expired Huawei Nova 3e $266.11 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ Bing Lee


You need to add it to your cart for the discount to apply.

Cheaper than the Mobileciti deal by $2.09 if you don't have eBay Plus and do C&C.

3.5% Cashback at Cashrewards and Shopback. I noticed Shopback shows the 11% sitewide sale but Cashrewards does not.

Thanks to @Sonca for the original deal

Oh, and before anyone asks:-


Going by @kururii's comment, the Australian model is ANE-LX2J and it supports Band 28

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Bing Lee



    Good price and quality phone under $400

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    No Band 28 according to this.

    I was about to point out the Australian model isn't ANE-LX2, it's the ANE-LX2J (LTE bands: 1/3/7/8/28). But since Binglee lists ANE-LX2, it's their own fault.


    Bought one for my son just a few weeks ago. Yep, pretty darn good quality phone for the price. Even comes with a case for phone inside the box, which was a nice and very much appreciated plus.

    Only downside is the lack of NFC. Granted I haven't played with it for any significant amount of time, but it didn't seem too filled with bloatware and it was surprisingly snappy in performance! Really, if it wasn't for the lack of NFC, which I use all the time, I'd consider it for my own daily driver.

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