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35% off Samsung Galaxy S10e 128GB $779.35, S10 128GB $876.85, S10+ 128GB $974.35 Shipped @ Samsung Enhanced Partnership Program


Update: Education store offer has expired

These are the cheapest it has ever been for the S10 line. Requires a corporate account though!

Here are all the devices:
S10e 128gb: $779.35
S10 128gb: $876.85
S10 512gb: $1,104.35
S10+ 128gb: $974.35
S10+ 512gb: $1,201.85
S10+ 1tb: $1,559.35

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  • 1t on a phone…. my computers only have 256g….

  • How do we get access to the deal?
    Edit: i would really like to purchase the s10e, what do i need to do lol

    • Basically you need an associated corporate account to purchase.
      Additional info here from the last similar 30% off EPP deal:

      "Offer only available to eligible customers from selected Samsung Enhanced Partnership Programs. Not available in conjunction with any other offer unless otherwise advised. Discount is not transferable, exchangeable or redeemable for cash. Offer available while stocks last. This offer (including the offer period) may be modified in Samsung’s sole discretion. Offer subject to Samsung Enhanced Partnership Program Terms of Sale.

      Mod Note: an account from the following corporate partners is required (Prices may vary between corporate partners)

      Australian Government(shop.samsung.com)
      Australia Post(shop.samsung.com)
      Sydney Opera House(shop.samsung.com)

      Do not comment asking for access or to purchase the item off another member, use the wanted section of the classifieds. Members who have access and are willing to assist other OzBargainers, please see that wanted section of the classifieds. Whilst we appreciate members offering to help in the comments, it is open to abuse and some members offering to help are actually attempting to resell for profit/a fee when contacted privately, we'll therefore remove all those comments as such."

      • Does the S10 have dual SIM capabilities?

      • " some members offering to help are actually attempting to resell for profit/a fee "

        Yeah god forbid people actually want to make a little something for spending their time and effort to do this for other random people they don't even know, when will everyone learn that their time is worthless and they should just do everything for free.. Everyone make sure to let your boss know when you go to work you wont require being paid for your time any longer.. /s

      • Could you possibly elaborate further on what to do? I'm not too tech savvy and am hitting a brick wall when I sign up for the Samsung account as it's asking me for a corporate email address which I don't have.

        When you sign up to ANZ or Woolworths for example, are you supposed to get a corporate email!?

        Would appreciate any help anyone could give.

        • Corporate email as in you have to be an employee of a qualifying company/organisation :)
          Apart from that, uni and TAFE students do get the same prices via the Samsung Education store using their school email address. Some Westpac customers also get the deal via the app and net banking.

          • @khdsl: Great thank you, that was where I was getting confused. So if I were to go down to Westpac and sign up (I need a new bank anyway), I could access this deal through the app as a bonus without being an employee of any of the above?

            I.e. the westpac app have a certain area specifically for deals etc that westpac customers can access.

            Thanks for the info btw, finding a way to use this deal is the difference between flatout not being able to afford this phone @)

            • @hiimfinly: Some people with only savings accounts have commented here saying they couldn't access this deal, whereas others with credit cards/everyday/ other savings accounts can. Maybe you have to sign up to a credit card or other qualifying product to access it lol.. might have to check with Westpac or Samsung online help to find the terms that say which products in particular

    • EDIT: offer also available for Westpac CUSTOMERS through the app or online banking. see my related comment below :)

  • +35 votes

    For Westpac customers, I can access this 35% off deal via the app! You can also see this deal under the Rewards and Offers section when you log into your online Westpac account. It has been saying 'up to 30% off ending 31st May' for ages now but the prices have just started reflecting the 35% off RRP discount today.


    "Up to 30% off* the RRP
    on selected Samsung products
    Westpac customers can purchase from a range of products in the Westpac Offers Samsung Store. Enjoy up to 30% off* selected products including refrigerators, washing machines, memory and more. Plus, enjoy free delivery to any Australian address!"

    • Is that customers that are westpac employees?

    • Wow, yes totally true. I'd never even looked at the rewards & offers before

    • Awesome thanks for pointing this out!

      • No worries, I've been a long-term Westpac customer plus I have a credit card so I can see the deal. Hope it works for you!

