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Cat6 Ethernet Gigabit LAN Cable Flat 1 Meter $2.80 @ Daiso


I needed a couple of LAN cables so checked Officeworks on the Interwebs, cheapest Cat 6 is $5.88.

On the way there I had cause to stop at the local Westfield and on the off-chance thought I'd have a look in the Daiso store.

As per the title, they sell flat 'fabric braided' 1 metre Cat 6 LAN cables for $2.80.

Not on 'special' but still an absolute bargain that I thought good to keep in mind.

UPC 4549131536164

Image is actual purchased product.


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  • Good to know if you ever needed to quickly grab one at lunchtime

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    Coles has cheap spring water @ 75 cents, not on special but still cheap, should we post that too?

  • Nothing too special about this price. Even cheaper if you buy it in Japan since its only 100 yen there….
    for that price i could buy shielded cat6 cable and make my own for half that price.

    • Not everyone has a crimper and plugs handy though. Agree with you. I think this is not a real deal however it can save someone a few bucks if they just wanted some temporary ones and not worried about quality too much. For example students living in city apartments with a Daiso nearby.

      For one metre distance is the quality going to matter that much?

    • Haha you just made every cabling nerd on Whirlpool cry. You can't even discuss own cabling on there without your thread being deleted. Everyone does it though.

      • Surely no one's going to buy these cables for structured cabling. For a one meter length it's probably just connecting a desktop to a router, or from a wall socket to the client device.

        There is nothing illegal about doing your own cabling if they are not put behind the walls. Whirlpool deletes them because of the building code for concealed cabling.

        • Whirlpool deletes then because the mods received mail from unnamed ACMA official threatening unspecified legal consequences.

        • Whirlpool is scared of its own shadow. Their website has been dead to me for years because of this. Like many Aussie companies, if their piss-weak lawyers don't think they can defend the company from kids (big and small) posting a paragraph of idiotic words, they need to fire their lawyers - not bring out the ban stick on every second post.

          • @Charity: Whirlpool isn't a company. It's an oldschool community-minded private site that has been owned and run by Simon Wright since he was a teenager, and the staff are all volunteers. They don't have an army of corporate lawyers, they just take sensible actions to protect themselves and their community.

    • Oh good call let me just get in my private jet to Japan and pick up some cables

    • Yes, even Daiso has an "Australia tax". In Japan they are 100 yen stores, in Canada it is a $1 store, and in Singapore a SG$1.20 store.

      • Yes agree we are suckers in Australia. Think it is SGD2 in Singapore. In Japan most things 100 JPY, but some things 200 JPY, 300 JPY etc.

  • I've been getting a heap of cables from fs.com, they've a distribution hub in Melbourne now:

    0.9m (3ft) Cat6 Ethernet Cable Snagless Unshielded (UTP) PVC CM#70595 A$2.86 (Incl. GST)

    Check out the full range of lengths (6" to 200') and colours of Cat6 cables here:


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      Reviews are concerning though…

      While the quality of the cable, the arrival time of the shipment were all top-notch, these cables are more of a green/forest green. The picture depicts a bright neon/lime green which is very deceiving/disappointing as thats not what we received.

      I would be really annoyed if I received forest green cable when I specifically ordered lime green !!!!

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        But in your forest you can have many limes.

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          "Can't see the forest for the lime trees"

          doesn't have the same ring to it…

      • I think you meant singular review though, that is the first review on the list, and with 4.8 out of 5.0 from 1683 reviews ain't bad.

        I don't give much weight to any online retailers reviews, so kind of moot I guess.

        Having purchased quite a few of the cables from fs.com recently I think they are up there with the best cables I've purchased over the past ~25 years IMHO

    • That 8 dollars shipping though….

    • Tempted to buy some, but I saw some comments about Shielded Twisted Pairs being the better choice.

      When should I buy UTP (Unshielded) cables vs Shielded?

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        Unshielded is more flexible - bendier - and often thinner. It's also much cheaper.

        Shielded will work better, especially over long distances or in electrically noisy environments, with fewer errors and at higher speeds.

        UTP is fine for most home users.

        Tempted to buy some

        Don't. These cables are garbage. Buy a cable from fs.com or even amazon.com.au, you don't want this rubbish cable at any price (not even free). You want a 24AWG weight Cat6A cable (notice the extra "A").

        • Can you give me an example of when Shielded would be better than UTP for a home user?

          Would Cat6A unshielded be much better than shielded Cat6?

          I actually meant I was tempted to buy from the comment I replied to (fs.com), thanks!



            Can you give me an example of when Shielded would be better than UTP for a home user?

            If you're running a homelab server farm with 10GbE or you have a workshop that makes electrical noise (e.g. 3 phase metal lathe). Minority of users. You and most people will be fine with UTP.

            Would Cat6A unshielded be much better than shielded Cat6?

            Yes. Cat6A is 2x the bandwidth and 3x the distance over Cat6, regardless of shielding. Most home users will never use the extra bandwidth or extra distance.

            The real reason is Cat6A cables tend to be better quality (less garbage). At least for now. Until the Chinese ripoff merchants start rebadging their junk as Cat6A.

            • @DisabledUser3057: I agree for the most part, home users will rarely get the benefit that Cat6a offers over Cat6, but the other issue with Cat6a is the cost of the Cat6a switches, far too expensive at the moment IMHO

    • Thanks Stef. I've been looking for a place that sells 6in cat6

  • Anyone remember this freebie? Man that was good. And I actually needed one that long.

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