Free - Medical, Housing Support, Haircuts, Personal Grooming Items, Non-Perishable Food for The Homeless @ Homeless Connect


Not your conventional deal but a deal for those in need and those that want to give.

I just saw a video on Facebook about homelessness which inspired me to again search for ways to help the homeless. I came across an annual event called Homeless Connect which provides services to people in need once a year.

Homeless Connect brings together businesses and community groups at a one-day event. It provides free services to people experiencing homelessness, or those at risk of homelessness.

Homeless Connect events provide the following:

  • volunteer medical and allied health care professionals including doctors, dentists, optometrists, podiatrists and massage therapists
  • housing support
  • haircuts by volunteer barbers and hairdressers
    immunisation delivered by Council's immunisation team
  • personal grooming items such as towels, face washers, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo and deodorant
    clothing and shoes for adults, children and babies
  • non-perishable food items.

Brisbane - 27 June 2019
Perth - 13 November 2019
Gold Coast - 7 August 2019
Sydney - 2 July 2019

It appears that Adelaide, Hobart and Melbourne also have Homeless Connect events though I wasn't able to find the 2019 event dates.

Hopefully these events can help someone in need. Please consider giving your time, skills or items if you are in a position to do so.

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  • +15 votes

    Make sure to send this info to all the Australian billionaires.
    "the top 1 per cent of Australians owning more wealth than the bottom 70 per cent combined."

    • -13 votes

      Billionaires work hard and take risks to Create some product or services that we people line up in stores to buy voluntarily. They create jobs that we desperately need and we should be partly grateful for it rather than being jealous and bitter about their success. You can also become billioner if you can come up with next apple or Facebook or Google or Tesla. Most of the homeless are homeless cos they probably made shitty choices in their life. In Australia everyone can make it. No excuses unless you are disabled. There are jobs out thier that no one wants to do. People who are homeless and do drugs deserve not a single dollar in my view. People who are homeless cos of Misfortune should get help to get back up but I suspect those types are very few.

      • +16 votes

        Don't forget to blame the homeless. I don't think you stressed that enough!

        • -4 votes

          BTW may I ask if you are willing to help a homeless man who do drugs and alcohol and do wish to work?

          • +3 votes

            @ndeo: Been there, done that!
            Provided food, accommodation, training, work - they loved their first sale & wanted more.
            Even made a healthy profit in that business.

            • -3 votes

              @Infidel: Can I give a homeless drug addict your number and home address so you share the home with him and do the real godly duty? As you know money will eventually run out but seems like your big heart will see this drug addict homeless guy through life. And you can separate yourself from the rest by being big hearted soul and lead by example? After all these homeless people need home not just haircuts

              • +8 votes

                @ndeo: As I said - I've already done a lot with many homeless & addicted people. Thoroughly enjoyed it, although it is challenging. Ran a business to fund it, creating work.

                I'm now a full time carer for my parents - that's often more demanding that the H addicts😱

                Can't be greedy! Seems like you need the experience & learning your opportunity is giving you. Don't pass it up!

                • +1 vote

                  @Infidel: Read some of your posts and you sound amazing. Just wanted to say a big Good Onya

                  • +1 vote

                    @Quantumcat: It fills the day😉

                    But, like with social media - we select our best aspects to present.
                    I'm not amazing, just curious about people & life. I have met & learnt from amazing people.

                    Often we make choices in life for reasons beyond our current understanding. That is usually why people can have very different views on things like this Deal.

                    Being a full time carer has been my toughest, most isolating & thankless role😢

                    I've never been a parent - but I think the demands may be similar. It teaches me respect for others who take on tough roles in life.

                    You got a mention in a deal for a book on Quantum Physics for Hippies - great Username😀

          • +5 votes

            @ndeo: You have made two assumptions here that majority are homeless and do drugs and alcohol AND those who have Misfortune is very few. What if it’s the other way round that majority are Misfortune?

            Perhaps one day when you experience Misfortune yourself you would understand like losing a job, divorcing/breaking up of family affecting livelihoods, dependents falling with serious illnesses draining your finances etc. Not everyone in this world are born WITH EQUAL OPPORTUNITY.

            • -3 votes

              @ilovefullprice: That is why we should be responsible grown up adults and buy income protection, save enough for setbacks. basically live within our means. If I experience homelessness I would demand free house and free food with caretaker cos I pay freaking 30k tax each year and I still have to wait for 3 hours in triage in hospital



                If I experience homelessness I would demand free house and free food with caretaker cos I pay freaking 30k tax each year

                I know you're going for a massive humble brag, but I hate to break it to you, 30k tax per year is not that much. You would barely get just the housing part on that money. Caretaker??? 30k is below the minimum wage. And this is going on the presumption that ALL of your tax money is supposed to go back directly to you, ignoring all the benefits that you have already and will continue to receive from government

                • -1 vote

                  @AndrewCh: I. Understand that. I just said that to make a point
                  I rather have lower taxes. I rather take care of myself by private insurance but if the government and Marxist social justice people force me to pay 37.5 tax plus council tax plus gst that I demand all the services for free. So my point is low taxes for infrastructure and private insurance for medical and no free money for anyone who don't want to work. My taxes are being given away to drug addicts and they are being given injection rooms so why shouldn't I demand better services for myself and my family? You can pay 90 percent tax if you want to but I would like to buy things I need based on my usage and needs. BTW are you in favor of free homes and services to drug addicts who are homeless?

