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Get a Chromecast 3 When You Buy Google Home Mini $79 Delivered @ Google Store


Get a Chromecast free when you buy Google home mini at Google store.

Terms and Conditions

Buy Google Home Mini between 2019/04/19 at 12am AEST and ends 2019/04/25 at 11:59pm AEST and redeem one Chromecast. Offer available only to residents of Australia aged aged 18 years or older with shipping addresses in Australia. All products must be added to your shopping cart to receive the bundle offer. Offer cannot be combined with any promotional codes, or with other bundle offers running at the same time. It’s non-transferable, and it isn’t valid for cash or a cash equivalent. Purchase must be made on Google Store Australia. Available only while supplies last. Shipping charges may apply at checkout. Void where prohibited.

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  • Beat me by 30s gah! Good deal

  • I must be one of the few who find them crap these days…no support, no proper software anymore, how do you find the mac addresss these days…

    • +3 votes

      how do you find the mac addresss these days

      Why would you need to?

      • Why would you need to?

        I can relate to this as I have a whitelist of mac addresses on my router so only the devices I know can possibly get access. It is annoying not having a mac address visibly listed anywhere but still not too hard to get the info.

        If MAC address isn't shown in any device settings just try connecting it to your phone hotspot and hopefully that will show the info on the phone. Otherwise you're going to have to temporarily turn off mac filtering on the router, connect the device and then check the router to see what devices are connected

        • I literally just set up a Google home this morning and I'm whitelisting Mac address.
          Quite straightforward actually, when you're choosing your network in the Google home app, click on 3 dots top right corner and you've got the option to see the MAC address there

          • @ShouldIBuyIt: and the chromecast?

            • @petry: Open the google home app. Open the device you want the details for. Click the settings icon. Scroll to the bottom. MAC, IP and other info is listed.

              • @Symbiotic: running a chromecast through an android tab gives only the tab address not the cast…

                • @petry: I tested it on an Android phone and an iPhone. Both running the latest Google Home app. Both show the MAC address for a Chromecast (oldest version of the Chromecast included) via the steps I outlined. Just tested it on an iPad for good measure and the information is there too. This information is extremely easy to find for me. Are you following the steps? I’d be surprised if there is reduced functionality on an Android tablet vs an iPad.

                  No idea what is going on your side. If you run the latest google home app on a phone - or indeed on any other Android or Apple device - you will more than likely have access to the MAC address info you are after in a few simple steps. It is very easy for me to find on 3 devices.

        • I can relate to this as I have a whitelist of mac addresses on my router so only the devices I know can possibly get access.

          Finding and then spoofing the max address of one of your devices is very easy.

          It's not very good security.

          • @spaceflight:

            It's not very good security.

            You're assuming that's the only security I use. No part of my comment said it was the only security I use. Try not to make wild guess assumptions. My first modem was 300 baud back in the day so I've had a few years of IT experience.

            • @LikeMike:

              You're assuming that's the only security I use.

              No I'm not. You're assuming that's what I assumed.

              No part of my comment said it was the only security I use.

              And no part of my comment said that it was the only security you were using.

              Try not to make wild guess assumptions.

              You should take your own advice.

              My first modem was 300 baud

              Wok look at you asserting dominance to try and make a wild guess assumption.

              so if I had to make an assumption I think I'd know a bit more about security than you

              There you are again with your wild guess assumptions

            • @LikeMike: Except that he's right, MAC filtering adds zero security. Because anyone who knows enough to crack your wifi password can easily spoof your MAC address. So it's just annoying for the users.

              Source: Back in the days I was cracking my neighbour's WEP wifi which was MAC filtered. I know it's now as old as 300 baud modems but at least it's relevant to the subject :)

              Just use a strong wifi password and stop using MAC filtering. It will make your life easier and your wifi will not be less secure.

              • @lorikeet:

                WEP wifi

                Ah good old WEP. Also takes me back to using those chunky PCMCIA wifi cards.

                Just use a strong wifi password and stop using MAC filtering. It will make your life easier and your wifi will not be less secure.

                To supplement a strong wifi password (and WPS disabled of course), A MAC address whitelist also helps to minimize anyone physically tapping in for those who have a house LAN setup in multiple rooms. Sure it doesn't stop spoofing but it still does offer a level of security against anyone trying to quickly attach a device or camera to the network.

                I also have a honeypot server that listens and alerts me if it detects any local scanning if someone did manage to get through or if I'm hit by a zero-day virus or exploit.

    • I dont find google home useful, it always said cant help me with turnning on the light and TV.

      Simple thing it can understand 10 times but not the other 2 times.