    • Thanks for this. My wife has a Westpac credit card and was able to access this deal after logging in to her Westpac online account. As khdsi says, it says 30% for Samsung phones but the price actually comes up 35% less than RRP. Free express delivery (1 or 2 days) as well. Bought an S10E.

    • They don't have S10+ 128G, so sad

      • At the time of commenting, I can still see S10+ 128gb available to add to cart at $974.35, save $525.00 (Was $1,499.00).
        Still available in Prism Black, Prism White and Prism Green. The 128gb just doesn't come in Ceramic Black or Ceramic White as these are reserved for the Hybrid/Dual SIM variants. The Prism colours are single SIM with only micro sd card capability.
        Note - I am viewing these stock levels and prices from the Westpac Customer Offers Store (same 35% off deal).

    • Hey! I am a Westpac customer and see the deal but when i click shop now it asks for a Westpac employee email. How do i get the deal as a Westpac customer?

      • As a Westpac customer, you need to sign into your Westpac app or the online banking portal. Click the Rewards & Offers tab. Scroll to the Samsung deal, then click the Shop Now button. The deal can only be accessed if you click through their direct link given and won't work if you copy/paste the web address. It shouldn't be asking for a Westpac employee email at all and you should be able to see the discounted prices straight away. Good Luck!

      • Try checking your account again, the offer reappeared after disappearing for a day.

    • I have been with Westpac for almost 10 years with credit card as well. But I cant see this offer when I log in?

      • Hmm I currently don't see any deals at all under Rewards & Offers in the app or via the web browser. Either it's a glitch or all offers have expired? But there were deals that were supposed to run until end of May. I will try again tomorrow. Aside from zero offers coming up, I also get this message:

        "You have no rewards or offers to display at this time. Please check back later. When you have a reward or offer, it will be displayed here."

        • @khdsl: I've also had the same message, and I haven't been able to see any offers for the past 4 days. I've opened a choice account, and even have a debit card, so I'm not really sure what I might be missing. It's definitely not expired, right?

          • @bargaza: The problem with the offers disappearing on me usually only lasts a day but they always reappear the next day. They are currently visible for me as of now and the Westpac Customer Offer doesn't expire until 11:59pm June 30. Simply opening a new Choice account may not work as a Westpac rep said it needs to be actively used to trigger the Rewards & Offers. To what extent, I'm not sure. Maybe fill it up with transactions if you really want the deal. Still a while to go before it expires.

      • The Westpac Customer offer is back now, I can see it after logging into my account.

    • For the Westpac Customer Offer Portal:

      "*Offer of 35% off the RRP on Galaxy S10e (SM-G970FZKAXSA, SM-G970FZWAXSA, SM-G970FZGAXSA), Galaxy S10 (SM-G973FZKAXSA, SM-G973FZWAXSA, SM-G973FZGAXSA, SM-G973FZGGXSA, SM-G973FZKGXSA, SM-G973FZWGXSA) and Galaxy S10+ 128GB & 512GB (SM-G975FZKAXSA, SM-G975FZWAXSA, SM-G975FZGAXSA, SM-G975FCKGXSA, starts 5:30pm (AEST) 10.05.2019 and ends 11:59pm (AEST) 30.06.19.

      Offers only available to eligible customers from Westpac Offers Enhanced Partnership Portal. Not available in conjunction with any other offer unless otherwise advised. Discounts are not transferable, exchangeable or redeemable for cash. Offers available while stocks last. These offers (including the offer period) may be modified in Samsung’s sole discretion. Offer subject to Samsung Enhanced Partnership Program Terms of Sale. Email [email protected] or call 1300 362 603 for questions regarding this offer."

  • s10 is tempting. Looks nicer than the s10e but the extra savings in a draw.

    • 100 bucks for something that you're probably gonna keep for 2 years I'd say that it's worth it since you use it everyday and it really is gorgeous

    • Flat screen, slightly better battery, smaller phone, no optical zoom. I would pay the extra for smaller size and flat screen haha

      • I bought the s10e because I thought it actually felt better in the hand. I didn't like the curve of the s10/s10+, even though S7 edge is my favourite phone of all time. Of all time.

        • Still on my s7 edge. Going strong.