            • +4 votes

              @ilovefullprice: I've been unemployed 3 years. (Dang I forgot to reply to whoever said there are jobs for those who want them. That person has been listening to government propaganda.
              I went into centrelink and said I need help finding a job. They said "so you want a handout". I said no, I need a job. They said they'd access my situation and see who much they could give me. I said I wouldn't be eligible for a handout, I just need someone willing to give someone 50+ a job. They couldn't help me.
              So when they tell you only 5% of Australians are unemployed, that's rubbish.
              How many more are like me, that they refuse to put on the books?
              How many are on these casual contracts where they might only get 10 hours a week or whatever?
              We have no idea how many Australians don't have jobs.)

              But my point is, I'm not whinging about those that do have jobs. I need to lift my game. There must be something I'm capable of doing, that I can find someone willing to pay me for it. It's on me, not the government, and certainly not those who do have jobs.

              If I choose to turn to alcohol, that's on me. Everyone most certainly is responsible for where they are in life. If you're happy where you are, that's good. If not, you're the only one responsible for changing that.

            • +3 votes

              @ilovefullprice: When I was a young adult the only reason I didn't become homeless was because my sister let me stay at her place. It was a mental health/ no money kind of situation. My father earnt too much for me to claim any Centrelink benefits, but that was of no use to me. She couldn't afford to support me beyond that, but she helped me to get in touch with charities that could help and we got cheap marked down stuff at night from the supermarket.

              It was only a very short period, a few weeks, but if I'd ended up homeless and hadn't had my sister for support I don't know what would have happened or how long it would have lasted. I'm glad so many people have been lucky enough to not even come close to homelessness, but believing it's because you're superior is just arrogant and untrue.

              I'm lucky and have rarely had to worry about money too much since then. The last couple of years I've only had to work a fraction as hard as for the 15 years before that, because my physical health issues have been under control, I still get paid more. Actually the more my income has gone up the easier the work has gotten too.

        • +10 votes

          I'm not sure they've been hitting hard enough how people on lower incomes don't work nearly as hard. Clearly someone on $30k is only working one-tenth as hard as someone on $300k, because income directly correlates with how hard you work. Also when hiring people aren't going to be biased against people of a particular race or gender, the school they went to, the area they live in, even subconsciously, never happens. Everyone has exactly the same opportunities. It's just a coincidence that white men born into better off families are more likely to do well, because they work harder.

          • +1 vote

            @Miss B: I feel what you are saying and where you are coming from. But Race has very little to do with being successful. Look at Chinese and Indians. I have not seen a single homeless here in Australia. They are all working hard. They are not white. They know that to get food on the table they will have to work and do no drugs. Many doctors and truck drivers are indians. They are not white. If there is demand people will get jobs regardless of rhier race. I agree there is racism but that should not stop you from achieving your dreams

            • +7 votes

              @ndeo: ndeo you are confusing your opinions with expertise there mate and displaying a level of unconscious privilege so as someone who works with homeless people let me fix that situation a little for you.

              Before you start telling me off for using the word privilege, let me explain to you why you sound privileged. You sound privileged because you've made the assumption that everyone is able-bodied and able to work hard. You assume that maybe the Chinese and Indian people have done it tough but are willing to work hard and get on with it. These assumptions are incredibly telling. What you clearly do not know is that the people who are homeless have extreme experiences that you are not at all privy too and are too privileged to imagine. So here is a few de-identified examples from my work

              1. A trauma history. Homeless man for twenty years. Lives under a bridge but it has to be a high bridge. Can't live indoors. As a tradie in his youth he had building collapse on him, and got a head injury. Now can't be in enclosed spaces, no family, brain injury means he doesn't have the cognition to fill in Centrelink forms let alone work. Doesn't do drugs. When he does get money or food, other people steal it off him. But, he has a social worker and a local priest who keep an eye on him and help wherever they can, as much as he will let them.

              2. Mental health. Lady with chronic schizophrenia that has resisted all treatment (i.e. the drugs don't work). The only drug that DOES work has a lot of side effects and makes her feel like shit, plus she has to turn up fairly frequently to her local health centre to get blood tests to monitor for those side effects. Except chronic schizophrenia manifests as constantly hearing voices. Not just one, multiple, all clamoring at the same time to be heard, if they're lucky saying nice or neutral things, but most of the time those voices are telling them how horrible they are, how they should die, and if they're really unlucky, they visually hallucinate too, and usually horrible stuff. This is not something you can cure with mind over matter, this is a physical disease of the brain. Can't work because the voices are so loud, all of her concentration goes on not listening to them. Terrified of everyone and everything because of the voices. Hides in a tent and moves around a lot. 20 years ago would have been in an institution but institutions were defunded because the people looking after them were unskilled in and inpatients suffered horrendous abuse. No chance of working.

