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1/2 Price McCain Pizza Rustica Variaties $3.75 @ Coles


Sourdough, real Mozzarella, top ingredients and made in Italy
Simple and true to tradition, yum.

Available in the following varieties:

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  • Same as Aldi pizza? This one or 'ristaurante' IIRC. Maybe both?

    • As someone who eats pizza almost daily, I can confirm these pizzas are much much better than Aldi.

      The crust on these is lovely if you cook it right, crispy on outside but soft and fluffy on the inside.

      I highly recommend the Spinach one.

  • This vs the evil mastermind Dr. Oetcker???
    Who will rain supreme? :P

  • Why couldn’t they make it Oz? So much unemployment in pockets of regional Australia…

    • it would cost $37.50 when on 1/2 price.

      • That’s so sad… in the meantime, “disenfranchised and disengaged youths” are tearing holes in their pockets so that they have something to do with their hands.

    • Why couldn’t they make it Oz?

      According to the ACCC business is packing up and leaving Australia due to electricity prices. They were so worried they recommended that they set the price of electricity instead of the market in their 2018 enquiry in fact.

      Both Liberal and Labour ignored this finding and left the market to continue destroying the entire economy by continuing to raise prices.

      Only The Greens have pledged to do something about it by dismantling the private sector and dropping prices by 40% immediatedly.

      Naturally Australians will vote to continue losing their own money and destroying the economy to boot.

      • +5 votes

        How are your election campaigning efforts going? You've certainly picked an interesting neiche with bargain posts such as this one for frozen pizza.

      • they are wood fired, not done in an electric oven ….

      • lol. Greens. Good one.

      • "Only The Greens have pledged to do something about it by dismantling the private sector and dropping prices by 40% immediatedly."

        Joking or dumb?

        This would lead to immediate shortages of everything and the collapse of the economy.

        • Are you seriously saying that nationalising electricity would collapse the economy?!?

          Man I have to hand it to the Liberals, their brainwashing is top notch.

          • @Rybo5000: Hello comrade.

            Would you confiscate (steal) or buyout the private electricity sector at a cost of hundreds of billions?

            "…dropping prices by 40% immediately". Industry profit margin is in the single digits therefore a 40% revenue reduction would result in tens of billions of yearly losses to absorb by taxpayers.

            Yes The Greens would destroy the economy, even Labor voters would agree.

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      Made in Australia from 88% Australian ingredients

      McCain Flavour Boss Mega Meat Feast, and
      McCain Extra Cheese Pepperoni

      are made in Australia.

  • Great deal. Although I think both are great to have in the freezer, I much prefer the Rustica range because of the base. It has a nice chew and taste to it compared to Dr Oetker is thinner and not as satisfying in bite or flavour.

    My two cents, your milleage may vary! 🍕

  • The 'Flavour Boss' pizza has a pretty disappointing flavour in my opinion. Tastes ok but doesn't taste as good as it looks.

  • Definitely Mccain Rusticca Pizzas tastes a hell lot better than Dr #@#.

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