      I think i would just buy a chromecast better

      • Just integrate a few smart sensors in.

        Voice command is not becoming a thing anytime soon.

      • Sounds like a user problem - never had any issues with my set up. It takes a bit of work to make sure everything is connected properly, and that each google home has their "default" screen and media accounts set - but once that's all sorted, it works as expected.

        Google Homes are plug and play on their own, but not if you want them to play nice with other devices.

        • I've had a possibly similar experience.
          Chromecast plugged into a CEC HDMI port usually works, without changing anything I'll occasionally get a message along the lines of I'm sorry I can't help with that, check your tv manual to make sure this is supported.
          But I wouldn't say it fails 20%, much less. When it fails it seems to be when I try to get the home to turn off the tv when the tv has only been used as a tv, not Chromecast.

          • @based: I have similar quirks of my own, it seems that no one CEC HDMI is the same.

            A friend with a CEC HDMI TV can have their google home turn on their TV, and change the source to HDMI in one call, whereas my TV needs to either already be on that source, or be turned on first before it'll switch. This is almost never a problem for me, as I never change the source from the Chromecast, but when I do, it can be a tad annoying.

            I'm using the original chromecast, it's been bugging out recently, so I want to try the ChromeCast 3 to see if that fixes it all up anyway.

      • Not sure if this is the same OK Google thing on phones. I used to use iphone and it understood me so well. Now using Note9 and Google fails to listen to me 3 out of 10 times.

      • do you have an accent? we use ours constantly

        • turn on the tv
        • change the tv to channel 22
        • turn on the stereo
        • play some music
        • turn the lamp on

        when we're busy organising dinner / cleaning up / etc - its been a great little device. very rare it doesn't understand us

      • You need to make sure you Google assistant language options is set to English Australian if it set to English United states your going to have problems


    • You can look it up in the Home app, or grab it from your router or whatever you use for the DHCP server.

    • Its more a case of a complete lack of instructions which is probably why you see so many Chromecast for sale.

      Its definitely NOT a case of Plug and Play.

      But everything is there when somebody explains to you howo to set up Chromecast properly and Chromecast does work great.

  • What version is the Chromecast?

  • Does Google Home do anything yet other than tell you the weather forecast?

    • Turn on TV and lights

    • And record all your conversations

      • And automatically send them to the NSA

        • Just like your iPhone

        • +11 votes

          I hear the fuzz coming. Must have heard me microwave my 2 minute noodles for only a minute.

        • No they sell them to whoever wants access to it so they can use it against you.

          Google collects, buys and shares every single piece of data it can about you so it can predict your behavior and circumstances.

          So for example your health insurer will find out that you are likely to be ill and raise your insurance premium.

          The US election outcome was just decided by Facebook because it was paid to change people's behavior which they did. This isn't a grand conspiracy, the mainstream news is reporting this.

    • I've used it to turn on appliances,all lights in our house, play games, read my calendar and so many other things.

    • I use it to turn on lights/change light settings and brightness. I can turn my tv on and listen to spotify/radio when I want. I also use it to open and close my garage. It's useful for other basic things such as traffic and weather.

      I think google home mini is a novelty unless you go all out.

    • I use for mine for radio/youtube music all the time.

      • +4 votes

        My use case of google home:

        • Asking weather and daily agenda in google calendar
        • Controlling my garage door (via IFTTT + Gogogate)
        • Playing google play music (and play white noise for my little one)
        • Turning on/off lights and adjust brightness (Xiaomi Yeelight and LIFX)
        • Adjusting Duct Heater temperatures (via ecobee)
        • Turning on/off Xiaomi smart products (ie. robot vacuum and air purifier)
        • Controlling TV and chromecast (with Logitech Harmony Activities setup)
    • You must be kidding? Try a web search for articles.

  • About only useful feature is timer :)

  • Would be more appealing the other way around

  • was going to go buy a vodafone tv instead of chromecast, now im not so sure as having another mini could come in handy..

    • I use both and (for me) find Chromecast dongle more reliable than VodafoneTV built in Chromecast which sometimes fails or sound goes our of sync. Doesn't always occure but handy to have a Chromecast on hand to save mucking about at night troubleshooting!

  • The Google home should be free. Same goes for Alexa etc. It's like a marketing consultant sitting in your room forever listening!

  • I want the chromecast only. What do you think you could get for the home mini unopened at sale?

  • Is it worth upgrading from gen 1 chromecast?

    • IMO nope, not unless you want the 5GHz Wi-Fi support. Only Chromecast upgrade I'd ever recommend to anyone is an Ultra if you have a 4K TV.

  • will purchasing code from below link work to buy both?


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