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Ryzen 5 2600 GTX 1660 Ti 6GB 120GB SSD 8GB DDR4 Gaming PC + 24" FHD Monitor + Wired Keyboard/Mouse $809.10 @ Techfast eBay


TechFast at it again with a decent build, this time with a GTX 1660Ti.

For those that are wondering about performance (as all gamers do) - the 1660Ti is just a little bit under the GTX 1070 in terms of performance, and about 30% better than the RX 580 in comparison to the RX 580 systems that TechFast has posted in the past.

Seems like this time they're doing the system itself without the monitor as well for $737.10 here: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Ryzen-5-2600-GTX-1660-Ti-6GB-120...

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  • I am on the lookout for a new PC for my parents… Mainly for emails, internet, Skype, YouTube etc.. They just want something that's not going to bog down and run like a slug within a couple of years. Would this suit? :)

    • To answer your question in short - yes it would suit, but this would be pretty overkill for just emails, internet, Skype and Youtube!

      The long version of the answer:

      For just web browsing and general day to day, you really don't need a dedicated graphics processing unit. While it's NICE to have something dedicated to do it, there are CPUs that do that built in (all of Intel and AMD's APUs will do this). Without a dedicated GPU, systems will generally cost $250-350 less depending on how expensive the unit is

      • Note - It's no longer true that all Intel CPUs will have iGPUs.

        • Yikes, really? I haven't looked at Intel CPUs for a long time ever since I switched over to Ryzen.

          Did Intel take out iGPUs with 9th Gen?

          • @clintyip: Some of them yeah. The F series have had the iGPUs removed (I'd imagine for the sake of helping Intel keep up with demands, they've been struggling a bit apparently).

            The only one really widely available is the 9400f right now, though I think the 9700 and 9900 lines are meant to have an f model as well.

            Think Techfast has a bundle with the 9400f actually.

        • True but the GPU-less Intel CPUs have all been more expensive than without because … er. I don't know.

          They seem like a boutique product atm.

    • Short answer: Yes

      Long answer: This will be a complete beast for that purpose - unless they're not careful with adwares and click on every link online, then no computer is suitable

      • Thanks guys. I understand there's no need for a dedicated GPU, but (noob question) would it by any chance keep it running a bit faster for longer? Or is it more based on CPU performance and SSD's instead of HDD's?

        I know they don't click on things they shouldn't, had to make sure they knew that when they were learning to use a computer lol. It'll also be used for writing invoices etc. (not that I can see that making much of a difference).

        • CPU speed and SSDs definitely takes the wheel when it comes to how fast you can do your day to day tasks on the computer.

          Back in the day you could have a super fast CPU, but a mechanical hard drive would be the bottle neck of your system. Think of it almost as "No matter how fast your brain can process what's coming, it'll still depend on your legs to move"

          CPUs that have built in graphics processing has resources "set-aside" to do so, I don't think it'll affect overall performance too much from a speed perspective. Most business laptops nowadays use the CPU's built in graphics processing features, unless you buy a gaming laptop specifically

          • @clintyip: Thanks for the help everyone, some very good advice. Guess I'll keep looking around if this will be overkill (though it does fall well under budget).

            • @cala90: Ryzen 5 2600 and GTX 1660 Ti - if you don't have actual need for that 6 cores / 12 threads and/or have sufficient number of games, it is an overkill.

              For parents, you could consider Ryzen5 2400G (that one has embedded GPU). The money saved on the graphics card can go towards a larger SSD, a 27 inch IPS monitor and you should still come out ahead from a price point of view (assuming you can assemble a PC yourself - otherwise some shops do charge extra to PC assembly).

              Parents tend to be using mobile phones, tablets or smart TVs more nowadays. My parents have better phones than me - that's intentional (one of them has iPhone XS Max).

              But if you need/want Ryzen 5 2600 and GTX 1660 Ti, this is a good deal (another way to look at it is that you basically get the SSD, monitor for free with this deal - but then you probably want to upgrade those two parts).

        • For your usage a better CPU/PSU/Motherboard/SSD/anything else comes before GPU for longevity.

          Need to point out that there's no OS and only 120GB too, so you might wanna up that

    • This is way too much tbh. I'd get a simple Ryzen 2200G build to save money and spend the rest on good storage and peripherals. That's just my opinion though and what I would do for my parents.

      • A good screen is probably money better spent if they are doing invoices And general web browsing. 2200G would be an excellent choice. Save some electricity cost too by not having a gaming graphics card; unless they want it to double up as a heater and don't mind the running cost

    • How about a Chromebook with a decent sized monitor.

      I know you gave some web safety advice but it may be obsolete in 6 months.. The Chromebook is currently safer than a windows PC and will likely be a safe bet for a couple of years.

      The portability might be a plus too, but the big win is saving lots

    • +1 vote

      this is too overkill. buy them a 2200g with 8gb of ram in a tiny case and mount it behind their monitor. or a NUC

    • Cala - You probably saw it but this sounds perfect for your parents - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/455363

      I bought my parents something similar a few months back. They still can't get over the speed of the SSD. It boots to the desktop in less than 10 seconds.

      EDIT: Check the comments in that deal, some people have found similar or slightly better specs for a bit cheaper.

    • More hard drive space is better then a 1660ti for what they want i for.

    • I'd suggest this for your parents.


  • Biostar ti1660 ?

    • I don't think Biostar does 1660Tis!

      Probably might be good to send Luke a PM if you are interested to find out what brand it is.

  • Wow this is a great deal!

  • All their ebay reviews on delivery really deters me.