              3. The drug addict. Let me be clear, people get on drugs because they don't like who they are on a level where they utterly reject themselves. Why? 28 year old woman, ice and heroin addict, skin picked to pieces, has two kids but they've mercifully been removed to their grandma due to neglect. 10 year history of being beaten and raped by a family member daily from ages 4 to 14 before she ran away to the streets and found people who made her feel better, with drugs. Engages in sexually risky behaviour because that is her norm. Never really learned much in school because kids can't learn when traumatised, mostly illiterate.

              I have thousands of these stories. And there are SO many, and guess what - every time you hear of someone go on a murderous rampage or a terrorist attack or whatever, there's a lot of these stories in the background too but the homicidal kind are in the minority. For the most part, this group of extremely vulnerable, traumatised, or mental ill people keep to themselves as best as they can, and try not to hurt anyone. Sometimes they do, especially the drug addicts, which makes themselves hate themselves even more, which just makes the problem worse. Ultimately they die young, between the ages of 35 to 60, from horrific complications of life on the street.

              If all this sounds dramatic and grim, or if you think I've amplifying the situation then make no mistake, I've sanitised these stories for you. So while your opinion might sound convincing to you, if I may be frank, you have no idea what you're talking about and I suggest going and volunteering with an organisation that supports the homeless to truly get an idea of why everything you're saying just makes no sense.


              @ndeo: If someone is immigrating here (not as a refugee), they have money to lean on, and a job, or else they wouldn't have been allowed in. This is very different to people growing up in disadvantaged households.

          • +3 votes

            @Miss B: It's strange how people don't understand this, until it affects them or their loved ones. Inoculated by their privileged upbringing (we all have some benefits) they are unaware. They think everyone can achieve what they have.

            When I realised I was discriminated against (for being a Austalian in Australia!!), I suddenly understood a fraction of what others suffer. There was no precedent in the area.

            But I knew what to do (from my upbringing) - complain (& repeat), get support (Anti-Discrimination Commission), win the battle (court case without representation), & persevere (took 18 months). The company settled my claim unchallenged out of court.

            Unfortunately my success is much harder for those without my background. I don't notice it, but it's always there. So it's useless saying I achieved this so you should - or you're just lazy. Luckily my case is used to help others in a similar situation.

        • -7 votes

          Yeah! It's someone else's fault they're drug addicted and unemployed! Have a heart instead of trying to make people take responsibility for themselves! How cruel and mean can you be to people's feelings!? It's never ever a person's own fault that anything bad happens in their own life. Remember that and always give 100% of your income away, because that's what makes you a good person. Never ask questions about how people ended up homeless either - cause that's what mean and cruel people do.


        i agree with u mostly. Solid statement . In Australia, everyone can make it. Soooo many people are lazy and complain sooo much about nothing.


        Totally agreed

      • +1 vote

        We shouldn't desperately need billionaires to create jobs, certainly not creating or selling crap they people only want to buy after injecting a huge marketing budget.

        Create jobs in food and health care that doesn't turn anyone away, then I'll start listening to billionaires

      • +2 votes

        Thanks mate - I've been in transient and unsafe accommodation a few times and never because of "alcohol or drugs". And for those who have, it's usually because of Misfortune - it's a very common way to cope.

        When I lived in Darwin, the "joke" was that the raging black alcoholics were on the street, the raging white alcoholics were in their loungerooms. What's cause and effect here, love?

        Judge away, you chucklehead.


          I wonder if all of you guys who scream off rooftops to help the homeless ever took them in their own homes. Seems like no one wants to do that. They every one wants someone else to take care of them but not themselves. They just want to donate token money as if its going to solve the problem. They just want to look good in their friends and feel highly about themselves. You guys are just hypocrities and narcissistic people. Why not adopt a homeless and then I will clap for your efforts.


            @ndeo: It's not even a good idea.

            You might find 1 in 10 actually wants to put in an effort to turn their life around. 9 out of 10 your going to get hurt.

            If you think that 1 makes the grief of the 9 worthwhile, I commend you. I reckon you're right. But I'm not going through that.

            Unfortunately, handouts are likely to have a 0/10 success rate imo.

            So if we want to make people a little more comfortable where they are, I recommend the charities.

            If we want to get a person out of where they are and into a better place, I reckon that needs to come from within. If I meet that person, that's when I'd want to help.


            @ndeo: Why on earth would you expect someone completely unqualified to take in a homeless stranger?
            The whole point of the original post was to provide awareness of a way everyone can voluntarily help out, before it was mysteriously hijacked into a weird argument about billionaires and bludgers.
            Note: the original post was in no way bashing the rich or insinuating that anyone should be forced to participate

      • -5 votes

        Common sense is rare today. But remember, for every little marxist-in-training advocating for what amounts to socialism (which history proves has destroyed every nation that embraced it), there will be a dozen normal, sensible people NOT brainwashed by marxist teachers into believing the lie there is a limited supply of money in the world. (Hint: there isn't.)

