? From one statement you made maybe just transmitter signal strength.

      • Its $20 for rec flyers for 3 years I heard, not exactly going to break the bank. Agree tho in that all the trouble makers arent going to be stupid enough to register.

        From what I've heard the rec flyers quiz will be very similar to the DJI quiz you get in Go4 app. I usually have to do it when reinstalling the app and typically complete it in about 30-40sec while waiting for the drone to get a GPS lock.

  • ah I get it…its $629 when delivery is only possible around 30th april…but if you want earlier delivery by 9th april it is $829. perhaps sellers are different.

  • For a starter/travel drone, it doesn't get much better for this price. I had one which i recently sold, took it to malaysia, japan and korea and got awesome shots out of it.
    Don't think just cause its small it'll be crap. its amazing for the price and how light and portable it is.
    Recently sold mine and upgraded to a Mavic 2pro.
    There are plenty of DJI sparks for sale second hand for around 5-600 mark. But this is a great price for new.

    • Sounds good. Is the one from jb linked above from myself the same, or different package?

      • Different. Note the lack of the word "Fly More" which adds these to the standard Spark:
        - Propeller Guards
        - Extra Battery
        - Remote Controller
        - Extra pair of propellers
        - Battery Charger
        - Battery Charging Hub

        • Thanks. The one I linked from jb at least had the controller.

          So you get more extras than just a spare battery and bag I see. Surprised the basic packages don't include a battery charger ( maybe just a single one, not a hub ) and no spare props for those prices.

          It also includes a carry bag yeah?

  • +1 vote

    This is a great price for a Spark FMC. I've noticed the price steadily dropping and wonder if there is a Spark 2 release imminent? If there is, how low in price will the original Spark go. Decisions.

  • I'm keen for this, just missed out on the 10% cash rewards….
    Now I'm hesitating.

  • Hey guys,

    What do I need on top of this to be ready to fly. Just a phone or lcd for the controller?

  • Bought.

    When I clicked track my order it says arriving 2may - 6 jun

    But also will dispatch 4 jun

    I am flying out 12th, unlikely to get beforehand??

  • Will this have the DJI warranty? i spoke to one other seller who said its imported from overseas and will not have warranty cover.

    None of the retailers i spoke to could price match even close to this price so curious. can anyone confirm

  • If you are interested in buying a Spark checkout some of my footage here. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTiW6MzkiJhYKwZ8M3mkOqA/vid...

    I love the Spark. It's great for it's price.

  • Price matched at JB Hi Fi Doncaster today for $629 (ticketed at $859),picked up a 64gb SD for $29 too! Very good price

  • I'm not sure if many will see this, but the deal is still going.

    Based on this post I ordered one on 4 April. Delivery was targeted for mid May to early June. Then a week later Amazon sent me a mail to say despatch had been brought forward. It arrived today.

    Don't forget to go via Cashrewards for 5% cash back, making it effectively just under $600. I was lucky and ordered in a brief window when the cashback was 10%. Thanks again to thegrinch and ozb for this deal.

    To get the low $629 price, look for the link just under the product description brief summary. Usually this is other sellers, but Amazon is listed at $629.

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