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Optus BYO SIM Plan 80GB Data + 20,000 Flybuys Points, Bonus Google Home for $40 a Month for 12 Months (for New Services) @ Optus


(Login to your personal FlyBuys account to activate this deal.)

Received an email about this offer


It is offering 20% off access fee(standard price is $50/month), 80GB data, unlimited local calls and text and unlimited international calls and text to 35 countries.

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    Got my wife to switch over on Saturday, then just received the email. Not happy jan

    • same

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        You both swapped your wives over?

        • OMG

    • Look up “telco cooling off period”.
      You’re welcome.

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        Cooling off only applies if the telco approached you e.g. unsolicited calls. They do not apply to general contracts done from the website or going in store.

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          Well I guess Optus was too generous for allowing me to cool off, despite what you’re saying.

          You won’t lose anything for asking.

        • You are right, but I have recently experienced otherwise with an in-store contract. In fact, the telco was the one that brought it up.

          As the other guy said, won't hurt to try.

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    Got similar email but not include the google home.

    • Same.

    • Same

    • Same

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    • Google Home is only for regional. Change the URL from /metro to /regional and if you have an address in a regional area, you can get the Google Home.

      • Can I order it on a PO box?

  • How do I do this if I am already a customer, and I want to keep my number? Previously, ported number to another telco, then port back within a couple of weeks. It was full of hassle! Didn’t seem worth it. Thoughts?

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      I think you'd need to port your number away to another provider, then port it back in when you sign up for this and then cancel your existing Optus plan. Or if you are in a data pool, cancel that specific plan and get Optus to re-parent the service back into your pool. A hassle.. and giving such complex instructions to Optus customer service has never worked out well in my experience.

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      Previously, prepaid services used to count for 'new customer only' deals. Suggest asking in store.

      Disclaimer; work for Optus, but not in retail.

      • Is there still a $10 discount per month on a secondary line going on if you have a main line with Optus?

        • No it's 20% off second plan now.

  • Got similar emails sans Google Home

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    Includes 4GB of data while roaming overseas and unlimited calls and texts while roaming overseas too. (Zone 1 of course.)

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    OMG, Just re-contract for my Wife two days ago.

    Not Happy

    • OzFail

    • This is only for the new service, not working for re-contract.

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    Is there a cooling off period? Like if i changed my mind in 14 days?

    • You would need to check the CIS for the plan you want to sign up to

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    20,000 Flybuys point = $100 ebay gift card

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      Or wait for velocity bonus transfer and get approx $130 value.

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      Or $100 off at Coles

  • https://offer.optus.com.au/flybuys/regional

    Bonus Google Home for "Regional"

    • Does it mean I will qualify if I sign up at a regional store?

    • change the "metro" to "regional" on OP's original link with the code in it, and it will take you to the regional optus offer

      Only selected postcodes are eligible for the bonus Google Home

  • Is streamimg music still unmetered on this plan?

    • Yeah, spotify is unmeter. Swapped over on Sat and wondered why my data usage was low lol…

  • I got the email, also 25000 flybuys for a mate 20 pro (free watch) or s10 (free galaxy tab a) for 50gb per month and $85/$95. Shame no s10+ deal

    • Yea not worth it in S10 only at that price

  • $5 extra for unmetered Netflix streaming

  • Is this only for those who received the email?

  • +1

    I get this "Unfortunately this appears to be an invalid flybuys number"

    • I just clicked the link in OP's original post. It works there.
      New customers only, unfortunately.

      • thanks mate

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    I also clicked the link in OP's original post. And received the following error.
    Invalid flybuys number
    Unfortunately this appears to be an invalid flybuys number.

    • Anyone has idea what to do from here?

      • Need to click the link in description, not the "Go To Link".

  • I assume that I need to port out to prepaid and recontract again?

  • Do I pull the trigger or wait for a 25% off f&f discount and get the S10… tough choice.

  • Does optus provide the S10/S10+ with dual SIM in any of their plans like Woolies mobile does?

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    Can I get this if I'm on Optus but not currently on contact?

  • +2

    Switched from Telstra a few months ago… Regretting it since.

    Speed and quality of connection (dropouts in lifts, inside buildings, randomly), especially in Sydney Metro areas, just does not compete with Telstra.