        Some think if the 'fat greedy businessman' has 90% of the world's money, that means there's only 10% left for everyone else. That's NONSENSE. Money is NOT a limited resource. Using percentages perpetuate this false dogma. If they talked dollar$ instead, the brainwashing of some would be broken.

        e.g. The millionaire who has 90% of wealth may have 40 million. Well he can still have his 40 million, but the paupers can ALSO turn his life around and have 1, 5, 10 million AND everyone else too (or they can all keep their bank account empty if the choose to) - it's THEIR choice to whine, squander, then put their hand out - or, to start making better choices to improve their lot in life.

        In other words, money is just numbers in a ledger. ANYONE can become wealthy, or at least improve their situation - and it does NOT mean someone else misses out - because money again, is a limitless resource.

        How? Through their own CHOICES. You either CHOOSE to buy that bottle of bourbon, or you CHOOSE to bank that $30 instead. You either choose to shoot drugs IN your arm, or you choose to provide for the kids you've pumped OUT. And anyone can then use those savings to at least START getting ahead in life.

        But no, it's easier to lie to themselves and blame someone else for THEIR poor choices - easier to punish someone else who did what they could have done - who CHOSE to use what they had (little or lots) to improve their lot in life instead of wasting it. But because someone has 'more than me' the one with more should be stolen from - penalised for MY poor decisions or bad luck. So the one that works, builds, and EMPLOYS others (who can then CHOOSE to use that money to become wealthy and employ others TOO - or not) should lose what they earned and be given to those who will CONTINUE to make poor decisions!?

        There is NO reason ANYONE in this country should remain - ahem - 'poor', or homeless. Sure, they can make poor choices, even have bad circumstances that get them there in first place. But there's NO reason to still be that way even in just 6 months, but certainly not 1 year, 5 years, 10 years time.

        ANYONE can get welfare - money every fortnight for doing nothing. (Or at least, for doing far less than those in a job do.)

        Someone here asked if another could survive on 'just' $39 a day. LOL! There are people in the world who have ZERO money per day yet they manage to survive. THEY would look at that $39 a day as living like kings! So going by the logic of some very odd people here, who think money should be taken from the wealthy to give to 'the poor' - half of their $39 should be TAKEN FROM THEM and given to someone in the world who has $0.

        But the shoe is the other foot then, isn't it… They get all huffy and self-righteous: 'but that's MY money - why should you steal it from me to give to someone else', etc. The very same attitude those wealthy folks are accused of. Perhaps they're even so blind they think the wealthy should pay for THOSE people TOO, so 'I get to keep my $39'!

        I've lived on welfare - with $0 in the bank - in government housing - surrounded by other families who had less, the same, or more children - on the same or MORE money than us. We watched them smoke, go out drinking, eating KFC and McDonalds, pay for taxis for the 600m to McDonalds and back or 800m to Woolworths, everyone in the family from 10 year olds to adults with a mobile phone, daughters with Maybeline makeup (and the list of WASTE goes on).

        Then, when they 'run out' of money by the second week, they're crying poor - to all of the charities (Smith Family, St Vincents, Salvation Army, etc.) applying for bill assistance, bills to be waived entirely, free this, assisted that, discounted xyz, free food from the local community centre twice a week… (Ever wonder what happens to that marked down bread that suddenly disappears late at night when you go back to get one? Well it's not JUST marked down goods. I know for a fact that Woolworths throws in a certain amount of milk, meat, bread every week that is NOT out of date yet.)

        Meanwhile, my family (and remember, receiving the same or less welfare payment) - CHOSE not to smoke, not to drink, CHOSE to drink water and eat home cooked food (including - gasp - FRUIT instead of 2x cheeseburgers on a plate along with a bag of twisties and large coke) and the OCCASIONAL takeaway - paying rego on car that cost $1300, with ONE phone plugged into the WALL (when those were cheaper), which allowed our savings to slowly begin to grow from $0, then used that to buy food cheaper in bulk when on sale, and many things that reduce cost and slowly increase the bank balance over time…

        Yes, people make mistakes in life that get them into trouble. But there's also very lenient bankruptcy laws that wipe most or all of that debt… You can lose EVERYTHING and just two weeks later or less, the government deposits money in your bank account; charities swap a 10 minutes interview for money to pay your bills; restaurants and supermarkets donate food; other charities give you a few garbage bags full of clothes and Woolworths/Coles grocery cards… The list of perks goes on and on AND ON - and people on welfare educate each other for HOURS on how to wring every freebie and perk from the system. e.g. How to scam money for the SAME electricity bill out of ALL THREE main charities, etc.

        And they have the act down pat too. The: 'I'm so poor and sad because of it, please pity me so you give me more' - and outsiders - even gullible charity workers helping them, BELIEVE and DEFEND THEM!

