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Free Google Home Mini with Spotify Family Premium $17.99/Month


Free Google Home Mini (White or Charcoal) for anyone who signs up to Spotify Family.

For Existing and New Users. Offer is only valid for the "primary account holder" of the family.

Existing users visit https://www.spotify.com/au/googlehome/register/ to register for your free Google Home Mini.

Register "your interest" at the above link and then revisit the link and you should be able to go straight to the Google Store to purchase it right after. (That's what I managed to do)


Terms & Conditions:

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    There is going to be 1000+ home mini on gumtree

    • I have one I can't give away for free.

      I kept the charger, which is the only useful thing about it.

      Not selling - just saying!

      Edit: that was the original comment.

      Then someone said I'll take it, to which I replied "It's yours! Msg me for pick up details, or delivery details. Note that it doesn't come with a charger".

      Wouldn't it make more sense to censor the actual msg or at most - the last message, rather than the whole thread?

      Seeing as it was a tongue-in-cheek comment and reply?

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        freebie <> private selling :(

  • Thank you!

  • Thanks, got one.
    So… what does it do?

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      Plays Spotify, and other things.

    • +3


  • Thanks OP

  • Can someone help? Im in the check out page filling out payment and shipping details but couldnt see the -$79 reward. Thank you

    • +1

      It's applied right at the end of the checkout process.

      • +1

        Thanks SnoopX, turns out I selected the item too early. I had to remove the item then add it again to the basket

  • Awesome, thanks. Ordered.

  • +5
    • of course you are,

      imagine these advertising executives sitting around in a meeting saying "how good would it be to be able to listen in to every single household almost in the entire world and then target ads specifically that way - but… who would ever install something like that, must be idiots only…."

      and now here we are. people are paying for the privlidge to be listened to and spied on

      • Because most people are hivemind

      • Agreed.

        But people already carry a device that's far more nefarious than google home.

        They cqrry one with them at all times, everywhere they go - their smartphone never leaves their side.

        It has everything google home has, as well as cameras front and back, your passwords and contacts, conversations, photos, passwords, etc.

        Google Home is spyware, no doubt about it, but it doesn't even come close to the ultimate spying device people already trust with their most intimate details - our phones.

        So what's another spyware in our home going to do to our privacy, that phones already haven't done?

        Probably not that much, my main problem with the device is that it is almost useless (but the charger it comes with is good).

      • You never know, in ten years technology may actually make it possible for a device like that to exist.

  • HELL YEAH! Nice work OP - Followed your instructions and got a new charcoal one :)

  • Awesome, already had the family plan.. though it wasn't working, turns out I registered the plan on my partner's account. As soon as I used that, it worked :)

  • Brilliant, already on the Family plan. Ordered and done.

  • -3

    Best deal for ages. Another free google home mini. Why not I say.

    I use Amazon Alexa in my household but will give the mini away or sell it.

  • Thank you OP! Followed your instructions and got a charcoal one :)

  • Amazing! Thanks so much.

  • Thanks OP! Got it.

  • Thanks OP. We went Premium 2 months ago. Mine is due May 5-7.

  • Listening boombayah black pink~

    Thanks op

  • Who has just bought a second-hand google home mini for $35 hands up?

  • Thanks OP! Worked for me and successfully ordered.

  • Got I 😏

  • Over 10000 clicks already… Let's see how many it will reach by the end

  • +18

    I feel sorry for the guy who posted a similar deal few days ago and the deal got deleted because of unavailability to Australia… That post was heavily downvoted but I would appreciate his/her efforts in forecasting the deal being brought to Australia in no time. OP of that deal actually linked an existing URL redirected to Spotify AU home page and it was exactly the same to the link mentioned in this post.

    • -1

      Why u feeling sorry? It's not like he was going to get paid for it

  • Thanks OP!!

  • Existing customer. Thanks for the freebie! Gotta love this community :)

  • Got one, thanks OP.

  • I'm getting a message that says "Unfortunately, there is no support at the moment to make this type of change to your subscription."

    I'm a premium family member, but I don't think I'm the primary account holder - would that make a difference?

    • Yes! You have to be the primary account holder.

    • Yeah, only one per subscription and only the primary account holder.

    • Yes - sub-accounts are not eligible for this promotion. It needs to be the primary account holder.