    Can't wait to go back to Telstra, even if it's for less than half the data.

    • I was tempted to get this replace my current optus MBB service but given the poor performance this year (slow speed, dropouts etc.) I more inclined to look at Telstra as well. I wonder if they'd price match.

  • OMG I just signed up for NBN and sim only plan… I get this deal too but without google. not happy.

  • Is this offer available to Virgin Mobile customers? Virgin Mobile have offered to wave the remainder of my contract if I put over to Optus. However I'm unsure if I'm eligible for this type of offer.

  • I have to pay $100 to upgrade my existing plan to this one but I get 50gb more plus a google home….. decisions decisions

  • Anyone able to get the bonus google home, if so how?

    I get the "invalid flybuys number" error message too.

    • Yeah I can't get this working either. I can only get the plan and flybuys offered…

      Can anyone offer a how to or work around?

  • Not a bad deal. 20000 flybuys would be $100 worth and Google Home may be another $40.

    $40× 12 months= $480 less $140 approx equals $340.

    So, basically $28.30 appx/ month which is les than $30/ month I pay for 30gb data with 300 min International calls.

  • Does anyone know if the 4gb of roaming data is per month, or for the entire year? What happens when you run out?

    • Per month

      • Chat says that it is for the 12 months.

  • +1

    I talked to Optus chat and they confirmed that it was only available for those who can see it in their Fly Buys offers.

    Nil work around and they can't offer it outside of fly buys eligibility/offers.

  • for those who have signed up, Is there a section where they ask for your flybuys number at all? no where in the application does it ask for the flybuys number to be entered….

    • did u manage to enter flybuys card details?

    • I think it's fine as long as you click through the link from the email or flybuys account. I had to call optus after putting my order through and they could see the flybuys offer.

      • Same here that Optus acknowledged the Flybuys order has been received. I used a regional postal code to see if I could score Google Home unit inc 20k Flybuys points.

        Order is still being processed. Shall see what the end result is 😁

        • Did you get it? Or order still being processed?

          • @Sammyboy: They confirmed it's a Flybuys offer and is with Flybuys to arrange points & Google Home. I'm guessing they will still need to approve via their own internal processes.

            Optus gave me a number to call during business hours to see where it's at.

            Fingers crossed, if not, still a great SIM deal arm.

            Only thing is one agent said it was $40pm for 12 months then after that the next 12months it's at $50. The another agent mentioned it's $40 for both 12 month options, so will shall see. Am keeping transcripts.

            • @N1ghthawk: Tried contacting Optus via optus app to confirm if the offer registered with my order, but they keep saying they cannot check flybuys orders!

              • @udyz: @udyz this is what I meant when they give us different stories.

                This is snip of the online chat;

                Leeza (18:38:49 AEST) : For Flybuy points we have a dedicated team..
                Please give a call at 1300 760 014 or 133937
                Visitor (18:39:41 AEST) : What options do I select oh the phone?
                Leeza (18:41:33 AEST) : Once you called to the above number, it will give the self serve option via My Account.
                Leeza (18:41:37 AEST) : Then please select option 1

                Here is the Flybuys Offers team who were helpful [email protected]

                They responded quite quickly to my query with;

                The offers are available for any customer who received the email from flybuys so it means as long as you click on the link on the email that flybuys sent you and meet the eligibility criteria, you will also get the offer.

                Please bare in mind that the points allocation will be allocated to the person who got the email.

                So eg. you shared your email with your partner and they signed up using your link. The bonus point will be allocated to flybuys membership number attached to that email.

                I wasn't prompted for my Flybuys number, so I'm guessing the sharer may score the points and G-Home unit 😁

                • @N1ghthawk: Thanks mate.
                  Fingers crossed :)
                  I got an email for just the points.
                  So had to change there url to regional and a regional address (family) for point + G-Home offer

  • Has anyone figured out how to make this work if it isnt showing up in your Flybuys rewards?

  • I'm currently on an optus plan but really keen to go into this plan (I received the targeted offer) but it is only for new contracts.

    Does anyone know if I port out number can I then take up this offer 48 hours later? Any help greatly appreciated

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