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3 Year VPN Plan USD$107.55 ($151.56) + 56% Cashback via Shopback [New Customers only] @ NordVPN


Saw this come in and seemed like a good price factoring in cashback via shopback

Originally $107.55 USD (or $2.99/month) but with 56% shopback from Shopback comes up to $47.32 USD (~$67 AUD) or $1.31/month USD (~$1.85 AUD)

NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY. If you signed up within 30 days you could probably cancel and sign up under a different email.

See some historic prices - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/search/node/nordvpn

Edit: I'm unsure if the coupon code affects cashback in any way but since it's on the shopback site I would recommend you use it so there's no questioning it.

Edit2: Updated expiry as the NordVPN price seems unchanged. I think cashback runs till 12th

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  • Does anyone know if NordVPN works in China? I wasn't able to PIA to work last time I went there.

    • Yes it does, currently using it while in China. Mainly use the Obfuscated servers in HK but sometimes have to flip to France or USA. Speeds are good. Use on multiple PC's and Android phone.

  • Interesting, I'd wait for some StackSocial deal for VPNSecure. I got my lifetime subscription for under $100 AUD, and have used them for a year or two now.

  • It is a great deal but 3 years is a big commitment for some people, like myself, who quite possibly may have to be off grid for a large portion of that time.

    • +1

      3 years go in a blink. I was with PIA for 4 years and I'd love to stay longer with them. Unfortunately this deal is too good to let go, so I jumped ship.

  • Thanks OP.

    Was considering setting up my own VPN on Vultr for $2.5-$5 USD/month but this saves me the trouble.

  • Anyone tested connections to India? I did 7 day trial (used only for one day) to connect but was getting terrible speed.
    This is mainly for streaming hotstar for cricket world cup (I already have a hotstart subscription)

    • Similar question here too, I do notice them having more servers than something I am already trying (surfshark). Surfshark too had terrible speeds, though streaming experience last couple of days was ok. I am just wondering if more servers is a good thing in favor or nordvpn over a longer period of time.

  • I am worried I won't get my shopback discount as I had ublock on the NordVPN website. Any advice?

    • +1

      30 day risk free cancellation. Others have done above ^

      • Yep, got my cashback! But note it'll be available by: 23 Jun 2019. So you can't scam them with a refund.

  • +1

    VPNSecure Lifetime Subscription - $34.99 (92% off)

  • Hi OP, thanks for posting this.

    Where did you see the expiration date of today at 5.30pm? I can't see it on the shopback website.

    • There's a countdown clock in the deal link(separate to shopback but I assume the same)

  • Does anyone know if this works well with ios? With PIA on ios, sometimes it doesn’t connect automatically and I have to manually turn it on and off. Freedome was better

  • +1

    Is there any way of testing a VPN's claim of where they are based and so what jurisdiction they are under?

    • Really only can be tested by trusted external auditing companies. (In this case PwC) https://ucp.nordvpn.com/audit-report/

      • You can also test yourself by doing something stupid like hacking into google(Or some other big business(Or at least some business who you know WILL chase you down for even a minor case), such as that kid who managed to hack into Epic's twitter account…..) and if successful, you wait for your judgment…..if VPN reveals your true identity then we know they are no longer to be trusted with privacy and security and I believe you can take them to court on false advertising; if they don't then they have passed your little test(s).

  • Picked a costlier deal few months ago and paid via my Credit Card…..wondering if card provider will honor price drop protection (included option)!

  • Hey guys. I bought PIA a few months ago and was sad i couldnt easily change countries for netflix. Its always blocked. Is this any better for netflixing around the worldM

    • +1

      I'm confidently guessing that Netflix are relentless on tracking VPN's that unblock them and fixing it. What unblocks today may not unblock tomorrow.

      • Damnnnn so no vpn is good for netflix i guess :(

        • People here say they've been unblocking Netflix for years but don't count on it lasting for years with any particular VPN.

          • @shaybisc: nord worked fine until this month - on android its useless now

            it seems to be google related

  • it says "new nordVPN costumers only" i'm a existing costumer but i only have 1 month to go do i just sign up with a new email address would that work ? for shopback

  • I used their free trial and thought the speeds were slow. Good price after cashbacks though.

    But do you have to activate immediately or can you save it for later? And if you save it for later, will you still get the cashback?

  • Peeved off that i clicked the Australia option and got charged the extra 10% GST, yet the invoice they sent does not make note of any GST so i can't claim it back on my internet business.

    • I'm pretty sure quite a lot of smaller overseas companies charging GST now are pocketing the GST and not actually collecting it for Canberra. They used it as a perfect excuse to charge an extra 10%. I know they don't have ABNs.

      Bigger sites like ebay, Steam and Amazon wouldn't be able to get away with it, but more obscure ones are doing it.

      • Yeah, I think this is what these guys are doing. I’ve sent them an email, shall see what they say.

      • They would be mad if they didn't pocket the GST. How the hell would the ATO know how much Australian GST NordVPN has collected?

        • +1

          I'd bet they don't keep logs on that either. Hah.

      • lol its a regressive tax helping fund the current buy your vote liberal campaign

    • +1

      Update on this… they said they will send me an invoice with GST on it. I asked them about their tax status in Australia , they said….

      “Please note, that we do have a ARN number: 300014693094.

      This Australian Taxation Office Reference Number was provided to Tefincom S.A. by corresponding institution in Australia. “

  • I tried Google Pay (but it claims that my Android phone browser doesn't support GPay)
    Next tried AliPay, however the payment screen is entirely in Chinese, and for some reason my username/email was rejected

    Anyone else successfully paid?

  • How long it’s take to get ShopBack to give you credit. And hopefully I’ll get it. As not sure 🤔 I use ShopBack promo code.

  • Shopback returns $82.30, shy a couple of dollars of 56%.
    So it costs $151.35 + 1% XE, less cash back, then works out at AU$70.56.

    • Did you have to select Australia in the signup? I can't seem to avoid the GST charge I always get an error

  • Anyone get this working on Xpenology?

  • I didn't use the code, but my cashback was tracked about 6 hours after purchase, it ends up being about $82 AUD. Just have to wait 75 days now! Thanks OP :)

  • I signed up for shopback, went through the process. It was quite simple.

    I'm new to this service and ozbargain. If anyone didn't know, Shopback sends an email to you stating the predicted cashback for the deal. For this NordVPN cashback, they let me know that the cashback amount of $82.05 will be given.

  • NordVPN does not allow port forwarding (if that's important to you)

  • Price is USD $118.30 for me, 10% VAT, is this right?

    • Use another country

  • Three days and cashback not showing in Shopback yet…hmm - raised a missing cashback request and see what they say, otherwise will cancel NordVPN and stay with PIA :)

    • Mine not showing either. However, for them to check it takes 35 days.

      I specifically paid with Amex so getting a refund wouldn't be an issue.

      • I will just end up cancelling within the 30 days, not waiting 35 :)
        I am here for a bargain, not to spend time chasing stuff ups. haha
        See how we go

        • I think it'll be fine. I'll give Shopback the opportunity to fix it.

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