        I know because I've been there. I've been in line for the free food/money/clothes/rent assistance listening to their bubbly discussions, eyes twinkling over all the ways to rort the system - only to then see them when their name is called for the interview about their electricity bill, slowly get to their feet grunting and groaning, their eyes suddenly 'sullen and defeated' - a great act to be sure - but all for the benefit of the interviewer.

        I know because I've started at the same point - benefited from the SAME THINGS - stood in the same lines. Struggled, saved, and chose to use my brain and common sense when I couldn't work with my body. So I can confidently say NO-ONE in this country is hard done by and EVERYONE can change it IF THEY CHOOSE TO - on the CURRENT MONEY - because I've seen it from both sides.

        What I'm saying is, that 'only $39 per day' is NOT only $39 per day for them. Oh, they may be receiving $39 per day in MONEY, but they are getting something like THREE TIMES THAT in other government/charity/business benefits, assistance, and discounts.

        Ever wonder why there are so few homeless people in small towns, but so many in cities? The above is the reason - because there are tonnes of perks like the ones above in cities. Xyz charity has a free lunch two days a week, another has it on another days of the week, and third yet another day. That's a free meal five days out of seven - and that's if there are only three doing it.

        Why make any effort yourself, why find ways to save to improve your lot, when you can be a kept pet - just watch TV/play computer games/type on facebook/play bejewelled all day at home, when there are so many places handing out things of value others have to pay for? All you need to do is a put on a bit of an act, cry poor a little, share some sob story (but leave out all the cheeseburger details) - and let the charities con everyone who does have a job, to donate and support the few who can't along with the many who just can't be bothered.

        I lived in a government housing area for a decade. And I'm being VERY generous when I say easily 80% of the people there were living quite well, made zero effort - and were quite happy to live out their lives that way. And why wouldn't they? Everything provided - much like a gaol, only the food is (arguably) better and no curfew.

        I'm not saying there is NO genuine hardship. But easily 80% of it is FAKE. And if someone is still in that position in 1, 2, 5, 10 years time - they're NOT genuine - they're deceiving bludgers. I've even seen the 'diagnosed mentally ill' magically turn normal the moment the mental health 'professionals' leave the room. I've seen the receptionists shake their heads in disbelief at the change.

        Anyway… I better stop with this reality stuff - all the snowflakes will melt and we'll drown.

        • +1 vote

          Coming from someone who has been both in your situation and working on the other side in the charities, as well as stints in the govt, all I can say is your experience is valid but not representative.

        • +3 votes

          You sound really angry and I'm not sure you realise just how angry you are, but I will say this. Yes there are rorters, but you seem to have elevated yourself above the people in the Centrelink queue, and seem not to realise that the rorters are not at all the majority. The Americans would argue that the support you queued for IS socialist, so instead of insulting everyone who supports those services as being some kind of 'other', I suggest you take a good look at your own anger because that post was just simmering with rage.

          • -1 vote

            @MissG: No, not angry, not simmering with rage. Just honest facts from someone that's lived it and seen others live it. It is however why I used the word snowflake. (Any facts that can be construed by anyone as 'hurty words' today, gets categorised as 'hate'.)

            America says they don't, but they already have the same as here. I know people that live there who are unemployed, getting disability, etc. Sure, they have to jump through a few more hoops than us to get it, but it's not that different.

            But that's not what I was referring to anyway… I'm referring to the attitude of some who are convinced if someone has more than me, they're greedy and evil and government should take more away from them to give it to me.

            As I said, no, not all - but there ARE plenty of 'rorters'. Oh, they do their required effort, just enough to convince others and themselves. But they all still spend hot summer days playing video games in the aircon, going to the beach, get more excited and put more effort into researching their next mobile phone than the jobs they apply for.

            When I said only 80% I was being generous. I lived in an area that was mostly government housing, learned from, and TAUGHT OTHERS all the tricks TOO. I didn't judge, didn't hate - I had no reason to - because I was the same. It didn't change fact. It's not even 'rorting' really, because the system - government, charities, etc. make it that way. People are just taking advantage of the many supports that are available, just like you wouldn't yawn and watch a $50 note blow down the street. But there are SO MANY supports that it makes staying on welfare an easy choice.

            If you can get free food to make your $ go further, why not take it? If you can get someone else to pay for your electricity, why not? (Actually, I didn't do that one because it felt dishonest. You're supposed to have a bill but no money in the bank.) We saw plenty who had no idea when their next bill was coming, who would whine about having no money to pay it, that night take the 4x kids to the movies + popcorn + coke + icecreams… they would tell us afterwards they'd spent $70+, then the next afternoon brag over the fence they'd put their hand out at some charity for their electricity bill, after showing them their empty [cough - emptied] bank account! They would nag us to do it too - just open another bank account and keep it empty just for that purpose, LOL! (Uh, no thanks - pass.)

