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Motorola Moto G7 Plus 64GB Black Unlocked Mobile Phone $401.80 Delivered @ Allphones via Amazon AU


Just released. Good price to take advantage of the cash back.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Bugger, bought this yesterday.

  • would rather get Nokia 7 Plus for $400 price range

  • So tempted but also want to wait for the rumoured Z4 coming in Aug/Sep.

  • Battery life. Is the only concern….

    Top tier phones need to provide batteries to match their processors.

    The g7 power looks interesting for a mid tier.


    Good price. Was $399 a few days ago if memory serves me correctly.

  • Ordered last night, Just received a cancellation email from Amazon??? Anyone received the same email?

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    I am not sure about the warranty offered by Allphones. Just a word of caution, in case you consider buying from Motorola AU store or get after-sales support from Motorola directly. I bought a Moto G5 plus for my mom nearly 18 months ago and it died (no physical damage/no display) two weeks ago.

    It was a nightmare to get a case logged through Motorola overseas call center and get a response from them. They repeatedly asserted that "only 12 months warranty on all mobile phones in AU". Finally an ACCC case was registered to check if they can get away like that after selling a phone at RRP $450. I think thats all I can do now.


    • Allphones is just another brand name used by MobileCiti, which means you'll get full Consumer Guarantee terms/warranty under ACL.

      From my understanding, the manufacturer is only required to give you 12 months warranty by law. However, the retailer needs to provide warranty under ACL, which does not have a specified time frame, but one that is "reasonable". For mobile phones, it used to be 12 months, but if it is one that is offered on a 24 months phone plan, then it is reasonable to expect the phone is of acceptable quality and free of defects within that 24 months period, regardless of retailer. Just in this case, you'll have to bring the phone back to the retailer rather than manufacturer, as ACL is between the buyer and the retailer.

      However, if the retailer that sold you the phone is Motorola AU, then you should still be covered by the Consumer Guarantee under ACL.

      Please feel free to correct me though lol, it's been a while since I've last checked on the Consumer Guarantee.

      And best to contact Fair Trading to clarify what rights you are entitled to, and get back to Motorola AU.

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        I suppose the retailer is Motorola, in my case because I bought it from manufacture's online store. And Yes, ACL is applicable to all online/retail stores including that of Motorola.

        As per ACCC “ the handset must do what it is supposed to do and meet a level of quality and performance appropriate to the phone's price ”.


        So it is not expected that a smartphone which was sold at RRP $449 will be dead after a usage interval of 18 months.

        • Yea, with many phones in the price range able to offer 2 years warranty, it is reasonable to expect 2 years to be a reasonable time frame for the phone to be at level of quality (that you can actually use it) and without defects.

          Hope Fair Trading (if in NSW)/ACCC will be able to help you out.

          • @zrmx: Thank you for the advice. I am letting others know about shady practices done by Motorola online store. FYI - my ACCC report: 218143

            • @DAT: Putting aside Motorola's apparent violation of the ACL, that's just plain bad business on their behalf. Some of the main advantages of purchasing local phones are supposed to be: easier returns, enforceable warranty rights, and the ACL. Motorola are really just weakening their value proposition and making a stronger case for the China Droids (one of their strongest competitors) by making their warranty process that painful.

  • Now showing $407.92 + $12.22 Delivery Ships from and sold by Save On IT.

  • I have the Moto g6 plus and its farking awesome, my 3rd moto G, these phones rock for mid range specs and price! you wont be disappointed! Id get this for sure if i hadnt got mine for $330 off here (amazon) a few months ago!

  • Wow, makes you think…. Moto (Lenovo) just a more well known brand I guess in IT,PCs and tech than Sharp these days?!