      • +1

        Great, thanks! I think it's attached to my wife's account; I'll check when I get home.

  • The offer is still valid - placed order 5 mins ago.

    Thanks for sharing

  • Thanks OP

  • +1

    My mini has been shipped… now to cancel the subscription

    • That is quick

    • How long dis it take you to get the shipping confirmation from order?

      • +1

        I orderd early after the deal was posted, didnt get email confirmation, i logged into the order status from the emailed order confirmation.
        Says shipped with a tracking number

  • Awesome! Already pay for a family account so won't complain about a free device, thanks OP!

  • Happy to report that mine is shipped! great deal indeed

  • Got a few of these on the last curbside cleanup.

    Any "conspiracy theorist" info on these? They remind me of the Doctor Who episode with the small black boxes.

  • +1

    Mine just got shipped. Ordered last night.

    • +1


  • Happy to give this a go. Currently have Google Play Music Family and quite underwhelmed with curated content - the playlists never refresh, suggestions are all the same, radio stations never change.

    "OK Google, cancel my Google subscription"

  • +1

    Already on the family plan, and was able to place an order. Confirmed. Thanks!

    • May I ask how you did it?

      • +1

        I'm guessing followed the instructions in the op

      • Simply clicked the link (on mobile) in the description. Got an email straight away, but I clicked the same link again and it took me to the order page

  • Will this work for existing customers?

    • Yes. Read the op

  • Thanks OP!

  • -1

    No, I don’t want google to know what I’m talking about

  • +1

    Lol all these people commenting about them listing in. Do you have an apple, google phone….then they already do. Its to late..

    • -2

      lol all those people locking and deadbolting their houses at night and when they go out

      its a bad attitude to have when you say "well I have nothing to hide…." or "well everyones doing it, so im fine with it"

      • No idea if you are agreeing with me or not, your analogy makes no sense. All i was pointing out is that if your are worried about company's listening in on you via a home device. You should have been worried when you started using their phones. In other words its to late to be worried

  • Thanks OP… Existing family user. Redeemed and Ordered

  • Thanks OP. Grabbed one.

  • Just got a dispatch notice 😊

  • For family accounts, members are restricted to those that have the same address. Is this enforced?

    • Dont know how they can enforce it? They dont ask for any documentation if that is what you are suggesting.

  • Anyone else got a message saying "you've reserved your Google home mini, demand had been high, might take a few days for device to be available"?

    • Keep visiting the link

    • I was emailed in a couple of mins. check your inbox?

      • Got the reserve message last night, just check email, got the claimed email now.

  • +1

    Just got shipping confirmation. I subbed, ordered and cancelled straight away.

  • +2

    You guys are playing with fire

  • +2

    Just cancelled my premium and it says my premium service will end on 13th of May. I thought it should be one month instead of 20 days?

  • Surprised this offer is still going and they haven't pulled it yet :P

  • +1

    “Your order is on its way”

  • I tried to get this deal must have signed up for spotify at some point to try out free and when i use my email i used on link provided with this deal at start of page Existing users visit blah blah.

    It comes up

    We're sorry, but this offer is not available in your country.

    So how are you guys able to get this whats happening.

    • Are you on a VPN?

      • No but i do use getflix but dont use than vpn part of getflix just the dns part of it?

        • Change your dns

  • worked for me! THanks

  • I think problem was it had usa in account as country so changed that and asks me to enter card details.
    Can someone give me steps of process to get this done so i know its done right.

    • +2

      It's pretty straightforward…just don't commit to buy at the Google store until it says zero dollars…

  • Worked for me too, I was already a Premium subscriber so awesome deal!

  • +1

    Awesome! One on the way! Google doing it right, flooding the market to block Amazon and Apple.

  • +2
    • +2

      Disappointed the article made no mention of ozbargain

  • Awesome! One on the way! Google doing it right, flooding the market to block Amazon and Apple.

    They had better fix up like you need a collar microphone for the mini to hear commands to have any chance .

    Alexa far in front of the battle at this point .

  • Just got one.
    Google wanted my credit card details though 😧.

  • any limit per household? ;P

    • +1

      No. Just limited to primary account holder of family Spotify subscription.

      • so meaning I could create another account with google, and use it to sign up with spotify? Wonder if they will honor if posting to same address?

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