            So no-one can tell me the reality I saw was something different to what it really was. What I did see however, was lots of people kidding themselves they'd made a REAL effort, and others listening and believing they had - because it all sounded so genuine, reasonable, and convincing. Include the facts that support the narrative (only $39 per day), but omit the facts that don't support the narrative (rent assistance, electricity discounts, electricity paid FOR THEM, free groceries, etc.).

            Neighbourhood kids would ask me to produce their resumes. They couldn't sit long enough to tell me what they wanted in it! I thought, "Why did you even ask me!?" Only to find out they'd been told to do it by some job network provider, "… or else you'll lose your payments." Even when one said they 'really want this job' so 'I need my resume updated'… they couldn't run away fast enough. "Whatever you do is fine. Just… update it a bit." With WHAT!?

            And after hearing, "I really want this job…" if I explained they need to check their resume for each job type and adjust it to make themselves more desirable… "Ah, this'll do, thanks - that'll get 'em off me back, ay."

            What I saw was not MY bias - it was reality firmly impressed upon me over and over again. Some do a lot, yes; others do nothing; but MOST don't go out of their way. e.g. If a job came up 40km away… we'd hear: "Oh-my-GOD!!! I'd have to get a bus EVERY day - TWICE!"


            • So-and-so works there. I hated them in school. I don't want to work where they do. Oh they work at another store but I could still run into them.
            • I want to be/do… (some completely unrealistic goal, then do nothing to get there).
            • Meh, they don't pay enough. Me: "Ok, but Woolies has paid training. If you just do it and stay there while others move on, over time you get promoted and… " "Nah, not interested. After paying tax it's easier/cheaper to sit at home on Newstart - and - they're RIGHT!" Then you hear them explain it a different way - all new 'plausible excuses' come out, when someone who 'isn't in the Centrelink circle' is around.

            They see their parents have netflix, new phones, ciggies, coke, sit in the airconditioning in summer, go out once a week or fortnight to the bowlo for a splurge for dinner… what incentive is there to do or become more?

            That's the very reason welfare is low. So people get motivated to work. Giving them more, just means they rely less on the charities, etc. so it all evens out again. Then they'll say it's not enough again, and use the charities and other perks less again.

            So what I do know is, there will be LESS incentive when Newstart is increased.

            I don't care to change people's minds. I'm just starting the reality - which is: Living on welfare is hard at first and when you're used to having more money, buying expensive things, getting loans, going out, etc. AND before you learn all the 'tricks'. But once you do, you can live a life where all your needs and quite a few of your wants are taken care of.


              @GregMonarch: You'd make a good politician in today's political climate. Just talk and talk and talk until everyone gives up and leaves. Then you will think you're clever and have won the argument…


          What u say is very accurate and I have noticed that on many occasions. That’s why when the genuine 0.02% have serious mental health/psychical symtoms I feel sad for them as all the fakes get the spotlight and they suffer.

          • +1 vote

            @Calmerancer: I think there are about 116000 homeless people in Australia, so you're saying that only 23 of them have legitimate problems. Care to cite any sources to back up your claims, or do you just feel strongly about it

        • +1 vote

          Not sure if you've noticed, but Australia has embraced many socialist principles and that's why we have among the highest quality of life in the world. You've also failed to cite any sourced to back up any of the claims you've maid. Maybe you should watch a doco about homelessness, or read up on what people who are homeless are going through.

          • +1 vote

            @WinstonWithAY: But I can't afford a maid. ;-)

            Besides… I've also BEEN 'homeless' I just don't brag about it. Yeah - I dared to say 'brag'. When I left school I lived in my car for a few years. Although this is termed 'homeless' nowdays, I had MORE expenses than a real 'homeless' person. It was a great time! (Or so I thought at the time.)

            • The government was silly enough to steal taxes from someone else
            • Even sillier to give it to me
            • Which I then used for a large bottle of bourbon, and drink half each of the 2x Saturdays (before the next dole payment came).
            • I'd order a pizza from a little private shop that made excellent ones and eat 2/3 that evening/late-night then other 1/3 the next morning for breakfast.
            • Spend the day at the beach, shower there before it got dark/cold…

            Sure there were times I had to choose where to park for a few days because I had no money left for fuel. Sure I skipped meals. But I also had NO RESPONSIBILITY (or next to none).

            Then I grew up and discovered a sense of responsibility.

            The only thing that's changed today is, they have to apply for more jobs, and cars and pizza are much more prolific/cheaper (plus all the phone freebies and hack we get today with mobile phones).

            You also seem to miss the multiple times I've said there ARE genuine cases - where people make mistakes. I too made a big mistake years ago when my recent-new-wife & I had no food for about 10 days - until the NEXT welfare check fell from the sky (sorry - was ripped from someone else's wallet). We went to the Smith Family, received a few bags of canned food, and some kind of card to be used at Woolworths I think. They asked us how much did I think would suffice: $25, $50, $100? I took the $25.

