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WD 2TB Portable Hard Drive $77 Pickup or + $7.95 Delivery @ Harvey Norman


Part of Harvey Norman's Super Easter sale.

Good for anyone who has had a bad experience with Seagate. For everyone else, here's still this 3tb hard drive deal from Officeworks.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    I would only buy external SSD or flash bases drives now that technology has moved past HDDs.

    For one, HDD are super slow for transferring large files or quick access and use Mich more energy from my laptop while. On the move.

    Not saying this is a bad deal Op. Just my opinion.

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      Of course SSD dominate performance and reliabilty.

      But 3TB for $99 is really good value /GB for backup storage.

      • That is a great price for the Toshiba 3TB unit from Officeworks, and you're not supporting Harvey's ridiculous spammy TV ads.

        I decided to spring the extra $20 to get a coloured unit, so I can quickly distinguish between my different uses.

        • +1

          $20 for colour?

          • @zealmax:

            $20 for colour?

            Well … it's a different model, but still only 3TB, so technically, it is $20 for colour, but they'd see it differently.

            • @photonbuddy: Well, I guess it is like paying extra for metallic paint for new cars :)

        • and you're not supporting Harvey's ridiculous spammy TV ads.

          Whats TV (⌒▽⌒)

        • A sticker lying around the house would have been free? Heck, I would have even taped the $20 to the outside of the drive. Also, does OzBargain have stickers?

      • +1

        My post isn't about the 3tb hard drive though.

        Edited the post for everyone who wanted to upvote that deal.

        • My post isn't about the 3tb hard drive though.

          That's true, and if you're looking for a 2TB drive, it may be a good buy.

          The 3TB drive, though, is an even better deal …

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      And you've gotta worry about shock damage.
      I wouldn't actually use one of these portably.

    • I shot over half a TB at the Hunter Valley airshow 2 weekends ago. I'd go bankrupt following your advice.

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    Msy wd 3tb elements $99

    • Was about to comment the same

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    🤣 Ended up buying that $199 laptop. Looks like it might be decent after installing SSD and certain use.

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    I wish I'd had A bad experience with Seagate. What I had was a very very bad run. When 3.5" 2TB was the standard Seagate was rock solid. After that they went to pot.

  • Free shipping if you have shipster.

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    Cool was buying two today …. saved myself 44 \o/. Timing ozbargain community….. jbhi price matched :p

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