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Telstra - SIM Only Plan $65 for 60GB Data + $500 Gift Card or iPhone 7 32GB [12 Month Plan] @ JB Hi-Fi


Just saw this in Melbourne CBD
Telstra BYOD on a $65 plan gives you 60gb data.
Also gets you $500 Jb Gift card or get a iphone 7 32gb
Ends 4/5

After gift card the plan works to be $280 over 12 months and $23.33 a month

Previous deal was $55, 60GB + $300 gift card - works out $360 over 12 months and $30 a month

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      Definitely worth considering the mobile data option in place of broadband at home. Cost savings can be significant. You don't necessarily need to commit to a monthly plan such as JB's. My home broadband is currently catch connect's prepaid SIM ($13.50 for 90 days for 102GB data). I'm using the E3372 / RT-AC68U combo. Got a prepaid Kogan SIM ready to go once I run out of data/days. No issues streaming netflix & optus sport concurrently.

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      I live in metro Sydney and I've just looked through results of speed tests I've done at random times in the same residence, same device.

      Optus Cable
      Download: 24-28Mbps
      Upload: 1.5-2.5Mbps
      Ping: 10-11ms

      Telstra 4G
      Download: 80-259Mbps
      Upload: 35-60Mbps
      Ping: 18-29ms

      • Update (I hadn't checked the 4g in a while):

        Telstra 4G
        Download: 359-425Mbps
        Upload: 60—62Mbps
        Ping: 18-20ms

    • I’ve asked a JB rep a while ago and this sim will not work on 4g routers (fair use stuff). I have the same dilemma as you are a while ago. I’m also having problems with optus 4g and I’ve been using the best 4g router that I can find that will work for optus (telstra 4gx router)

      Let me know if this is not true

      (Edit) added fair use

  • $23.33 a month for 60GB and on Telstra. That's a deal !

  • Can you use the gift card to pay for your telstra package?

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      Don’t think so, you got billed by telstra, not JB

      • cause I don't know what to do with the gift card

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          sell it

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    This is even sweet for those looking to buy iphone 7 as currently it's priced at $649.
    Question - if I cancel my service after 6 months, how much do I need to pay to Telstra?

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      $380 is what I was told

  • I'm an existing customer but have two numbers. One with Telstra and one with Kogan. Can I move my Kogan number and get the gift card ??

    • you can try

    • Yes you can. I did the same, except my other number was Virgin.

  • For any current customers looking for a deal I just got an unlimited talk and text 70gb plan for $49 by chatting with them.

    • chatting with who? JB or Telstra?
      The wife is on an old $49 plan and thinking of upgrading her and ditching the $90 mnth nbn we hardly use

      EDIT $49 byo plan

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        With Telstra, just with the text chat on their webpage. I did butter up the salesgirl a bit

    • Believe Sim only ?

      • That's right, I have a handset

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    I don't know if this still works but when I signed up last month for the $45 one with $200 gift card I managed to get an extra $10 off a month by contacting live chat. Many others were able to do the same. I just said that I was told about a $10 a month port in bonus and they applied it no worries. Hope it helps someone else :)

    • I tried and it did not work, the guy said was previously offered and no longer applied

      • Some people had to try with a few different people on chat but maybe it has expired now. It was worth a shot :/

  • Have any of you tried switching the plans to say a $59 plan that includes international dialing and 70GB of data with Peace of mind included?

  • Might be a silly Q, as I couldn't find the CIS/terms. Will there be any cancellation fees if cancelleded within the 12 month, any idea how much?

  • Has anyone tried upgrading their existing contract + eligible for the gift card ?

  • That's so expensive given Optus is/was selling 80gb for $40 per month. Yes, I know Telstra is generally a bit better but still.

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      but was optus offering a $500 gift card? If you factor in the value of the $500 gift card, it works out to being around $23 a month. So long as you remember to switch to a cheaper plan after 12 months.

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        You only get the savings IF you had planned on buying a new handset with that $500

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          So $500 gift card with no expiry is just a non-factor?

          You could plan on buying your next phone, or next next phone with the credit lol

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          No sh*t sherlock

  • Would we need to present proof of income to sign up on this?

  • So many up votes but how many prople managed to get the $500 on the 12 month plan?

    • I did, got offered the p30 deal but declined.. Happy enough with my cracked screen lg g4 till something gets my attention :P

  • I canceled my telstra out of contract plan and went with optus prepaid last weekend to see how it compared. I found the internet slower, but for $30 a month, 35 gig of data for the first 3 months and first month $10 I thought why not. This deal came up, just went into JBHIFI Oxley. All he asked was which provider in currently with and if I was on a plan, never asked if I was with telstra recently. Ported over in 2 minutes and got the $500 voucher on the spot. Voucher doesn't have an expiry, plan is for 12 months, deal is advertised as you walk in the door.

  • This one or s10e or p30 for $199 extra ?