            But I still stand by what I said, because it's 100% true. ANYONE - homeless or otherwise CAN get welfare, every 2 weeks. They often have no rent, no electricity, no rego, no bills (and the list goes on) - NO responsibility. They can even wipe their debt by going bankrupt - costing someone else double - the debt AND stolen taxes.

            So most (but particularly those still living that way 6 months later) often have MORE disposable income than someone working hard to earn taxes stolen for THEM. They've worked out the tricks of the 'trade' to get free stuff from as many places as possible, how to con money out of charities, etc. It's a full-time job! Getting up before 10am to the local community centre, showing your lamininated card, saying how many kids you have (to get more bags of free Woolies chicken, milk, and bread - all free).

            It's not ME that needs to learn about it. Because I've lived it, watched others live it, even TAUGHT THEM how to live it.


        Oh I think you topped nurries. What's your favourite flavour of leather?

    • +1 vote

      While I'm all for outlawing the existence of billionaire, imagine if the government used our taxes to effectively care for the homeless


        Here's an interesting tidbit (and homework assignment for those not afraid of thinking for themselves)… Some countries have no taxes. Yet all such social needs are still met. I wonder how?


          (citation needed)


            @Tambani: Your homework - not mine. ;-)

            But basically there are countries with low, or zero tax. And people who are advocating for more of it. Why? Instead of government stealing taxes from citizens, infrastructure is private and paid for by a return on investment such as rent, tolls, etc. Welfare too is privatized - supported by public donations and fundraising.

            The reason why it works? Because when government forces citizens to 'donate' through the theft of taxes (and then see them foolishly squandering most of it), citizens resent charity: "I've already paid my share." But when government does not steal from citizens through taxes, people are more generous.

            All this has the effect of less government waste, more private sector employment, which means more and higher quality jobs (not government-created jobs which are required to mask the real unemployment rate), cheaper infrastructure due to less incompetance and waste, meaning less people need welfare in the first place.


          How? The government owns all of the profit producing infrastructure enterprises, and is able to exploit resources to invest in society.


          Do you mean no income tax? Or no taxes whatsoever?
          The first is easily answered by just having higher "other" taxes.
          If you mean no taxes at all, then the only examples I could find were completely funded by oil/natural resources or tourism. I don't think that's really a possibility for Australia (although it would be nice to actual share in more of the resources we are exporting)
          Enlighten us

          • -1 vote

            @AndrewCh: Well, for the sake of what we talking about here, it doesn't really matter how it's funded. My point was that some countries have no tax, and other people say there is no other way - yet those countries still have roads, hospitals, schools, etc. just like us - but without the tax.

            But also, think about what you just said…

            Our government allows overseas companies to come in, mine (etc.) our resources, provides THEM with tax breaks, goes easy on them when they pollute the environment, drain resources thousands of years old like water tables… all to make junk which they send back to us that quickly winds up in landfill. When WE should be the ones creating high-value from those resources (while not ruining the other things).

            In other words, we DO have plenty of resources, tourism opportunities, etc. to support this country without taxes, especially when comparing our small population to our massive land mass. It's just that government is too damn lazy and doesn't want us to get too independent either - so we continue to reply on them, be their pets/cattle, and do what we're told (and even think it's good for us).

            I watch sailing channels on youtube. All of them frequently mention the corruption/bribes in these other countries with supposed 'greater tourism potential' - money handed over to get your visa approved faster/easier at each new destination. We have - or could have with reasonably little effort - just as much tourist-drawing attractions as many of those places, only without that corruption.

            But again, government is lazy and always take the easiest route. Which is: sell everything dirt cheap like it's a fire sale, steal taxes from citizens to make up the shortfall, and who really cares if it all falls apart on their watch because they've spent more time building their real estate portfolios than doing their job. They're only in a few years, so there's a 50% chance the wheels will come off on the other side's watch anyway. So who cares - and the rest of us can get stuffed.

            So yes, other countries do it through tourism, resources, but also private investment. Their government employs people to hunt down income-producing investments around the world, invest, and profit. But like above, our government is too lazy, greedy, stupid… (all three?) - to bother.

            But even THOSE other countries could do better…

            Most people think, because they've only seen one way (government takes our income to pay for roads, etc. we use) that there is no other way. They've never thought of anything else. Who said it has to be that way. Private companies can build the same infrastructure (heck, they already DO - only they do it FOR government).

            Just one example…

            Government invites private companies to tender to build (and own) a road. A company is selected and they build it - at their own expense - maybe with a government-backed zero-interest loan - whatever… So THEY now have the right to the tolls for x years - instead of government. But they also have to give a small percentage to government, for that right. At the end of that time they can tender again for renewal, or to rebuild, whatever is required due to population growth, town planning changes, etc.

            Government has no outlay to build that road, but still makes some money from it. This has the effect of reducing the size of government (less pen pushers 'needed' to maintain all these government-owned assets). There's less bloat, less waste, less people stealing stationary, etc.

            It also means less government interference with citizens (making it a nicer place to live).

