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1 Month / 3 Months Free Kayo for Silver / Gold Telstra Plus Members


The new Telstra Plus rewards program gives Silver and Gold Tier members free Kayo.

Silver Tier - $125-$249 monthly telstra bill
Gold Tier - $250+ montly telstra bill.

Free Kayo hasn't started yet, but coming soon.

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  • +11

    So Pleb Tiers ( >$124.99) get nothing :(

    • +14

      Yep you only deserve a free gift of $25 if you spend $1,500.

      I'd say you're already winning not spending this!

    • +33

      you get an ebay code POOR which entitles you to 0% off purchases over $120

  • -1

    It’s says - coming soon, so probably not a deal atm ?

  • -2

    I think the first tier gets 1 month, silver 3 and not sure about gold.. probably free.

    I'd double check this closer to the date

  • Decent

  • +6

    Uh if it's just a one off month or 3 it's not too big a deal, if it's ongoing well…. you win Ozbargain :)

  • decent deal.. i should be gold :D

  • damn just $10 away from reaching it!

    • +3

      Have my Wife's Mobile and my Mums on my account, clearly gonna keep it that way if this is ongoing….

  • -1

    Cant vote on this deal until we know how the subscription lasts for

    • +2

      Silver 1 month
      Gold 3 months

      Again another small value once off bonus….

      • +1

        On the benefits page is mentions Silver and Gold: Kayo, on us (coming soon) under the Extra's section

  • Im apparently silver but my bill is under 125. Not sure how it works.

    • Average spend over 12 months.

  • +7

    Looks like a one month sub for Silver, and three months for Gold:

    For the sports buffs out there, we’ll give Silver and Gold members a one or three month subscriptions to Kayo Basic



    In other news, you can now use all of the features of the Telstra TV on any internet connection, not just Telstra:


    Just tested on my Aussie Broadband connection and can now get live tv etc.

    • +1

      Ah, I went off early.
      Not such a good deal then.

    • +1

      Not really much value unless you want to subscribe for the period of a specific tournament ie the Cricket World Cup. Can just use free trials otherwise.

    • Yeah bit annoyed about that, I lost most features as soon as we switched from telstra on a box we paid outright for, so ended up selling it.
      Now for them to go and unblock it just months later.

  • +2

    anyone notice

    Get $12.50 movie tickets plus a free popcorn and drink combo upgrade

    edit.. actually just upgrade, thought it was free

  • +1

    Does Kayo have anything different to Foxsports?

    • I'm under the impression it's the same thing, but a cheaper alternative than buying Foxtel (albeit without 4k).

      I believe it's having a big positive impact for Foxtel too getting all these extra subscribers, who would never sign up for Foxtel….

      Did hear some news suggesting some sports may be gotten rid of soon though to save costs..

      • +2

        Depends. 4K box/recording for $39 v Kayo $25 with dodgy streaming/sound drops, no 4K. Yes i have 100/40 NBN FTTH.
        Check whirlpool forum for complaints.

        • +4

          Where do you get 4k box recording and sport for $39

          • +2

            @icecold27: their has been deals like that for awhile, my parents have movies too for $39 but not 4K.

          • +1

            @icecold27: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/424102 this deal is still active.
            Rang up a few months ago to get moved to this deal once my previous $39 4k + sport deal expired (same thing). Includes foxtel go as well.

            I think it was like 68 per month once the contract expired so it pays to chase it up

        • +8

          I use Kayo between 3 locations, all FTTH. Two 100/40 with Telstra and Internode, one 50/20 Telstra. Two of those with a Telstra TV 2, one of those with Sony's inbuilt Android TV.

          I've had it for 3 months. Never had a single problem. No audio drops. No audio sync issues. No buffering (literally not even once). No quality loss (even though max bitrate is low but that's a criticism for another time). Literally not a single problem.

          I guess everyone's mileage varies, but to say the product is dodgy; I can't agree.

            • +1

              @DisabledUser260423: You aren't going to actively post about Kayo if your service is perfectly fine are you?

              I've hardly ever had an issue for the few months I have used it, Sony 2015 TVs, Shields and Note 8 Phones.

              Kayo has unlimited devices too…. Foxtel doesn't. Streaming on Demand is the future, Foxtel isn't.

              • @DisabledUser139667: I agree but its not 100% stable for everyone yet, i get picture drops occasionally, the sound drops have stopped. I only use it for half the year for NRL and WSL Surfing, so wouldn't pay for a box anyway.

                • @DisabledUser260423: The ability to cancel anytime would also be a big positive. Having to commit to a Foxtel contract isn't something I'd ever want to do. I among with countless others instantly jumped at Kayo however. Mostly as 99.999% of Foxtel content is absolute shit…. I'd love a dollar for everytime I used a Foxtel service and flicked through seemingly 100 channels and not found a single thing worth watching…

                  I agree there will be issues, but when you consider what it is, live sports streaming, you gotta expect some to begin with. It's improved from launch though.

      • +1

        Did hear some news suggesting some sports may be gotten rid of soon though to save costs..

        You mean I might not be able to watch Chess Boxing soon?

        • Yeah there's some weird shit on there :)

          I was pleasantly surprised with the other shows included, like ESPN's 30 for 30 and their Sports Shows. That nice value ad makes me wanna keep it during the AFL/F1 off seasons.

