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Samsung Galaxy S10e or Huawei P30 $199 Upfront on $65/Month for 12 Months @ JB Hi-Fi


Hi all,

JB has either of these fine phones for $199 up front plus $65 per month on a JB/Telstra 12 month plan.

Expires Sunday

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  • This or wait for Mate 20 Pro promo…..

    • You'll never know if mate 20 pro will be in the promo. JB hifi only put a very good deal on phones that are not doing very well in terms of sales.

  • Do JB still offer a $45 sim plan version? If so, does anyone know what the cost of either of these phones would be under that plan?

  • no way!I just pulled the trigger on the ebay 10% off sitewide deal plus Huawei $200 gift card deal for p30,now this deal is insanely better!
    I assume with JB,you can claim TRS for gst as well if you go overseas?

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      I assume with JB,you can claim TRS for gst as well if you go overseas?

      How would you do that when you’re not buying the phone outright…?

      • I signed up the similar p20 pro deal last december,it came with a tax invoice of rrp.if it's still the same,you'd get an invoice of $1099 which is the current jb price.

        • Yeah that just seems a weird way of doing it for JB, but obviously works somehow with their magical accounting ways. My mistake!

      • This gets processed as a $65/mth plan with a $900 giftcard, you then buy the $1099 phone outright with the giftcard plus another $199. So the invoice is $1099.

  • 12 months goes quick enough. I'm on aTelstra plan, my first lock-in contract after years of pre-pay/month to month…and I didn't like the fact I was locked in, but that's due in August, 3 months. I would definitely go for something like this, considering I just paid 800+ for the S10e two days ago, plus my $50 month Sim only plan…..

    • me too,just bought p30 from mobileciti yesterday!damn!this is a way better deal

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    Thanks OP. Got $99 off at Castle Hill JBHIFi on this. Porter from Vodafone (Prepaid Number).

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      No probs. Happy to share! Does that mean you only paid $100? If so, that's an unreal deal!!

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        Home Maker. Paid only $100

        • Brilliant!

          • @Ganda: Can’t get this match down in melbourne cbd.
            Supposedly there a memo gone out that this was done via friend. Jb hifi rep refuse to match

            • @adn: yeah i got told this too

              NO deal, i just paid $199

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          Can you please upload a receipt? That'll be great!!

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      99 off?elaborate?not $10/m?

    • Castle towers or home maker?

    • What's the deal with this? I'll be porting from vodafone aswell. Keen on a little more info

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      Mate on the receipt how much the phone is? How much GST? This helps with determining whether TRS is claimable.

    • Wicked deal mate. Would be awesome if you could upload proof of purchase. Cheers.

    • Nice, so if you port from non-Telstra network you get 100 off the outright price do you also get 10 off per month

  • Hopefully they have a similar deal to this in November. Especially with the Peace of Mind data perk.

  • port in $10 credit and POM?

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    This is an excellent deal IMO! I took up the Huawei simply because of the $200 Cashback via redemption. Surely I could sell this phone, a $1099 phone, for $900.

    ($65 x 12) + $199 - $20 - $900 = -$121 in my pocket!!

    I’ll be asking about port in credit and peace of mind as well once I’m activated. I got the email before I saw the OzBargain but absolutely upvote this deal!

    • Even if I sell it for $800… it’s a free Telstra 60GB plan for 12 months.

    • Mate on the receipt how much the phone is? How much GST? This helps with determining whether TRS is claimable.

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        My receipt says $1099 just got it.

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          Wow does it have 99.9 worth of GST as well?:) sorry to trouble you this is important

        • If you bring a 900+ item back into aus they will ask you for the trs back. But never hurt to try until you get checked and get a mark on your name.

        • Is this a dual sim phone ?

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        It’s almost certainly has to be some internal funny money handling thing going on… the receipt was $1099 and they issued a $900 gift card to bring the difference down to $199.

        I’ve applied for my $200 eCard and got the email saying I was approved (but have to wait up to 10 days for instructions). Also the estimate email lcame through from Telstra and my ex-Telstra 10% discount applies… so $58.50 a month. Woo hoo!

        Still waiting for the port though… lol

        It is an ELE-L29 which according to the Huawei website is a dual SIM model.

        • How did you get 10% discount mate

  • Can I continue my lebara plan (want to keep that number too) with a telstra sim on P30 (dual sim) under the assumption that the phone will be locked to Telstra for 12 months. Experts please.

    • Phone is unlocked, so can be used with any sim

      • Is the Samsung unlocked too? I am guessing the Huawei is unlocked because it is dual SIM and they cannot lock both sim slots to Telstra lol

        edit - nevermind, answered by someone else below.

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          I was told today that it is locked

    • Sure, just activate a $2 non-Telstra pre paid SIM and walk into JB with that to port in. :)

  • I want a better video function to shoot vlog, which is better, sumsang or huawei.