            And because private companies ARE more profitable (less bloat, less waste, more efficient, more done with less fuss and employees, etc.) it means more REAL and well-paying jobs (not token government jobs created to hide the real unemployment rate from their destruction of manufacturing, etc.).

            (This of course, is what the government is trying to do when they sell of public assets… But they're getting it all wrong here. Meaning BOTH the private companies AND government get to bleed us dry.)

            There are some intelligent people taking about and advocating for this model instead. But, governments are far too lazy, would rather we work ourselves to death. After all, they take care of themselves when it's their turn to win the musical chair, building their own real estate portfolios, retiring with large secure large pensions - while the ones they stole taxes from can't afford to turn on a heater in winter and skip one or two meals a day.

            Instead they're pushing for MORE socialism - more government control - more policies that make them wealthier - making the divide so great it will give them ALL power. Making us their dependent surfs, with our hand out to government for every thing.

            But my point wasn't government will grow a conscience… It was that things don't have to be this way.


        Clearly government does not collect enough tax to take care of every one. Its less than a 500$ a fortnight. Would like to to be taxed at 90% to make enough for homeless? You can make a volunteer contribution to Government?

  • +1 vote

    those that want to give

    Unfortunately Sydney's date comes when I'm going to be on holidays. Is there any other way I can contribute to this before then?

    Neither link nor description seems to explain much.

  • +4 votes

    Just wondering (pardon my ignorance) but if you don't have a job despite actively seeking, doesn't Centrelink give some support?

    How then can one not afford basics like haircuts etc?

    In third world countries where there is no government assistance, I can see how one ends up penniless, but how here?

    Maybe I've isolated myself in my cocoon for too long


      I can see where you're coming from. I guess it comes down to how people wish to use their benefits.

      P.S. I used to work for Centrelink in an area where there was high rate of homeless.

      • +2 votes

        Does Centrelink pay the homeless? (Not that I have a problem with that at all)

        Just heard that you couldn't get anything unless you had a fixed address


          There are ways around it, such as homeless services proving making addresses to homeless people.

          But yeah, lots of other obstacles as per the comments below.

        • +6 votes

          Some become homeless after missing appointments etc, so their Newstart is sanctioned (payments suspended, then lose accommodation, etc because can't pay). That may also be complicated by untreated sickness, mental disorders & less ability to put a strong case why they shouldn't lose their benefit. Reversing that slide into homelessness can be very difficult.

          (I funded & ran a home for otherwise homeless long ago. Everyone had been through the same juvenile mental health facility.)


            @Infidel: Forty percent of homeless people work in paid employment.

            • +3 votes

              @Diji1: So? I've trained & employed some homeless in the past. Many who are paid Newstart also legitimately work.

              But "work in paid employment" does not necessarily mean enough income to live on. It may only be a few hours per week (min 1 hour a week was old standard for being employed) at low wages, or selling "The Big Issue". Not exactly CEO's.

              And homeless is not a simple category - some live in homes (on couches, or temporarily). This often transient nature means holding onto work may be difficult.

              A reason I provided some accommodation, healthy meals, training, support & employment.
              Most had no experience in selling or communication with others. My business took them into factories & workplaces to sell. It was so satisfying seeing their reactions to their first sale - of a bag of fruit.
              Have written about this before


              @Diji1: Making up numbers is cool. 63% of all whales like to smoke pipes.


          Just no rent assistance


          Which also can be mobile, don't know how it works, but grey nomads get the pension while travelling.


          I'm pretty sure they address is c/- local centrelink office. You see the lineup on payday.


          It's mostly nonsense - like much of what we hear about such things - and usually from people who work for some charity (who possibly have no idea of the real scams going on, but I find it difficult to believe they're that inept).

          For example: I know for a fact people living full time in a motorhome can list 'The highways of Australia' as their address with Centrelink. (And if someone in a motorhome can, then so can someone living in a car - or 'a friends car', etc. In other words they can just claim they are when they're not, if they want to.)

          I've also heard from several sources now, that most of their Centrelink involvement (all but the in-person interviews) is done using some reporting app. I've even talked to a couple of people who say when Centrelink requires them to attend an interview, they send a message saying they're out of town looking for work, can't make the interview at that location in time, so the interview is either voided or rescheduled closer to that location - by that time they've moved again. (They just keep 'moving' by some distance each time, and the interview keeps getting rescheduled.)


          Some homeless people are too unwell to jump through Centrelink's many hoops.

    • +14 votes

      Centrelink support is insufficient, hard to get, and hard to maintain. They do things like cancelling your support if you don't show up (because, for example, you're depressed or otherwise unwell), which compounds existing problems; there is no benefit of the doubt. The jobseeker support has absolutely ridiculous requirements for the number of job applications.

      That's just a few issues with it! But yeah, it totally fails in cases like people who need mental healthcare.


        they're in the wrong line if they need mental healthcare.
        If you're in the line for work, it seems totally reasonable to me to require 40 hours of job seeking effort if you want to be paid for it!!??
        If you're too depressed to seek work, join the other queue.

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