expired IKEA - eat for free (with purchase) - Perth & Adelaide only


I was in Ikea (Osborne Park. WA) today, and noticed it was very busy as they have the eat for free deal on Monday - Friday again.

I got the amount on the Restaurant receipt deducted from from the items I purchased

Best to combine with the 1/2 price lunch specials on Monday and Tuesday

You could buy some packs of 3x 11W compact fluorescent globes E27 (Edison screw type) for $1.95 per pack.

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    So you have to buy stuff from them in order to get your meal free?

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    OH yeah
    Smart Idea

    Hire a bus, take a whole busload of homeless people to IKEA.
    Tell them to eat as much as they freakin' want.
    Buy furniture.
    Take homeless people back to their.. er.. shelters?

    Smart Idea 2

    Should do it the other way around. Buy $50 worth of food storage containers, then take the receipt to get your $50 worth of food. Then put what you can't eat into the containers.

    Smart Idea 3

    if you're making a big purchase, just announce to the passers-by, lunch on me! lol


      I like smart idea 1, but who has a spare bus and knows where to find masses of the homeless?

      Only thing is it'd be a bit awkward dropping them off and telling them to go back to their homes?


      I like Idea 2. Haha buy storage containers for the food which the cost of the containers offset. But then you will have a lot of storage containers left afterwards.


    Awesome, was going to buy an office chair so this amounts to a free lunch at IKEA.

    edit: damn, not in NSW.


    Not on NSW site?

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      Monday to Fridays from 16th May until 27th May 2011, in the Adelaide and Perth IKEA stores only.

      OP might want to put this in the title


    Not on NSW site?


    +1 though this time for Adelaide and Perth IKEA stores only
    I wish they do at Richmond again soon also.

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    How to claim:
    Present your IKEA Restaurant receipt at the main checkouts and you will receive the total amount of the receipt as a discount off your store purchase.

    Terms and Conditions
    The ‘Eat Your Discount’ offer is valid Monday to Fridays from 16th May until 27th May 2011, in the Adelaide and Perth IKEA stores only.
    Information on how to claim (above) form part of these Terms and Conditions.
    The discount will be off store purchases, up to the amount spent on food and drinks consumed immediately in the IKEA Restaurant during the promotion period but not exceeding the store purchase amount. The discount does not apply to food and drinks purchased from the IKEA Bistro or Swedish Food Market.
    The discount is only valid in the store on the same day the food and drink is consumed, as dated on the receipt, and will expire once the store has closed.
    Only one IKEA Restaurant meal receipt can be claimed per transaction.
    If the store purchase amount is less than the value of the Restaurant receipt, then the maximum discount is the store purchase amount.

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      Only one IKEA Restaurant meal receipt can be claimed per transaction.

      Yes, watch out for this. Make sure you buy all your food and drinks in one go. I went back for another coffee but I couldn't combine that receipt with the main one.


    I guess NSW and VIC will have similar promotion shortly after this one finishes..


      Not likely as they are under different ownership


        aww :(

        I keep looking at their website and craving a hotdog.


          Oo I wouldn't mind an IKEA hotdog with that Swedish softdrink they have right now :D

          I remember my Swedish uncle telling me how in Sweden IKEA is the roadtrip food, dotted along the highways like we have Maccas. Such good value tear

          Shame this promo's not nation wide!


          Yeah, I'm in Vic.

          Haven't actually been to IKEA yet :(

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    What happens if you rack in $1000+ in purchases, then have a big meal and then return the furniture? Free lunch???

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