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    And curious why mothers don't deserve a better phone promotion,like p30 pro or s10+, will JB only wait for father's day to promote p30 pro or s10+. Just joking, as I more want to buy huawei p30pro, but they only promote p30.

  • Is this offer for new customers as well or only for those porting?

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      I checked with JB and its only Porting, not new Telstra customers

      • Also this Telstra plan doesnt include international call credit. Anyone interested would need to buy the $10 credit separately.

        • Seems not eligible to add international calling pack on this plan

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      It happened 8 years ago, the title is misleading. I still remember when I worked with cisco equipment, had to telnet to config every thing remotely.

  • Samsung it is then

  • How much is it to have the phone unlocked?

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      The p30 is $1,099 on jb hifi, with the $200 eftpos gift card brings it to $899 versus $779 with the plan, phone and $200 gift card promo

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        I think you are answering a question he did not even ask…

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      The phones are already unlocked

      • I was going to sign up this morning for the S10 however the JB person told me it was locked.

        I know Telstra apparently doesn't normally lock phones however the JB person checked and told me it was locked so it might be a JB thing.

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    Can someone please confirm if the $200 gift card is definitely a possibility? Or is it just an assumption that you will get the $200 voucher?

    Anyone successfully claimed the $200 voucher yet?

    • The jbhifi reps repeatedly said it is on. Will try it out tonight.

    • Submitted and got an email immediately stating I was approved.

      Instructions to follow in (up to) 10 days.

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    Been hanging out for a sweet deal for the s10e.

    Ported from Telstra to Vodafone in the morning, ported back to Telstra that afternoon. No questions asked

    • Wow so no need to be out of network for at least 30 days as someone mentioned before? Cheers.

      • Not at all. Took all of 10 mins once I saw the salesman

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    Is p30 locked with Telstra ?

  • If you want more data the $65 per month plan with a $500 credit for buying a phone that's $999 or above costs the same but is 24 months instead of 12 months.

  • Hi all im currently on byo 12 months contract $35 with 50 gigs of data. Im just wondering do you guys think possible for to updgrade mine to this deal? Cheers

    • For new port in customer only.

  • I signed up the plan yesterday for $500 jb gift card. :(. anyone know if i could return the gift card for huawei p30?

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      Well I opted for the $500 because P30 has very low resale value. Probably not even $500. If you planned to keep the phone then its a different story.

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        I don't know what you're talking about, its a $1000 phone. I checked gumtree, everyone is selling for above $850. At the very least you should be able to sell it for $700, that's still 200$ more and you get cash instead of gift card. I think you're just saying this to make you feel good about yourself.

        • Well I had the option of 3 choices and took the $500. There might be buyers in your Locality but not around me unfortunately. But I rather not waste my time “hoping to sell it for $700” when I can get guranteed $500 JB card without any time waste. Each to their own. I value my time.

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            @TomGum: You could be more efficient with your extremely limited time by not writing a paragraph on Ozbargain

  • Done it today. First phone that has been non apple for a loooong time
    Great deal I reckon
    Can’t beat Telstra also

    • Which phone did you get??

  • I ended up getting this deal in the end

    $199 paid
    $65/month for 12 months and S10e

    Phone is unlocked and free to use on any network. Was told by the salesmen its a JB promotion due to the S10e not really having many sales. For the price difference between a 10e and a 10 or even a 10+ most people are going the standard 10.

    • Did you port in from another network or new customer

      • Ported from vodafone

    • Did you test it is unlocked?

      JB told me it is locked

      • I haven't tested it if its unlocked and not sure how to other than putting another sim card in it. I'm just going by what the sales rep has told me

      • It is retail sale and not a phone plan. So JB will not be selling locked phones.Also I dont think any telco in Australia is providing locked handsets for post paid customers who are on a fixed term contract.
        But cancellation fee includes the price of the phone for the tricky ones who could misuse the offer.

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      That doesnt make sense. You upgraded the plan via chat/call centre to 70gb plus international, but got the monthly plan price down from $65 to $59??? Did you sign up for 24month contract to do that?

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      @woodfish, mate what telstra chat told me was this is jb specific plan and telstra cannot change it. Jb is reseller of telstra who they have authorized to launch their own plans.

      Just wondering on they letting you do the opposite. Can to pls elaborate how you did it.

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    dammit, this is way better than the S10e amazon for $849 :(

    • If you are planning on upgrading your plan/ phone.

      • Yeh I was in the situation, my previous phone was Samsung S6 and my phone plan is with catch connect which SUCKS! and i want out ASAP

        I could've hit 2 birds with 1 stone with this deal :(

        • It’s odd isn’t it these days? What I observed is that sometimes you snooze you win these days.

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    damn no IP68 on the P30 otherwise I'd be all over it