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20% off Storewide @ Spectra Baby Breast Pumps


Spectra sell electric breast pumps for breastfeeding mothers and are considered a good alternative to the popular Medela pumps which are usually more expensive. Website contains details on the various models (both home and portable models) and size guides so check this out before ordering.

Note that the sales are usually processed through Singapore (as some of my friends have been hit with international transaction fees), but inventory is shipped from their warehouse in Adelaide. Spectra accept PayPal so this was not an issue for me when I ordered for my wife recently. AFAIK, there are no retail stores selling the Spectra pumps in Australia anymore so you will need to order online if you're interested.

As per the Facebook event, "It's crazy time, mamas! Click Frenzy Mayhem is on May 21 - May 22 ONLY with 20% off storewide on ALL Spectra breast pumps & accessories."

Hope this helps parents/new parents to be. I wish I had this before I paid nearly full price (only could find 10% off coupon) on an S2 pump only two weeks ago… but at least now I can buy the portable S9 model with a discount!

Note to those wondering about timing: I ordered on a Thursday, and it arrived the following Tuesday morning in Sydney. My tip would be to order in advance if you know you’ll need it. Friends also suggested ordering multiple piping kits (as these can wear out/clog up) and potentially additional breast shields if you aren’t confident in sizing. I didn’t order additional bottles as the Philips Avent Natural bottles fit perfectly without needing an adaptor, but I am aware some other brands will require adaptors to fit.

Need it now?
For those who can't wait, there's a 10% off coupon which has been available for a while: spectra-friend-10 (thanks to khdsl).

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  • Luck you didn't post this on Facebook, you'd get banned !!!

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    Milk this deal for all it's worth.

  • Been waiting for this deal since January as per Spectra communications. They normally only have two sales a year (EOFY and Christmas) but Click Frenzy is their third sale event where you can get 20% off. Otherwise, there's only a 10% off friend code you can use outside of promo periods.
    Spectra pumps are definitely better than the over-hyped Medela ones as many people say they are able to pump more milk with the Spectra ones.

    Tip: get a nursing/pumping bra so mum can have her hands free to multitask, especially if you are getting a double pump :)

  • These are over $200…how do these compare to the Philips?

    Is it worthwhile to buy before the kid is due? Or see how breastfeeding goes? Or whether the kid will need to rely on formula.

    • These are very good. I bought one for each of my babies. Breastfeeding didn’t end up working out for me but I was able to sell each one for not too much of a loss. Especially if you buy with 20% off. I would buy before baby comes as pumping helps to bring your milk in too. The S1 is really handy with the battery.

    • For what’s it’s worth, if you know you will be doing breastfeeding (even if not solely breastfeeding) then it may be worthwhile getting it in advance. I personally didn’t but I wish I had - and I’d say this has been one of the best purchases of the year.

    • Pumping from birth and after every time baby finishes feeding really helps to establish milk supply quicker. In the early period after birth, those who do breastfeed will go through an engorgement phase which is quite painful. Having the pump handy means you can get the milk out to relieve the pain and avoid potential bouts of mastitis due to blockage. Basically if you do have intentions to breastfeed or even supplement with formula then you should get the pump before birth. Say your baby ends up with jaundice, you will need to try and get your milk going even earlier to support the extra feeding the baby will have to do to reduce their bilirubin levels too.

  • Dammnn…I only managed to find 10% off coupon when I bought this last month. Oh well….

  • For those who can't wait for Spectra promo deals like this one, the 10% off code has been working for years: spectra-friend-10
    ( was marked as expired but it's not).
    Free express delivery for orders over $100 so chat to their customer service team and they can point you to which spare parts are handy to have as well, to save on shipping later.

  • Does anyone know if you will get an Australian tax invoice since it's shipped from overseas? I want to claim on insurance. Thanks.

  • My wife has been using the S1 pump for the last 12 months and would highly recommend it. The battery means you can easily take the pump with you anywhere around the house or even out and not have to with about finding a power outlet.

  • If you buy one of these pumps, stock up on extra duck bill valves. I didn't realise that they wear out after a few months. I've had my pump for almost a year and the suction was getting really terrible. On close inspection both valves had tiny tears in the thin silicone edge and this was enough to stop it working properly, and this ultimately resulted in poor supply… You might need to replace them every 3-6 months depending on how often you express.

    Also, consider that the 24mm flanges that come with the pump might not be the correct size for you. That's another reason you might not be getting much when you pump.

    Hope that helps.

  • A good deal but check with your health insurance company if you want to claim it under extras. I’m with Teachers Health (top extras) and they told me today they are declining claims from Spectra due to their links with Singapore / overseas trading. They advised it would be approved if purchased from another Australian stockist (however no 20% discount sadly).

    • I didn’t realise buying local vs overseas had any impact but then I wasn’t intending to claim anyway.

      Unfortunately I don’t think there are local stockists anymore if I recall correctly.

    • I'm surprised you even get to claim it. I'm on the top Bupa cover and it's not claimable at all.

      That excuse sounds fishy though. If it's an Australian business issuing a tax invoice, I would be asking them where in their policy specifically calls this exception out. Simply processing transactions overseas seems like a weird exception to place in a health insurance PDS.

      • Yes I only realised I could claim it recently under my cover - $150 / up to 75% - which is pretty good I thought. Teachers Health also now offer rebates for pregnancy and recovery compression shorts too.
        It was interesting as the lady I spoke to was specific re: Spectra as a ‘provider’ for the reason above.
        Most health funds won’t approve rebates for aids from overseas suppliers or for treatment provided by overseas providers (after a quick google) so I guess that’s reasonable. At least I found out before purchasing so I can purchase elsewhere and still claim the rebate. I have found a small number of other Australian stockists online.

  • I paid via PayPal and got charged an international processing fee on the credit card. Totally forgot about it. Ahh well at least it was 20% off.