    • If you need a new handset, P30 since its comes with a $200 egift card

  • I don't know how good it is,but i got s10+ 128Gb with 55gb data for $94/pm i.e $20 discount per month on their current plan. For me it was good as i retained another $10 discount from another service too.

  • Did anyone get this in Castle Hill/Macq sydney?

    • just did, quick and easy.

  • Can you use the gift card to pay for your phone bills?

  • Jbhifi Cannington (not sure about the one in Carousel) conformed this.

    Any good deal on nbn?

  • Anyone know if "existing customer" prevents you from taking out a new service with them?

    Mrs phone is due up in June but I figure get her on this deal and walk away from the other one next month

  • Store at Westfield Chatswood has the offer displayed at the entrance, plenty of people walking in just for these plans, the teams at the store super helpful in handling the request.

  • I got told you can’t get the $500 deal with a 12m contract only 24m. This was the Elizabeth st store.

    • the person you spoke has no clue. I saw it at same store and posted the deal here. I got mine ported there.

  • I just rang narellan store and they do this deal which ends today.
    Im debating on this deal or the $45 with $200 gift card only $60 difference ($60 extra on the $65 plan). If only u could put the gift card amount to the bill.

  • Fantastic!

    Thank you OP. Just rolled into the local JB and rolled out with the $65/60gb/$500 gift card on the 12 month contract. Was perfect timing for me as my current contract expires in a week (Optus).

    Thanks again!

  • My request was approved but ran into a provisioning error, any ideas how to get this resolved?

    • same. it takes about an hour due to congestion aka the whole OZB on it.

      • Interesting, been more than that for sure, will wait out some more than.

  • Actually a cheap way to get a cheap iPhone 7 32GB for $455. Just cancel after a month and cough up the $390 ETC if necessary

    • On the voice recording there is a clause saying you must pay a device cancelation fee of upto $500 as well as the $390.

      • I didn’t listen to any voice recording at all. The lady at JB also confirmed the most you’ll be charged is $390 for cancelling the service, same on the CIS provided. You might’ve confused that with 12 month mobile plan vs the BYO plan.

      • device is outright buy and not on telstra but from JB

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    So I walked out with this…

    $500 Gift Card + 70GB + Unlimited Calls and Text to 15 Countries
    = $49 per month.

    • Any tips on how to achieve that

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        Live chat to Telstra to confirm $10 port in credit.
        Signed upto $65 plan.
        Upgraded to $69 Large Plan (current promotion has $10 discount making it $59)
        Add on port in $10 credit.
        = $69 -$10 - $10
        = $49

        • Wont upgrading the plan with telstra trigger penalties from jbhifi?

          • @Rarak: Nope, not if you are upgrading.

        • confirmed that I just "upgraded" to the $69 plan with the current $10 discount (making it only $59 per month) and early termination fee was waived. they wouldn't give me the port in credit but still saved some more money. ends up at $208 for 12 months with international calling now included when taking into account the gift card from jb.

        • did u live chat to telstra while you were in JB Hifi or afterwards??

          • @Homr: Live chat was before I rocked up to JB.

        • Since you upgraded is it still 12 months contract?

        • +1

          Thanks for this, managed to get it this morning for both numbers I ported in.

          $49 for 70gb, plus JB vouchers, pretty awesome deal.

    • I got the same on 2 accounts, couldn't be happier!

  • thanks Op. got $65 per month/12 months contract/60 GB data/$500 JB gift card. ported from prepaid optus, everything took nearly 2 hours due to congestion.

    • Did you have to do anything to activate the servic eon your new Telstra service? My optus number turned to sos but the telstra one hasnt started

      • I just pop in new sim and restart my phone. I use iPhone xr

  • Thanks OP!

  • Why all preferring $500 gift card than the $649 iPhone 7?

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      Cos its an iphone and its worth less than $500

    • I'd rather not go through the hassle of selling the phone, the $500 was easier and enough of an incentive

  • +1

    Missed this great deal to get an iPhone XS :(
    Someone post this if you see this deal again!

  • can we still get this deal? since all the stores are closed

    • Yeh I just found this bargain 30mins ago :(. Fingers crossed its still on tomorrow but I doubt it

  • Did anyone port in from catchconnect and got their service activated?

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    This deal will come back this week/weekend ;)

    • How did you know?

    • Didn't see it come back

  • Very late to the party (and everyone has left) but does anyone know if these deals come along often? (On OzBargain I could only find this one and the P30 deal in the last 4 months).

    I'd be very keen to get the $500 voucher and use it to buy a Pixel 3A. Works out to be $150 for the phone on a 12 month contract.

    • I spoke to one of the sales guys at my local JB. He said he wouldn't be surprised if more of these types of offers show up between now and end of June. He couldn't tell me what the offers might be, in the case of the $200/$500 gift card offer, he only found out the morning of, as he arrived for work.