        • agree, s7 started malfunctioning and switched to s9, missing the flat screen…

        • I'll be upgrading from the S7 to S10.. it's been sweet with a 'normal' sized phone and flat screen but the old battery can't keep up with daily use anymore. Will miss the notification light for the time being the most while I wait for Samsung to officially roll out an update that transforms the front camera flash into a notification light on S10 (I am aware of third party apps that already allow this so I guess that's worth exploring in the interim too).

          • @khdsl: I mean… if it's just the battery… buy one off AliExpress and give the swap a shot instead of buying a new phone. As long as you have everything backed up and synced to your account, worst case is you gotta buy an S10. Gonna need suction cups and a heat gun for sure tho…

    • I got the s10e and it's awesome. I prefer the flat screen and slightly smaller size (it's still a beautiful display). I figured I wouldn't use the telephoto lens that much and the physical finger print sensor on the side is very good.

      • Best combo would be an S10+ but with the flat display of the S10e, and unlocked bootloader, but with the more efficient and faster QSD 855 chipset and the better Sony IMX cameras (instead of the in-house Samsung modules).

        ….guess I will have to keep waiting for competitors or next year :(

        • I haven't noticed any performance or camera issues. I think the tests sites like anandtech do pick up differences, but in the real world a normal user wouldn't notice.

          • @callumds: The Exynos version is actually not as fast, uses more power, and has higher latency. But Samsung throws most of its "software budget" to optimise the build. The same goes for the Samsung Isocell cameras, which gets majority of attention and optimisation. Despite all that, the less optimised third-party Qualcomm chipset and the Sony Exmor cameras produce slightly better results.

            Samsung's SkinnedOS is much heavier than Stock-ish OS… so the QSD 855 feels not as smooth as the devices you see from OnePlus or Google. And it's this fact which masks most of the difference between the inferior yet optimised Samsung version, compared to the superior unoptimised third-party version.

            The double-edged part of the third-party version is they also have better security. This makes them difficult to root, unlock bootloader, install TWRP and Custom ROMs. And without the help of the enthusiast community, you can't get a leaner and better optimised Stock-ishOS.

            That's one of the reasons why people are willing to wait 6-9months extra to either pick up a Samsung (when custom roms improve), or they opt for a Pixel instead.

  • If photography is important, Huawei P30 with ebay discount and $200 WISH gift card promo comes to the same price as s10e.

    • There's a bit of a price gap between the P30 (standard camera) and the P30 PRO (best cameraphone). The Pro is @$1250 with the WISH card.

      • -3 votes

        Only noticable difference is the lack of super zoom

        • Not just superzoom. No OIS on 40mp, half the sensor ISO capability of pro, smaller aperture, no time of flight sensor.

          Then there's the flat screen, smaller screen, no wireless charging, less ram, smaller battery, slower supercharge, lower IP rating.

          I don't have a preference between them personally but the two phones (P30 vs Pro) are further apart than people think and I feel that Huawei's marketing has people sucked in a bit when it comes to the P30's value.

        • There is a very good reason why there's a $450+ difference between them. The P30 is great as cut down flagship mid-ranger, but it really isn't on the same level as the Pro as stated by Dontreadthis.

    • Which deal is that?

    • Locked bootloader, they stopped allowing unlocks last year… how anyone can tolerate being a guest on their own phone is beyond me.

      • So is iPhones without going through hoops and hurdles to unlock for jailbreaking.. what's your point?
        Not everyone wants or needs Root - especially those who use it for everyday or business purposes.

        • iphone is another loser phone, but in their defense at least they keep updating them for ~5 years, whereas other OEMs don't really have an update policy so if the bootloader is locked, you're at their mercy.
          And this is without going in to the NUMEROUS advantages of having access to your device.
          What does having access to your phone have anything to do w/ your purpose for it?

          Ignorance is bliss.

          • @raybies: Sounds like you've never worked for a real organisation that has corporate policies that does not allow rooted phones to access their information, nor the selection of apps that do not run on rooted phones such as banking applications.

            Pretty sure that 90% of the population wouldn't give a rat's whether a phone is rooted or not.

            "Ignorance" is subjective.

    • Included spy cam🔭

    • the s10 cameras are pretty damn good imho.

  • Also available on the Samsung Education Store

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