    • A note on dispatch times: We have been working extremely hard to reduce our handling and dispatch times for our systems, and are pleased to report that we are well under a 7 day turnaround on all systems purchased.
      Buy with confidence that you'll receive your system faster than ever!

      this is copied for them, but anyone had recent purchase could also comment

    • +1 vote

      I ordered a system last Wednesday night, it shipped yesterday due for delivery tomorrow

    • Ordered two machines Sunday, shipped Tuesday (today) morning. Super quick turnaround. Got me a $180 RX580 got to me in 48 hours.

    • guy in my office ordered one a few weeks ago.. it took less then one week and his very happy with it.

  • holy hell how do these guys make money??

    • They are charity. They lose $100 for every pc sold:(

      System itself - $720
      Monitor - $150
      Mouse - $30

      Cost = $720+$150+$30 = $900

  • does the included a320m or upgraded b350m motherboards have an m.2 slot?

  • Damn nice but I would upgrade to 16gb, 500gb ssd, 2tb hdd, b350

  • Nice deal. It looks like the 1660 Ti is actually a bit faster than the 1070: https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2019/02/25/nvidia-gtx-1660-...

  • Can't wait to get my system. They are very Very quick to assemble and post.

  • Would this be suitable for 4k video editing?

    • It depends. If you're doing all kinds of colour work and adding different graphics it will do ok, but a threadripper would be your best bet. But for the money this is unbeatable for 4k video work… Of course for 4k editing and scrubbing through the video your gonna want all the ram you can get! But the Ryzen 2600 and 1660ti are fantastically powerful for the money!

      • I just do basic travel videos (Drone and Gopro footage) with color grading. At the moment i use my macbook pro with Final Cut and it really struggles.

    • Yep, might need to add another 8gb of ram though if you're constrained.

    • -2 votes

      Video editing systems should have 32gb of ram & ideally be clocked faster then the 2400mhz ram these guys offer, also a cpu with more cores & threads also helps with video rendering, something like a ryzen 7 2700x would be much better

    • not with a 120gb hard drive.. you need more space

  • I received one of their PC's a few weeks ago. It was a tidy build equipped with power and sata for a second SSD. The wait was not as bad as I thought.

    • The wait was not as bad because they stated weeks ago they had learned their lessons from March and earlier and improved there pipeline.

  • What type of ram is in this speedwise?

  • Sorry not really a computer person but how would this hold up in the future in terms of upgrades. Would it be easy to swap parts, take them out and install etc in a prebuilt computer? (Assuming I know how by then)

  • is there a version of this without the monitor and keyboard mouse extras

  • Hi @luketechfast - very interested in this. Can you please tell me the brands & models of the mobo, SSD, memory sticks, PSU, graphics card & mouse/keyboard? I'm a bit reserved because the brands seem to be taken away from the description. Also what is the brand/model of your 2TB HDD? (planning to upgrade)

  • is this a good upgrade?

    I got i5-6500 3.20GHz with 970

  • Hi luke, does this system come with a wifi card installed? Can’t seem to find anything saying it does and can’t run a lan cable throughout my house.

  • Hi, I'm looking for a good PC to edit photos in Photoshop, but been out of the loop with desktop PCs for so long.

    Would this PC be powerful, good for editing photos? Thanks

  • any idea how long these deals will be around for normally?

    • Think this 10% expires on May 12 mate.

      • cheers mate. what's the rate of people having to return DOA parts? asking as i may have to leave state soon. feel free to pm me if not suitable to post here

        • Can't see an option to PM you but you should be able to PM me. Do you mean leave Australia or change states? Changing states is not an issue but we can't support overseas. Our fail rates are on par with industry - some stuff fails, most doesn't, all is covered under 1 year assembled system warranty and manufacturer warranty after that if applicable.

  • Hi Luke,
    i have a spare SSD at home, just wondering does the pc have spare cables for me to install the 2nd SSD, or even better could it be connected for me so all I need to do is plug my SSD onto it. sorry new to all this pc stuff, thanks

    • +4 votes

      Hi, you would receive an additional SATA cable in the accessories box, but generally not the necessary screws. If you leave a note at checkout we can plug the SATA cable in for you, and leave the power cable easily accessible, and send the screws so you could screw it in yourself. Leave a note saying "LUKE HAS APPROVED ADDITIONAL SATA CABLE PLUGGED IN, POWER CABLE ACCESSIBLE, AND 4 SSD SCREWS IN ACCESSORIES BOX"

  • Luke, First time to order a PC without OS in it. How do you guys set the PC up without OS such as driver installation?

    • they chuck on an unlicensed copy of windows 10. It's functionally the same as the real thing apart from having a small "activate windows" watermark on the bottom right of your screen. They sort out all the drivers and everything for you.

      If you know anyone at a uni they might be able to grab a free copy of windows 10. My mate goes to ECU and the license key he got through his uni has activated windows on 2 computers so far. Worth a go if you're looking to save some $$

  • I would like to push the button on this with some upgrades, but also need a 24 to 27" monitor upgrade for my poor old eyes.

  • Just received the RX580 r5 2600 system this morning, all the usb and HDMI interface didnt work. Just give a warn that they may not test carefully before shipping out.

  • Any good mITX PC builds?

  • My system arrived with everything up and runnining smoothly, system was mostly already installed when it arrived so i barely had to do anything, nice cable management. Anyone know how to get the psu fan to run quieter? I think there's a bios setting but cant find it

  • Got a defective desktop. Screen is black. I will neg and change it back once it's resolved / i get a refund.

    They also forgot to include a SSD…