expired Hisense 65” 65P8 Series 8 UHD Smart TV - $1,475 + $77 Delivery @ VideoPro eBay


Original 20% off with PCLICK post - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/452623

I’ve been holding off on buying this set and was about to get the P6 or P7 instead. Was a tad cheaper with the last code, but was low stock and I missed out. At this price I’m going to bite the bullet.

Enjoy, or don’t 👍🏻

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    How does this compare vs the P7?


      When I looked at them instore the colours on the P8 just looked better. I assume this is the ‘Quantum Dot Colour Technology’ at work. Other than that they are a similar beast. You wouldn’t go wrong with the P7 - as I said I was leaning towards it until this deal popped up - but for the extra few hundred the P8 is worth it for me.


        Thanks! Follow up question, how does this compare to similarly priced TVs?


          I wasn’t impressed with the similarly priced LG, and reviews online didn’t do it any favours either.

          I liked the Samsung NU7100, and it was a very similar price, but something about the look of the Hisense just tipped it over the finish line for me. But the Samsung seemed great as well - VideoPro has it in this sale as well for a similar price.

          Link: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Samsung-65-UA65RU7100W-Series-7-...

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            @teach86: Thanks for your time! I've always seen these TVs get compared and the Hisense one usually gets out on top. Might pull the trigger in the coming weeks


    Ooof paid $1350 for p7 only 3 months ago

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    Don't think i could order a Tv online for delivery if not coming from local store, too risky. I would need a massive discount. Not to Coastal NSW anyway.
    Would be nightmare if faulty on arrival.


      I’ve bought four TVs online - 50, 55, 55 and 65. Never had any issues at all. Two of those came from VideoPro. If faulty on arrival there is delivery insurance, warranty, etc. Surely wouldn’t fall on you.

      Also, I see $300 off as a pretty god discount, but that’s just me.

      As I said though, feel free to not enjoy the deal 😉

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      Not sure how it gets any better if from a local place. It still needs to be placed in a vehicle, as you can't exactly hand-carry it. I rather someone else deals with the logistics than me. If it gets delivered and is faulty on arrival, I am sure the shop is responsible for ensuring it gets taken back. Or Paypal protection, or whatever.

      Does bring back memories of getting my 54" Panasonic plasma home, though. Insanely large box, 32kg, and to be transported upright only due to the glass panel. I think LED tv's are less fragile to transport.


      I’ve had jb hi fi deliver our lg 86”, up three flights of stairs (wouldn’t fit in the lift) and didn’t have any issues.


    Is this the equivalent of the US model: H8C ?


    Back in stock so.i grabbed 2. Thanks OP

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