          • +1

            @DisabledUser139667: Yeah I was watching a 'sport' where the aim is to throw a ball onto a mini trampoline, at angles where the opponents can't reach it.

            Watched for 3hrs straight.

    • It's just Foxsports mobile streaming app. I used a free trial to watch the Sheffield Shield final and found the streaming quality to be pretty good. It was HD but the impressive thing was the high frame rate.

    • I've found there's sometimes live stuff that's not on any of the terrestrial fox sports channels. May also have been a scheduling problem.

  • Pleeeeeeaaaaaaase let this be an ongoing freebie. Can't get this past the bride at the moment, but if it's free … WOO!

  • +2

    Kayo has the NBA, the AFL, Formula 1 etc. It's pretty good. NBA playoffs at the moment. The UI lacks a few features like 'resume' and you don't get every single game but you get all the same games as foxtel / espn in Australia.

    • -1

      If you are just after the NBA, better off using Reddit for free.

  • +2

    Slightly OT but still relevant:

    Foxtel are pulling out of unprofitable sports rights, will 100% impact Kayo:


    • RIP Rugby Australia and Football Federation Australia… unless taking a TV rights financial hit leads to more exposure on free to air and actually increases the leagues interest and television value exactly how we saw when Big Bash went from Foxtel exclusive to Channel 10s highest rating program before channel 7 dished out big bucks to swipe it from 10.

      RIP Foxtel, even after the NBN was sabotaged to keep your monopoly you're still a 1990's cable television concept and will remain out of date until you eventually and inevitably fold. Something tells me Rupert and the LNP won't be able to sabotage our 5G network which will be the great winner out of the gutted NBN fiasco.

      • +2

        RIP Rugby Australia and Football Federation Australia…

        And nothing of value was lost.

        • I like Football, we need the A-league to grow so in a couple of generations time Australia is competitive in the worlds biggest sport

          • @Joey Jo Jo: It's funny because I don't actually believe in our local leagues ever becoming good feeder leagues on a world scale. I think the only sport in the world it may work for is soccer. But seriously, the Poms have the best soccer league in the world but that doesn't mean its mainly full of English players. The Spanish have the 2nd best basketball league in the world so that should mean the NBA should be teeming with Spanish players right? But it isn't.

            I think what is most important is the junior leagues and how we manage our junior players to get into some of the better development leagues elsewhere in the world. We'd be much more competitive in Soccer and the NBA and the like if we can send those kids off around the world to be with the other best junior players. Having them play in the A-League/NBL etc. at 15 or 16 will just stunt their development.

            • +1

              @serpserpserp: Have to disagree with the Poms having the best football league in the world, they've won the Euro Champions League once in the last ten years but they are a strong league.

              If the quality of the A-League is to steadily increase over time then both exposure and quality will be good for junior development. A-League is pretty shitty at present but for Australian domestic football it is an improvement from the past.

    • +3

      I hope they keep Surfing. It's the most chill sport ever. Currently watching the Bali Pro and I feel like I am there.

      • +3

        Go put some salt in a cup of warm water and splash it on your face for the full experience!

        • Ha, add the smell of rotting fruit and the sound of a fleet of small motorbikes and it's a cheap holiday.

    • +1

      But the current Federal Government gave Foxtel $30 million to show minor sports.

      Also I got 10.000 points for signing up early. (from day one )

  • Wow, $250 a month telstra bill? Two mobile phones with home internet wouldn't reach that and if it did you'd be getting ripped off.

    • https://imgur.com/a/XRDu0l7
      Easy to get to when you have multiple services (eg; Home bundle and Foxtel all channels)
      Also, i pay for my grandparents services, so this pushes my overall spend up.

      At the end of the day, im still paying for the bill, so if i get stuff for free, well its a win in my book.

      Also may be some use;
      Silver members will receive a one-off Telstra Platinum tech support call online or over the phone per year.
      Gold members will receive priority call handling and 24×7 tech support online or over the phone through Telstra Platinum valued at $120 per year.

      *comments are my own, not of the company i work for etc…

      • But likely you pay for everyone because you get a great discount. As an employee aren't you automatically a gold member anyway?

        • The cost of Foxtel even with the discount, the newer sign on's get a better rate :(
          I do get a discount, but that doesn't mean i'm paying rock bottom pricing (granted, its not just pricing that i weigh up) and there is a limit to services and types or service that the benefit applies too.

          I personally haven't looked into all the details, so i can't confirm that as an employee we get that tier automatically.

  • 1 month / 3 months isn't a deal… it's a free trial

    • Standard is 2 week trial. 3 months is worth $75, for someone who is already paying, that’s not damn bad!

  • Deal is 47 days away?

  • hate sports

    I can sell mine for 50 cent

    • +4

      Name does not check out.

      • lol grew up overseas. Why does everyone like sports here!

        Playing is fun, watching - booooo

        • Seen the obesity rate in Australia? Probably one of many reasons why people 'cant' play sports!

  • Do the tiers back date? My account shows me as a "member" (lowest tier), not a gold. But I have definitely spent in the gold tier for over 12 months +

    • They count the 12 months from the 14th May.

      If you did indeed spend the $3000 in the preceding 12 months then you would have been gold.

      • Never mind - looks like they've now classed me as silver. That gets me 3 months kayo free!

  • Looks like they've in fact revised silver to 1 month :'(

  • i Just checked my telstra plus account and was able to redeem my 3 month free on an old kayo account